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The BoyToy

A couple decide to fulfill their long time fantasy of sharing a young man.

"I'm ready to invite him over," Jan changed the subject from whether or not they should remodel the kitchen this year, ‘call him before I chicken out."

"Sure," Mike had reached for his cellphone and began to text the number that Eric had given him in more than one of the many emails the two men had exchanged, "damn I hope he's free."

"Well," Jan smiled that devious little smile that she so seldom showed as she spoke, as much to herself as to her husband, "if he's as cute as his pictures," she looked at Mike and finished, "he wouldn't have to be free, as long as he wasn't too expensive."

"I can't imagine what too expensive would be," Mike finished his text and spoke while the two waited for the reply they hoped would be favorable, "for something that I've waited this long for."

"Oh," Jan gasped when Mike's cell beeped so quickly, "that's almost too quick to be good."

"He wrote," Mike now read the text out loud, "On my way, be there in thirty minutes."

"Thirty minutes?" Jan seemed in a panic and then she added, "I haven't even showered."

"You take the master bath and I'll use the guest," Mike took charge, not wanting anything to ruin the moment and the mood of his wife of so many years, "and I don't think we need to be concerned about getting dressed for our boytoy."

"Are you sure this is the way he'd want it?" Jan remembered reading some of the emails and how Eric wanted to be dominated in some ways.

"It's what he said," Mike assured Jan, "it was his suggestion."

The two were showered and ready with time to spare. And that spare time seemed to last forever as the two sat in the living room with only their robes on.

Jan felt her stomach ache some and her mouth go dry. She tried to relax but just couldn't. She finally went into the kitchen and got a glass of water.

Mike watched as his wife walked away from him in only the sheer robe. He imagined that nice ass being fucked by the young man he'd gotten to know only through emails. He felt his own cock begin stirring and then getting completely hard for the first time in weeks.

"He's here," Jan spoke in a near panic, "do I look okay?"

"You look sexy as hell," Mike reassured her as he turned to walk to the front door, "he'll love you." Mike finished and then turned to open the door.

"Hi Eric," Mike held out is hand and finished as they shook, "come in."

"Hi," Eric was looking down at the floor and not making eye contact as he spoke, "Mike," he finally peaked up and looked at Mike, who was much taller than he was, then he looked over at Jan who was just standing up from the chair she'd been sitting in, "and hello Jan..." he let the last of the sentence trail off as he couldn't help staring at the woman before him in such provocative attire.

"Hi," Jan spoke nervously and stepped to Eric and took his hand, "are you sure?"

"Yes." Eric lowered his head again as he answered.

"Why don't you two kiss and get to know each other," Mike had gone to a friendly but authoritative tone of voice, "I think you both want to."

Jan took the last step between her and Eric and waited but Eric seemed hesitant.

"Go on," Mike continued to speak in the same patient, yet authoritative tone, "enjoy her lips," Mike, seeing Eric still hesitate, reached out and pushed Eric's head toward Jan's, "Jan is a wonderful kisser."

"Eric is a wonderful kisser too," Jan grinned and spoke when that first, long, passionate, kiss finally ended, "may I have another?"

Before Eric could speak, Mike spoke for him, "Sure," Mike stepped back and sat down on the couch next to the standing couple, "but only one more for now."

This time Jan reached around Eric, who was about her height, and let her hands explore his round butt cheeks that she'd noticed when he first stepped through the door.

Eric let one hand go to Jan's own butt cheek and his other ride up between he and Jan and rest on her ample breast.

"That's enough," Mike's voice broke the moment for the two new lovers, "for now," Mike paused just long enough for the two to break the kiss and both look at him, "undress."

Jan simply let her silky robe slip off of her shoulders and fall to the floor.

Eric didn't move and was transfixed on Jan's naked body.

"Eric," Mike spoke sternly, "get your clothes off," he paused and added, "now, all of them."

"Yes sir," Eric began to quickly slip out of his shoes, take his socks off, unfasten his pants and let them and his underwear fall to the floor. As he was stepping out of them he was unbuttoning his shirt and was standing in front of a completely naked Jan, completely naked himself.

"You can now kiss again." Mike spoke and it was apparent that it was an order and not just a suggestion.

And they did kiss too. As hot as the previous two kisses were, this kiss made the previous ones seem platonic. The kiss led to exploring with more than just their mouths and Mike decided to let them have their freedom in that exploration of new bodies. He found himself so turned on watching that he slipped his own robe off and began stroking his hard cock and squeezing one of his own hard nipples with his other hand.

Eric now seemed to know exactly what he wanted and Jan seemed to want the same things.

"May we lie down?" Eric finally asked Mike.

"Certainly," Mike scooted over on the large couch to make room, "lay down with your head in my lap Honey."

Jan laid on her back, spread her legs invitingly, and felt her husband’s hard cock on the back of her head. It was reassuring to feel him hard and know he was enjoying this almost as much as she was, if that were possible.

"May I," Eric had moved closer to the couch and begun to lean down to Jan, "is it okay?"

Jan started to speak but Mike placed his hand over her mouth and spoke for her, "If she's wet enough, sure," Mike smiled and reached down and let his finger confirm for himself, "go ahead and fuck her, Eric."

"What about foreplay?" Eric had obviously been giving thought before he came as to what he should do.

"We can do all of that the next time," Mike felt how wet his wife was and then took his hand away, "she's ready to be fucked right now."

Jan knew her husband was absolutely right and she spread her legs more and reached up for her new lover.

Eric was more than ready and he slipped down on the couch and in one smooth move was on top of, and into, the woman he'd only just met.

Mike could see, hear, and smell the way that Eric's thick cock was going in and out of Jan and it only made Mike more turned on. And when he felt Jan's head rise up off of his leg and her body tremble in orgasm so quickly, he almost ejaculated in his hand and had to let go to keep from doing just that.

When Eric felt Jan convulse it put him over and he pumped cum with each of the next five strokes before going limp on top of, and still in, Jan.

"Can you go again?" Mike finally spoke first after several minutes of recovery for all three of them.

"Yes," Eric spoke with some confidence now, "and I'll last much longer this time."

"Get up," Mike helped Jan to raise up and get off the couch with him, "Eric, you lay on your back." Eric took Jan's previous place on the couch. "Jan, Honey," Mike took her hand and directed her to climb on top of Eric, "ride him, okay?"

It was no effort for Jan to slip down on Eric's cock. She was so filled with his previous ejaculation that she simply glided down the complete length and began to slowly hump up and down on that thick cock.

Mike was the only one who had yet to cum and the sight in front of him was driving him over the edge. He reached up under the two from behind and felt, as well as smell, the cock going into his wife.

Mike then got behind Jan on the couch and managed to get down far enough to even taste what the two lovers were doing to each other. It was the first time that Mike had been able to have his tongue on a cock that was coated with his wife's taste and he loved it. He even raised Jan a little on one of her up strokes and took all of Eric's cock into his mouth, but then backed off and let the couple enjoy each other again.

"Jan is so good," Eric whispered to both of them, "would you like me to do you too?" He opened his eyes and looked at Mike as he asked.

Mike didn't speak but did move to the other end of the couch and let his cock slip into Eric's mouth. From this position he realized that he had an even better view of the fucking. As good as Eric was at sucking, Mike was amazed at how good Eric was at taking testicles, fully, into his mouth. And when Eric worked down to Mike's testicle, Jan bent over and took Mike's cock into her mouth as she continued to fuck Eric.

Mike was in heaven with the feel of his testicle in Eric's mouth and his cock in his wife's. But when Eric finally released his testicle and let his tongue slip into Mike's ass, it was too much. Mike filled Jan's mouth to capacity and the overflow was dripping down onto Eric.

When Jan felt the bursts hit the back of her throat, she felt another orgasm take over her own body and pumped even harder onto Eric’s cock.

Eric had been concentrating on pleasing his new friends and had been deprived of another pleasure though. After a moment of recovery he finally asked, "may we go just long enough for me to cum?"

"Not today," Mike smiled at Eric and shook his head, "next time," he smiled again and lifted Jan up off of Eric and led her towards the bedroom, "you can let yourself out when you're dressed."

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