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The big sofa

What happens when a guy, his wife and her friend drink too much wine.
My wife and I have been married for 10 years. In all that time, we have never cheated on each other. Sure, we have talked about different things to spice up our sex lives, but that was it, just talk. We never actually did anything about it. Until tonight.

Our daughter was sleeping over at a friend’s house for the night so we decided to have company over for dinner and drinks. My wife Kelly invited her friend Karen over for dinner. Karen showed up with a couple of bottles of wine. Dinner was great; Kelly is a wonderful cook.

After dinner, we went over to the couch, a large sectional one and relaxed. We were listening to the radio and now working on our third bottle of wine. We were all feeling good.

Kelly and Karen started talking about school while I sat at the other end of the sofa and listened. I didn’t go to school with them so I really had nothing to add to the conversation. I sat there drinking my wine and listening to some tunes.

As the night progressed, Karen started to get comfortable. Already in her bare feet, she laid on the couch and placed her head in my wife’s lap. Kelly’s arm was up on the top of the sofa. After a while, I noticed Kelly drop her arm so that her hand was resting on Karen’s chest. No movement. Karen didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she kept on with her conversation about some lousy teacher they both had for chemistry.

Then I noticed it. Kelly’s finger was slowly making circles on Karen’s breast. Karen didn’t seem to notice. Or didn’t care. After a few minutes, I noticed that Kelly was now using two fingers and seemed to be exerting a bit more pressure.

I noticed Karen, while still talking, seemed to be a bit more relaxed now. Her breathing seemed to be a bit heavier and I swear I could see the outline of her hardened nipples through her shirt. And was it my imagination or did she have her legs a bit further apart than they were a little while ago?

I was really starting to pay more attention to what was going on. And so was my cock. Not hard, but not soft either.

Kelly was now lightly running the fingers of her other hand through Karen’s hair. I was totally amazed.

Then it happened. After about 45 minutes of watching this teasingly erotic show, my wife, who had never mentioned an attraction to Karen, leaned over and kissed her friend on the forehead. Karen turned her head up slightly and they looked each other in the eyes. They moved closer to each other and their lips met. Did I just see some tongue? Hell yeah I did.

I now had two beautiful women in front of me making out. My wife was still fondling her friend’s chest while I could see their kiss deepen. What had started as a soft, tender and erotic kiss, had turned into an all out tongue war between them.

Karen’s legs were spread apart now. She had one foot on the floor and the other leg was now draped over the top of the sofa. I think I was still in shock. I could see up the leg of her short and see her purple panties. Did I tell you how much I like purple?

The kiss broke abruptly and they separated. Kelly sat up straight and puller her top off. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I always loved my wife’s tits as they were. They were in the large B, small C range.

Kelly leaned over slightly and Karen took a nipple into her mouth. My wife moaned out loud. Karen’s hand was pinching my wife’s other nipple between her fingers.

I had enough at the other end of the sofa and moved closer slowly and quietly. I didn’t want to interrupt the show. And what a show it was.

While Karen couldn’t see me because her head was still buried in my wife’s chest, my wife made eye contact with me and smiled. I couldn’t help buy show her the large, ear to ear, grin on my face. I moved closer.

I got close enough to place my hand on Karen’s leg and lightly rub her calf. Feeling me touch her leg, she ground the heel of her leg into my crotch. I think I just got permission to continue. So I did.

I moved my hand up her leg in into the leg of her shorts. I hadn’t gotten to her panties yet and I could already feel her heat. When I touch her panties, they were soaked. I slid my finger inside and found something I had always wondered...not a single hair.

I probed her pussy with my fingers and began to work her clit.

The girls pulled away from each other again, looked at each other and then they both looked at me. Not a word was said. Karen sat up and removed her top and almost ripped her bra off. Kelly lifted her legs and pulled her shorts and panties down.

With a single grasp, I pulled Karen’s shorts and purple panties down and threw them on the floor.

Now completely naked, both women were staring at me. I stood and pulled my shorts and boxers down. My 8 inch cock was rock hard.

My wife leaned closer to Karen and they began kissing again. Kelly was playing with Karen’s tits while Karen had her hand in my wife’s pussy.

I knew what I wanted. I put Karen’s legs over my shoulders and dove in to one of the wettest and sweetest pussies I have ever eaten.

Should I continue?

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