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Teenage Boys...A Sleepover Surprise

In the basement of a home...after the other boys are asleep, 2 boys engage in a bisexual encounter.

We were all around 18 at the time. 5 guys crashing in the basement of a parents home one summer evening. After watching some Cable TV movies, and eating pizza....most of the guys had passed out....except for 2. Me and His name was John. He was an handsome boy and one all the girls giggled for during school. Both He and I were always getting the girls to giggle for us at school and we loved the attention. John lived around the block and just like me was as straight as it comes (no pun intended).

It was very late now like 3:30am and we had noticed that the other 3 boys had passed out in various places on the other couches and we were in our sleeping bags next to each other on the floor with a clear view of the TV. The TV began to show a late night know, the ones that don't ever make it to video but have enough titillation and sex to make it worth every young male teens dream or wet dream cum true!

We were watching two women kissing in a sexy shower scene peeling off each others tight swim suits. It was so erotic. They were so hot and sexy and had huge boobs and round plump asses.

We were supercharged with being horny. That I will never forget. I remember watching one of the scene's on the TV and him asking me if it made me horny. "Yes" I said. Curious I asked him if he was touching himself and he replied..."Yes." Immediately, the thought of what we were doing and being naughty made my dick even harder.

He unzipped half of his sleeping bag and folded it outward preceding to masturbate so that I could see him stroking his cock. Then he asked if we could show each other our cocks. I hesitated at first but then unzipped my sleeping bag halfway too to show him my cock too! His was slightly thinner and shorter than mine but the thought of what naughtiness we were doing made us even hornier. His skin was a darker tone than mine and it was curiosity that led me to take interest in admiring his cock. His balls were clean and smooth and his penis was fully erect!

He preceded to grab my cock and play with it for a few minutes. His hands felt soft, warm and smooth and it made me harder! Moaning softly and breathing hard but quiet so not to wake the other boys. He encircled my head with his thumb and some pre-cum came out to make it slippery wet. He asked, "Have you ever tasted your own cum before?" "No", I said. "I have", he said. Gently, he extended his thumb out toward my mouth. Closing my eyes, I opened my mouth and I sucked on his thumb gently... tasting my own salty juices. I was amazed by the taste but not grossed out.

Then I grabbed his cock and played with his smooth hairless balls and jerked his cock up and down watching his stomach muscles tighten with excitement. I returned the favor and encircled his cock with my thumb coated with his pre-cum and he sucked it. But when he sucked it....he engulfed my entire thumb! Feeling his warm wet mouth on my thumb excited me intensely! So much so that I felt my balls tighten close against my crotch, and my cock head swelled to becoming rock hard! It felt so great....something warm and magical and all the time innocent!

The TV was now showing some busty broad taking a shower with a half naked man. He unzipped his sleeping bag all the way and pulled off his shorts down past his ankles.
Aroused too, I unzipped mine so that he could move closer. Awkwardly, I pulled my shorts off my ankles too.Now we were both lying next to one other completely naked! We began mutually and rhythmically rubbing each others cocks up and down becoming increasingly wet with pre-cum and becoming more and more excited with each stroke.

"Aren't you afraid we'll get caught?" I asked.
"Shhh...we won't! We'll be careful!" He replied!

Just then he moved in my sleeping bag which was now all the way open....the zipper was completely unzipped on the sleeping bag. I could feel the heat of his body as he slid closer toward me. Accidentally, I grabbed his ass but was somewhat delighted. He returned the favor and leaned closer to me. Our faces just inches away from each other. I could feel his cock rubbing against my naked thigh as he started to grind himself against my leg. It felt great and I slid my cock along side his thigh too...It was silky smooth...We were so turned on!. The soft silky feel of the sleeping bag innards mixed with now two sweaty and hard teen bodies and the danger of someone awakening made my balls shiver!

"Does it feel good?" He asked. I was speechless and nodded "Yes."

We were rubbing our hard cocks against each others hairless and smooth thighs like two machines in a opposing rhythmic movements. Our arms embraced over our backs, I could feel the weight of his balls and cock drag against my thigh in an inferno of heat! The sweet smell of sex began to fill the room as the sweat began to drip on each of our bare chests. We were softly moaning, carefully and cautiously monitoring the heavy breathing so not to wake the others.

The next series of events happened within a few seconds! A bolt of lightning lit up the sky and in a few moments the loud bass of thunder filled the neighborhood. Our bodies both jumped at the loud bellowing sound and we stopped grinding one another. As we jumped naked, in terror from being caught and discovered, and soaking wet with pre-cum leaking from our hard penises, our penises touched. I felt his hot shaft touch mine and it was excitingly different, but not gross. We both smiled with the enormous amount of heat that exchanged between out penises.

As you might have imagined, We quickly covered our naked bodies and moved back to our original positions away from each other assuming that the others awoke from the noise too. We looked carefully as we were both elated to find that everyone was sound asleep. A minute elapsed and the TV flashed off as the electricity was interrupted. Stealthily, he slowly inched his way into my sleeping bag, our hearts pounded just as hard as the thunder we heard!

 Do you want to know what was happened next?

To be continued...

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