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Surprise, Surprise!

A lucky man gets a surprise on his birthday

This is my first story so let me know what you think!

I heard the keys to the front door jingling before the door swung open. My fiancé Brandon paused at the door with a look of utter surprise, though that was expected. I mean who wouldn’t have been surprised at the sight he had before him? Our apartment was no longer a home; I’ve transformed it into our own little club. I had a strip pole installed in the living room and all the lights were either covered in red cloths to give an erotic glow or turned off. I was wearing a lacey black and red corset with the matching thong and black fuck-me stilettos but what I’m guessing was his biggest surprise was my partner wearing a similar outfit who was currently mixing us drinks. Raquel is a beautiful curvy Latina with caramel skin and a curly black mane of hair.

She sashayed her way over to him and handed him a drink while pulling him indoors. She put her arm around his neck and guided him to the reclining chair and told him to sit back and enjoy the show. I took this as my cue and made my way to the stripper pole. I began dancing the erotic dance routine that Raquel taught me and enjoyed seeing Brandon’s eyes pop out of his head. Half-way through my dance Raquel came over and gave me a hot steamy kiss, letting her tongue linger in my mouth. Then she pushed me towards Brandon and said

“Give him a lap dance and let’s see how long he can last.” I went up to Brandon, who was rubbing his hard-on through his pants, and leaned forward to run my tongue along his neck. I then straddled his lap and began giving him a lap dance, my hips rolling and gyrating to the music. He moved his hands under my ass but was promptly stopped by Raquel who pushed his hands to his side and began kissing my neck from behind. Her hands trailed all over my body, touching all the places Brandon wanted to touch. Judging from the look in his eyes, I knew he needed it NOW so I nudged Raquel and she pulled me away from him.

“Now, Brandon, tonight is a very special night, Rosie is gonna be our little slave girl and is going to do whatever we say to do. If she doesn’t obey or follow orders correctly, we get to punish her. Understood?” He grinned and nodded. “Good, now bitch get on your knees and suck him dry and you better fucking swallow” I quickly dropped to the floor and crawled over to Brandon’s lap. I pulled down his pants and boxers and began licking the head of his dick. I swirled my tongue around the head and lapped up all his pre-cum and ran my tongue to the base of his shaft. Then I slowly began taking him little by little into my mouth, still swirling and moving my tongue around. I started going faster and faster using my hand to pump whatever couldn’t fit in my mouth. His hand grabbed my hair and I slowed down again to tease him. Suddenly I felt my thong being taken off. I pulled Brandon’s dick out of my mouth and turned to see a mischievous smile on Raquel’s face.

“Bitch, you better make him cum before you cum or else…” with that being said, Raquel kneeled behind me and kissed my ass cheek, then ran her tongue from my ass crack to my wet pussy. The feeling of her tongue rubbing at my clit sent shivers up my spine and I began sucking Brandon’s dick more feverishly because I knew I couldn’t last long and I didn’t want to be punished. Raquel was alternating between licking my clit, twisting her tongue inside me, and licking my asshole. I moaned as Brandon’s big dick filled up my mouth and started bobbing my head up and down, twisting my head now and then for a different feeling. Raquel then put a finger inside my sopping wet pussy and I was fighting to control my orgasm because she was twitching her finger in such an amazing way. I felt Brandon tensing up so I picked up the speed and then out of nowhere I deep throated all 9 inches of his dick. He pulled my hair and moaned as he let go his load of cum down my throat.

“Yeah baby, swallow all of that for me” he said to me as he kept my head where it was.

SMACK! Raquel slapped my ass and my scream was muffled by the dick in my mouth.

“Suck him hard again and I’ll let you cum for being a good bitch” I thought what she was doing before was great but now her tongue went into overload and my body was trembling and quivering. I felt like I was on fire. Moaning with my eyes closed I licked all the cum off Brandon’s dick and felt him getting hard from watching me get off. The feeling started building up and I couldn’t control myself anymore. “OOOOOH YESSSS!!” I cried as my orgasm hit me like a tidal wave.

“Did I say you can make noise?” Brandon asked me before telling Raquel “I think she needs to be punished!”

She laughed and replied “Don’t worry, I know the perfect thing, but for now get over here and fuck her like the bitch she is!” Brandon eagerly got up and put me on top of the couch, with me holding onto the back of it. He rubbed my ass and spread it, and rubbed his rock hard dick from my ass to my pussy. Without warning he rammed the entire thing into me and started fucking me hard and fast. I began screaming and moaning. It felt so damn good, I love rough sex! He put one hand in my hair and pulled me back onto him and used his other hand to smack my ass. I was in heaven when I glanced out the corner of my eye and saw Raquel watching us and fingering herself. The sight of her being was so sensual it turned me on even more, especially when she began twitching and reaching climax. I imagined myself licking her sweet pink pussy and I came onto Brandon.

“You like it like that don’t you?” he grunted as he pounded into me and I moaned out a yes. Then I noticed he slowed down and that Raquel was getting nearer. She handed him some unseen object and said

“Here. This is her punishment for making noise without permission.” Next thing I knew, something was being pushed into my asshole, the juices from my pussy being enough lubricant. Raquel started fucking me in the ass with this object and Brandon kept pumping himself in and out of my pussy. I started crying from pain because I was a virgin in my ass but I was so turned on by being treated in this way that I came again! Brandon’s hands were gripping my hips tighter and I felt him tensing up again so I tightened my pussy walls around him and started grinding my hips into him and within a few minutes, he let out a moan and pulled out so that he could cum all over my asscheeks. Raquel took the dildo out of my ass and gave me a light smack. She whispered in my ear “this was fun, but next time you're mine alone”. Those words my pussy tingle and I smiled. Without another word, she threw on a trench coat and left me with my fiancé in the apartment alone. He was sprawled out on the couch next to me and pulled me onto his lap. His face looked so content so I gave him a kiss on the cheek and said

“Happy birthday babe, I love you.”

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