Swedish Delights

By kevinlove

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It was now day three of my holidays. I just couldn't believe my luck. Two consecutive threesomes and a chance to explore my bi sexual side. Today Inga and Sven had hired an open top jeep and invited me for a trip up to Mount Teide. The north side of Tenerife is a contrast to the south. Separated by the Mountain the terrain to the North is lush and verdant, but the south arid and volcanic, full of concrete buildings and sex mad drunken holidaymakers.Why would anyone want to go there? Sex, I suppose!

As mentioned in my previous story, although Sven and Inga were an item, they had planned to separate on their return to Sweden, so neither were jealous of the fact I was tagging along. Sven chose to drive and I sat next to him. Sven and I both wore denim shorts but as Sven was more muscular, his jeans were tight especially around the thighs and I could clearly see the outline of his huge tackle,which left little to the imagination.

Inga wore her tiny green mini dress again and as she relaxed in the rear she lifted her legs slightly and once again I could see she was wearing a tiny thong, barely covering her beautiful blond mound. Each time I looked around her blond hair was flowing back in the wind and she had a huge inviting smile. We were all in such good moods, Sven kept laughing and telling jokes and after the punchline, would put his hand on the top of my leg and give me a friendly slap. At one stage he left his hand lingering on the top of my leg and I am sure his small finger was probing to see which side I was lying. I could feel myself getting hard which was a bit uncomfortable as my shorts were also very tight.

Although Inga was every man's dream, once again my attention seemed focused on Sven. Having seen his huge cock the previous two nights I couldn't get it out of my mind and after seeing him pleasure two women, I wondered what it would be like to make love to a man.

Having reached the peak of Teide and relieved that it didn't erupt, although looking at Sven I nearly erupted,we made our way back to Puerto DE la Cruz. We were all hot and sweaty so we decided to have a dip in my hotel pool. Many of the guests were bathing topless, so Inga quickly removed her vest and green mini dress leaving her magnificent body exposed in just a tiny thong. From the rear her slender brown body looked to be naked and quickly all eyes were on her. Sven removed his denim shorts and revealed a tiny pair of swimming briefs which frankly looked almost obscene and definitely leaving little to the imagination.

When Sven emerged from the water, his cock was clearly transparent through his briefs and as the Nordic god approached my sun lounger he stood over me almost inviting me to pull down his tiny briefs. I could see two girls close by eying up the Swedish hunk and would you believe it in a moment of madness I pulled down his pants and released his huge snake. I could hear gasps and giggles and quickly pulled his pants back up but made a mess of it as his cock was expanding and now wouldn't fit back into his pants. Luckily everyone saw the funny side of it; I don't know what came over me.

By now I wanted to play with Sven, I wanted those pants off, I wanted to see him fully erect.However I knew I would not touch Sven without Inga involved. By this time she emerged from the water looking just like Ursula Andress in the Dr. No movie, except Inga's beautiful breasts were visible and the cold water exaggerated her huge nipples.

We decided to go up to my room for a drink and to chill on the balcony. However we were not going to get as far as the balcony, right from the word go we all fell on the bed and started caressing each other. It seemed we were all turned on. I found myself sucking on Inga's beautiful right nipple and as I nibbled she became squirming and arching up her body. Next thing I felt my shorts being pulled down in quite an aggressive manner, turned my head and saw Sven grinning as he discarded my pants to the floor. I quickly turned around and pulled off his tiny briefs which was quite a relief to him as he was now fully erect. I was also fully erect and Inga stared ahead at two hungry cocks eager to play. Sven then pulled off Inga's thong and there we were all naked ready for action.

Inga was uncontrollable, she took my penis in her mouth and at the same time masturbated Sven. She was in a frenzy taking my cock right to the back of her throat. My pre cum was oozing out and I thought I would explode. "One of you fuck me please," she cried. "Go ahead," Sven said. I didn't need to be asked twice and before I knew where I was I had entered the beautiful tunnel of love pounding for all I was worth. As I thrusted as fast as I could go, Sven started slapping my arse and that was it, I just exploded into Inga. She arched her back and let out a groan but as yet had not come. I quickly withdrew and was replaced by Sven who seemed to have endless stamina and wonderful control. They fucked for what seemed to be ages and all of a sudden Inga let out an almighty scream and it seemed to go on for ages. Finally Sven shot his load and we all lay back on the bed, once again all hot and sweaty, laughing and fully contented.

Once again my bisexual curiosity was not fully satisfied but I knew that by the end of the holiday all would be revealed. I was also amazed at what a voracious sexual appetite Inga had. A beautiful filthy girl -- a wicked combination, and I couldn't wait to explore more which I was inevitably going to do.