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Surprise Surprise

My Ultimate Fantasy.
I was excited to spend my first night of the 3 night, long weekend break with Kev in a quaint hotel in the Yorkshire countryside. He had surprised me with this romantic gesture as Kev wasn’t the romantic type and the time we usually spent together was a free hour here or there.

Kev had been quite secretive about the whole break, even on the way to the hotel, which made me think he had another surprise in store for me and I was wracking my brains for an idea of what it could be.

We had just had our lovely 3 course meal in a small Greek restaurant. There had been lots of flirting which is always expected when it’s me and Kev. (If you’ve read my previous stories, you will know that there is an amazing sexual tension between us, and we’ve had many sexual encounters. Nothing can stop us when we get going.) But this was different. It seemed that we had moved on slightly from being amazing sexual partners and maybe onto an actual relationship. I wasn’t complaining, I wanted to experience everything with Kev. Half way through our candle lit dinner, Kev’s phone rang and he went outside to take the call. I didn’t even think about who it was as he is a manager at the place we both work and he is a busy guy, but when he came back he had a glint in his eye.

When we had finished our meal we made our short way back to the hotel, arm in arm. I thought the Kev I knew was changing and that we seemed like any normal couple to people passing by, not just two people who have amazing sex every now and then.

We arrived back at the hotel; we had been there earlier to drop off our luggage and to get changed before heading out to find somewhere nice to have a meal. I was wearing a silver dress that just covered my curvaceous body and bum. It was low cut that showed off my cleavage made by my 36DD breasts. I wore silver heels. As it was hot at the height of summer, I decided that underwear was unnecessary. Kev was wearing a black shirt, dark blue jeans and newly polished black shoes and he looked gorgeous.

We got to our hotel room door and Kev stumbled for the key card in his pocket. As he pulled out the key card a piece of black material was pulled out at the same time and it dropped to the floor.

‘What’s that?’ I asked.

‘A blindfold, I’ve got a surprise for you.’

I smiled and nodded, excited to see what he had in store for me.

Kev slipped the blindfold over my eyes making my other senses heighten immediately. Kev’s arm slipped over my right hip and guided me into the now open door. Placing one foot in front of the other I took a few steps forward and I heard the door click shut behind us. I felt Kev tug at the zip on my dress as it began to slide over my smooth skin, over my breasts. My nipples standing to attention as the cool air brushed over them. My dress slipped past my shaven pussy and dropped to the floor. I stepped out of my heels as Kev held my hand to steady me.

Kev lifted me and put me onto the bed. The silky bed sheets felt amazing against my naked body. He kissed me and walked away to undress, I heard the buttons popping open on his shirt, the zip on his jeans, his shoes being kicked to one side.

The anticipation was getting too much. I wanted to see his body. Touch it. Taste it. I felt my pussy get wet at just the thought. I knew I was in for a treat. He was usually the one in charge but never like this before.

I felt the mattress dip as he climbed onto the bed, getting closer I could feel his breath on me. I felt a hand on my awaiting thigh. His hand was so soft and skimmed my skin. I’d never felt Kev be this gentle before. A shiver ran up my spine as I thought of him making love to me. I felt my juices start to run from my pussy down into my crack. I was aching for him to use his new found gentle touch on my sensitive mound.

Another hand gently tweaked at my stiff nipples. My skin tingled at his touch. I couldn’t believe how he was making me feel. I let out a moan of pleasure. I waited to hear his response as he began planting small delicate kisses up my body, neck and to my face.

It felt so good. He was so smooth. His lips were so soft. I moaned quietly as each kiss was placed on my skin.

Hang on a minute.

Where was his stubble? The stubble I had just felt just hours before over our romantic meal.

I grabbed at the blindfold quickly, before he had chance to stop me.

As my eyes adjusted from the dark into the light, I didn’t recognise Kev. The person who was touching me, kissing me, turning me on just seconds before wasn’t the man I was falling for. It wasn’t even a man.

After the shock had subsided after a few minutes of staring and saying nothing, it finally sunk in that I was with a woman. A beautiful woman. She was blonde and absolutely stunning. She was wearing lacy black underwear. Her body was toned and bronzed.

I turned my head to look across the room to see Kev, naked and sat on a chair stroking his long hard rod. He smiled and winked.

I turned back to look at the woman, whose name I didn’t even know. I blushed.

“Hi I’m...” She put her finger up to my lips to stop me from talking.

“I’m Misty.” She whispered. Her voice was soft, sultry and very sexy.

The side of my mouth started to curl up into a smile as Misty showed off her perfect smile with a glint in her bright blue eyes. Slowly edging forward, Misty opened her mouth as she pushed it against my closed mouth. I was so shocked at how she just carried on as normal. I parted my lips to let her lingering tongue enter. I’d only ever kissed a girl once before and it wasn’t as passionate as this.

My body surged forward in a moment of lust making my breasts brush against her rock hard nipples straining in her lacy black bra. I reached round and unclipped her bra, I pulled away from the kiss to watch her small pert breasts spring out.

Misty pushed me back onto the bed and started rubbing her body up and down against me as she passionately kissed me. She slowly reached down to rub my still swollen mound. I felt a finger probe at my tight moist hole, followed by another.

We carried on kissing and Misty had 3 fingers in my tight, wet cunt as I heard Kev get up off the chair and walk over to the side of the bed, next to me. I open my eyes and to my surprise I see his rock hard cock on level with my face and pointing right at me.

I reached out with my left hand and took hold of Kev’s big piece of meat and squeezed. I pulled it towards my mouth where Misty and I were still entwining our tongues. I pulled my mouth away from Misty and turned towards his throbbing member. I slipped my moist lips around the tip and worked my way down his long rod ‘til I reached the base. The length made me gag and choke as I deep throated Kev’s amazing cock. Misty picked up the pace of finger fucking me and added another finger stretching my tight pussy hole. A sudden tingle ran down my spine as pleasure built up in my swollen bud as my juices squirted out onto Misty’s fingers and onto the bedding. Misty slowed the pace of her fingering me as my orgasm came to an end.

After 10 minutes or so of working along Kev’s long shaft I knew that I wanted it in me. I took it out of my mouth and looked up to see Kev with a massive grin on his face as he was watching me being fucked by a beautiful girl and to see me sucking on his cock.

‘Fuck me!’ I whispered

Kev climbed onto the bed as Misty slipped her fingers out of me. Kneeling on the bed Misty removed her lacy thong to reveal her shaven haven. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Her clit was protruding from her long, thin, moist lips and just looking at it made me lick my lips. I looked up to Misty who was looking at the expression on my face with an amazing smile across her face. I returned the smile and Misty bent over to give me another amazing kiss.

Kev lined his cock up to my stretched, soaking pussy and thrust it in, not wanting to waste any time. I let out a moan of approval as I disrupted the kiss. Misty got on all fours and straddled my face so that I could smell her sex. Blinking, I couldn’t believe that I had this juicy pussy inches away from my eyes, my mouth, my tongue.

I sucked on one lip, then the next, making my way to her cheeky little clit.

Kev was fucking me long and hard and with every thrust my tongue slipped in and out of Misty’s sweet tasting pussy as she giggled and wriggled her bum. Kev took my nipple in his mouth as he reached out and slapped Misty’s pert arse. With excitement, Misty started to ride my face as my tongue wriggled and writhed inside of her dark tunnel. With a sudden jerk, Misty’s juices spurted out into my mouth and onto my face. I swallowed up the juices, she tasted so sweet and so hot. Watching her orgasm on my face triggered my orgasm as I squirted my hot cum on Kev’s hot rod.

Misty lifted her left leg to stop straddling me and bent down to kiss me again, wanting to taste her own juices. Kev slowed his thrusting, I could tell he was close. He slipped his cock from my sopping cunt as he watched Misty get into place. She laid on the bed, the same way I had, I knew she wanted to be fucked by my man.

Kev lined his cock up to Misty’s pussy and thrust hard into her making her squeal. I took my right hand and licked my first two fingers. I slowly rubbed at Misty’s clit as Kev fucked her fast and hard, his fingers sinking into her hips as he rode her, getting faster and faster. Misty started to pant and scream every time Kev banged his throbbing member right into her twat. The sight of them fucking made my clit twitch and tingle.

I always thought that I would hate the sight of Kev with another woman but this was something else. It was so hot and horny.

Lifting my right leg I straddled Misty’s face just like she had mine but I was facing Kev and still circling Misty’s mound with my fingers. Misty probed at my soaking hole with her tongue. I knew she had done this before as she was amazing at sucking on my pussy lips. I leaned forward and kissed my hunk of a man, forcing my tongue into his mouth, whilst he fucked someone else. As the thought crossed my mind my clit spasmed, I stopped kissing Kev and I closed my eyes as another orgasm overcame me and I squirted again straight into Misty’s mouth. Misty let out a giggle as she slurped on my remaining juices, I knew she would love the fact that I squirt.

I opened my eyes to see Kev drilling into Misty harder than ever and I knew he was about to blow his load, but before he did Misty let out a shriek and came all over my hot mans muscle. I stopped straddling Misty and turned to get on all fours with my big booty sticking up into the air for Kev to see. He slowed down on fucking Misty as my ass tempted him just the way I knew it would. Kev took his now ready to blow cock out of Misty and made his way to my ass. Misty slid underneath my body so we were doing the 69. I sucked on her pussy lips as she fingered my clit. Kev thrust into my sopping pussy to give me a taste of what was to come for the finale. Before he thrust again he slipped out of me and pushed against my little brown hole. That is what I wanted.

Kev pushed his cock straight into my tight hole not letting me get used to the size and showing me who was in control. He was rough and ready and wanted to release his load into my dark tunnel. I decided that if Kev was going to be rough then so was I. I started to nibble on Misty’s clit as she let out moans of pain and pleasure. Misty used one hand to pinch and nip at my clit making me squirm and shake. I wanted more pain to make more pleasure. Kev started to slap my booty harder with every aggressive thrust.

‘Yes, Yes, Yes!’ I started to shout in pleasure. I was on the edge of yet another orgasm. I couldn’t believe Kev hadn’t shot his load after the fucking we had done this evening, but I knew that when he heard my screams it would trigger his orgasm.

‘Fuck me.’ Screamed Misty, as I slid 3 fingers in and out of her well fucked pussy whilst I thumbed her sweet little twat.

‘Shit!’ I screamed as I fell over the edge of the greatest orgasm I have ever had. As I finished my scream my juices squirted into Misty’s face for the second time that evening.

I heard a loud grunt from behind me as Kev slammed into me for the final time as his rod released his juicy cum into my back entrance. My legs shook and quivered as my orgasm passed and I was filled with Kev’s spunk. With one last nibble on Misty’s cunt, she let out an almighty scream and unleashed her final load of her juices into my mouth and over my fingers.

When we had all recovered from our intense orgasms Kev stood and headed to the ensuite to wash his cum covered body.

Whilst Kev was in the shower, I laid exhausted on the bed next to Misty. My mind whirled as I laid next to the stranger I had just had sex with, who had just had sex with my man, who had tasted me and who I had tasted.

‘I’m Alexa.’ I introduced myself.

‘I know who you are.’ She smiled. ‘Kev showed me your photos before I agreed to do this, very impressive!’ She winked.

I blushed at the thought of her seeing my private photos I had sent Kev when I was at Uni, horny and alone. I then realised she had seen more of me in the last few hours than what was on the photos, I laughed.

I turned to look at Misty and I still couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. Her long blonde hair didn’t look a strand out of place even after being thrown around the bed. Her blue eyes sparkled and glistened like I had never seen before. I stared at this amazing woman as she looked out the window at the stars. After a few minutes Misty turned to look at me as if we had known each other for years. Tilting her head her face got closer until her nose was touching mine. I realised that I had been holding my breath in anticipation. I hungrily pushed towards her, forcing our lips to graze across each others. I placed my hand on the back of her head wanting more, needing more.

Wait, was this cheating? Kev was having a shower in the room next door, unaware of this. I slowed down on the kissing trying to pull away, for Kev’s sake, but not being able to, I needed more.

I finally broke the kiss feeling guilty of what had happened.

‘I’m I’m I’m not I’m not gay you know.’ I stumbled, trying to explain myself.

‘I know you’re not. Neither am I. I’m Bi-sexual but I prefer women, I prefer you.’ Misty replied with a cheeky grin on her face. Her face got closer once again and we started kissing passionately once again.

I wanted Misty more than I had wanted anything before.

Misty stroked down my body, starting at my neck, over my hard nipples, down my aching body, over my curvy bum and down to my thighs. I lifted my leg and wrapped it over hers pulling her body closer to mine. Our tities were pressing against each other, our bodies were entwining eager for more and our pussy’s rubbing against each others.

Misty pushed my head to one side nibbling on my neck, turning me on.

‘Fuck me!’ I muttered, lost in the moment. Just as those two words slipped from my lips I heard a light cough coming from the other side of the room. It was Kev. Shit, I had got carried away with someone else.

I stumbled to sit up and untangle my body from Misty’s. I looked over to Kev who surprisingly didn’t look angry. I glanced from his face down his naked body to his hugely erect cock. I couldn’t believe he was ready for more.

‘I didn’t miss much did I?’ Kev asked as he approached the bed for round 2.
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