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Survival of the Sexiest Part 3

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Taking Lesbian Cherry of a Client

I hope you’ve read the first part of this story about how I managed to keep my job by sleeping with the boss, and I still do, and the second part where I was ordered to get a contract which I secured by sleeping with the customer. Oh, and I still do that too!

But I’m not totally without morals; well, perhaps I am and that’s for you to say. More often I sleep with people because we both want it and there’s no ulterior motive other than a good fucking. If I get business out of it at the same time, well that’s just coincidental.

So, to the story! One of my colleagues was dealing with a client on a regular basis but something cropped up when he was on leave, so my boss, Jason (remember him?) asked me to handle things until my colleague returned.

It turned out that this was a family business owned by a husband and wife, Roy and Jenn who were both in their forties, and who were coming into the office to renew their contract with my firm. When I first met them, I started to check them out as I always do with anyone I meet, and to my surprise, I could see that she was checking me out too.

Throughout our meeting, I could see her eyes scanning my body before whispering something to her husband and then both would smile to each other. Could it be my short skirt and ample cleavage, or was it something amusing in our contract?

When lunchtime came around, we had a bit of free time and Jenn and I found ourselves alone in the room. Being two females and on our own, we started talking. You know the kind of thing, perfume, dresses, lipstick, fashion and so on. Things started to heat up a little when she admired how and looked, and yes really, how I smelled.

We talked for a while and I could sense that she was giving me hints, and was clearly more interested in me, rather than the contract. I couldn’t stand the tension in the air, so I just asked her to open up and stop beating around the bush and that she could be frank with me.

Without saying a word, she just smiled and placed her hands on my bare legs and started to stroke them. I winked at her to give her the green light and we could both see lust in our eyes. Immediately the conversation turned dirty. She asked if I was bi and I asked if she would like me to eat out her pussy.

Worried what hubby might think if he came in at that moment, I asked Jenn about Roy. She told me that they were in an open marriage but that her hubby was more like a cuckold. She then upped her game by telling me that she had always been curious about being with another hot girl, but had never had any luck. I told her that she hadn’t been trying hard enough and that I could put that right. I was so turned on at the thought of taking her lesbian cherry that I suspect you could smell the scent of sex in that room.

They had come some way for the meeting, so we agreed to meet in their hotel that evening. Clearly, hubby had been primed as when I arrived, it was only moments before we were all naked. The cuckold Roy was told to sit in the corner and enjoy the show while Jenn and I had fun.

“I just want to enjoy your body first,” Jenn said. “Lie on the bed.”

Clearly, Jenn was used to being the dominant one, and I wanted her to enjoy this as much as I knew I would.

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied and lay back on the bed, my legs slightly apart and my arms spread-eagled. Her breathing was heavy as she approached me and with soft, delicate fingers, traced around my body, savouring every bump and crevice. First, she stroked around my mouth, then under my chin, before moving down to encircle my breasts, sliding her nail up the side of each, and gently pinching my rapidly stiffening nipples. Her trail continued down my stomach and circled my vulva before flipping me over to continue her ministrations on my bum, stroking me and giving the occasional slap.

By now, I was as horny as hell and decided I should be the dominant one, thank you very much.

“On the bed, now,” I demanded, “you are about to discover the delights of oral sex as you’ve never known them.”

Once she was lying on her back, I straddled her face with my pussy, soaking as it was with my pent-up frustration and lowered my lips and tongue to her pussy, also running with juices. She was so ready.

“Oh my god,” she spluttered, “this is so dirty, so beautiful and so delicious, I can’t think why I’ve waited so long for this.”

“Just shut up and get eating,” I growled, determined to have the first orgasm of many as soon as possible.

I looked over to the forlorn figure in the corner. “Roy,” I said, “stroke that cock of yours as you may find a use for it later on. Don’t cum or it will all be wasted, but watch, learn, and get ready to fuck when I say.”

Roy looked so relieved to have permission, and started to stroke as I had told him. I tore my eyes away from what would come later, and looked Jenn again, who was just getting to grips with eating out a girl for the first time.

I had struck gold. This girl was attractive, was about 5ft 5in tall and a redhead, but above all she had an amazing body for her age, beautiful green eyes, and deliciously trimmed pussy with a V-strip and gorgeous 32DD boobs. I was in lust.

To work.

I lowered my face to her pussy and started the Roma special treatment. Parting her lips with my fingers, I started to run my tongue around her vulva, and finally zoned in on her engorged clit.

“Fuck, yes,” I heard from behind me, “fuck, fuck yes,” and as if in guilt, her focus on my own cunt increased with her tongue starting to work hard and increasing my own efforts. I slid two fingers into her sex as I took her clit into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue.

I knew I had her, and thought for a moment that I was being a good girl and doing my duty for a newbie, when suddenly, she pushed her finger hard into my arse, the impact of which was to throw me into a seriously heavy-duty cum. My reaction was almost to bite on her clit and stick my fingers even harder inside her, resulting in a massive orgasm for her at the same time.

“Yes, Yes, Yes, oh fuck.” Who said that? Astoundingly, we had not only cum at the same time, but even our orgasmic chant was a duet.

“Wow,” Jenn said, “I’m a convert. That was amazing, and I want more.”

“You learn fast, I said, that finger in the bum was timed to perfection. But I’m in charge remember, and I need cock and I need it now. Roy, heel!”

The next hour was a blur as I first raised my bum in the air near the edge of the bed and went back to work on her cunt, while Roy shafted me from behind. This was bliss, the beautiful taste of a woman on my lips, noisy responses from her, while received a serious fucking from behind.

“Oh, oh, oh,” from Jenn.

“Mmbblldfhh,” from me.

“Jeez, what a tight wet cunt you have Roma,” from Roy.

“Fuck, I’m there,” I cried, which was too much for Jenn as she came too. “No, Roy, not yet,” I spluttered, as he pulled himself out and we all changed places.

I lay on my back as Jenn positioned herself as I had been and as she started her second go at eating pussy, Roy sunk his cock into his wife’s dripping slit.

I was gone on the high of all the sensations: sight, smell, touch, taste, and the sound of balls slapping on buttocks, and the moans and groans of wonderful sex. All too soon, I came again, and with a final groan, Roy filled his wife with his seed.

We all collapsed on the bed and lay panting for some time, Jenn quietly snuggling up to me, with her head into my neck and her hand gently laid on one breast. Roy was the side salad to our main course.

Was that it? Not quite.

After a while, the insistent call of my pussy became too strong and I again ordered a reorientation.

“Jenn, lie on your back on the bed with your head at the end. Roy, stand on the floor facing Jenn.”

When they were in position, I lifted my leg over Jenn so that I could lower myself onto her face for her final lesson in eating pussy. Roy’s cock looked rather disappointing after his wank, and his fucking of two beautiful women. I feel sorry for men sometimes, that they can’t just keep going like us girls.

But Roy was a lucky man that evening, because he had me and my skills to aid the process.

I lowered myself onto Jenn, who this time was the only one giving and not receiving, but I sensed that she got enormous pleasure from the taste and responses of another woman, so I didn’t feel too guilty. In fact, I felt even less guilty when I saw her hand was a blur between her legs.

“You dirty cow,” I muttered.
“You have no idea,” she giggled in reply.

Taking my eyes off her hand, and trying not to focus too much on the delicious sensations she was creating between my legs, I took Roy’s limpness into my mouth. Flicking the glans with my tongue and humming to create some vibration, I very soon felt that wonderful sensation of a cock going from ‘oh dear, oh dear’ to ‘oh my goodness’ in short order.

My magic never fails. Building up my speed and taking him right down my throat to the base of his cock, and wanking him in between mouthfuls, it was clear that it would not be long. Being a woman, I can multi-task, so I was able to concentrate once again on my own pleasure, whilst giving Roy the blowjob of his life.

I could feel Roy’s cock swell a little more and I knew he was about to blow. I just love the powerful feeling I have over a man with my sexuality, and I just love it when they cum in my mouth so my approach to orgasm built up at the same rate as his.

“Ungh, Ungh,” Roy cried as jet after jet of boiling spunk hit the back of my throat. I managed to hold it in my mouth as I too orgasmed, silently as my mouth was closed, which only seemed to intensify the feeling. Jenn’s hand had done the trick and she too, came swiftly afterwards with a cry of sheer joy.

She sat up and we hugged, and I passed half my mouthful of Roy’s cum between our open lips and we allowed some to dribble down our chins and the rest we swallowed.

They signed the contract.

But that wasn’t the end. Make some positive comments and I will tell you what Jenn and I did next, and I’m proud to say that it wasn’t good clean fun!


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