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Table 8

This is my first story and I look forward to your feedback, good or bad.

They approached the restaurant reception and said they had a reservation for Helen and Peter at 8 o'clock.

"Yes, you are at table eight," I told them. "My name is Glenda and I will be your server this evening. Please follow me I will show you to your table." Helen sent shivers through me immediately and Peter was OK as well.

Helen had a tight mini on and a button up blouse a least a couple of sizes to small and there were gaps between the buttons exposing some of her bra and the top half of her breasts. She had the top buttons undone and was showing a lot of cleavage.

I showed them to table 8 and said I would return with a drinks menu shortly.

After showing others to their respective tables I returned with their menus.

As is our restaurant's custom I then took their napkins and proceeded to place them on their laps. In doing so I accidentally (yeah, sure) brushed my arm across Helen's breasts (making sure I was going against the buttons) and caused a couple more of her buttons to come undone. This exposed the top of her very low cut bra and the top half of her nipples. Helen appeared to be aware of what had just accidentally happened and looked at me looking at her half exposed breast and smiled.

But she did not attempt to cover them up.

Peter was obviously enjoying the view also by the way his eyes opened.

I then took Peter's napkin and accidentally (I am very accident prone tonight) rubbed my hand over his pants covered cock. Peter also seemed to enjoy my accident and also gave me a big smile.

A few minutes later I was back to take their drink orders. Helen had not made any attempt to cover her beautiful exposed breasts and nipples and gave me a very sexy grin.

Peter, on the other hand, had allowed his napkin to fall to the floor showing a very obvious bulge in the front of his trousers.

Being a good waitress I bent down and placed his napkin on his lap with my left hand. However, I had my right hand underneath the napkin and gave his hard cock a solid squeeze. Peter placed his hand over the napkin and caused me to extend the squeeze a little longer. I looked over at Helen who seemed aware of what was happening and she gave me a nod of her approval.

I left them and returned to reception where the phone was ringing. The couple who had booked an alcove were ringing to cancel.

The restaurant has four alcoves at one end of the dining room. These are small private rooms with a sliding door on each for complete privacy. They are highly sought after, as you can imagine, and are usually booked out weeks in advance. Seizing the opportunity presented, I crossed out their names and inserted Helen and Peter's. 

I returned to table 8 and told Helen and Peter that I had a vacancy in one of the alcoves if they would like to follow me. After leading them to the private room and said I would be back shortly with their drinks.

On my return, both Helen and Peter were both sitting very close to the table with the tablecloth covering their laps. Helen had also allowed a couple more of her buttons to come undone and I could now see down as far as her belly button. I did enjoy the view of her very exposed breasts as well.

I went to Helen and like a good waitress proceeded to put her napkin on her lap. In doing so I pulled the table cloth off her lap. She had lifted her skirt almost up to her waist and was displaying a very small thong covering her pussy. She was obviously very turned on as there appeared to be a sizable wet patch in the front of her thong.

As I proceeded to place the napkin over her exposed lap, Helen graped my hand and placed it firmly on her thong covered pussy. I seized the opportunity and gave her pussy a nice rub and even pulled her thong to one side and quickly inserted a finger into her soaked pussy. As I removed my hand she gave me a quick peck on the mouth.

I was glad to be in a private room with a closed sliding door and no chance of being caught.

Moving to Peter's side of the table, I picked up his napkin and once again pulled back the tablecloth.

Peter and Helen had obviously been discussing the proceedings prior to my arrival because Helen's shoeless foot was in Peter's crotch, forcing his cock straight up into the air. Moreover, Peter had undone his pants and boxers and his entire cock was on display.

I once again seized the opportunity presented and started rubbing Peter's impressive cock. He then placed his hand on the back of my head and brought my mouth down on his cock. I gave him a couple of quick sucks and then, standing up, a quick peck on the lips, and said I had to go look after some of the other tables but would be back shortly to take their orders.

Retuning later to take their orders I stood at the side of the table between them and asked if they were ready to order.

Peter cock was obviously still out of his pants and was pushing his napkin straight up in the air. Helen's foot was still in his lap under the napkin, toeing the base of his cock and balls.

Helen's breasts were still half exposed and she had one hand under her napkin playing with herself.

Peter seized the opportunity and started rubbing my arse over my skirt.

Helen had other ideas and ran her hand up the inside of my thigh, straight to my panties. She moved them to the side and inserted a finger into my pussy.

I took their orders and then bent over and grabbed Peter's napkin covered cock.

Helen pushed a second finger into my wet cunt telling me I could proceed, and Peter's cock spasm urged me to continue.

I then proceeded to rub Peters cock vigorously. Helen continued to play footsies with his balls and finger fuck my cunt, as well as her own and finger fuck her own cunt — her napkin had been pulled aside, giving us an eyeful of three fingers working her cunt.

Peter must have been very horny as in no time at all he shot cum all over my hand and his napkin.
While he was cleaning up I gave him two more napkins off the table, and told Helen to cover herself up and follow me.

The restaurant is part of a hotel and if available staff use one of the rooms to refresh. One key is left hanging at the reception desk and is only used by the person with the key at the time, giving complete privacy.

I dropped off their order, grabbed the key and told Helen to follow me.

In the lift we were at each other like the two hot lovers which we soon were to become.

Once in the room we kissed deeply and played with each other's bodies, moving to the bed. Knowing we did not have a lot of time we did not undress but moved into the 69 position. I lifted Helen's skirt and pulled her thong to the side and began licking her cunt and biting her clit.

Helen lifted my skirt above the waist and removed my panties and had three fingers ramming my wet cunt. Just as I was about to cum, she licked my clit and sent me over the edge to a massive orgasm. I was able to easily get three fingers into Helen's cunt and soon felt her cum all over my fingers. We licked each other dry and swapped ends; we kissed, allowing each other to taste our own juices.

We both put our panties back on, straightened our clothing and quickly washed the smell of fresh sex off our faces before returning to the restaurant.

The restaurant became quite busy and I did not get a chance to see Peter and Helen again until they came to reception to pay their bill. They both thanked me for a magnificent evening, saying not only will they be returning and booking an alcove for next time, but they will also be telling all of their friends to do the same.

After they left I proceeded to ring up their payment and found they had left a very considerable tip and their phone number.

Who knows!

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