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Taken by Jamel and friends.

I am taken and love it.
I am sitting here in my apartment writing this and remembering last night.

Last week I was online and started chatting with a forty year old black man. We exchanged pictures and we both said that we were pleased with the other. He is a big man at six foot four, two hundred pounds, completely shaved, hard as rock muscles and yes, a very large cock. He said it was ten inches long and seven inches in circumference. I couldn’t wait to touch him all over.

I am a small man at five foot seven, one hundred fifty pounds, fifty five years old, gray hair on my head but otherwise completely shaved. My cock is also small measuring in at five inches in length and it is quite thin. My best assets are my bubble butt, low hanging balls and my ability to deep throat and take large cocks in my boy pussy.

I also told him I am a cuckold married man but she was away tending to her ageing mom. So I would be free to live out a fantasy or two. I also explained that she has in the past made me fluff her black lovers and clean everyone up afterwards; I have never been alone with a black man.

I further explained I like to wear panties and stockings. He told me to be sure to wear them.

Last night I drove over to his home. He opened the door and pulled me to him. He leaned down and kissed me deeply. Then he held my hand and led me to his bedroom.

He was only wearing a silk bathrobe which he quickly took off. There before me stood a magnificent man. He was gorgeous. He had a beautiful face, chiseled body and a massive cock.

He sat on the bed and ordered me to strip. I tried to remove my clothes as provocatively as I could. Finally I stood before him in my black stockings and panties, my small but hard cock sticking proudly out the top of my panties.

He ordered me to come to him. I obeyed my new master. He told me to kneel down and worship his manhood. Again I obeyed. I looked at his perfect cock and was in heaven. I reached out and held his heavy cock in my hand. I raised it to my lips and kissed it tenderly. I kissed the entire length and then took each huge ball in my mouth to savor his taste. He moaned with pleasure as I took his cock into my mouth. He was rock hard and his cock was pulsating as I took all ten inches completely down my throat. My nose was resting on his stomach. I held his buttocks as I pulled back and began to bob my head up and down. I wanted him to spill his seed in my waiting mouth.

In only a few minutes his cock swelled up and he held the side of my face. That is when he unleashed a torrent of the sweetest come I have ever tasted. I counted nine long blasts of hot man juice that had me swallowing over and over so as to not choke or miss a drop.

I continued to kiss, lick and suck his cock until I was positive I gave him the best blow job he had ever received.

I pulled my head up and looked into his eyes. He had a look of complete satisfaction on his face.

That is when I was shocked to hear clapping and cheering from behind me. I spun around to see three other black men standing in the bedroom doorway.

Jamel said, “Sorry mate but I invited a few friends over to join in the fun. Hope you don’t mind.”

Mind…I was looking at my fantasy come true. There I was with four black men. I had always dreamed of being taken by a group of black guys and now it was going to happen.

Everyone stripped down and soon I was looking at three more big beautiful cocks. All were soft but still quite large. I went to them and took each into my mouth. I had their cocks hard in no time at all. Fully hard they were eight or nine inches in length. Two guys had thick cocks and one was average in girth. We got on the bed and started to kiss and touch each other. My tiny clit was hard and dripping pre-cum. I couldn’t get their cocks back in my mouth fast enough.

One guy got up and came back with some lube. They positioned me on my knees and elbows. They fingered and lubed my asshole. Then the first to enter me put his cock to my boy pussy and pushed in. He was the thinnest of the four. Soon he was fucking me with long deep powerful strokes. His big balls were slapping hard against my ass cheeks. He screamed out how tight I was then filled my bowels with his hot seed.

He was quickly replaced with the other two guys. Each lasted about five minutes before spilling their come into my well stretched man pussy.

Then it was Jamel’s turn. He lasted much longer than the others. Partly because he had already come in my mouth but also because my pussy was now loose and full of come. With each stroke, Jamel’s cock tip would hit my prostate sending shock waves straight to the tip of my penis. Then he unleashed his potent seed deep in my bowels. It was the best fucking anyone has ever done to me.

When Jamel was finished fucking me he told me to clean off his cock. I eagerly went to work. I licked and sucked him and removed all traces of his and the other’s love juices.

The others also wanted my services so I obliged them all. Of course, that led to them getting hard again.

Last night I was fucked by each guy twice. I also sucked and swallowed the come of all four guys three times.

Jamel then said it was my turn to finally come. I was stood up in the middle of the room. They pulled down my panties. They spanked my ass. Then two guys started sucking my cock and licking my balls. The other two were kissing me and sucking my tits. Soon I felt my whole body convulse as I shot my pent up come all over the two who were licking my clitty. It was the best orgasm of my life.

Tonight Jamel called and said he was coming over to my place and he said he has a surprise for me. I wonder what it could be. I hope it will be long and hard.

I am such a come loving, cock sucking, sissy and I love it.

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