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Sucking Young - Sucking Old

Sucking Young - Sucking Old

Eighteen year old sucks cock and then not again for many years

I have twin cousins named Dick and Eddie. They are four months older than me. Our mothers are sisters. Growing up we were always together, at their house, at our house or at Grandma’s house. We were like three brothers.

Following graduating high school and prior to heading off to college, we decided to spend the summer goofing off and skinny dipping in our favorite swimming spot in the Scioto River underneath a railroad bridge called a trestle.

Skinny dipping in the river was a fun thing and we were splashing away when Eddie said, “Hey, there is an old guy standing on the bridge watching us.”

Looking up, sure enough this guy was watching us.

Dick was the adventurous one and the one who was always getting in trouble. Dick flipped over and was floating on his back while stroking his cock and yelled, “Hey, cocksucker, like what you see?”

There was no immediate response from the guy on the bridge he just stood there and watched. Dick yelled out again, “Hey, cocksucker, like what you see?”

With that, the guy walked across the bridge and disappeared in the woods along the river. The next day we were swimming nude and I heard Eddie say, “Damn, he is back."

This time Dick climbed out of the water and stood on the bank stroking his hard cock, which was impressive. Dick and Eddie were both better endowed than me. This time, instead of walking back across the bridge, the guy came to our side and started coming down to the bank. I was stunned, but Dick and Eddie were both laughing.

When he got to the bank, he said, “My name is Tony and I’m willing to pay you guys to let me suck you off.”

“How much?” said Dick.

“I will give you each a dollar,” he said.

“Fuck you, you are not sucking my cock for less than five dollars,” Dick said.

This was back in the 1950s and five bucks was a lot of money. I could not believe the ongoing negotiations. After a while, Dick agreed to let him suck his cock for two dollars. Off in the woods they went. After about twenty minutes, Dick emerged with a big grin on his face holding up two one dollar bills. “If you guys want to make two bucks better get a move on,” Dick said.

Eddie was off into the woods in a flash.

 “Wow, that was something. I never had a guy suck me off and swallow my cum before. Man, can that guy suck cock,” Dick said.

“I don’t know about letting him suck my cock,” I said.

“After sucking me and Eddie he probably won’t want your little cock,” he said.

Dick knew how to push my buttons. I was not going to let him get to me. I resolved that I was getting my cock sucked too.

After Eddie returned, I did not hesitate, I headed straight into the woods. At the edge of the woods was a concrete pipe company. Large concrete pipes were stacked and Tony told me to climb up to the second pipe. This put my cock at head level and he could stand and have easy access. I was nervous as hell and my cock had shrunk.

Tony said, “Don’t be scared,” and took my soft cock into his mouth. He started sucking and my cock slowly grew, albeit not to the size of Dick and Eddie. In no time, I was thoroughly enjoying getting my first blow job. It seemed like a long time to me and I was worried I would not come. I actually started to apologize, but Tony told me not to worry. Finally, I could feel my orgasm approaching, and at long last, I blew my load in his mouth.

Tony said, “Don’t tell the other two but I enjoyed sucking you off more than them. They both came too fast.” I just smiled and accepted my two dollars.

This began a routine, Tony would suck us all off, giving us two dollars each day. Man, this was easy money and a fun way to make it. Dick began calling him Tony the Trestleman.

Then one day Tony shocked me when he said, “How would you like to make even more money?”

“More, how?” I asked.

“By sucking me,” he responded.

Talk about being shocked, I was more than stunned! Not only had I never sucked a cock, hell I had never even contemplated sucking one. I was only letting Tony suck me for the money, although I had to admit, I was enjoying it immensely.

“Don’t worry, I will not cum in your mouth, and I will give you an additional three dollars making it a total of five,” he said. 

Tony was true to his word about the five dollars, but he lied about cumming in my mouth; he held my head and came in my mouth. I had no choice but swallow or choke to death.

In the 1950s no one wanted to be known as a cocksucker, which made you queer. Dick and Eddie never knew I was sucking Tony. I ended up sucking him maybe ten to twelve times. But all good things have to end, and summer was almost over, so off to college we went. Me to Bowling Green and Dick and Eddie to Ohio State.

After College, I married my high school sweetheart and moved from Ohio to Florida. Even though I had sucked Tony, I never considered myself queer or bisexual; hell I loved pussy! My wife refused to suck my cock, but never refused me her pussy. She loved fucking as much as I did, but thought oral sex was dirty, probably due to her religious upbringing.

In my fifties, I was needing my cock sucked so bad, I found men to suck me, and that eventually led me back to sucking. I realized I actually enjoyed sucking cock and finally admitted to myself I was bisexual. I was eighteen when I sucked Tony, and here I was in my mid-fifties, sucking cock again.

When I was in my mid-sixties, I visited a masseur who gave me a great massage with a happy ending. Yes, he sucked me off. After sucking me, he asked, “Have you ever had a vibrating dildo used on you?”

“Uh, no,” I responded.

“Want to try? he asked.

“Uh, okay.” I responded.

I enjoyed it so much that when a Navy doctor, that I had met online, wanted to fuck me, I agreed.

Now I’m a widower with ED issues and I suck cock and bottom. I do require the use of condoms when I get fucked. The Navy doctor made me promise to only fuck safely.

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