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Tender Touch

Sex with a man is hot, but sex with a girl? It's electrifying.
Emma and I had been friends for about six months when I first started noticing certain things about her. The way her hair gracefully fell over her breasts when she leant forward, the way her silky smooth legs folded over one another when she sat down and the way her pert breasts bounced when she ran for the bus. Things I had never really noticed were starting to stand out and it was exciting because they were things I never really noticed before.

One night, Emma was over for a girls night. There were four of us. My cousin Amy and other friend Tracy were also there. We watched a couple of movies and once the clock struck eleven, the girls headed home - except for Emma. She stayed because she wanted to talk. She had been having problems with her boyfriend Luke. He was a complete asshole and she knew he was cheating but he kept on denying it. She wanted to leave him but she loved him too much to do that.

"Listen Em, he's bad for you. Don't be the kind of girl who takes it on the chin and just ignores his cheating. You're too good for that." I say.

Emma fights back her tears and says, "I know Sam. You're right. But it's just, we were so perfect once. Why can't we just go back to the way things were? Did I do something wrong? Am I not enough?" I feel a tug at my heart. Of course she's enough. She's fucking beautiful. I wipe away a tear running down her cheek and open my arms. Emma half smiles and leans into me, wrapping her slender arms around my waist. I take her in and give her a firm hug.

"I know it's hard Emma but whats done is done. Whether he denies it or owns up, it doesn't change the fact that he fucked another girl. He did. He fucked another chick then came home to you. Doesn't that make you angry?"

Emma leans back and looks at me. "You have no idea how angry it makes me when you say it. I should just cheat on him so he knows exactly what it feels like when someone rips out your fucking heart."

I look at Emma in surprise. She doesn't usually swear. She's really sophisticated.

"Do it. Fuck somebody and tell him all about. Every little detail." I say. Emma nods in agreement and then catches my eye. I stare back. Damn her eyes are so green.

"Sam...who do I fuck? I I just pick out a random guy and..." before she can finish her sentence I grab her face and begin to kiss her passionately. To my surprise, she kisses back, pushes her face against mine in desperation. I can't believe I'm making out with Emma. I wince as she bites my lip but carry on fighting my tongue against hers as our lips tenderly dance against each other. I let go of her face and lift up her top slowly, pull it over her head and throw it to the side, revealing those beautiful pert breasts secure inside her cute pink bra. Fuck, she's so cute.

Emma does the same with my top, revealing my beige bra. We both hungrily grab each others breasts at the same time and start groping them as we viciously kiss each other as if we haven't had sex in months, or even years. I quickly pull away and stand up. Emma groans in frustration and watches as my desperately take off my jeans. She puts her legs out and I pull of her jeans too until we're both in nothing but lingerie.

We smile at each other and Emma leans back on the couch. I moan in anticipation and tenderly fall onto her slim body, my lips finding their way back to hers as we're now breast to breast, stomach to stomach, legs intertwining. Fuck, this is so good.

I begin to move my lips down Emmas throat until they land in between her breasts. I start to lick up and down between them as she writhers her hot body beneath me, her long slim fingers clutching my ass. I slip further down until I'm kneeling on the floor between her sexy long legs. She lifts them up and rests each thigh on either side of my head.

I grab her flimsy panties and tear them off her. She cries out in pain mixed with pleasure. My face is now at the entrance of her sweet pussy. It's already wet. I can't believe this is happening with me and Emma. Damn I want her. Without wasting another second, I dig my tongue as deep as I can into her pussy and start to eat her out, lapping up the sweet taste of her like a dog who has just been given a treat after long. Emma runs her long nails through my hair over and over, murmuring something. I can't make out what she's saying but she's getting louder by the minute until suddenly, her legs wrap tight around my neck and she arches her back, screaming out my name, "SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!"

I feel her sweet cum run into my mouth and I drink it all up, not wasting a drop. She drops back onto the couch and pants, her eyes closed, her mouth open. I watch as her chest rises and drops with each heavy breath. Perfect.

I sliver back up her body until I am on top of her again, kissing her lips. This time Emma is much more responsive. She claws at my back desperately as I violently thrash my tongue around inside her mouth, starving for more of her. She opens her legs and wraps them around my back until our pussies are up against each other through my panties that are still on. I begin to dry hump her slowly and tenderly as I unclip her bra to reveal her pert breasts. Damn they're so big and firm.

I moan in pleasure and so does she as I take her naked breasts into my both hands and start to massage them slowly, enjoying being able to touch them for the first time. I rub my thumbs tenderly over the nipples and Emmas eyes roll back. I can't believe I'm humping and groping this beautiful girl. Emma lets out slow moans and begins to push down my panties until our bare pussies are humping against each other. I feel her wetness rub against mine as I begin to grind up and down against her whilst kneading her firm breasts.

Emma is sat back, with her eyes closed, relaxing, moaning and enjoying herself. She deserves to after what that jerk of a boyfriend did to her. It's my mission to make her feel wanted. I lean down and take her nipple on to my tongue. Emma clutches the couch on either side of her and throws her head back in pleasure as I begin to gently suck on her breasts like a mother nursing a child. She whispers my name and opens her mouth wide in pleasure but no sound comes out. She's ecstatic.

I smile and begin to suck harder. Pleasure and pain shoots through her body like a hundred needles and she cries out as I hungrily suck her breasts. I begin grinding against her pussy harder as well and I feel her getting more and more wet by the second until suddenly, she digs her nails deep into my back and screams out in ecstasy, her mouth open so wide I could've sworn I heard her jaw crack. Her orgasm lasts for longer this time. Maybe twenty seconds.

I watch her face and smile as she thrashes around beneath me, grabbing onto whatever she can find and clawing at it like a vicious lioness. Once her orgasm subsides, she slowly opens her eyes and looks at me, lost for words. I lean over to the side and grab her mobile phone. I call Luke on speed dial and he picks up instantly. I put the phone to Emmas ear.

"Hello? Hello?! Emma?" he says.

Emma stares deep into my eyes, her gaze full of lust and she says, "we're fucking over." She then grabs the phone, throws it to the side and flips me over until I'm underneath. Then she slides down swiftly, plunges her face into my pussy and starts to eat me out. I scream and scream with pleasure endlessly and Emma smiles with her lips against my pussy lips because she knows that Luke is listening to the whole thing. She didn't hang up.

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