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That Unforgettable Night

Things are not always what they seem.
That Unforgettable Night

I wake up suddenly in the dark, realizing while I was sleeping, my wife began giving me a blowjob. I don’t mean just your average sympathy BJ that many wives give when they are trying to just get it out of the way. It’s actually the most amazing BJ I have ever experienced and/or could imagine. I so badly want to ask her to turn on the lights, so I can see what my cock looks like in her mouth, but I know she likes the lights off. So I let it continue as is, in the dark.

Over the years, she has never been able to deep throat my cock without gagging, and for the record, I am by no means huge, barely average. But at this moment, my cock was being engulfed by her mouth and throat, all the way down to where my pubes should be. I am experiencing sensations in my cock that I have never felt before. She changes her technique regularly. Sometimes, I am receiving the non-stop fast in and out deep throat. Other times, she pleasures me with her tongue rolling around the head of my cock. Occasionally, she sucks my dick with so much suction, it’s like she is trying to suck the juices out from me, before I am even ready to cum.

I begin to feel that sensation you get when you’re about to cum at any second. Just one lick, suck or touch, in the right spot and I am about to unload the biggest cumshot of my life. I tap her on her side indicating I have to cum. This being our code to warn her, so I don’t end up shooting cum in her mouth. But oddly enough, she isn’t acknowledging my signs and continues to orally pleasure me, which is so unlike her, when all of a sudden I begin to cum. I get this overwhelming orgasm from my waist, butt and thighs down to my toes, causing me to tighten my whole body. Instantly, I can tell she has no intent of quitting with this BJ. Over and over I feel large amounts of cum rushing out of my cock, into her mouth. The surprising moment came when I realized she was swallowing my load each time and not avoiding it, also unlike her. I have never experienced an orgasm like this, that lasted for so long and with such uncontrollable body sensations.

I’m bone dry, with the exception of having some excess cum dangling from my cock. I go to reach for some tissues in the dark to clean up, when DAMN! She licks and slurps the remaining cum from the head of my penis. At this point the feeling is hard to tolerate, as most men probably agree, the feeling you experience of anything slightly touching your cock after cumming has its own unique orgasm feeling.

“What has gotten into my wife?” I sit there thinking to myself. I have never been so aroused in my life. Not to mention, exhausted from a BJ.

Apparently, I end up falling back asleep, most likely with a huge grin on my face. When I awake, I just lie in bed, feeling so relaxed, trying to remember every moment that took place last night. I’m relieved it’s the weekend, knowing I don’t have to work today, being Sunday. My wife comes in the bedroom, with breakfast, already prepared. "This is all too good to be true?" I’m thinking to myself. I smile at her, and she smiles back at me. This goes on for a bit.

"Aren’t you in such a great mood?” She says to me.

"What do you expect after last night (with a huge smile)?" I reply back.

"It was a great night for me as well." She replies.

"That’s what I wanted to hear." I comment back.

We chat for a bit, while eating our breakfast and watching some Sunday morning news.

"Thanks again for understanding and letting me go out with my friends late last night." She begins to tell me.

"Sure thing, like you actually had any time for that." I say with a smirk upon my face.

Then it hit me all of sudden, I remembered before falling asleep, she did mention going out that night.

“It had to have been really late right?" I said to her.

"No not really, you fell asleep pretty early. I took off shortly after you dozed off." She responds.

At this time, I totally think she is messing with me and waiting for her at any moment to tell me she decided to stay home with me after all. But she didn’t. She goes on and on about details of late last night, to vivid of details to be made up.

Then she shocks the living shit out of me and says, "I hope Zach wasn’t a problem last night."

"ZACH! Excuse me. What do you mean?” I reply back.

“We ran into Zack last night at one of the clubs.” “He was high on something so the girls and I brought him over here last night.” “I gave him my key and left him at the front door to spend the night.” “He was past out here when I got home, but when I awoke he was gone." "It’s not like him to leave without letting me know." She says in a worried voice.

At this very moment, I could picture exactly what happened last night. That unforgettable night of my life wasn’t with my wife, but instead, was with my wife’s gay brother "Zach".

“What have I done?” I keep thinking to myself.

"Zach didn’t try to seduce you last night did he?" My wife jokingly asks.

"EXCUSE ME! What do you mean by that?" I reply with a high pitch voice.

"You know he likes to flirt with you all the time to see how you will react." "Like when he grabs your butt every time you walk by him." She says, as if she thinks it’s cute, while knowing nothing would ever come from it.

Taking this all in, there are two things I can not stop thinking about:

1) "I hope my wife doesn’t pick up on what has taken place by the way I am acting."

2) "The fact that I am getting rock hard and extremely aroused again, knowing I had a sexual experience with a man, let alone my brother-In-Law and wanting to experience it again, but more."

With that said, for the first time in my life, I am able to admit to myself, that I am without a doubt, a bi-sexual married man. I have been keeping this huge secret my whole life, from my wife and from all those I love, not to mention myself. This also confirms the desires I have had for the same sex since high school, isn’t simply myself being sexually confused but actually is a part of me that I have for years tried to deny and hide.

“Where did Zach go?” “I wonder if he even remembers what had happened last night.” “I need to talk to him, NOW!” I keep thinking to myself.

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