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Summer growth, Part I


It was a hot summer day. School was out; I was away from home, and I had gone so long without release that I could barely walk from the swelling of my balls. Bill had invited me to spend two weeks with him at his aunt’s, and unfortunately she had the eyes of a hawk and clearly disapproved of young men launching their seed anywhere except inside their lawfully wedded wives. The first two days the three of us were cheek by jowl fixing up her small house, and as Bill and I slept in neighboring beds neither of us had given himself pleasure.

I had broken up with my latest girlfriend a week before that in a spat that seemed deeply important at the time, or maybe she had broken up with me, I wasn’t sure which, and I was the horniest I had ever been in all my 20 years. Today our vacation proper had started, so Bill was showing me around the woods and taking me to see the creek. Frustrated, I was jonesing for a chance to slip off into the woods to relieve the swelling when Bill said, “Lemme show ya something. Hope it’s still here.”

We ducked through a thicket into a small dilapidated cabin that appeared to have been abandoned for a decade. It had two rooms, both empty except for trash. Bill led me into the second room, which had little light shining through a cracked dirty window looking out onto an impenetrable tangle of vines and trees.

“I came here a lot growing up,” Bill said. “Hope my stash is still here.” He lifted up a board in the corner and smiled, “Oh hell yeah.” Grinning, he lifted out a plastic bag that proved to contain a dozen or so sex magazines. I glanced at his crotch and saw a massive tent pole jutting out to match my own, and as Bill looked through the stash he said, “I’ve needed a good whack for days now.”

“God, me too.”

“Take your pick.”

“Need me to go to the other room?”

He looked at me in puzzlement. “You’ve whacked it with other guys before, right?”

I nodded, and he shrugged and immediately dropped his trousers. I grabbed the magazine on top and stripped quickly. I sat against the nearest wall and opened my selection to a beautiful black woman stripping and pleasuring herself for me. I looked up to compare her skin to Bill’s, which was only slightly lighter, and stared in surprise at his solid ten inches surging upwards from his lap. While I had jerked it with three other guys at various times in the last few years, I had always been the longest at seven inches, so his length and girth amazed me.

It rose black and rubbery from a thick nest of tightly curled hairs; prominent veins stood out along its length and the head swelled like a small plum. It throbbed slightly and a drop of clear fluid stood out at the tip. I had seen members even longer in the occasional porn move, but had never encountered anything so impressive in real life and wondered how it could fit inside a woman.

I looked down at my own member, which I had so often been proud of, and remembered the times I had tried and failed to suck myself, and while the idea made me feel an obscure sense of shame, I also wondered suddenly if Bill had succeeded where I had failed, wrapping his lips around the base of his swollen dripping head...This thought was more uncomfortably fascinating than I liked, so I looked away finally and caressed myself lightly as my dark goddess opened her pink center to my fascinated eyes, and I heard Bill’s ragged breathing quicken as he began stroking himself vigorously.

I looked over to see he was staring at a busty blonde, light brown hair surrounding a juicy swollen pair of lips, and he looked over and chuckled when he saw the object of my lust. “She looks like my first girlfriend,” he chuckled.

“Yours looks like my latest.”

“Lucky man.”

“Not really. I never met a woman so hard to get along with.”

“I’d put up with a whole hell of a lot of bullshit, horseshit, and chickenshit to sleep with a woman like that every night.”

“You’d think so, wouldn’t you? But I can’t put up with that much. We broke it off a week before you and I came here.”

“So… Do blondes really taste better?”

“No real difference I’ve noticed. So you have a thing for blondes?”

“God yes. I shouldn’t, I know, but I do. It bothered me when I was younger, but I realized I shouldn’t hate on myself when it’s the rest of America that’s so goddamn fucked up about that. Now I just accept it. I don’t mention it, of course, because I can imagine what all the brothers will say. And sisters, not to mention everyone else.” He looked over knowingly at my choice of material and said, “Judging from the way you’ve been staring at her, I'd say you have a thing for the sisters.”

I paused, thinking to deny it, but said, “A bit.” I looked down at the picture and added, “For a woman like her, a lot more than a bit. I could put up with shit from a woman like her a hell of a lot.”

He laughed and nodded. “You’ve chosen a good one there. I must have stared at her two or three dozen times myself.”

We continued whacking slowly, building up and then pulling back, reveling in the chance finally to gain release. Finally, Bill groaned, “I need to get off.” He stood up and walked over to the opposite wall, which I saw was heavily streaked with seminal discolorations going back years.

“God, are those all yours?”

“Who knows? Most of them anyway, I bet.”

He knelt before the wall, his sweat-coated black body muscular and obscure in the low light, and held his blonde beauty with his left hand as his right hand pounded away. In the past I had mostly focused on the task at hand, but I was seized with the hot desire to see his climax, so I knelt next to him and watched him as we both stroked hard. His cock stood out rigid as his fist pistoned along its shaft like a well-crafted machine, and in less than a minute his first thick stream of jizz jetted out to shoulder height on the wall. Eight more spurts sprayed onto the wood and dribbled slowly to the floor, and even though it was the most copious discharge I had ever seen, he remained hard and throbbing.

His rigid flesh held me rapt as I pummeled my own cock, and when I looked up I saw he was staring at it as its purple head swelled towards release. For some reason his fascination with my lust turned me on even more, and with a scream I sprayed hard onto the wall. The first spurt was torn out of me like a chain pulled the cum out of my balls, and the next seven spurts followed in a mixture of intense pleasure and discomfort, lust and embarrassment, and above all a feeling of discovery as intense as the first time I jerked off and the first time I came inside a woman.

“That was a good start,” he chuckled quietly, “But I’ll probably need at least three more before I can get my cock back inside my pants.”

We laughed and I said, “Yeah, I plan to exercise my arm a lot the next hour.”

“So, who all did you whack it with?” he asked.

I told him all three, and he nodded. “You?” After he told me all nine and I got over my amazement, we sat back down and started talking about our first times and our best times with women, where again he had at least twice as many partners as I had had. Finally my curiosity got the better of me. “Tell me about the first time you whacked it with another guy.”

“It was my junior year. I was in the shower after running practice, and one other guy was there. We’d been friends for years, but just friends, you know? Acquaintances, really, buddies, not really close. Anyway, he was completely hard and I was semi-hard, and he was really embarrassed at first, but I just kept getting harder and he laughed. He said, ‘My girl’s a tease, ya know?’ I just nodded and we started soaping up. After a minute we were both soaping up our cocks, and he just kept on soaping. Soon he was fucking his fist like he didn’t know anyone else was there, so I watched and followed along. He came real hard and then watched while I came. We did it a few more times, but he got really embarrassed around me after about two weeks and avoided me.”

“Was he long?”

Bill looked at me curiously but just said, “Not really. Five inches or less.”

“How long was the longest?”

“Dude, it wasn’t you, so stop angling for compliments.” We laughed and he said, “Actually, you’re pretty big. Maybe the second longest, probably third. One guy was longer than me, and another was maybe eight inches.”

“You’re definitely the longest I’ve watched.”

“Damn straight.”

We laughed and I said, “First guy was about six inches. The others were about average, five or a little longer.”

He nodded and asked, “And your first time?”

“I was at summer camp my junior year. I was in a cabin with three other guys, and there was a girls’ camp around the lake.”

“Of course.”

“Of course. So one of the other guys and I snuck off one night to try to peek at the girls’ shower. Well, turns out they had all gone into their cabins and lights were out, so he and I were walking back really disappointed. And really horny. Probably a good thing though; they caught two other guys peeking a couple of days later and reamed the fuck out of them. Figuratively speaking of course.”

We laughed and I continued, “So near the camp on the way back, Jeff says, ‘I need to jerk off.’ I followed him into a small thicket and we dropped our pants and just drained ourselves. Didn’t really pay attention to each other. We did it a few more times after that. Nothing sexy about it, just companionable.”

“Companionable. I see.”

We chuckled, and I asked him, “What was your best time?”

“One of the best times was the weekend before I went off to college. My best friend was staying over, and we were watching some porn. We’d jerked off together probably eight, ten times by then, and we were sitting their side by side stroking away to a threesome when the girl lay back and watched the two guys start to play with each other.”

He glanced over at me and saw me looking raptly at him, and continued, “So I got really turned on, and so did Dave. We looked at each other’s cocks as much as we watched the screen…”

“Was he long?”

Bill chuckled, “Long enough. About six inches.”

“Black? White?”


“Cut? Uncut?”

“Uncut.” He chuckled again and said, “So after a minute or two, we were just watching each other. Suddenly he said, ‘Ah hell,’ and reached over and played with the head of my cock. I reached over and grabbed his shaft and balls. We played with each other for a couple of minutes and then just got down to it. We came all over each other and just kept going. We jerked each other off five times before going to bed and jerked each other off once more in the morning. Then he got really weird and left. Never saw him again.”

“Have you jerked off other guys besides him?”

“A couple of others.”

We were staring at each other, our cocks throbbing, and I asked, “Is that why you invited me along?”


Our cocks were fully hard and throbbing. We were sitting facing each other and I could see the black length rising smoothly from his wrinkly ball sac, and in my mingled fascination and shame it called out to me. I wanted to finger it, stroke it, grip it tightly, feel it pulse as it drained to my touch, and perhaps more. The memory of my pulsing cock head spewing hot cum onto my face and neck three inches from my lips, two men sucking each other avidly in a movie I had turned off in embarrassment before their happiness arrived, the letters I had read in fits of desire and shame and imagined copying until the overwhelming floods of relief and semen left only the shame, all swirled in my brain, but I pushed them aside and decided to limit myself to a companionable whack.

I reached over and started exploring his cock with my fingertips, which he pushed up to meet me. I soon raised myself to my knees and crouched over him as he leaned back without losing hold of my straining cock. His own cock seemed endless, its soft velvety skin sliding gracefully under my delicate fingertips, and I could hear Bill’s ragged breathing as he watched me exploring him. I stroked the shaft lightly with my left hand as my right hand reached up to take the head into possession. The precum leaked out and coated my palm as I stroked it over the tip. My left hand surrounded the shaft and worked the sheath of skin back and forth along the rigid central pole.

My loins demanded immediate release, but I had to make the new experience last. The head of his cock jutted up above both of my barely closing fists, precum dribbling from its hole, and twitched in my hands like a small animal seeking a burrow. It was different from mine, however familiar the basic design, and he was as taken with my new cock as I was with his. He wasted no time in fondling it and simply grabbed me firmly in his right hand and stroked up and down vigorously.

We posed there in silence, heat penetrating the shadows, and breathed heavily as the whisks of our skin rubbing against skin set a constant rhythm. By this time my desire had largely displaced a sense of shame, and I was filled with wonder at my new lover responding hard and fast against my hand. I wondered why I had never thought to stroke another man off before, and I remembered the other men I had watched jerking off, their pink columns straining upwards as they sprayed their lust on their bellies when it could have been in my mouth…a thought I pushed aside with apprehension. Instead, I focused on the magnificent tool I was pleasuring, its steel-hard center motionless in my pistoning fist.

Soon I needed to see it come in my hands more than I had ever needed anything. I stroked him hard and he kept pace, and when he groaned and thrust up hard against my hand, the first spurt shot thick and hot up to his neck. His body arched upwards stiff and motionless like his cock, and I felt the pulses inside his massive column as he groaned in unison with the dozen spurts of thick white goo I pumped from his body. I drained him onto his chest and belly, and as he lay back he redoubled his stroking.

I moved further up his side and knelt with my cock at the level of his navel and watched him staring at my cock in his fist. His left hand cradled my balls, then roamed around my belly and chest. The call of my lust rose up my spine and I began thrusting back against his hand. “That’s it, give me your beautiful cock,” he whispered roughly, “give me your cream.” His fist gave me no relief as he stroked it like his own cock. I remembered the feel of his cock in my hand and imagined sliding it into my throat as I forced him to nurse me, and in a sudden fit of shame and lust I fell over the edge and the first stream of juice was torn out of me onto his chest and neck. Without pause or hesitation he continued stroking me and drained my flying spray of cum expertly onto both of us.

Our sperm mingled on his belly as we lay back exhausted. A slight sense of shame returned as the desire ebbed, but I knew things had changed permanently, and I was eager to explore this new world with the giant throbbing spewing column of black rigidity at its center. I continued playing with his soft cock, which even soft lolled in my hand like a firehose, and ran my fingertips through our puddles of cum. He watched me as I made him hard again, and I hardened in sympathy. I lay on my side next to him as I stroked him off again, and he crouched above me and stroked me close to another orgasm. As we stroked each other he rose above me and rubbed his cock against mine.

I held our cocks together as he thrust the soft underside of his cock against the soft underside of mine, and I watched him work himself against me like a man taking a woman, drying dribbles of cum on his belly and chest, which I reached up to smooth into his skin. I spread my legs and raised my thighs to wrap around his sweat-slick waist, and he stared into nothingness as I stared at him. He held nothing back; he thrust hard into my fist and soon groaned loudly and sprayed all over my belly, and in a few seconds my last load of the daytime mingled with his. He lay atop me and I held him with my arms and legs and sucked on his neck as our conjoined cum dried between us.

He soon raised himself off me and collapsed next to me. After a minute he said, “Okay, now that was the best time.” We slumbered for half an hour, then he woke me up and said, “We need to wipe up. Aunt Pearl will have a shit fit if she gets any idea what we did.” All we had were a couple of handkerchiefs, but most of the cum had dried. Bill said, “Let’s go to the creek to wash up.” We took a quick skinny dip and washed out our handkerchiefs, and the rest of the day passed leisurely without horniness, embarrassment, or nervousness.

That night we went to bed fairly early, exhausted by our sex and then walking around the rest of the day. After we heard Aunt Pearl making her last pass through the house before going to bed, Bill said quietly, “Damn, I’m hard again.”

“Me too.”

“I can’t sleep this hard. I just keep thinking about today.”

“Want to…?”

“Nothing to come into.”

I grunted and lay there remembering the feel of his cock in my hand. I thought back to the first time a girlfriend took me into her mouth, and remembering the incomparable pleasure of her skilled and eager mouth I thought again of my many failed self suckings. I imagined his cock thrusting forwards, outwards, looking for a home, and was seized by the same desire to feel him in my mouth and throat and suck him dry as I had felt when we drained each other by hand. I whispered, “Come here.”


“Quiet. Come here.”

I sat up on the edge of my bed and he walked quietly up to me. I found his cock fully hard and stroked it slowly. “There’s no place to put the cum,” he said.

I said, “Yes there is,” and lowered my mouth to his throbbing cock. He gasped as my tongue circled the head, and as he stood before me in the darkness I closed my eyes and focused on the feel of the different parts of his shaft. I pulled back and took his head between my lips.

“Oh god,” he whispered. “I hoped, I dreamed, but I didn’t dare…I’ve wanted this for so long…”

I pulled away. “Shhh. Just let me feel you. I want to taste you.”

I leaned back in and softly nestled the tip of his rubbery head between my lips. Having finally decided to give in to my long-buried desire to give suck to a cock, to pleasure a man as a couple of women had taken pride in pleasuring me, of finally fully experiencing another man’s lust, that had bedeviled me from time to time since the first few times I masturbated, I ran my fingers along my new toy and swirled my tongue in the thick precum leaking into my mouth.

So often I had stared at my throbbing cock in the mirror arching up toward my hungry lips, long and thick and functionally beautiful, and I had stroked myself imagining my cock was thicker and longer and ripe for sucking, often finishing with the head of my cock a few inches from my nose shooting thick cream towards my disappointed mouth. Finally these desires had come true, and I was determined to pleasure him as if sucking myself.

I held my upper lip along the flare of his cock head as my tongue explored the furrow on the underside and licked side to side. The head fitted neatly and naturally into my mouth and throbbed slightly under my eager ministrations. I ran my fingers along the shaft and up his belly, feeling how all of his muscles seemed to converge into the pillar reaching out towards me for release. I bobbed my head to and fro, my lips curled tightly around his head and my tongue relentlessly circling the heated flesh seeking it. After a minute I allowed more of his flesh entry and used my lips to hold his velvety skin in place as I moved it up and down his quivering rod. Often he would breath out raggedly as a tremor pushed another drop of brackish cream into my mouth, and I swirled it around his head and swallowed.

He put his hands on my head and pushed forward. I chuckled silently and opened wide as he held my head in place and stroked slowly but forcefully two inches forward and backward against my circling tongue. I held his hips as he began breathing more quickly, and slowly I worked him in further. I held my tongue firm against the underside and felt the different textures of the underside of the head and the sliding skin of the shaft as I allowed it to slowly work its way into the more sensitive parts of my mouth.

For the next fifteen minutes I saw nothing and heard little; my mind was focused on every quivering response and brackish seepage from the tip as I worked him into the back of my mouth. I could feel the tremors in his hips as my mouth pleasured his loins, and his cock throbbed rhythmically under my greedy tongue. My fascination with his throbbing shaft had only intensified from the day, and I felt even more intimately what I had explored so fully in the light. I heard his hushed fevered breathing and reached up with my left hand to feel the muscles of his belly tautening and relaxing. Each quiet gasp led me to stroke his shaft tightly with my right hand, and I pledged to myself I would take his entire shaft into my throat by the end of our stay. Until I had worked up to that, however, I would enjoy pleasuring the lower reaches of his shaft with my hand.

My jaw soon tired from having to hold itself so wide open, so I held the head in the back of my mouth and stroked the shaft more rapidly. His breath rushed as I pleasured him in silence; the top of his shaft was stuck firmly inside my mouth and twitched bewitchingly. The head, nestled between my adenoids, swelled and his shaft pulsed rhythmically, and I was soon rewarded with a massive spurt shooting out like the salt-sour filling of some premium chocolate into the back of my throat. I began swallowing as Bill spewed seven spurts of juice into me and groaned quietly as I drained the rest of him with my lips.

I pulled away and whispered, “My turn.” He staggered to his bed and sat on the edge waiting for me. I stood in front of him and stared down at him as he stroked me. Finally he pulled me in and licked the tip. He started circling my head with his tongue and I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the pleasure of his mouth. Although he was hesitant at first, after a few minutes he had taken me in as far as I had taken him, and as I was smaller than him he had an easier time working me to a quick peak. He suckled me enthusiastically, bobbing his head and swirling his tongue. Lost in his mouth, I held his head and rode his tongue to a quick, copious ejaculation that drained my lust and most of my consciousness into his swallowing throat.

I caught my breath and opened my eyes. He stood up in front of me and said, “Thank you.”

I nodded and said, “Well, now we can both sleep.”

“You’re not going to be weird about it, will you?”


We lay down in our respective beds and said good night. I was asleep within three minutes, and I heard Bill snoring before I slipped off.



The next morning I awoke semi-hard and confused, then I remembered the day before and went fully hard. I looked over at the other bed and saw Bill sporting a massive erection pointing up against his sheets. “Wake up, chowder head,” I said, and he opened his eyes suddenly and stared up at me. “Get a move-on. We’ve got a long hard day ahead of us.”

He chuckled and got out of bed. Unlike other mornings, I stared straight at his cock. He chuckled and shook his finger at me. “You’ll just have to wait.”

We were fairly quiet at breakfast and left as soon as seemed socially acceptable. We strolled leisurely along the path we’d taken the day before, and when I was sure we were out of anyone’s hearing, I asked, “So how long have you wanted that?”

“For two years or so now.”

“And you never dared to do it before?”


“You were very good at it.”

“Oh, I’ll get better.”

“I’ll be grading pretty strictly.”

We eventually reached the thicket around the cabin. We looked around and saw no one, so we ducked inside and went straight to the darker room. I pushed him up against the wall and reached down to feel his cock hard in his pants. We hurriedly unbuckled each other and stroked each other as we kissed. Soon his hands rose to my shoulders and he pushed down on them hard. His pants were around his ankles and his cock jutted out impatiently for me.

“Suck me,” he said, “swallow my snake.” Memories of his rigid flesh in my mouth the night before compelled me to settle quietly to my knees for a long session and let him use my mouth. I ran my hand over his taut belly as I licked the tip of his cock. He stared into my eyes and pumped his hips toward me. I remembered how powerful it made me feel to look into the eyes of my lover as she pleasured me with her mouth, so I continued staring into his eyes as I worked him in like I had the night before.

I held the shaft firmly in my hand and licked around his head. The night before I had focused on the feel and taste of his rod; now I had enough light to see clearly. I looked up at his torso, the muscles almost as hard as the muscle I was about to work inside me. I took his head in between my lips and pulled him in until my lips circled his shaft an inch or two below the flare of his head and then bobbed my head three or four inches back and forth as I suckled him greedily.

I knew he was close as his head swelled even more, and I was eager for him to flood my mouth. I wanted his seed; I wanted him to use my mouth for his pleasure and wilt happily in a job well done. I wanted to pleasure him as strongly as any woman had ever pleasured me, and then push him to his knees and take him as he was taking me. He stared raptly as I quickened my stroking and within a minute, far too soon, he groaned, “Shit, I’m coming so hard! Suck me just like that! Take it all!” He seesawed back and forth in the tight seal of my lips and the wet hole of my mouth as he groaned, and then his body tightened and his first spurt of seed shot vigorously thick and hot into my mouth.

I stared up at him through the tears in my eyes from the gagging and saw him staring unseeingly at his brown snake seeking a home between my pink lips, and his next spurt filled my mouth to overflowing. I swallowed as best I could just before the next pulse forced another mouthful into me. I swallowed that more easily, and the next three spurts yielded only another mouthful or so. His cock remained nestled between my tongue and palate as it softened and began receding, so I opened wide and pulled it inside as far as I could and then slowly bobbed my head back to stroke out the remains of his cum. Finally he was empty and soft and I pulled away.

I stood up and pushed him to his knees. Staring down into his eyes, I rubbed my throbbing cock against his lips. He opened wide and welcomed me inside, and with his skillful sucking and vigorous stroking had me pulsing my juice into his mouth in less than a minute.

I sat back against the wall, and as we kissed, I reached down and felt his black hose twitching for another bout. I leaned over and took his entire limp hose in my mouth. I bobbed slightly and worked the skin back and forth, and as he came erect I hardened quickly. fell onto our sides and lay our heads on each other’s thighs in a leisurely sixty-nine for the next hour. After two more orgasms each, we were drained for the nonce and sat in a companionable silence.

We soon stopped talking and jerked each other off, our jaws being tired, and cleaned up and roamed around for the rest of the day. That night we sucked each other again at bedtime, and for the next two days sucked each other once or twice during the day and again at bedtime.

On the third day, Bill had taken his turn on his knees and sucked out my first orgasm of the day and was gasping as I let him nestle his head between my tonsils. He moved slowly back and forth as he built patiently to his first climax. By that time we had worked off our built-up lust; our balls no longer felt like ripe plums under our fingers. I felt his cock hardening and his head swelling even more in my mouth, and despite experiencing it several times still felt the magic of his response with fresh fascination. I held his hips and then worked my hands back to cup his ass as I opened wider and finally worked the flare of his velvety head into the back of my throat without gagging and with deep satisfaction had my lips deep in his pubic hair within a minute. He moaned softly, “God, it’s like I’m finally fucking you,” and I swallowed a few times to tantalize him.

That did it. He stood stock still as I felt every throb and twitch of his glorious cock, and when the pulses I knew well by then started shooting his brackish juice into me I swallowed greedily. No trace of guilt or shame was left, only hunger for his cock and lust for his mouth. He groaned and held my head tight, his ass clenched under my hands.

I wondered how his muscles felt inside as his orgasm flowed into me, and I remembered my other deep dark shameful play, working my soaped-up fingers inside myself several times a couple of years before. Several times it had taken to stop feeling painful, and then three times I had sprayed hard on the shower tile, my own caulk sticking on the wall and dripping down, shame flooding in as lust sprayed out hard and thick. I had gotten a new lover soon after and never pursued this route further, but the memory now bedeviled me.

Bill relaxed as I held him inside me, slowly softening and retracting, and after three minutes he pulled out with a satisfied sigh and sat down against the wall. He pulled me to him and tasted his cum on my tongue, and as my cock twitched into semi-hardness he stroked me lightly with his fingertips and said, “Give me a few minutes and I’ll try to do the same for you.”

I grinned and said, “I finally did it. I took you all the way in. It was incredible.”

“I can hardly wait to do it. I want to feel you completely inside me.”

“How was it for you?”

He thought for a second and said, “You know, that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had. A couple of girlfriends came close, but that was just a little bit better.”

We sat there next to each other and I asked him, “So, did you ever…you know, give it to any of your girlfriends…up the ass?”

He smiled and said, “Nah. You’ve seen my cock. I asked a couple of times and got complete refusals for all of eternity.”

We laughed and I said, “Well…would you like to?”

He looked at me and just nodded. He thought a second and said, “We can’t do it now, of course. No lube, no way to clean up.”

“I’d have to get myself ready anyway.”

“You mean, like in the shower? Practice?”

“Yeah.” I looked at him. “Have you ever…?”

“Yeah, a few times.”

“Like it?”

“By the end, oh yes.”

“I can do it to you then?”

“Of course.”

I asked, “When did you do that?”

“A couple of years ago. I had just spent an evening jerking with one guy, and after he left I still needed to cum. I had been reading some stories about two guys fucking each other, and when I showered that evening I was totally hard again. I soaped myself up and when I started cleaning my cock, I just didn’t stop. I thought about a story I’d read the night before and began soaping up my hole. Soon I was working my way inside, and after five minutes or so I was in all the way. I came almost immediately and just almost passed out. Then the next night I did it again, and a few days later worked three fingers inside and then a small shampoo bottle. I didn’t really do it after that. I was…it didn’t seem right.”

We were both fully hard by then. I lowered my head to his cock, and as I worked half of it into my mouth he slid over to the floor and pulled me over to crouch above him. We settled into a quick 69, and as I felt his throat take me all the way inside and his flesh entering my throat, I was on fire with desire to fuck and be fucked. We ended quickly and copiously, swallowing every drop of our resurgent lust, and as I showered that night I cleaned inside myself thoroughly and once again came hard on the bathroom tiles.

That night after lights out, Bill sat on the edge of his bed to service me first. I whispered, “I left a load on the tiles.”

He chuckled voicelessly, “So did I. Clean inside and out.”

As he opened up and took me silently inside his mouth, I felt his finger circling my hole, slick with something. The tip entered slowly and with little effort, and in short order he had his lips around the hilt of my shaft and his knuckles against my hole. I breathed raggedly as his fingers circled my ring and settled on my prostate, and in my excitement and lust I launched into orgasm within twenty seconds.

He swallowed and wiped his fingers on a dirty shirt. He handed me a small bottle and said, “Corn oil.” We chuckled and I went and sat on the edge of my bed as usual and lubed up my fingers as he stood before me, his cock demanding immediate release. Trembling in shock and desire, I worked my fingers inside him and his cock inside my mouth, and with great fixity of purpose I worked him into the frenzy he had me. I felt his rectum milking my fingers as his orgasm drained into my eager throat, and as I wiped my fingers afterwards he whispered, “Tomorrow.” I nodded and we slept the sleep of the blessedly drained.



The next morning, I woke up a little late and found Bill had had to go to the store for Aunt Pearl, who had taken a shine to me as a polite, well-spoken young man whose friendship spoke well for her nephew’s character. We sat and chatted over breakfast, and she said, “Tell me about your beautiful young lady.”

“My ex, you mean.”

“Why did you break up?”

“We simply never got along. She was… oh, not very serious. She was silly.”

“And you’re a serious young man.”

“I guess, yes.”

“You must find it hard to put up with women. I’m sure they find it a little hard to put up with you too.”

I smiled sadly, “Yes. I guess I’m not so easy-going.”

“And romance is a deathly serious business, isn’t it?”

I laughed and said, “Yes, you’re right.”

“Well, I hope you’re able to find someone when you’re so selective, because you’ve probably written off 99% of the candidates. I hope you don’t just write them off because they tell silly jokes; that’s what most women do, and most men love it.”

“Did you ever tell men silly jokes?”

“With certain men, I might have. I certainly didn’t ask my elders impertinent questions,” she replied with a smile. “In any case, I’m glad a deathly serious young man like you makes an exception for your friends. I’m surprised you and Bill would get along at all. Now there is a young man who could do with taking things a little more seriously, but he’s always been a delight the way he is, so I just let him be.”

Bill arrived right about then; we drank some coffee and soon got a chance to get on our way. “Sorry about that,” he said, “but it had its advantages, as you’ll see.”

As we walked, he asked, “Have a nice chat?”

“Yes, Pearl thinks I’m a good influence. Imagine that. She thinks you should be more serious.”

“Yes, I know. I’m changing my ways. Right now I am deathly serious about fucking you up the ass.”

We laughed and I said, “I’ll try not to be such a tight-ass about it.”

“Don’t loosen up too much. That would take all the fun out of things.”

When we got to the shack, Bill pushed me up against the wall and we kissed as his throbbing cock pushed rampant and desperate against me. He pulled away and opened his backpack to pull out a tube of lube. “Visited the drugstore,” he said, and then pulled out two old towels. “I doubt Aunt Pearl will miss them,” he explained.

I whispered, “Wow, we’re actually going to do it.”

“The last frontier.”

He sat against the wall and had me stand before him, leaning on the wall, as he sucked lightly on my throbbing cock. I sensed him getting his fingers ready as my cock steadily disappeared into his maw, and then his slick fingers pushed against my hole. They worked in with more difficulty than the night before, my apprehension making me grip down a little, so I relaxed as best I could as he explored me slickly.

He pulled his head back as I groaned lightly and his fingers went knuckle-deep. “I don’t want you to come yet.”

I knelt before him and took the lube; I felt his cock nearly on the edge as it shuddered slickly under my fingers. Soon he was lubed up entirely; he stood up against the wall and I turned my back to him and settled back against him. It was important to me that I take him into myself actively. He pushed my ass cheeks apart as my fingers aimed him into me, and he stood still as I slowly worked against him. The first few times I pushed steadily against him as my ring of muscle accommodated itself to this new intruder, my new guest, pulling back when the discomfort built. I finally relaxed enough to welcome him inside, and as I steadily pushed back against him, the head swelled my ring apart and slipped inside. He grunted in pleasure and grabbed my hips. I put my hands over his and said, “The hardest part’s over.”

He was breathing raggedly and said, “I’m getting close. This is too intense.” I pushed back against him and for the first time felt myself living out my fantasy of taking a man inside me. I felt his throbbing flesh filling me as I pushed back inexorably, and when I felt his pubic hairs against my ass I groaned, “Fuck me slowly.”

He held my hips as he ground hard against me, pulling out an inch or two at a time, and soon, far too soon, he gave in to the pleasure of my ass and pounded me like a jackhammer. After ten seconds his slick cock buried itself hard and deep inside me as his blessed cum shot up through him and into me. By great effort I managed not to explode in sympathy, and with his last spasms I leaned back into him as he held me and my ass held him.

After a couple of minutes I pulled away and handed him a towel. As he wiped up I asked, “Good?”

“Incredible. Good?”


He smiled and got on his hands and knees in front of me. I knelt and applied lube copiously to my fingers and his ass. I worked it in slowly as he relaxed against my probing fingers. Soon he moaned as the tips on my index and middle finger slipped inside, and over the next ten minutes I lubed him thoroughly as I acquainted myself with a new route to paradise. Soon he nodded and said, “Give it to me.”

I lubed up thoroughly and pushed steadily against his ring, which opened to me easily and took my smaller member in easily. I pushed inside slowly and steadily and felt his bowels envelop me. He groaned, “Yes, don’t stop. Give me your cum,” assuring me he needed it as much as I had. With a thrust I penetrated him fully and moaned in pleasure. I reached around and discovered his cock yet again fully hard, and I stroked him vigorously as I thrust in and out of him.

He groaned, “I’m going to cum,” and I jerked his cock rough and fast as I worked his ass. Soon I felt his throbs in time with the contractions of his ass and thrust up into him, trying to bury myself deeply inside him, lose myself inside him, give him my cum like he’d given me his, and I heard the first splash of his cum on the floor as my first spurt shot into him. With each spasm of his bowels I spasmed a spurt into him, thrusting wildly as I screamed in ecstasy, each thrust provoking a loud bellow from Bill.

Finally I pulled away drained. We sat back against the wall and bill handed me a towel. “How was it?” I asked.

“Better than I imagined it could be. I thought I’d be screaming in pain the whole time. Good thing you have such a small cock.”

We laughed as I punched his arm and then I said, “When you’re ready you can do it again. Good thing you have such a big cock.”

We laughed again and sat there in exhaustion. I played idly with his cock, hoping to be filled again. “I didn’t think I could take all of you, but it was pretty easy by the end, actually. The first couple of minutes were a real pain in the ass though.”

“I don’t know why you bitch about your ex-girlfriend’s shitty jokes when you crack wise like that shit,” he grinned.

His cock had started stretching out by this time, so I spurted some lube on it and worked his skin on his shaft as he came alive again. After five minutes he was throbbing, so I faced the wall on my knees and said, “Fuck me, big boy.”

He rubbed lube on me and pushed home. He entered me a little more easily this time and soon had me tight against the wall as he thrust up hard and fast into me. I moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain as he used me hard, and the feel of his solid rod stroking my prostate had me hard soon myself. He explored my bowels as fully as he could, changing angles slightly for the most pleasurable sensations, and soon screamed as he pounded me violently. He stiffened, shuddered, and sprayed a series of small spurts into me.

He pulled away to wipe up, and I then pushed him forward and lubed us both up. I entered him slowly, despite being on the edge of a draining climax, and pushed inside inexorably to the hilt. The one entry was enough; the awareness of what we were doing flooded my mind with guilt and pride, and without transition I plunged into a last orgasm of the afternoon.

We lay there drained, drenched in sweat, and fully satisfied. “Jesus, I’m not sure I’ll be able to walk for a whole day,” he said.

“Yeah, just bury me now. I’m done for.”

We slept a short while, then wiped up again and went to wash up. Being young, we were hard again after dark and sixty-nined silently on the floor; but our ejaculations were small, three spurts each, and hard-won; thirty minutes after we started I finally felt the old waves of pleasure and finished in a short, sharp thrust. I lay there exhausted with Bill’s head in my mouth; he stroked himself as if fucking my ass and in thirty seconds rewarded me with a small swallow of sperm.

We then slept in utter exhaustion and woke up very late the next day. Exhausted and sore from our buggery, we enjoyed ourselves orally the next four days and had absolutely no desire to fuck each other. On the fifth day we made the beast with one back again, as Bill insisted on calling it, and reamed each other twice each, and again had no desire for another week. On the night before we went back home to spend the rest of the summer working, Bill breathed quietly as I worked him into my throat without much difficulty, and as I caressed his balls, he whispered, “I need you to fuck me tomorrow when we get back home.”

I pulled back to say, “Yes, of course,” before leaning forward to bury my nose in his pubes.

“I want to continue when we’re back. It’s been incredible. I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time. I put the bi in Bill now.”

I chuckled quietly and pulled back, “You sound like my ex. That was stupid.”

“I felt you laughing. You should do it more often. It nearly made me come.”

“Sure, let’s keep doing each other. Maybe when we get girlfriends they’ll let us continue.”

“And join in too…God, that would be incredible.” With that we returned to silence and sucking, and fell asleep with drained balls and filled bellies.

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