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First time with a girl
It was a friday night in June and me and a few friends decided to go to the club to celebrate my 21st birthday. It had been at stressful week at work and I wanted to release some of this tension I had been carrying. It took me all day to pick out an outfit appropriate for the night. It was lesbian night at the club, so we decided it would be fun to wear something sexy.

I showered straightened my hair and applied some makeup. I had decided on a tight black dress with an open criss cross back, silver dangle earrings and black two inch heels. Before the club we took shot after shot of vodka. Tipsy and looking hot we entered the club. I decided to go to the bar and order another drink.

As I walked to the dance floor I saw girls kissing and feeling on other girls, I was surprised to say I was getting a little bit turned on. I had always wanted to experience with a girl but never got the chance.

As the music boomed overhead I closed my eyes and drifted with the music. I felt the alcohol soak in as my body moved against my will. My favorite song came on and I was really getting into the music. Suddenly I felt a body press against my backside along with two hands on either sides of my waist. We swayed to the music as their hands moved about my body. Their hands rubbed against the outside of my frontal. "Mmm," I moaned out, unaware of how loud I was actually being with the music overhead. I tilted my head backwards to get a view of my stranger. I was surprised to see my stranger was a hot toned blonde with deep green eyes and a pair of 34 D’s pressed against my bare back.

I felt the moisture between my legs building. Was this wrong? So many thoughts were running through my mind. My thoughts were interrupted by her confident words of “ you like that," all I could manage to do was nod.

She picked up the pace by sliding her hand beneath my dress and rubbing my inner thighs. I quickly grabbed her hand and pulled it away. “Shhh don’t be nervous, I know you want me I can feel it between your legs.”

Her words excited me as I could feel the wetness growing fiercely. She pushed my hand to the side and she continued to rub where she left off. Her other hand was strategically placed on my right hip securing me in place. She rubbed her fingers against the fabric of my crotch, making me moan softly.

I felt the familiar texture of warm lips against my neck. Her heavy breathing into my ear was making my situation a lot worse. It didnt occur to me that there were people around me. I was taken back by her forcing two fingers into my pussy. I bit down on my lip as she shoved her fingers deep inside of me repeatedly. I was coming close to my climax and my breathing started to pick up when she removed her hands from my pussy. "Ugghhh," I cried out in disappointment. She grabbed my hand led me through the crowd. Ahead I saw where she was heading to.

As we arrived to our destination she threw me against the wall and grabbed my hips and pulled me close to her. Our lips met in a passionate blur before she pushed me into the stall without breaking the kiss. She pulled my dress up and over my head, leaving me naked alone in the stall with the random women. The cold air against my nipples sent a shudder through my body. She pushed me up against the stall and took my nipples into her mouth one at a time, I was so turned on and even wetter than before. I leaned back and closed my eyes enjoying every minute of her taking over my body. I was so focused on her sucking on my nipple I didn’t even notice that she was pulling down my panties. She moved her lips across my face and down to my neck sucking, licking and kissing every inch of my neck. At this timely moment rubbing my clit with exceptional speed. I could barely hold up my body. She started to kiss down my entire body starting from my neck, down my stomach until she came to a crouch. Before I knew it her tongue was man-handling my clit. With each flick of her tongue I felt my body temperature rise. Not caring about our location I let out a scream as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. Our lips met again as I tasted my juices on her lips.

This was definitely a birthday I would never forget.