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I turned 18 two days after finishing high school, and decided to take a year off before heading to university. I had some money, but worked through the summer until early November so I'd have some extra, then bought a ticket to Bangkok. I'd heard lots of good things about south-east Asia, and Bangkok, aside from being an interesting place in its own right, is the main gateway. Well, I guess Singapore is too, but from what I'd heard Thailand was less expensive, and more fun.

When I got off the plane I was surprised to see a duty free store for arrivals, so I went to check it out. I didn't know what to get and was just looking around trying to decide when an older guy, maybe in his mid forties, said, "You know what you should get if you're not sure?"

I raised an eyebrow and he told me, "there's lot's of cheap Thai rum and whiskey, so if you don't have a particular taste and are just going to mix it, you might as well get a bottle of aged single malt. You'll get more mileage out of it."

I didn't understand what he meant and said so. He just smiled. "Where are you headed?"

"Bangkok, right now," I told him.

"Ah," he said, "Well, you can do that, but I think you'll enjoy it more later after you've seen what else this country has to offer. I'm heading down to Ko Samui. Why don't you come down with me and I'll show you around."

I told him I'd been planning on taking a bus, and was trying to save my money.

"Well," he said, "I'm on holiday, and I'd like you to see it. Let me buy you a ticket."

I hesitated and he said, "Come on... I'd like to. You don't have to hang around with me when we get down there, but I'd like to see how you like the place, so I'm willing to take a chance and buy you a ticket anyway."

I couldn't see any real danger, it was a free ticket, I didn't really feel like dealing with a huge city in a foreign country yet, and I like beaches, so after a little hesitation I said, "sure."

On the plane he pointed out some places to stay in my guide book, and offered to let me take the spare bed in his place if I wanted to save some cash.

"For free?" I asked, suspicious.

"Well," he said. "How about for half the price of a budget room. That's what you'd be paying if you split a room with someone, but this will be a nicer room."

"I'll check it out and see," I said.

When we landed we took a taxi to Lemieux beach. He had a nice room on the beach, and he seemed friendly and knowledgeable, so I figured what the hell. I dropped my pack on the floor by one of the beds.

It was late afternoon by this point, so we wandered out to start looking for a place to eat. We hit a bar first and had a beer, not talking too much, mostly checking out the other tourists.

We found a table on a patio looking out on the sea (Gulf of Thailand, he told me), ordered pad thai, and watched the people walking by along the beach.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" he asked.

"No," I told him, "not right now."

He looked surprised. "A cute young guy like you... there must be someone..."

"There was," I told him, "but it didn't work out."

That was all I planned to say about it, but he started probing. He gradually got out of me that I was so nervous when we tried to have sex that I couldn't get it up. She took offense, didn't understand my explanation, and that was it.

"And you haven't tried since?"

I explained that that was only a couple of months ago that it got to that point. To get off the subject of me I started asking him about himself. He was divorced, had been for a few years, and was a money manager from Australia. He seemed to want to talk about himself as much as I wanted to talk about myself.

We split the bill and walked up a street away from the beach. There were a number of bars, most of them open affairs with girls sitting on the bar stools. The girls were young and sexy in mini skirts and short shorts, and they smiled at us and waved as we walked past. Danny suggested a drink, which seemed like a good idea, so we sat down at one and ordered Mai Thais. The girls were very friendly and sat in our laps while we played a game they brought out called four-square or something where you drop disks into holes and try to make a line. The feel of her ass against my cock, the smell of her fresh washed hair and the scent of her skin made me hard. I was kind of embarrassed, and the harder I got the more she seemed to wiggle which made it worse. When we finished our drinks I was thinking of ordering another one, but Danny said he was tired from travelling and was going to head back, so I figured I'd do the same. I was planning on being here for a while, and I really wasn't sure what the situation was anyway. I'm a pretty cautious type.

The girls said goodbye, smiling, and we walked back along the beach to the hotel.

Back in the room Danny poured himself a drink, asked me if I wanted one (I said sure) and asked if I minded if he read for a little, if the light would bother me. I said no, of course, and went into the bathroom. When I came out Danny was sitting on his bed naked, a book open on his lap.

"You don't mind, do you?" he asked. "It's so hot..."

This was true. The room had air conditioning, but it wasn't on, just the fan with the window open.

"No," I said, "I guess not. Maybe I'll do the same." I pulled back the covers, got undressed, and sat down on the bed, picking up my book. I noticed he watched me while I undressed, then went back to reading.

Sitting there reading, a little drunk, thinking of that girl sitting in my lap, I started to get hard. I was so embarrassed. I didn't know what to do. Covering myself or getting up would call attention to it, and the sensation of starting to get hard was making me harder. I moved the book to try to shield it a little, and saw Danny glance over.

"You should take care of that," he said. "It'll just keep you awake." He paused a moment and looked down, raised his eyebrows. "I seem to be having the same problem." He lifted his book a little.

I looked down at him and it was true. His cock had grown much longer and thicker, and was starting to stiffen. He closed his eyes, put his book to one side, wrapped his right hand around his penis, lay back a little, and began tugging on it gently. As he pulled it grew thick and hard in his hand. I kept watching, fascinated, as he kept masturbating at a leisurely relaxed pace.

I could feel my own cock growing, so I moved it so the head was resting on my belly, and left my hand there on top of it. Danny just kept lying there, stroking himself, not looking over, so I wrapped my hand around my own cock, feeling the feeling flooding through it as I pulled on it. It felt so good I pulled again. So good. I spread my legs a little and pulled again. And groaned. Just a little - it just slipped out of me. I glanced over at Danny, but he didn't seem to have noticed. His hand was moving faster now. I watched, really turned on, pulling my own cock now with a firm regular motion.

He looked over at me then, or rather, at my hand pumping my cock, just staring as he jerked himself harder and faster. I spread my legs further, and turned slightly toward him, and he slowed down, still gripping his cock tight on the long firm upstroke. Suddenly he lifted his ass off the bed, his balls already tight to his body seemed to almost disappear, and a thick stream of cum spurted onto his chest. The next landed on his belly, and then he was just tugging hard and fast while just a little spilled from the head of his cock.

When he was done and his cock was starting to soften I started to feel kind of funny lying there jerking off in front of him, but he rolled onto his side facing me and told me to keep going, which for some reason really turned me on, so I just lay back thinking how good it would feel to have a girl on top of me, her tight pussy gripping my cock, and at the same time thinking of Danny just now cumming on his chest. I had those two thoughts in my head - tight cunt, spurting cock - lifting my ass off the bed, and then I wasn't thinking at all, just feeling my orgasm coming through me like a wave, rolling through my body, through my groin, up my cock, cum on my face, my whole body moving in time with my strokes as I unloaded on my chest and belly.

I kept stroking until my cock was soft and didn't jerk in my hand anymore.

I must have been tired because when I woke up it was morning and the room was empty. There was a note letting me know he was having breakfast in the restaurant, then was going to hang out on the beach if I wanted to join him, or he'd see me later if I was doing my own thing.

I went out to the restaurant, which opened onto the beach. I didn't see him there so I sat and ate by myself. A couple of girls at one of the tables looked up at smiled when I sat down. I smiled back, then read the Bangkok Post which they had on a table at the front.

I went for a walk up the beach after eating. I didn't see Danny along the way in that direction, but there were lots of other people and things to check out. There were guys of various ages with Thai girls, and some with Thai boys, and a lot of foreigners like me. Some of the foreign girls smiled at me when I walked past. One girl was blond with a tight looking body and very pretty face, and I wished I was the kind of guy who could just strike up a conversation.

When I got hot I took off my shirt and sandals and went for a swim. I figured the cash in my zipped pocket would dry out.

When I reached the end of the beach, rather than explore by clambering over the rocks, I headed up the road to the main street, and began working my way back, looking in on all the different souvenir shops. After a bit I realized there was nothing stopping me from having a beer. I didn't have to be anywhere or do anything. I found myself grinning like an idiot, and my skin prickled. I sat down at a table at a restaurant that opened onto the street and ordered a Singha, and watched the people, feeling the alcohol wash through me. When I got up to leave I found I was a little light headed.

After a bit I reached the bar area where we'd had a drink last night. I wandered into the first one I saw, sat at the bar, and ordered a rum and coke. I watched the girl pour it, so I wasn't too surprised by how strong it was when I tasted it.

I'd worked my way through about a quarter of it, looking around the place, sparsely occupied at this time of day, not yet noon, watching a foreign couple play pool, and a couple of older guys sitting with Thai girls, when one of the girls got up and came over to me.

"Hi," she said. "May I sit here?" she asked, indicating the stool beside me.

"Sure," I said.

She touched my knee. "You see that guy over there?"

I looked over and saw a guy in maybe his early fifties, stocky build, full head of greying hair, in an open necked shirt and short, watching us. I nodded.

"He is wondering if you would have sex with me while he watches."

Wow, I thought, nothing like coming right out with it! The girl was hot, pretty and firm and she smelled nice, and I was getting a little drunk. I could feel my heart racing.

"Sure," I said, not really sure if I was up for this or not, but letting the tide carry me along.

"Come on," she said, taking my hand.

I finished my drink as we walked toward the door, and I felt it hit me as we walked along the street under the now hot sun. She seemed to know where we were going, and it was only as we reached a hut on the beach that he moved in front of us and opened the door. He went in first and sat down in a chair, the only chair in the room in fact. It wasn't a particularly big hut. The girl closed the door and pulled off her top exposing small firm breasts. I looked down at her flat belly, and her cute short shorts with a zipper tag almost as big as the zipper was long.

She pulled off my shirt then and ran her hands over my chest, leaning in to run her tongue over my left nipple. The warm rough pad of her tongue made me hard instantly. She placed her thumbs inside the waistband of my swim shorts, one in front and one at the side, and pulled them down. My cock was standing straight up as my shorts dropped to the floor. She pushed me back against the bed, forcing me to sit down on it. She pushed against my chest so that I lay back on my elbows, then straddled my hips. I could feel the warmth of her cunt through her shorts as she pressed against my cock. I reached down to open her shorts, and pulled the zipper down the half inch of its length. She smiled, stood up, wiggled them down over her hips, pushed them down her thighs to the floor. She stood in front of me for just a moment, flat stomach, narrow waist, sexy hips, and I thought how fucking cool it was that in a minute I could be inside her, the head of my cock way up inside her. She straddled my hips again, rolled a condom on me, and positioned the head of my cock against her cunt. This was where I'd gotten soft with my girlfriend Jill, but as she pushed down on my cock, whether it was the alcohol, the suddenness of the situation, the guy watching, I don't know, I just got harder.

"Oh!" she said as she worked her way down, "you're so big!" I heard the guy in the chair groan when she said that. I put my hands on her tight brown thighs and watched my cock disappearing inside her. I felt slightly disconnected it seemed so unreal, which I think was what stopped me cumming immediately.

When she had me all the way inside her she began to fuck me with long deep strokes, riding up my cock until only the head was inside her, then pushing back down until I was buried to the base of my cock. She did this for a while, just a slow deep fuck, grinding herself against my pelvis when she reached the bottom. I tried to relax and let it just happen, not think about how hot she was, how flat her stomach was, how tight and warm her cunt was, but I could feel myself building all the same. I had my hands holding her waist, and I was thinking of just rolling her over and fucking her hard when I saw the guy reach out and touch her ass. She bit her lower lip, lifted herself off my cock, and rolled over so she was lying on me with her back against my chest. I put my hands back on her hips, she reached between us to grasp my cock and position it against her pussy. I pushed down on her hips and felt her slide over my cock like hot butter. Holding her hips I started fucking her, my pelvis slapping against her ass. I could hear the guy breathing now, short and ragged, and little slapping sounds like he was jerking off. Then he was kneeling below us, his hands on her thighs, and I could feel his breath and his tongue on my cock as he ate her. She started moaning then, pinching her nipples, and digging her heels into the bed for better traction. Then she lifted her legs, her full weight resting on me, and wrapped them around his head, pulling them together, squeezing his head with her thighs. I could feel her cunt tighten on my cock like a fist, then squeezing me in time with her moans which came out in short little gasps.

By the time she was done I knew I couldn't hold it any more. I moved the fingers of my hands over her mound, pressing down, my thumbs pressing against her hips, holding her ass against my pelvis as I felt my orgasm rising up through me. I felt so detached. I could feel it coming and I just relaxed and kept fucking at the same pace, feeling it expand up through my groin like a hot balloon. When it arrived it stunned me so that I just held her down against me for a moment while my cock expanded, and then it came, hard, my cock spasming inside her, and I started fucking her fast and hard my hands gripping her hips as I thrust up into her. Somewhere at the edge of my awareness I could feel the guy's hand on my ass as I came, one finger between my cheeks, not quite touching my asshole. If he'd done this earlier I think I would have lost my erection, but now it just made me cum harder.

I kept fucking her, emptying myself into her, until I was too soft to stay inside her anymore. When that happened she whispered in my ear, "I think he want you to go now," and rolled off me.

I got up and put on my clothes. He had one hand between her legs and one on her tummy. Her arms were behind her head, her eyes closed. Her lips were parted and she was moving her hips. I closed the door quietly behind me.

I walked back to the hotel still feeling a little turned on and tipsy. When I entered the room Danny was lying on his bed, naked.

"Hi," he said. "What have you been up to?"

I told him briefly as I stripped off my clothes. "I should probably take a shower," I said.

"Yeah," he said, "but before you do..." He got up from the bed and followed me into the bathroom. "I'm curious about something, if you're okay with it."

Standing by the sink I turned to face him. "What's that?"

"Well, this," he said, holding his penis, "sex, always feels good... still feels as good as it did when I was your age... but, I remember when I was younger I could cum and cum again soon after... and I was wondering if you're the same..."

"I think so," I said.

"Turn around," he said, "so you can watch yourself in the mirror."

I did as he said, placing my fingertips on the edge of the sink. He stood behind me, placing his hands on my hips, and I could feel his cock still in a downward position pressing against the crack of my ass. It felt warm and good, so I shifted my ass a bit and I felt it swell a little. He moved his hands so they were both on my belly, then moved one down to cover my penis. He held his hand there for a moment, just pressing and rubbing until I grew a little, then he put a little tanning oil on his hand and started stroking me. I grew long really quickly, but only semi-rigid. I was surprised to feel his cock stiffen, poking between my legs, and he reached back to adjust it so its length was pressing against my ass, pouring some oil on then moving his hand up to my chest to squeeze my left nipple. I groaned and my cock stiffened in his hand. He gripped it and started stroking it, running his hand up and down the length of my shaft. Seeing myself in the mirror, watching his hand stroking me, feeling his hard cock against my ass was so intense I knew I wasn't going to last long. I reached back to grab his thighs and leaned back against him, letting him work me. I could feel my balls tighten, all the more intense because I'd cum not too long ago, and then I let out a moan as I came, which I never do but I couldn't help it. The feeling was so strong it almost hurt. I saw the cum arc out of me, onto his hand and onto the sink. He let out a loud groan, and I felt his warm load landing on my back. He kept stroking me until I was empty and starting to soften, then pulled away. He was softening too, and seemed a little unsteady on his feet. He said, "Wow," shaking his head, and walked through to the bedroom.

I followed him, feeling kind of funny about the whole thing. I sat down on my bed and watched him pour some whiskey into a couple of glasses. My groin area felt like molten gold. He handed me a glass and I drank some of the whiskey, feeling it burn down through me. When I'd finished the glass he poured some more. I had a couple more sips and fell asleep.

I woke up from a sex dream to find him sucking me off. I was pretty hard, but nowhere close to coming, and when he saw I was awake he said, "Come on, let's go eat!"

We wandered down the beach, and had a good meal looking out at the sea. After we were done he suggested we go to a disco he knew.

We walked back off the beach a little to the club, paid the cover, and walked in. The place was half full with about an equal mix of guys and girls, many Thai, and mostly younger, but not all. Dan got me a beer, and we sat watching the action for a bit as the place filled up. After a bit I danced with a couple of the girls and I noticed Dan did, too. One in particular seemed to like me, and after she started necking with me I found Dan and told him we were heading back to the room. He was dancing with a really cute looking girl, smiled lasciviously, and told me to have fun.

Cindy led me out of the club by my hand, then I led her back to our room. She was wearing a short tartan skirt, fuck me boots, and a tight white lace top that highlighted her breasts. I rested my hand on her tight, firm ass as we walked, and she wrapped her arm around my waist.

When we entered the room she ran over to the bed, lay down on it, spread her legs, but then when I knelt in front of her she sat up, twisted, and pushed me onto my back. She undid my pants, pulled down my zip, pulled out my cock, and started to suck me. I was instantly hard, her mouth felt so warm and soft. I put my hands on her head, then pulled out knowing I was going to cum. I pushed her back on the bed, pulling up her top, sucking her tits, reaching under her skirt to pull down her panties. She made a half hearted attempt to stop me and my hand brushed against the front of her underwear. I froze for a second, confused, and she bit her lip, watching me. I lifted her skirt and using both hands pulled down her panties, revealing a small, hard, cock. I looked up at her and she lay there, still biting her lip, eyes wide. I looked back at her cock, and ran my fingers along its length, watching it jump. She pulled off her panties then, and I pulled off mine, and she pulled my shirt over my head.

Just then we heard a key in the door, so we scooted under the sheet together and listened as Dan came in with someone. We peeked out from under the covers as they got undressed. Unlike myself, the girl he'd brought back was actually a girl, with fine facial features, a tight body, and trimmed pubic hair. Dan had her lie on her belly, then, with a glance over at my bed, poured some oil on his hands and began to massage her back.

Straddling her ass he worked his way down her back, his big cock hard between her cheeks. I could see her push her ass up against him as he worked her muscles, and she moaned when he got to her ass, kneading her cheeks, working his hands between her legs before working his way down her thighs. Then he worked his way back up to her ass, turned her on her side so she was facing us, spread her legs, and started kissing her neck while he worked his fingers into her pussy from behind.

My cock was hard against Cindy's ass, and my hand was gripping her cock. It felt so strange and hot it was almost impossible not to cum, and precum was leaking out of my cock onto her ass which she kept wiggling against me.

Dan had his cock between the girl's legs now, the tip of his penis between her labia. His cock was glistening with massage oil, and with one long stroke he entered her fully, sinking his shaft to its hilt. Her eyes closed and she moaned, then bit her lip and gripped the pillow with her hands as he started fucking her.

Cindy pulled the sheet off us, exposing us, and something about us must have set her off because she started cumming hard, moaning and thrashing on Dan's cock. She came for a while, and I don't know how Dan managed not to cum, but he didn't because when he pulled out of her he was still hard.

He left her lying on the bed, her hand between her legs watching us, and came over to our bed. He lay behind me, so I could feel his cock against my ass, and reached over us both to take Cindy's cock in his hand. I felt his hand over my own as he stroked him, my cock against Cindy's ass, Dan's against mine. He felt thick and hard, and I thought he was going to enter me, but instead he sat up, positioned me on my back, and had Cindy kneel between my legs. Then he knelt behind Cindy. She had an intent expression on her face as if his cock was against his asshole and she was wondering if he was going to fuck her. I could feel her cock against mine, and I was wondering the same thing. We were like that for a few seconds, Cindy's hands on my chest, my hands on her wrists. Then Dan pushed into her, her mouth opened and her eyes shut, and her cock slid into me. I gripped her wrists as she entered me, held on for a bit, then folded my arms behind my head and just enjoyed the sensation. Cindy left one hand on my chest, and moved the other down to my cock, jerking it faster than her strokes into me. I could feel my balls getting tight and the cum starting to build in me. I lifted my ass a little so she could enter me better and put my hands on her knees which were under my thighs. It felt so good I started moaning. I couldn't help it. And the more I moaned the faster Dan fucked her and she fucked me. I was trying to hold back, wondering who was going to cum first, when I suddenly felt Dan's firm strokes quicken, almost slamming Cindy into me, then groaning, his motion changing, slowing, while Cindy started fucking me harder. Then she came, hard, with short hard little strokes, putting both hands on my chest while she came.

After she had fucked herself dry Dan pulled her off me and held her against him. They just lay there beside me, so I started masturbating, looking over at the girl on the other bed while I stroked myself. After a few seconds she came over and straddled me, pushing her pussy against my mouth and taking my cock in hers. I pulled her against me, sucking and eating her, feeling her grinding into my face. I was just about to cum in her mouth when she turned around and straddled me. She ground down on me, so tight and hot I couldn't stand it. I gripped her hips, fucking her hard, feeling my orgasm building. As I got close I rolled her over, pushing her cute tight ass into the mattress, grinding into her, cumming, feeling my orgasm coming down my spine like a train, so hard I passed out for a moment. When I came to, I was still on top of her, still inside her, her legs and arms still wrapped around me. I rolled off and held her against me, wondering, just before I fell asleep, what tomorrow would be like.

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