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Stranger in a Hotel Room

My wife and I invite a stranger up to our room to play
Your phone chirps on the floor by the couch. It seems He has gotten your text and the accompanying picture: You and I sitting, slouched, on said couch. Nude. Legs spread, yours thrown over mine. My hand plays at the top of your cunt; yours grips lightly at my erection. Checking your phone one-handed you read the message. “He just ended his shift. He’s on his way,” you read. Then giggling, “He also says he’s been hard since we left.”

I smile. “Good thing we gave him my key. I don’t really feel like moving.” I groan and dig my fingers into your cunt as you grip harder and begin to jack me. "Mmmm, gentle. I don’t want to cum until his lips are around my cock." You pout a bit, but relent. I lean over to suck at your nipples gently to make up for it, causing you to lay your head back and moan.

We hear the key card slip into the lock and the handle turn. He comes around the corner looking a bit nervous, but obviously excited to see us. He walks expectantly towards the couch but then falters a bit when we don’t move. I can see in his eyes he’s still not exactly sure what he’s gotten himself into or what the protocol is when invited by a couple up to their hotel room. I smile.

“You’ve seen us. We’d like you to return the favor.” He smiles, happy to oblige. We both watch hungrily as he strips hurriedly. He’s beautiful. I let him stand in front of us, aware of our eyes, for a few moments before I stand and take the two steps to him and kneel.

With my mouth inches from his hard cock I say, “Shall we have some fun?” Not waiting for a response I lean in to smell him, savoring the moment before I take his hardness into my mouth. I can smell sweat and a bit of musk; it's intoxicating.

Taking just the tip of his lovely cock into my mouth, I savor the moan that escapes his lips. I roll my tongue around the head, tasting him. I slowly take more and more of his length into the wetness of my mouth. When I’ve taken as much of him as I can, I rest there, savoring the feeling of my mouth being filled. I moan, which he echos and you pick up behind me, still on the couch, your fingers playing gently on your clit.

You’ve had enough watching and stand to join us. I look up to see his eyes glued to your body. I think there is part of him that still can’t believe this is happening.

When you get to his side you place an arm around his hip, the other playing in my hair as I slowly suck his cock. You lean in to kiss him and he finally knows what to do with his hands, taking your head in them and kissing you hard, groaning into your mouth. I can feel your fingers tense in my hair. I take the opportunity to grab his ass and increase my pace. We enjoy this tableau for a moment.

You break the kiss and smile. "We want you to fuck both of us." I hum my assent on his cock. "In fact, I think you should start with me. Now." You leave his side and clamber onto the bed. I reluctantly pull my mouth off his cock and give him a look that says, "What are you waiting for?"

He turns and we see you on hands and knees, ass and cunt wanton and on display for us. He looks down at me again and I give him my most encouraging smile. He quickly turns, aligns his slick cock with your cunt and enters you with one stroke. You curse in ecstasy. We’ve riled him up and he begins to fuck you with abandon.

I watch for a moment before climbing on the bed, then wiggling under you. You greedily latch onto my cock as I begin to suck and lick at your clit and his cock as much as I can. During a moment when he stops his pounding of your cunt I say, “I want your cock in my mouth when you cum.” He grunts, which I take as “I will do whatever the fuck you want.”

It doesn’t take him too long before he pulls out of you. I give your hips a shove and you move. I take his cock, tasting of you, into my mouth. Seconds later he cums grunting and swearing. I do my best to swallow, but it is a lot. I open my mouth and jack his cock onto my tongue, cum running out the sides of my mouth.

I am dimly aware of you mounting my cock. Grinding your hips into mine. Keyed up and watching him watch us has me cumming all too soon. You smile and lean in to lick his cum off my face. I’m delirious with pleasure. Sliding off me, you lie back on the bed, legs wide, cunt leaking cum. He doesn’t need to be told and kneels between your legs.

"She likes it light, gentle and just below her clit," I whisper in his ear. He nods slightly his lips not leaving your skin. I lay next to you, playing with your hard nipples as you groan and swear, while he licks and sucks at your cunt. I watch until you cum, body tense, thighs tight against his head. He kisses his way up your stomach and breasts to kiss gently at your lips, his face wet with your juices. He leans in to kiss me too, then roles off you to lay next to you. We breathe and glow.

After recovering a bit, I disappear into the bathroom. When I return, you and he are making out, hands playing along each others bodies. I lean against the wall and watch, as he hardens from your light touches; you moan as his fingers slip between your folds. I watch and let you play.

When he is squirming beneath your touch, I approach the bed, kneel between his knees and give his cock, and your hand, a lick. You both jump a little and giggle. I smile. I squirt lube into my hand and begin to jack his cock.

"Are you ready to fuck me?" I say looking into his eyes. He nods and grins stupidly.

I switch hands on his cock and play my fingers around my sensitive asshole. Slipping one finger, then two inside as I continue to jack his slick cock. When I cannot wait anymore I climb up to straddle his hips. You hold his cock as I use both hands to spread my ass, ready for his hardness.

I settle my weight on the tip of his head, loving the feeling of him, hot and twitching, just against my sensitive ring. The I relax my legs and let my weight drive me onto him. His slick cock slips inside and the feeling of penetration flashes white in my mind. I slide down his cock in one stroke until my ass rests on his hips; I growl. He throws his head back, his eyes closed. I look to you and see you grinning. Happy for my delight, happy to watch this sexy stranger fuck me in front of you.

I begin to grind my hips, rocking my pelvis, savoring him inside me. He looks me in the eyes and I smile, seeing pure lust there. He grabs my ass and begins to buck. I groan and my hands go to his chest as I let him fuck me. I lean over and kiss him hard, tongue finding his. Breaking the kiss I growl into his ear, “Please. Fuck me hard. Like you did her.” He kisses me again.

He rolls me over, expertly without withdrawing. I howl in ecstasy as he begins to pound away at my ass. You move to my side and kiss me, hand grasping at mine. You move your mouth down my torso, licking and biting as you go; I squirm with the anticipation of your mouth on my cock. I groan and my hips buck as your warm mouth captures the head of my cock. As his pace increases I growl, "Yes, cum in me."

He does; with a loud grunt and a final thrust deep inside me, he cums. The spasms of his cock against my ravaged asshole and your tongue on my cock send me over the edge as well. I cum harder than I ever have. His orgasm seems to go on forever and mine matches his.

When he is spent, but still inside me, you kiss him deeply, my cum lingering on your tongue. I sigh as he slips out of me and watch as the two of you wander to the shower. I will join you soon, but for now I stare at the ceiling and relish the tremors in my asshole and cock.

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