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Teasing used as Punishment - Ariel's revenge

Ariel gets payback for what her boyfriend did to her.
It's been three weeks since I punished Ariel for not giving me sex when I asked for it. Since that day in the laundry room she has definitely learned her lesson.

We had sex no matter where we were; in the bed, car, park or even a quickie in the bathroom at a restaurant. I always got what I wanted from her but nothing could prepare me for what she had planned for me when I got home from work one night. 

It was a Friday; I came home around 9:15pm. I walked into the apartment and saw Ariel sitting on the couch with her best friend, Mia.

"Hi ladies," I said coming in and closing the door. 

"Hi love," Ariel replied with a smile on her face. 

"Hello there, Brian," Mia followed with a wave.

I immediately noticed they both had silk robes on, which was nothing new to me since I knew that they sometimes had sex when I was gone. That would piss some guys off but not me, since I was allowed to join in all the time.

Mia was a sexy British girl from the UK. She had long dark hair, hazel eyes, 34DD breasts and a really sexy ass. I enjoyed fucking her when we had threesomes.

"Hey babe, guess what?" Ariel said while jumping up with excitement. 

"What's up?" I replied. 

"Mia and I have a bet that you wouldn’t be able to free yourself if you were tied to a chair." 

"Really, what's the stakes?” I asked out of curiosity.

"The loser has to give the winner 300 dollars." Mia explained. 

I quickly accepted the deal and grabbed the rolling chair from my desk. I brought it to the centre of the room, sat in it and told them to tie me up. I was so ready to win that money, I didn't think about anything. 

The girls grabbed the ropes and began to tie me down. After about two minutes my hands and legs were bound to the chair. 

"Okay, you girls have me tied down, now just let me know when you're ready for me to start getting out of this."

Then, out of nowhere, they quickly started taping me to the chair. 

"What are you two doing?" I said with a confused look on my face. 

Before I knew it I was tied to the chair with ropes and tape. There was no way I could escape this. 

Ariel and Mia were both standing in front of me with big smiles on their faces. 

They looked at each other, "I can't believe he fell for it Mia."

Ariel then got the tape and put some over my mouth, I tried to tell her to stop but she didn't listen. 

Ariel leaned over to my ear and whispered, "Sorry love, you thought you teased me good. Now I'm going to tease you hard.”

I had just realized I was in for a very long night. Ariel and Mia then untied their robes and let them drop to the floor. 

My eyes were wide open as I had a full view of Ariel and Mia's sexy nude bodies. They then faced each other and began kissing. I was trying so hard to get out of that chair but it was no use, I was so turned on and my cock was rock hard. 

Ariel turned to face me; Mia was behind her with one hand cupping her breast and the other rubbing her pussy. 

"You like me touching your slutty girlfriend?" Mia asked so seductively. I nodded my head yes. 
Ariel was standing there with her head tilted back on Mia's shoulder moaning softly, "Oh baby it feels so good." Ariel moaned out. "I wish it was you doing this to me." 

Mia whispered something in Ariel's ear. Mia than stopped and went into our room. Ariel went down on her knees in front of me and pulled out my cock.

"Damn, daddy, your cock is so hard, you must really want to fuck me," Ariel said followed by a smile. 

Mia was still in the bedroom, I wasn't sure what she was doing in there but Ariel decided to have some fun with me while she waited. She began to twirl her tongue around the head of my cock. 

I was moaning through the tape on my mouth. I wanted to get my cock sucked but I was unable to say anything. I couldn't believe how good she was teasing me. 

"Want me to suck your big cock, baby?" Ariel asked as she was slowly stroking my cock. 

I nodded my head yes and Ariel put my cock in her mouth and slowly went all the way down on my cock making it disappear in her mouth. Her warm mouth felt so good. She held it in for only a few seconds then took my cock out of her mouth. 

"Sorry baby, that's all you get from your slut for now," she smirked. 

I was so upset that she had just teased me the way she did but I was so turned on, "Time to spice things up." I heard Mia as she came out of the bedroom. I could not believe what I saw. Mia came out the bedroom wearing an 8 inch strap-on. She got on her knees behind Ariel and slid it right in her tight wet pussy. 

"Oh fuck, yes," Ariel moaned out. 

Mia grabbed Ariel's ass and began fucking her hard right in front of me. 

"Fuck, oh fuck, fuck me right in front of my boyfriend."

"Grab his cock and squeeze it so he knows how much you're enjoying this, you slut," Mia ordered. 

Ariel grabbed my cock so tight I could feel how much she was enjoying it. Ariel looked at me right in the eyes as she was being pounded by Mia and her strap on.

"Yes, yes, Mia, give it to me!" Ariel screamed out, “I'm so close, I'm going to cum right in front of you, baby." 

Ariel screamed, "Oh my God!" as she collapsed in orgasm. 

Mia pulled out and stood up positioning herself so I could see the side of her. Ariel was still on her knees in front of Mia, she started to suck the juices off of the strap on. 

"Mmm, my cum tastes so good, I wish this was your cock I was sucking babe,” Ariel said as she looked at me enjoying the taste of her cum. 

Mia grabbed Ariel's head and began face fucking her. 

"You like me fucking your sluts throat, Brian?" Mia asked as she dominated my girlfriend’s mouth. 

This went on for another couple minutes until Mia pulled out. Ariel stood up and helped take the strap on off of Mia. They threw it on the floor and walked over to me. 

Ariel began grinding on my cock as Mia was behind her playing with her tits. 

"Oh God, you're so hard. I bet you want me to ride you don't you, baby?"

I nodded my head, yes, as I so wanted to fuck them both so bad. Mia whispered “let’s make him cum in Ariel's ear.” 

They both were stocking my cock, twirling their tongues around the head of my cock. I was moaning and I could feel my cock tense up, I was ready to cum. 

All of a sudden they stopped, got up and put their robes back on. 

Ariel looked at me and said, "Sorry Brian, but you're not allowed to cum when Mia is here.” 

Mia went back in the bedroom and changed, gave Ariel a good bye kiss on the lips and left. Ariel came to my ear and said to me, "Did you really think I forgot what you did to me in the laundry room? Always remember babe, I love to be on top, and when it comes to being a tease – I always come out on top."

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