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The Advert for a Third

We decided to write an advert for another female to join us

We had spoken about it for a while and although we were not unhappy with our erotic adventures we had decided to expand a little. We put an advertisement on the Internet and waited to see. Every time we logged on we hoped to find the perfect reply to our ad. Our ad went something like this:


“Happy couple, content with their own adventures would like to add a third person to share some special times and make some fantasies come true.”


After getting home from a late shift one evening, both weary after a hectic day, I clicked the computer on to check for responses to our ad. She went to run a bubble bath so we could relax with a glass of Shiraz. She heard some shouts of excitement that brought a knowing wry smile to the corner of her mouth as she raced back to the bedroom. I was waiting for her with a big grin on my face. There were a few replies, most didn't make us feel warmed or curious enough to take them further, but two responses stood out from all the others. One was from a girl aged thirty who was married but her husband didn't understand her desire to experiment sexually, the second was from a man aged thirty-six, widowed and wanting to enjoy the experiences of threesomes again.


We discussed and decided to reply to both of the ones that we liked. We heard back from them both and decided on different nights to meet up for a sociable drink with each one. The first was the young lady who was called Lisa. She was local so we had to travel out from the area so no one saw us together. Being married she was very cautious.


We met in a lovely country pub.   She was a pretty little thing, petite frame, dark mid length brown hair and big almond-shaped brown eyes. If anyone had seen us together, they never would have thought we were discussing intimate adventures. Lisa looked so innocent and butter wouldn't melt, but if you looked closely beneath that innocent exterior, there was a smouldering sexy confidence that made you feel that she knew exactly what she was doing. We all chatted over several drinks and got on really well. We started to plan when to meet up to have some fun when she said that she was actually very horny now and couldn’t wait to get us both into bed.


“Especially you,” she said looking at Wendy.


We all went into the car park and stood by the car, talking for only minutes. I looked at Wendy, she knew what I was thinking. Many times we had pre-empted each others thoughts, why miss the opportunity.


It was decided and Wendy got into Lisas' car as they followed me back to our place. I couldn’t imagine what they were talking about as they followed, but I was getting incredibly aroused at what I was thinking about and had to ease off the accelerator a couple of times as I just wanted to get back.


We pulled up outside and I got out of the car and walked over to Lisas'. They got out and all three of us eagerly went inside. I left Wendy to show Lisa around whilst I opened a bottle of wine. I had the three glasses in one hand and the bottle in the other as I walked around looking for them. I found them at last in the bedroom and as I pushed the door open wide I could see Wendy sitting on the bed. She looked so nervous and a little flushed. She looked at me searchingly. She knew I was more confident and experienced. This was her first time to take our sexual adventures to a new level.   She was relying on me to take the lead.


Wendy’s thoughts :


I had been talking to Lisa about the excitement of this adventure. She already knew I was yet to experience this for the first time. I had told her that Jason had experimented in a previous relationship.   I had also told her what a kind and considerate lover Jason was, always ensuring mutual enjoyment. As Jason entered the room with the wine in one hand and three wine glasses in the other, the subdued lighting highlighted his arousal. Lisa noticed at the same time. We both couldn’t help but gaze at the amazing growth that had occurred in his animal combats. The wine was poured into the three glasses. All three of us looked at one another, the sexual tension so obvious, each wondering if their private fantasy would be fulfilled on this night. There are some moments in your life when words are not needed, when you look into someone’s eyes and you can feel your juices well up deep inside you. When you know you have reached a point of no return. This was such a moment.


Lisa leaned forward keeping eye contact with me and we kissed. Our lips seemed to melt together in the most tender, caressing erotic kiss I had ever received. I could feel Jason watching and knew from conversations that he was getting incredibly aroused from this. I put my glass on the side without unlocking our lips. With my hands now free I held her waist, my body tingled with excitement and as Lisas' tongue started to search for mine the sexual urges inside me started to rage. Any reservations I had about this encounter disappeared as I wanted to explore her body and taste her pussy hoping it was going to be as wet as mine.


Jason took Lisas' glass from her and she ran her hands around my waist and around my back pulling me into her. I could feel her body against mine and I ran my hands around her waist and started to lift her top, feeling the smoothness of her bare skin. She automatically lifted her arms and allowed me to completely remove her top and as we stopped kissing briefly I looked at her beautiful frame. I suddenly longed to feel it against my naked skin. This happened moments later as she removed my top and undid my skirt letting it fall to the floor in a blink of an eye. I undid her jeans and pulled them down taking in the aroma of her wetness as I got close to her pussy. To my surprise I found it smelled delicious and I was eager to taste her. So eager in fact that on the way back I allowed my nose to rub against the fabric of her silk panties to let her know that I wanted her.


We both fell back onto the bed and continued our kissing and caressing and sometime during this we both lost our remaining items and we both stopped to gaze at each other. I had a surreal moment as I realized I was lying on a bed with a naked woman that I wanted, knowing that she too wanted me. Two women both with a desire to pleasure each other. I felt myself getting wetter at the realization.   I smiled.


I took a moment to think, “How did this happen?”


In all my other relationships this had never been on the agenda, not openly anyway. I was lying here now, with a beautiful woman, feeling my juices flowing in anticipation of new ways she would make me feel. A warm moist sensation brought me back to present. Lisa had moved and was searching my body with her gentle probing tongue. With circular movements of her tongue she was playing with my inner thighs. I knew she was teasing me, wanting to make the feelings build up until I couldn't take any more.

As I looked over at Jason, so wanting him there inside me now satiating these desires, he was holding back. He was so aroused, two beautiful women wanting to share in sexual pleasures, making each other so hot and horny. Yet he knew during this night he would be tasting the erotic juices of both of these women while he was licking their pussies with the expertise his past had given him. Soft circular movements, deeper searching taking each of them to new heights. Each of them waiting for his hard cock to penetrate into the wetness, the tightening muscles, wrapping themselves around him.

Looking into Jason's eyes, he had moved behind Lisa stroking her back and waist. Then moving his hand down to touch the moist lips that were flushed and swollen between her legs. This just made me want both of them more. I tilted my hips, wanting Lisa to stimulate more. She answered my need. Her tongue moved from my inner thighs to the outer lips of my awaiting pussy. I took a sudden deep breath, maybe only girls know what other girls want or maybe it was the newness of this experience.


This still wasn't enough for me now.   I needed direct action on my throbbing clitoris. I needed to feel varying pressures circling my excited mound. Again Lisa answered, flicking her tongue around my most sensitive area, then just slowly licking like a kitten would lap at its first milk. I felt a sudden excitement about her. When I opened my eyes I could tell that Jason was also tasting her delicious juices. I was excited for her as I knew the intense feelings of excitement that were enveloping her.


Her tongue started to work on me wildly as her excitement grew with Jason pleasuring her with his tongue. I lay back with my eyes closed enjoying the sensation . I felt her start to gain control of herself and she began working me with delightful control. I felt then a kiss, I opened my eyes and saw Jason leaning over me.


I smiled at him and he whispered, “Taste Lisa on my lips.”


I smiled wider and then kissed him letting my tongue taste his lips and the inside of his mouth. I could taste her on him and I groaned my appreciation. Eventually when I could hardly taste her I said, “I want more.”


Lisa heard this and stopped what she was doing. Moving up toward me she said, “I would love you to taste more,” and kissed me.


I could taste myself on her kiss and I was surprised by the subtle differences and decided to explore more of the differences and began to make my way down to her vagina. As I got closer the aroma of her wet pussy reached my nose and incredibly made me desire to eat her out more than I had   imagined possible.


I tentatively ran my tongue around her wet shaved mound and made my way toward the source of her wetness enjoying the taste, smell and warmth radiating from her. Trying to remember all the things she had done to me and the things I enjoyed I started working her with my mouth and tongue. I guessed I had done something right when she started to grind her hips and moan in pleasure.


Not wanting it all to be over too quick I eased off and moved to her inner thighs, kissing and feeling her soft skin. I was enjoying myself so much I didn’t realize Jason had moved round. I could feel his warm breath against the moist skin on my neck, his breathing was fast. We could both hear Lisa's moans of pleasure.   This intensified our own desires. I rolled onto my side, bringing Lisa onto her side with me. I hadn't released her.   I didn't want to miss her wetness for a second. Jason lay behind her, his hand resting on her back, I moved my hand to guide his hard penis toward me. Lisa had responded by widening her legs, I drew his penis to my mouth, the soft lighting glistened on his pre-cum. I couldn't wait to taste it; but I didn't want to rush. I don't know if it was the warmth of my breath or the way Lisa was purring as he was playing with her breasts but he was so hard my heart raced to have his cock on my lips and delving into the back of my throat.


I licked the pre-cum off the tip of his penis, tasting his erotic and almost sweet tasting juice. I gently licked around the head and just underneath the tip where so many nerve endings begged to be caressed with my, or Lisa's, tongue. I so loved doing this to him, just taking him deep into my mouth until he could hold it no longer and I’d swallow again and again drinking all of his juices. But not tonight, someone else could share my pleasure.


I took him deep into my mouth once, loving the taste of him combined with the scent of Lisa's wet mound. I guided his penis into Lisa's awaiting juices.   This was what she wanted now. As he penetrated a little deeper, they gasped simultaneously. She had wanted this so much and he had wanted to give it to her. I couldn't help but find her pulsating clit again. I so wanted her to come now. With Jason thrusting gently inside her and me eating her out, what chance did she have but to eventually succumb to every sensation that was bringing every fibre of her body to life.


Her hips moved as she tried to push herself back forcing Jason to go deeper into her and grind her clit onto my mouth as I licked and sucked on the tender nub. She began to move more erratically as her moans began to grow until she gasped and shuddered and my mouth was suddenly filled with her orgasm. Oh that taste flooded into my mouth making my pussy pulsate. I continued to lick and tease her as her shudders began to slow despite Jason’s continued deep thrusts into her.


I saw his balls tense and saw the change in his rhythm that I knew all to well. As he withdrew his throbbing hard penis from her I made sure my mouth was there to savor every drop. Tasting Lisa as I wrapped my mouth around his cock was, at first, disorientating, but as I thought about how her juices had gotten there I began to get even hornier to the point I was going to climax. It was the first twitch of his penis that gave me something other than my pulsating pussy to think about.


The first spurt went straight down my throat so I pulled him out of my mouth until the head of his penis was on the tip of my tongue just in time for the second spurt which I tasted as it flooded my mouth. Jason pulled back a little too much, on purpose I suppose, so what was left went onto my lips and chin. I looked up and smiled at him. He looked back and grinning winked at me.


I went to lick my lips when Lisa said, “No,” and moved toward me. I turned as she kissed me. I didn’t react straight away until I realized she too wanted to taste the cum coating my lips.


I surrendered to her, as she licked the last drops of Jason’s cum off my aching lips. I thought we had reached the end of our adventure. I fell back onto the pillows still reeling from the excitement of it all, hoping that Jason and Lisa had shared the erotic highs that I was still shivering from. I closed my eyes in the comfortable silence.


Somebody took my hand, and told me to keep my eyes closed. I thought, “What’s he up to now?”


I felt warm moist skin against my shoulders and a familiar aroma closing in. My lips were slightly parted, anticipating close contact. Her hot pussy was toying with my lips. I realized that Jason had lowered Lisa to sit on my face so I could lick her out again. She wasn't as forceful this time. She must have still been sensitive to clitoral stimulation. The combination of scents was mind blowing; Lisa's and Jason's juices mixed confused me. I was aware that Jason wasn't involved in this. I was getting all the attention and it didn't seem fair.


Then I felt a familiar sensation between my legs, and I knew that he so enjoyed what he was doing. The warmth of his breath, the way he stroked my tingling skin was just the way he always made me feel. I waited for him to touch my pulsating clitoris that was begging for him to satisfy, and he did, with strong sweeping strokes sending me into orbit. As Lisa watched, I felt my hips begin to shudder and wriggled to escape but Lisa held my wrists firmly above my head making me thrash about trying to cope with the flood of sensations spiraling through my body. My excitement initiated her excitement again, and her soft lips touched mine gently just as my hips rocked and gave way to an amazing orgasm spilling onto Jason’s mouth.


Jason then pushed his renewed erection deep inside me causing my aching pussy to come alive once more and with ever gentle but firm thrusts into me. I began to lick Lisa faster. Using my hands I pulled her deliciously wet snatch down onto my face and emulated with my tongue what Jason was doing with his penis. She started breathing heavy and started to grind against my mouth encouraging me to push my tongue deeper and deeper inside her. Meanwhile, Jason’s thrusts were getting stronger and stronger and I knew that watching me eat Lisa out whilst he was fucking me would be sending him quickly over the edge and he would be soon Cumming inside me.


Lisa leaned forward and she and Jason kissed as I began to suck on her clitoris which caused her to moan, although muffled, with appreciation. I then felt Jason tense and then his sperm explode inside me. I tightened my muscles to grip his manhood, squeezing all the contents into me. Lisa leaned far forward now and I could see her suck clean the softening penis.


She lowered her head to my cum drenched vagina saying, “Let me clean this up for you.” I lay quiet and let her, totally in awe of the experience we had just shared.

This was the part I thought would be awkward, getting up and dressed after intimacy with a stranger. It was strangely erotic; we had each fulfilled our fantasy. We walked Lisa to the door and said our goodbyes. As she got in the car she turned and smiled, it spoke volumes. We went back in and I fell on the bed, still a little shivery from the amazing orgasms. Jason climbed in beside me and held me in his arms, his soft skin warming me immediately.


Then he whispered, “Not bad for a first time!”


We ended up laughing. The alarm was set for an early shift tomorrow. We needed sleep now. We were completely satiated. Snuggling down, I couldn't help but say to Jason, “Wonder what the second reply will be like . . . ”


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