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Summer storm

Deborah and Caroline arrived at the same time. “Hey, Deb,” Caroline grinned, hugging her as usual too tight and too long.

“Hello, Care,” she replied, returning the kiss on her lips that Caroline surprised her with. “Now let go, please.”

Caroline smiled and asked, “How are you doing?”

“Fine. Well, let’s announce ourselves.”

She rang the bell and soon Teresa opened the door. “Hi! Glad you could make it!”

Caroline said, “An invitation to stay over all fucking week while your parents are gone? No goddamn way in fucking hell I’d miss that shit.”

“Dainty as always, Care,” she smiled back.

“Fuck dainty.”

Deborah said, “We know all about your history, Care. Don’t flaunt it.”

They all laughed and Teresa ushered them in. “Go to the kitchen. We’ll open a bottle and get started cooking. Bad news though, dickhead’s coming back for a few days too.”

Deborah shrugged, “Bob’s cute. Dunno why you still rag on him when you’re both in college.”

“He’s not in college. He’s in ‘grad school,’” she said with air quotes. “Dickhead thinks he’s a genius.”

“So when’s he getting in?”

“Round dinner time. What should we cook him?”

Deborah smiled, “Filet mignon.”

Caroline retorted, “Vichyssoise and tête de veau.”

The other two looked at her strangely. “What?” she asked.

“You just say shit to hear yourself talk, don’t you?”

“Of course. I’m hilarious.”

Deborah replied, “We know, you could sit and listen to you talk about yourself for hours.”

Caroline blushed with a glare and then smiled, “That’s some funny shit, yeah.”

Teresa said, “Well, if it keeps you out of your own pants, it’s all for the best.”

“Hey, I do that too. Phone sex with yourself is great.”

As they laughed, Deborah shook her head, “Shame you’re not an Olympic gymnast. Then you could curl up and put your mouth where your mind is.”

Caroline blushed again and pouted, then stared at an image in her mind in awe and said, “Wow, that would be something else. Can you even do that? You’d break your fucking back, wouldn’t you?”

Teresa grinned, “Don’t try it, dear, you’re too sweet to cripple yourself.”

After continuing their habitual teasing for a few minutes, Deborah asked, “So, what shall we cook for him?”

“I was thinking Brussels sprouts, frozen on the inside and burned on the outside.”

Caroline laughed, “No wonder he hates you. A history of mutual abuse perpetrated through unspeakable violence upon food, year after year, inflicting culinary trauma on each other for meaningless reasons lost in the mists of time.”

Deborah said, “Sisters and brothers hate each other. It’s the way of the world, they say, at least in this puny world they live in.”

Teresa grimaced, “Whatever. He’s a stuck-up ass. Be glad when he leaves. I was so looking forward to this, an old sleepover like we always do, but for a whole week, no parents but full access to their wine cellar, just us. So much fun.”

Deborah said, “Don’t worry, he’ll probably stay by himself. Can’t mix with lower class people like undergrads, you know. Now where’s this wine you mentioned?”

Teresa smiled and said, “Right this way, my friends. Let us choose and choose wisely.”

“Why? Do we get only one?” Caroline asked.

“While we’re cooking, yes,” Teresa said simply. “But tonight I expect to get us all soused.”

“All of us?”

“Not dickhead. He can get soused on his own.”

They laughed and went down to the basement and over to Teresa’s family addition, a small but nicely appointed wine cellar of sorts with over a hundred bottles in the racks. The three of them made lists at various degrees of education of what they wanted to try, and chose a red wine to start.

In the kitchen again, Teresa opened the bottle and poured a glass for each of them. “To my friends and sleepover companions for so many years, I am happier to see you than I can say.”

They sipped. “It’s great to see you two again,” Deborah said, “and I hope our stay together is as sweet as this wine is dry. Gawd.”

They sipped again, and Caroline said, “I’m overjoyed to be back with the two most beautiful girls on the planet. Let’s get trashed and drown this town in red like we’re drowning our stomachs.”

They sipped their wine for a few minutes, and then Caroline walked over to the window and looked out. “Getting to be lots of dark clouds.”

Teresa shrugged, “Supposed to be a big storm tonight. It’s be scary.”

Caroline grinned, “Romantic, you mean.”

Teresa said, “Scary, romantic, it can be two things.”

Deborah smiled and waved, “Woo, woo, I’m a ghost!”

Caroline replied, “The Ghost…of Christmas Pasta!”

They laughed at that and Teresa said, “July pasta, you mean.”

They then set to preparing dinner, and when Bob arrived they were setting the table. He and Teresa nodded hello at each other, and Deborah and Caroline hugged him briefly.

“Well, it’s good to be home,” he said.

“I’m sure it is,” Teresa said, and added, “Dinner’s ready. Wash up and pour yourself something.”

When he came back, he saw that his seat was at the foot of the table, and he looked up to see the three women at the other end of the table just perceptibly leaning towards each other, an empty seat on each side of him. On his left, Deborah looked at him curiously and with a smile at the corners of her lips, jet black hair falling in loose curls to below her shoulders, plump breasts in a comfortable blouse above a solid belly, brown eyes watching him seriously. On the right, Caroline’s short bright red hair shone above her piercing blue eyes watching him carefully; her smallish breasts perky under a T-shirt showed nipples and no bra. I need to stop staring at girls’ tits, he thought, remembering the fight with his last ex, and wondered why they fascinated him so much. He then glanced straight ahead at his sister, blinking at her glowering eyes and angry glare under her long blonde hair, and grinned sheepishly.

None of their expressions changed. He looked again from one to the other, and they looked back silently. As usual, he thought, Terry and her friends are on the inside, and I am a total outsider. He sighed and said, “Hello.”

“Hello,” they said in unison, watching him, weighing him in the balance, he thought, and finding him much too lightweight, and he sniffed and said, “Dinner smells delicious.”

“Yes,” said Teresa, though Caroline smiled at least, while Deborah continued watching him with an unreadable expression…but then most women’s expressions he found unreadable, and the ones he could read were always uninviting, and he swallowed nervously and wondered what to say to get them to ignore him without pissing them off and wished he had watched more Clark Gable movies as a boy.

“Is it lasagna?”

“Yes,” said Deborah.

“You made that for me?”

“Hell no,” Teresa snorted. “Not in the least.”

Deborah smiled and said, “She means it’s for all of us.”

Teresa glowered more deeply and said, “Yeah, whatever.”

“I’m glad to partake.”

“Of course you are,” said Teresa, “You didn’t help make it.”

“I’ll make dinner tomorrow then,” he said, and Teresa nodded.

That seemed to have turned the trick, and they passed the lasagna, bread, and salad around, and while the three mostly talked to each other, they did not turn so as to exclude him entirely. He added a comment from time to time that was accepted gracefully, and when dinner ended he stood and said, “No, let me wash up.” Deborah looked at Teresa with a significant look and raised her eyebrows, and Caroline smiled.

“Thank you,” they said in unison, and as he washed the dishes they went to the basement and returned with two more bottles.

Teresa said, “These are ours, but if you like either of them we can give you a glass before we retire to the Land of Women.”

He looked at the labels and said, “No, those are good. You can have them.”

Deborah and Caroline both looked at Teresa significantly and raised their eyebrows as Bob returned to the dishes, and Teresa said, “Well, thank you. Welcome home.”

“Sorry to be in your way.”

“No problem.”

They walked through the living room to the hall to most of the bedrooms, and by the time they got to Teresa’s room they could hear the rain on the roof. Teresa’s room was largely unchanged from high school, a studious girl’s room with bookcases and a desk alongside a large TV with a DVD player. They drank wine and laughed at jokes for an hour as the rain quickened, and finally Teresa said, “I got a really great movie this time.”

The three had had sleepovers frequently since their sophomore year of high school, and after a year the movies had gone from steamy to explicit. Frequently they would watch with quickening breath as they hesitatingly critiqued performance, length, girth, and athletic ability, fascinated by gorgeous men and women who did what they three did so often, only so much better, or at least what the men did so much better than the boys in their lives. After the third month of such films all embarrassment they had earlier felt in their pleasure in dirty movies, as they had started out calling them, had completely disappeared, and they looked forward to their monthly or semi-monthly movie nights.

After they had left for college, regular movie nights were over, but whenever they were in town for vacation, they got together for a movie and sleepover. This was the first one they had had in several months, and Deborah was happy to return to old customs after a semester at college that kicked her hard in the seat and laughed at her sweet, sweet tears. The three of them poured themselves another glass and made themselves comfortable in their T-shirts and sweat pants—except, as usual, Caroline, who forwent the sweatpants and sat on the beanbag chair in the middle in her boxers, one of several lifted from any of several earlier boyfriends, for after a boy stole her panties at camp one summer she insisted on requiting the theft on every man she seduced; by now she probably had near a dozen that she wore proudly from half a dozen men.

Teresa sat on her bed against her body pillow while Deborah sat in the armchair, both cuddled up in blankets. Later she would stretch out a pallet while Caroline would sleep on the outside of the bed, a body pillow between her and Teresa, but at the moment she was comfortable enough in her usual place. The movie started and something approximating an interesting plot started. Soon though the hero asked the heroine seeking his detective services what the man looked like, and she began describing a very long, very thick member. “Longer or shorter than this?” he asked.

“Come here and let me check.” He stood in front of a blonde with feathery hair, who stroked him twice and then with amazing rapidity took him fully into her throat.

Caroline gasped and said, “Wow. If the rest of the movie is this good, I think we’ll have a winner for most repeat viewing.”

Deborah felt the usual throbbing in the hips and feeling of emptiness in her belly as if in the heights with no handrail, and she heard what sounded like the soft whisk of Teresa’s hand sliding down between her thighs. She gave thanks as always for the arms of the chair, which blocked the view of the others as her own right hand slipped below the waistband of her pants.

The scene ended as such scenes usually do, with more attention to the star’s copious cum than even the three of them found entirely proportionate to his achievement, and all three of them sat somewhere near the edge as the plot continued for the requisite three to five minutes necessary to introduce the next character. Teresa chuckled, “I think Care’s gonna get a cramp here.”

The feathery blonde had had a meeting with her accountant, a stunning redhead with a thing for figures, both numerical and blonde, and when her head dipped between the unbelievably toned thighs of her blonde client, Caroline made her accustomed change of position to straddle the beanbag atop her right hand as she crouched forward toward the screen. Deborah looked at Teresa over Caroline’s back, and Teresa winked and circled her fingertip around her temple as Caroline whispered, “Damn, got a stitch in my side.”

In their junior year, during the third lesbian scene they had watched together, Caroline’s evident interest had finally swamped her reserve and she stretched out on the beanbag chair, one hand under her hips, and said, “Damn, I have a cramp. In my belly. God.” She had then rubbed somewhere in the vicinity of her belly for four minutes, and Deborah and Teresa had glanced down on occasion at the regular movements visible from behind under her underwear in her crotch as Caroline continued her charade. Finally, she had gone stiff and arched her back unseeing as the women on the screen sixty-nined in full view of the camera, and then proceeded to have cramps or stitches three more times that evening.

By this time Caroline had lost all pretense and simply fucked her hand hard inside her boxers, and Teresa and Deborah ignored her as their fingers lightly caressed their clits toward the first quick orgasms of the evening. When Caroline collapsed in sodden relaxation after a fevered squishing that even the sound of the loud rain couldn’t cover up, Deborah said, “I really need to find a masseuse who’ll do that for me.”

Caroline blushed and then replied pertly, “I’ll massage you whenever you like, babe.”

Teresa chuckled as Deborah groaned in irritation, and the next plot scene started. Soon the blonde and the detective were interviewing a man who looked so much like Bob that Deborah said, “Look whose brother hit the big time.”

“Shut up, Deb,” said Teresa.

Caroline added, “He does look like him, doesn’t he? Whoa, is Bob that long?”

“I wouldn’t know.”

Deborah added, “Bob’s cute. He could be half that size and I’d still do him.”

“You’re talking about my brother.”

“I know.”

Caroline added, “She had a crush on him all through high school, you know.”

Teresa said, “Bullshit. Deborah has too much taste.”

Deborah replied, “Well, actually, I did kind of.”

Caroline added, “Didn’t you ever notice the way she followed him around but didn’t talk to him because she was scared of him making fun of her?”

Damn, Deborah thought, Caroline notices a hell of a lot more than I credited her for.

Teresa said, “That’s bullshit.”

Deborah just let that hang in the air as the Bob fill-in on screen let himself hang in the air before the blonde pushed him back and mounted him slowly. Her finger circled her clit as she imagined it was Bob’s tongue, and shortly before the pulsing of a quick first release started in her loins, a bright flash of lightning shone through the window and the power went out.

“Shit. I had just gotten really interested,” Teresa said.

Caroline added, “Damn, I was getting a bad stitch in my side again.”

Deborah laughed, “Your thighs, you mean.”

Caroline chuckled hollowly in the darkness. “There too.”

Teresa had found candles by that time and soon lit them. They poured some more wine and soon moved on to the second bottle. Near the end of their first glass of that bottle, Deborah said, “We’ll need some more.”

“I set another bottle aside on the counter. You can get it if you want.”

Caroline added, “Yeah, but she’ll take forever coming back.”

Teresa and Deborah looked at her questioningly and she grinned, “She’ll take a detour to Bobby’s room. Might not come back till morning…two days from now.”

“Fuck you,” Teresa said, and Deborah blushed.

Caroline said, “Fuck him, you mean.”

Teresa smiled and in deliberate misunderstanding agreed, “Yeah, fuck’im.”

As the night went on and their awakened lust throbbed in their temples, Deborah thought more and more of sneaking into Bob’s room after they went to sleep. Suddenly Caroline said, “Wine’s gone. I’ll get it. We need prompt service, after all.”

After she left, Teresa said, “You had a thing for Bob?”


“God, why?”

“He’s cute and smart.”

“And awkward and hygienically challenged and rude and badly dressed and an asshole.”

“He’s not so much anymore.”

“No way a woman would be interested in him.”

“You think?”

“You’re kidding, right?”


“Come on, no way.”


“You’re just fucking with me.”

With the wine talking, Deborah said, “No, he’s cute.”

“I dare you.”


“You’d never go through with it.”

“Yes I would.”

Teresa looked at her as if something didn’t make sense but it was too bothersome to figure out what with all the wine, and she said, “I dare you. If you do it, I’ll…cook dinner all alone the rest of the week.”

“Okay, deal.”

“You’ll chicken out. I know you. You’ll sneak down to the basement and get drunk on wine and come back.”

Caroline came in as this was said and asked, “What?”

Teresa told her and Caroline clapped her hands and said, “Ooh, cool! Yes, do it!”

Teresa glowered a little at that but in confusion said, “Yes, you chickenshit. You won’t, I know.

Caroline asked mischievously, “But how will you know she did it?”

“Yeah, what will you bring?”

Deborah smiled and said, “Maybe his boxers. We’ll see.”

“Okay, get started.”

Deborah bowed and opened the door. As she closed it behind her, she pictured the house mentally as she tried to coordinate the little she could see with where she knew things to be. The house was unnaturally quiet apart from the rain, and as she moved slowly through the living room to the kitchen, she wondered what she was doing. She had been madly in love with Bob when she was a senior, following him around in the vain hope he’d notice her, the bright and beautiful college man, but he never did.

The passage through the living room and kitchen seemed to take forever. She was indeed walking slowly, partly for fear of hurting her legs, partly for fear of hurting herself when she got inside, but mostly, she realized, from a desire to prolong the anticipation, to picture all the ways to seduce him, and think through all the eventualities. She found it very hard to breath; her blood pounded in her ears and the tops of her thighs seemed to be swimming in sweat as she moved them slowly one past the other.

As she walked down the other hallway, the closer she got to his room, across the hall from the laundry room and the garage, the slower she walked as she wondered how to go about things. Slowly she crept to his door, making no sound as she tiptoed over the carpet. She had fantasized constantly as a senior of sneaking into his room, posing seductively to get him to make a move so that she could reward him for his bravery in the sweetest ways possible, reaching climax as she imagined her dildo was his cock pounding relentlessly into her, but he had never noticed her. He had seemed to notice her tonight, and not just her tits; he had searched in her eyes for something all through dinner, and it had put her back in high school, too afraid of what she was feeling to say or do anything that required thought or initiative as images filled her head of him undressing for her and then devouring her with his eyes as she undressed for him, and then devouring her with his mouth…

She was at his door now, and she could hear his snoring. She reached out slowly to grasp the doorknob, and as she turned it quietly she hoped the door was as well oiled as she was feeling. The throbbing in her head and apprehension in her belly combined with the lust coursing through her to make her feel as if she were about to pass out.

The door opened quietly and she pushed it open slowly. When she could slip through, she closed it as quietly and tiptoed to his bed. A little light came through the window, just enough to make out his sleeping form, and her heart leaped as she spied a massive erection pushing up against the sheet, for his blanket was folded nicely on the chair.

She slipped off her shirt and sweat pants and slipped onto the bed next to him. The cock was throbbing slightly and she wondered if he was dreaming about her; certainly he must be dreaming about someone hot and wet.

In fact, of course, any dream makes a man hard. Bob was deep in an entertaining farrago of nonsense in which his business partner, a talking ferret named Sylvester, had talked him into buying an ice cream shop. They couldn’t raise the capital to open it, however, so they had a freezer full of stock about to spoil. Sylvester had won the banana and was tail-deep in his third carton, while Bob was arm-wrestling for the chocolate with a stern, gorgeous Mexican accountant with tits out to there who, as with all women in his dreams and far too many in reality, appeared singularly unimpressed with his looks, physique, or stamina. Again he lost, and he announced, “Okay, best eighteen out of thirty-five.”

As Deborah reached over and started running her fingertips along his cock, Bob started and his dream ended before he could say, “Okay, best nineteen out of thirty-seven.” He woke up dazed and confused and looked up to see someone he knew above him, though he couldn’t place her. Certainly she looked as good as the accountant anyway, and she seemed much more interested in him than chocolate ice cream. He reached up to cup her breasts, which were as soft as any he had held and larger than he had ever had the honor of knowing personally, and as he tweaked the erect nipples he heard her say, “Power’s out. I was scared and hoped you’d protect me.” Knowing what makes men melt, she added, “You’re so big and strong, I feel safest with you. And when I came in, you were so big…under your sheet. I hope that’s okay.”

“Yes, of course.”

She pulled his sheet down and said, “I need this bad. God, you’re so big,” and as he exulted to finally hear such words at the same time as he finally placed her as Deborah, she leaned down and took him deep into her mouth. She twirled her tongue around his head and pulled back to say, “God, I’ve wanted this for so long,” and while she knew she sounded phony to anyone who wasn’t in the mood, she wasn’t lying.

She returned to suckling him, and he stared in awe as she took him slowly all the way into her throat. He watched her lips moving as her tongue circled slightly against the underside of his shaft. He wondered how she had learned such skills, but soon he thought of nothing at all. With a groan, he started thrusting up under her ministrations, and as she bobbed up and down and stared up at him, her hair falling forward onto his belly, soft breasts enveloping his knees, a sudden flash of lightning hit very close to the house. Fortunately for Bob, Deborah was not easily startled and his cock remained unchewed, and in the sudden flash he marveled at her beauty and stared as her mouth took control of him so thoroughly.

In turn she saw one of her oldest dreams and fantasies coming true. His flesh pulsed in her mouth, the hard center finally inside her. She stroked the base of his shaft, enjoying the velvety feel that she would soon have inside her cunt, enjoying the frisson as she thought the word, as her cunt worked the cock to their mutual pleasure. She gave herself over to pleasuring him completely and smiled as he fell to pieces under her mouth and tongue. He cooed like a dove and gripped her hair, and she let him hold her head tightly in place as he thrust up into her mouth. When he reached the edge, she felt his shaft pulsing for her, for her of all people, and her heart leapt as his first spurt shot hot and sticky into her throat. She heard his loud moans as she drained him expertly, putting all her experience and lust into emptying him into her.

She held him inside her as he softened, and after swallowing his last drops she pulled back and said, “Your cock is incredible. You taste good too.”

He said, “Come here.” He pulled her panties down as she rose to her knees, and after she helped hi remove them, he pulled her up to crouch above him and kissed her lips for the first time, any of her lips. He licked her avidly and held her hips to help guide his head and tongue. She was drenched and her lips were swollen and hungry for him. He ran his tongue between them as her hips circled above him, and her long-accumulated lust built quickly to a rushed and draining climax. She leaned on the headboard as he held her waist, and when the first wave submerged her, she pounded furiously against his face, neither knowing nor caring how roughly she was using him.

He sucked on her clitoris as the next waves hit her, and after a minute she pulled up and pushed his hands and mouth away from her painfully sensitive lips. She lay next to him and said, “Do you have a rubber? Or a whole package? I hope you have a whole package. We’ll need it.”


After Deborah left, Teresa became increasingly bitchy. The lightning flash that Bob and Deborah had seen hit, and Caroline finally ran out of patience and said, “You made the dare.”

Teresa sighed and said, “You’re right.”

“You’re so tense. Here.” She sat on the bed and had Teresa roll over onto her belly. She began by massaging her shoulders and neck, and Teresa moaned in encouragement. Caroline had been dreaming of such an opportunity for years. Whether Deborah or Teresa didn’t matter, but neither had noticed her in the way she noticed them. Now she was overjoyed; she had seen how Deborah had reacted to Bob at dinner and expected something might happen that would get her out of the way. However, even she had not suspected anything so bold, indeed blatant, would happen, and once she heard the dare she did what she could to encourage it. Deborah was soon gone and Teresa was alone with her, and Caroline was determined to push her opportunity to the full.

Teresa seemed like she might be interested in girls. She and Deborah both had no objections to watching the lesbian scenes she so loved to imagine replicating, and she had heard their soft breaths and the nearly silent squishings of their fingers as they climaxed so much more silently than she always did. She often wanted to stand up and shout, “I love you both. Take me, I’m yours!” but feared that they would reject her, laugh at her, or never invite her back.

Now, finally, she was caressing Teresa’s muscular back. Teresa seemed to be enjoying herself thoroughly, but Caroline feared saying or doing anything to destroy the mood. She continued rubbing Teresa’s muscles, feeling her relax under her hands, and worked down her back and up again. After a few minutes she reached lower and felt the swellings of Teresa’s breasts at her sides. She trembled and decided not to risk it and returned to her neck.

After a few minutes Teresa rolled over and said, “Okay, front now.” Her matter of fact manner left Caroline confused—did she think this was merely a friendly massage? Did she dare anything more? Teresa said, “Here, make it easier for you,” and pulled off her shirt. Caroline could see her breasts spread out before her, and as Teresa closed her eyes she reached up to massage the front of her shoulders.

Ten minutes later her hands had worked their way down to the upper swells of her breasts. She took a deep breath and reached down to cup them. She breathed heavily as they overflowed her hands, the white flesh she had often seen in passing but feared she would never hold, and as she hefted and squeezed them, Teresa said, “Yes, like that. They need a good massage.”

Soon she had both her nipples between the fingers of each hand, and as Teresa’s breathing sped up she decided to risk it and lowered her mouth to her left breast. As she sucked on the nipple, Teresa said, “Yes, good.” After a few more minutes she could feel Teresa’s hips circling regularly and hungrily under her, so she moved off her hips and returned to sucking on the other nipple as her hands worked down Teresa’s belly to the waist of her sweat pants. As she pushed her fingers past the waistband, Teresa asked, “What are you doing?”

Caroline found the bravery to say, “What do you think I’m doing?”

“So long as you know what you’re doing,” she replied and spread her thighs for her. Soon Caroline’s fingers passed under the band of her panties and she felt Teresa’s thin pubic hair sodden with sweat. She reached further down and found her swollen lips and drenched tunnel. She rubbed slowly as she leaned in to kiss Teresa, and the passion with which Teresa sucked her tongue into her mouth and pulled her down to her astonished her.

Teresa was finally alive underneath her. Her body twisted as Caroline tried to match the pulsations in her pussy with the movements of her fingers, and in a minute Teresa said, “Go on, I’ve known you wanted to suck my cunt for years. Do it. Suck me dry.” She helped Caroline strip her bare and then pushed her head roughly down between her thighs and held her head in place as she fucked relentlessly against her face. Teresa’s flesh and wetness and thick odor overwhelmed her, and she tried an experimental lick of the swollen lips next to her mouth, found she loved it, and set to with a passion.

Caroline tried to lick as fast as Teresa thrust, but she was in the last throes before climax and Caroline restricted herself to sucking lightly on her clit as she pushed her fingers inside her and fucked hard against the spot in the front she loved to work inside herself. Teresa screamed less than thirty seconds after she started and a massive jet of fluid rushed out into her mouth. Caroline was used to men coming in her mouth but she had only read about women doing the same, so she swallowed obediently and marveled at Teresa giving herself over to her hands and mouth.

Teresa finally lay back and her thighs let loose their wrestler’s hold on her head. Caroline said, “That was the first time…”

“I know. I could tell. This is how you do it,” and she pulled Caroline over her onto her back and stripped her bare in a cool five seconds. She then buried her head between Caroline’s thighs and with no trace of delicacy or embarrassment and with an evident wealth of experience bent over her, pushed her thighs apart, and dove deep with her tongue. As Caroline moaned in surprise and pushed up, two of Teresa’s fingers entered her and her tongue danced all over her lips. Soon she settled on her clit and fucked deep inside her with her fingers, almost too roughly but with great skill, and Caroline felt her move to crouch over her as she worked Caroline to the first climax of their coupling.

After Caroline came hard against Teresa’s face, she pulled her hips down and tried to copy what Teresa was still doing to her. She gloried in the pussy she had so often dreamed of sucking open fully to her and welcoming her to pleasure it, and she started pushing her fingers inside her. Teresa pulled away from her cunt long enough to say, “Here.” She reached under the mattress and handed her a thick vibrator. “Fuck me with that. Don’t hold back. I need it bad.”

As Teresa returned to sucking her, Caroline turned the base of the vibrator and ran it up and down Teresa’s lips. Teresa pulled away to say, “Don’t hold back, I said. Fuck me with it. I know you’ve wanted to for years, and this is no time for you to act the lady.” Caroline pushed it inside her and Teresa said, “Yes, like that.” Caroline stroked it firmly and sped up as Teresa reacted vigorously. Soon she was fucking back against it and Caroline returned to sucking around her clit as the plastic rod fucked hard into her.

Caroline realized suddenly that she was finally making love to a woman, and a woman she had wanted for years, and who clearly wanted her too. This realization pushed her over the edge, and she let herself go and fucked Teresa’s face while sucking her as if to devour her with both of her mouths.

Soon she was close. A sudden flash of lightning illuminated the room and she passed into orgasm, the sight of Teresa’s cunt impaled on her vibrator as her hips circled in animal abandon seared in her memory. She climaxed for a full minute, lost to everything but Teresa’s mouth, and after her climax ended she redoubled her efforts on Teresa, who moaned, “Yes, fuck my cunt,” until she came one last time for the nonce.

She pulled the vibrator out and turned it off. Teresa curled up next to her and said, “You’re getting better. We’ll have plenty of time to practice, love.” Caroline’s heart leapt as Teresa kissed her and took her in her arms, their juices and scents mingling on their lips.


Deborah slid the condom down Bob’s resurgent cock. She watched his face in the dim light as she lowered herself onto him, finally taking him inside her as she had dreamed so often. Bright lightning flashed a few times, freezing his image for her. He breathed rapidly, staring up at her lustful face and her full breasts sagging above him, as her thick-haired pussy enveloped him. The condom reduced his sensitivity, she knew, so he lasted a long time as she worked back and forth. It wasn’t for protection that she needed it, but the way it lengthened their pleasure was a fine bonus. She climaxed twice, fucking him like one of her toys at the last minute of each, and finally he squeezed her hips as if to bruise them and thrust up out of control, lost in the feel of her cunt spasming in an unexpected spontaneous climax.

She pulled herself off him and slipped the condom off to put it on the nightstand. “We’ll need another soon, but I need a breather,” she said. “I’ve wanted that for so long. You fuck well.”

“Well, thank you. So do you.”

“Are you as good on top?”

“You’ll find out soon.” She curled up next to him and he added, “Thank you for the blowjob. I’ve never…”

She looked up at him in surprise. “Never?”


“But you suck so well.”

“Yeah, I’ve done it, just never gotten it.”

“Shit, that’s not fair. What kind of women do you attract? Jesus, using you like that.”

“But when I asked they said it makes them gag. Or that it tastes nasty.”

“Oh, you sweet dear. You really picked the wrong girls.”

“Well, I liked them, so I don’t think it was that unfair.”

“Well, if you feel that way, good. But you have me now, and I’m not like that. But you do have to return the favor.”

“I love doing it.”

“Good, then. We’ll have lots of time to do it some more. Your college isn’t far away, and maybe I can transfer.”

“You’d do that?”

“If it works out. If I still like you. If it does work out, I will suck your cock every day if you want. Would you like that?”

They laughed and he said, “Yes.”

“Did it make you happy? Was it what you hoped?”

“Well, while I’ve never had it before, I suspect you did it very well.”

“Yes, I do.”

“You’ve had lots of practice?”

Oh Christ, she thought, here it comes. “Yes I have,” she said forthrightly and not a little angrily. “I’m very good at it and I like doing it, and all my men have loved it.”


“Yes, all eight. Nine now. So don’t give me any shit about it and just thank your stars I like you enough to do it.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just I never had that many.”

“That’s not a problem.”

“But I did do it well?”

She laughed at the mixture of pride and apprehension on his face and said, “Yes, you sucked me very well. Perfectly. I wanted you to do that to me all through my senior year and I wanted to drain you dry every night.”

“So if I had noticed you I would have been your first?”

She laughed, “No. Maybe my fourth. Probably more.”

“Wow, you’re such…”

“If you call me a slut I’ll crush your balls,” she said unsmilingly, and he looked at her in fright. “I like sex. I like men. Women my age do what we want. Get used to it, because that’s the world you’re in. And if you call me a slut, then I wonder what you’d call Caroline. Or Teresa.”


“Oh yes, she started earlier than me and has had more men than me. Caroline is the shrinking violet of the three of us, and she’s no virgin.”

“Damn, I never suspected.”

“Good! We like our privacy. It was never your business.”

By this time he was hard again, so she wrapped him up in latex and lay back to welcome him inside her again. He worked hard and rode her vigorously and came again on her fourth climax. This last orgasm drained both of them. She pulled the condom off as he faded, and she kissed him and said, “Tomorrow, love.”

“Right, love.”

“But I have to get back. Here, I’ll throw these away.” She lifted up both condoms and kissed him again. He soon fell asleep and she smiled as she walked out of the room.

She stood in the hallway, strongly tempted to remain and wake up with her new lover, but she suspected that she was in deep enough trouble with Teresa as it was. Teresa was ready to kill her, she knew, and she pondered whether it was worth it. She decided that whatever happened, Bob was hers now and would stay so until he ended things, if he ever did. She breathed in heavily, set her shoulders high, and strolled proudly back.


When she came back into Teresa’s room, the first thing she noticed was the scent. She then heard and saw Teresa on her knees sucking Caroline as Caroline tensed toward yet another climax. Caroline soon came, and as Teresa got up from the floor, Deborah said, “I’m back. Sorry to interrupt.”

Caroline whimpered, “Oh my God, Deborah…”

Teresa said, “Hush, Deborah’s a grown girl. She’s seen and done it before.”

Caroline whimpered, “What?”

Teresa said, “So, did you fuck him, or did you pussy out and get soused in the basement?”

Deborah put the used condoms down on the desk and said, “He actually came three times, but I swallow because I’m a very good girl.”

“How can I be sure it’s not egg white?”

Deborah laughed. “I guess you can’t. But I assure you it did not taste at all like egg white.”

Teresa breathed out, defeated. “Okay, you win. Crap, why did I ever think that was a good idea?”

“You just wanted me out of the way so you could fuck Caroline.”

Caroline whimpered, “What?”

Deborah said, “Oh, Caroline, we’ve known you wanted us for so long, and if only you’d asked, you could have had either of us, but not both.”

Teresa added, “But you were always so wishy washy. Maybe you would, maybe you wouldn’t, and maybe you would and then pussy out and tell everyone that we’re lesbians and shit on us with people, when we’re really only just as bi as you are.”

“I’d never do that. I was just so scared.”

“Whatever. You’re mine now so don’t worry about it.”

“But…you both knew?”

“Of course. Always staring at us, rubbing off like you were showing off every time two women ate pussy on the screen, watching us as we came.”

Deborah added, “It was fun. I liked knowing that if only you got some courage up you’d be there.”

“So you two have…with girls?”

They laughed and Teresa said, “Of course, though not with each other. We’re not like that for each other. But we both have had women, yes, in high school.”

Caroline asked plaintively, “You mean there were lesbians in high school?”

“Some were, most were bi, but yes. There was a big lesbian scene if you knew where to peek.”

“How many?”

Deborah said, “Well, six for me.”

Teresa added, “Nine for me. And Deb and I compared once, and we only had two in common, so yeah, a lot.”

Caroline groaned, realizing what she had missed out on from what she now damned as simple cowardice, and pulled Teresa down to her. “But you’re mine now, yes?”

“I told you, you silly thing, yes.”

Caroline sighed happily and asked, “Did you have a good night too, Deb?”

Deborah noticed Teresa’s sudden anger even in the dark and said, “Yes, I did, but let’s not talk about it more.”

“Maybe over dinner tomorrow while Terry cooks?”

Teresa swatted her not at all gently and said, “Yes, we do need to discuss it. But not now. Hand me my wine, I need a drink.”

Deborah pulled out the pallet and after turning the dead light switch and TV off so that they would not be wakened when the power returned, she lay down and fell asleep to the sound and smell of one of the two sucking the other one last time.


The next morning the three woke up exhausted and sick at heart in one way or another, the exhaustion and tristesse following good lovemaking and dreams coming true and leaving mere reality in their wake; added to that were massive hangovers for all three. Deborah looked blearily at the three empty bottles on the desk next to two shriveled condoms and groaned. Teresa groaned as well when she looked at what Deborah was looking at, and Caroline groaned when she saw where Teresa was looking. Deborah said, “Listen, I should probably slip out home and shower up there.”

Teresa said, “Yes, that would be wise. Don’t rush. Be back in time for dinner.”

Caroline said, “Let me go with you. I want to talk.”

Teresa said, “Yes, go with her. I don’t want to see anyone this morning, not you, not Deb, and sure as hell not Bob. I can’t believe you would actually fuck my brother. You’re like my sister. How could you?”

Deborah said, “But we’re not sisters.”

Teresa glared at her and said quietly and dangerously, “Leave. You too, Care, you did nothing to stop it.”

Deborah and Caroline snuck out quietly and walked the mile to Deborah’s house. Her parents were on vacation as well, so Deborah invited her in and made some coffee. Caroline said, “She’s really pissed. That really blew up in our face.”

“You asked why the two of us never made love. Like I said, we’re not like that to each other. That is what would have happened if it had ever happened. Which it wouldn’t have.”

“Tell me about the girls in high school.”

And Deborah told her in lurid detail, driving Caroline frantic with lust and lost chances, and as the memories returned, so did some of the joy of the discovery and love she had experienced at the time. After half an hour, Deborah was wet and Caroline was frantic. Deborah said, “I need to shower.”

“Can I join you? Save water?”


As they showered, Deborah started crying. Caroline hugged her, and as Deborah cried, she rubbed her hair and kissed the top of her head. After a few minutes she lifted Deborah’s chin and kissed her lips, and Deborah muttered, “Fuck her,” and kissed Caroline passionately. She turned off the water and pushed Caroline up against the wall and sucked on her lips, and then her breasts, and worked down to kneel before her and made another of Caroline’s fantasies come true as she sucked her greedily. After Caroline came she turned on the water, soaped them both up quickly, and washed them both. They dried off and she took Caroline to her bedroom. She laid her down on the bed and said, “You’ve had blonde pussy. Let’s see how you like my raven hair.”

She lay on her side beside her and looked lovingly at the dark red of the thick hairs before her framing a delightful pair of pink lips just beginning to poke out from their thick nest for her, and she settled down to give Caroline all she desired, for she knew this was the one time she would have her.

For the next hour they sucked each other. Deborah already knew all the signs of Caroline’s orgasms from the times she rubbed out her cramps, so she concentrated on learning the feel and sight and taste of her pussy. Caroline, on the other hand, was learning all the aspects of a new world that she had been fascinated by for so long, and soon she had learned just where and how and how hard to touch and lick and suck Deborah to bring her off happily.

Finally, they lay there exhausted, and Deborah said, “There, I knew you wanted me for years. I wanted you too, some, but you were so timid I was afraid to try you. You’ve had me, but you’re Teresa’s now. Don’t ever tell her or she will destroy you, and try to hurt me too.”

“I won’t.”

“Thank you though. I’ll never forget it. I needed you today, so don’t think it meant nothing to me. I wasn’t just using you, and I’m not trying to hurt Teresa, but I was jealous of her, you know. She finally had the sweet little bird we were both tempted by.”

“Did you two ever talk about me?”

“Of course. We speculated endlessly about just how serious you were about wanting us. Were you just having a silly little girl crush, or did you really want us like a grown woman? Now we know.”

“Was I good?”

Deborah laughed. “Just like a man! Yes, you were very good. Teresa will fall madly in love with you.”

“Did you ever…fantasize about me?”

“Yes, a few times.”

“I fantasized about both of you all the time. Whenever the women were on the screen, I imagined it was me and you or me and Terry. I wanted to suck you so much.”

“Well, now you have. So which tastes better?”

Caroline blushed. “I’m not sure. I need to try again and see.”

Deborah laughed and sat back to spread herself fully open to Caroline, who knelt before her and gave her a last series of intense orgasms. When she finished, Deborah pushed her against the wall, knelt, and devoured her one last time. After she caught her breath, Caroline pursed her lips in thought and said, “No offense, but blonde.”

Deborah laughed and said, “You’re loyal. Good.” They then showered once more and planned a nice lunch.


When they returned to Teresa’s house after a relaxing lunch and walk around town, Deborah saw a familiar car in the driveway, and as they walked toward the door, it opened. “What? Chris?” she said.

Her brother looked at her, dressed as usual in a business suit, ever the young budding low-level executive, and he blushed and said, “Oh, Deb. Hi.”

“Hi. What are you doing here?”

“Oh, I was…um, seeing Bob.”

“Oh, is Bob here? I thought he was going to a museum and a book store today.”

‘Well, um, he came back. Gotta get back to work.”

“Well, okay.”

They waved at each other as he drove off, and she looked at Caroline in confusion, who shrugged and said, “Let’s go eat.”

They entered and Teresa said, “Hi, you two, I’m in the kitchen.”

Dinner was cooking and smelled superb, and a bottle of wine was open with three glasses.

“So Bobby’s here?”

“Hell no.”

“But Chris said…”

“Chris says lots of things. Sit down, we need to toast our new relationship.”

Caroline smiled happily, “I’ll drink to that!”

They sat and Teresa said, “But this first.” She lifted a cover, underneath which three shriveled condoms lay on a plate.

“That’s Chris. I’m a very good girl too, so I swallowed twice. Boy, can that man fuck! And he’s one of the best I’ve tasted.”

Deborah flooded with anger as Caroline blushed, “You cheated on me?”

When Teresa turned and glared at her, Deborah raised one eyebrow and licked her upper lip suggestively. Caroline took the hint and said smilingly, “Fair is fair. That’s fine.”

Teresa turned back to Deborah, whose fists were clinched. Teresa smiled sweetly and said, “Turnabout, my friend. Sister. We’re even, right?”

Deborah looked at her and suddenly started laughing. Actually, she was one ahead, but she’d never tell. Her anger gone, she replied, “Yes, we’re even.”

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