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The Company Trip

The Company Trip

Chapter One

First story I have posted in some time, but inspired to write one from reading my favorite authors here at Lush. Hope you enjoy. I would like to thank everyone that helped in editing.

Shelby had been looking forward to this trip since the day her boss had told her that the company had decided the inside sales desk people were allowed to go for the first time. She had been with the company for two years and always thought how lucky the outside sales people were to get all the perks like sales trips for meetings and dinners.

She dealt with their customers everyday but was never included in any outside sales meetings or fun times.

So for six weeks now she had counting the days down and finally was actually in a cab riding from the airport to the hotel in New Orleans for a 3-day company paid 'thank you' for a record sales year. The best thing of all was that, other than a planned general meeting tomorrow morning and an awards dinner on the last night, everyone was free to do whatever they wanted until heading home.

The company had booked the rooms for everyone and put two people in each. This had Shelby a little nervous, having really never traveled much and then to share a room with someone she didn’t know well. She told herself that it would be better since she was a little nervous, even excited about the trip.

After booking into the hotel she made her way to her room and was unpacking when April, one of the outside sales women, came in and gave her a big hug and announced she was her room-mate for the trip.

Shelby was overjoyed as she had always liked April. While a lot more outgoing than herself, she had always treated her with respect on the job, when some of the outside sales people treated her as someone below them.

April started unpacking as they talked. Shelby almost died when she pulled out a vibrator and said, “Damn, I hope I don’t need this this trip. I figured I would bring it along just in case I don’t hook up with someone.”

Shelby could feel her face go red as April laughed and said to her, “Come on baby, you going to say you don’t have one of these?”

Shelby giggled and answered, "Not with me, I couldn’t use that with someone in the next bed.”

April laughed again saying; “Well hopefully I will be in someone else’s bed and if so, feel free to borrow mine.”

Next she pulled out a bottle of lube and looking at Shelby she smiled and continued, “I’ll leave this right here between the beds in case you have a visitor.”

Shelby again blushed saying “I don’t think I will be having anyone here”, then panicked a bit as she asked, “You won’t bring a man here will you?”

A big smile came across April’s face as she held back a laugh and assured her that “No, unless the two of us pick up some guys, I would go elsewhere.”

Shelby told April, if she didn’t mind, she was going for a shower, it had been a long day and after April’s answer of “No, not at all” she headed off to the bathroom.

While in the shower her mind started to run wild with thoughts of how she envied April in how she was so open with sex and wished she could just let go and really make this a trip wild and special. The more she thought of it and started to lather herself she was almost surprised to find how hard her nipples had become. She knew she had an attractive body but was always self-conscious of her small tits and the way her nipples got so hard and stuck out when she got excited.

She rinsed off, stepped out of the shower and was drying, still thinking how great it would be to really let loose this trip, when April walked into the room unannounced. Shelby quickly pulled the towel against her and right away April knew she had made a big mistake.

April quickly stated that she was sorry and that growing up with four sisters she was just used to walking in on each other, as she turned to walk out of the room.

Shelby surprised herself as she heard the words come from her mouth, “No, it’s OK, stay. You just surprised me, please just knock next time.”

“Sure thing baby”, April replied, “I really need to get into that shower too.”

Shelby smiled and said how much better she felt after it and as April moved by her towards the shower, Shelby found herself staring at April’s large breasts and thinking how she wished hers were bigger.

They talked a bit more and April laughed and said, “Baby you're as bad as the guys talking to my tits, damn these suckers always get more attention than me.”

Shelby again blushed and started to say she was sorry as she left the room, but to her surprise, April gave her a hug from behind to stop her from leaving and said, “No it’s me that’s sorry, I am way too much a loud mouth and I have embarrassed you enough. I promise I will be more careful.”

Shelby felt herself relax with April’s arms around her and she quickly told April, "No please don’t stop, I envy you being able to, I am such a boring stick in the mud.”

April, as always, laughed and squeezed her harder and the feel of her tits pressing against Shelby’s back made her take a deep breath and then panic again as she realized her own nipples were fully erect. As she left the room careful to not face April she told her, “I wish my tits were as big and beautiful as yours.”

April smiled saying that from what she seen before that towel was pulled up there was nothing wrong with her tits and then added, “And your nipples are the best I have ever seen.”

As always Shelby blushed but this time a large smile had come to her face.

After both having their showers and getting dressed, they headed out to meet up with some others from work and have dinner. They had a great meal and fun talking with everyone. Then they went back to the hotel and both passed out from the busy day in no time at all.

Shelby woke first in the morning, they had left a wakeup call for eight and it was about 7:20. She stretched and got out of bed to look out of the window at a beautiful sunny morning, with all the promise of a great day ahead. She closed the curtains again and pulled off the tee shirt she used as PJs and threw it on the bed as she headed for the shower.

Shelby stood under the stream of warm water cascading over her and again let her mind wonder about how she would love to have something happen this weekend to make it one she would never forget.

She left the bathroom to see that April had woken up and was greeted by that big warm smile of hers. Shelby smiled back and watched April’s eyes travel from her face down her body, as she heard her say, “Well I’m glad you have relaxed enough with me to at least walk around naked.”

Shelby giggled and answered “Yes, I think I might even start to enjoy it.”

April smiled and without her usual laugh said, “Good, I think I might too, come here and give me a hug.”

Shelby walked over and, with some effort to get past her shyness, jumped on top of the covers that were over April and gave her a big hug, smiled and said she was so happy that they ended up as room-mates.

April reached her free arm around her and hugged her, telling Shelby she was as well. Then gave her a kiss and said “OK, let me up I need a shower. We need to get this last morning meeting over with so that the rest of the time is ours, and it wouldn’t be good if we were late for it, after the company paying for this whole weekend.”

Shelby rolled over enough so April could get out from under the covers and watched as she walked to the bathroom again finding herself admiring April’s body.

After a long, but not entirely boring, meeting they had lunch at the hall then headed back to the hotel. They entered their room and April walked over to the window and closed the curtains, "I’m going to have a power nap 'til 5 so I will be ready to party tonight” she stated.

Shelby sat on the edge of her bed and asked April if she had made any plans for tonight with any of the other sales people.

April pulled her top over her head and laid it on the desk as she answered, “No, I don’t want to be on anyone else’s schedule tonight,”

She then undid her bra and tossed it on the desk as well. Then pulled off her skirt and, as she looked, Shelby could see an uncomfortable look in her eyes.

“Baby don’t you ever think your body isn’t great just because you have smaller tits than some other people. I would kill to have nipples that get as hard and proud as yours.”

Shelby smiled and thanked her saying she just always wished they were bigger so was a little self-conscious.

April kicked off her panties and before Shelby could react she jumped onto her bed and hugged her tight pulling Shelby on top of her and started to tickle her sides.
“You need to lighten up girl or you’re never going to get laid tonight, so get naked and get some sleep. Tonight we party.”

Shelby laughed and broke free, jumped up and saying “OK, OK", quickly took off her clothes and without hesitation got back into bed with April.

April reached over and called the front desk to leave a wakeup call, then moved over to hug Shelby whose back was to her whispering in her ear, “Baby, one word of advice about tonight, get laid but don’t shit in your own back yard.”

“What do you mean?” Shelby asked

April replied, “Don’t do anything with the guys you work with, it will come back to bite you.”

“OK I promise, I never considered it,” Shelby replied, then she thought to herself, as April’s tits squashed against her back, 'Damn, it’s not the guys I’m worried about."

Shelby lay there thinking as she started to drift off, "I’ve never thought of being with a woman, these stupid nipples always get hard, I hope April doesn’t think… Stop worrying and just enjoy April’s friendship."

The last thing Shelby remembered before being awaken by the wakeup call was the complete feeling of comfort being held in April’s arms and now she found nothing had changed except April’s hand was over her breast and her nipples were again hard as a rock.

April woke and reached over to get the phone and stop the wakeup call then snuggled back into Shelby. “You sleep well?” she asked.

“Yes I did, I was out like a light… April? Will you bring a guy back here tonight?”

“No baby, I promise, I will find somewhere else for my fun tonight. You are free to come back here knowing you won’t walk in and find me fucking anyone,” she said with her usual laugh.

Shelby stretched a bit, more just moving her shoulders, which made April's tits rub hard into her back, “Thanks” she said, “I would be uncomfortable with some guy bopping you in the next bed.”

Laughing as only April could she hugged her tight and said, “Well baby, you could always join in.”

“Oh I doubt that” Shelby quickly answered, "I would have enough trouble being with someone, never mind a group thing.”

“Hey don’t knock it till you have tried it, baby” April told her.

“Well let’s see if I have the nerve to do anything tonight first,” Shelby giggled.

Shelby felt April take a deep breath and almost nervously ask her, “You really want something to happen this weekend don’t you?”

Shelby answered; “I have never done anything wild in my life and, other than being with two different guys, have not had much experience at all, so yes, I wish I could lighten up and have something happen.”

Shelby felt the warmth of April’s body against her and gave another little giggle saying, “Well at least my nipples aren’t the only ones that have a mind of their own and get hard for no reason.”

April giggled back then quietly answered, “Baby, there is a reason, you do realize we woke up with my hand on your breast, feeling those wonderful nipples of yours and you let me leave it there.”

Shelby’s mind started to race, "Oh no!" she thought, "What have I made April think? It felt so nice, but that doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian."

She started to pull away but April held her tight and whispered. “Baby, please don’t panic on me here, just relax and let's enjoy just talking.”

With that she slowly slipped her hand down to Shelby’s stomach, but still held her close. April felt Shelby relax as the two of them lay quiet for a few minutes.

Finally Shelby took a deep breath and asked; “April, does it mean you are a lesbian if you like the feel of another woman?”

“Gad, baby no. You really have been quite sheltered haven’t you.”

April gently kissed Shelby’s neck and whispered into her ear; “I have been with two women in my life, both for a single night, and both were wonderful experiences but I love being with a man.”

Shelby rolled to her back without moving away and looked into April’s eyes. She started to speak and stopped, still getting her courage together. Shelby took another deep breath and then said, “I want so bad for something to happen this trip and now am so confused with the thoughts I get seeing you naked and feeling you hold me.”

April then slowly leaned over and gently kissed Shelby’s lips as she moved her hand back up to cup her left breast. Looking at her she told Shelby, “You are so adorable and so sexy baby, try to relax and let us enjoy a wonderful afternoon, then tonight we can both go out and get all the cock you want.”

Shelby felt a smile come across her face at the same time she felt the excitement building in her from Aprils hand on her breast. April then squeezed her nipple shooting a bolt of electricity through her.

She leaned into April’s lips and kissed her deep and hard pushing her tongue into her mouth. April met her kiss full force and rolled Shelby’s nipple between her finger and thumb. Sliding her thigh between Shelby’s legs she felt the wetness coming from her.

Shelby slid her hand to April’s tits and let it wander from right to left and back again feeling the softness of her flesh and hardness of her nipples.

Shelby felt the excitement raging through her body as April lowered her mouth to take her nipple into it. She pulled April’s head tightly against her as she heard herself begging April to take her body.

April took her mouth off Shelby’s nipple telling her she had wanted her nipple in her mouth from the moment she had walked into the bathroom and seen her naked.

“Now baby, I’m going to make this weekend the wildest best experience you could ever hope for.” April told her.

April then took Shelby’s nipple back into her mouth and sucked her hardness with little bites, which made Shelby jump each time. She slowly ran her hand over Shelby’s hard stomach and to the side of her mound and down the inside of her thigh.

Shelby felt April’s hand coming back up her inner thigh, along with the electric shocks from her mouth on her tit and nipple. She could feel her juices running from her pussy lips. She wanted April to touch her there.

“Please April, please touch me, I want you to touch me so bad” she stammered through her quick deep breaths.

Shelby jumped from the sheer touch of April’s finger on her slit and then her clit. She took a deep breath and spread her legs wider as she felt two slim fingers slide into her.

April moved her mouth back to Shelby’s kissing her as she told her how wet she was and how tight her pussy felt.

“Fuck, it feels so good,” Shelby said as she rammed her tongue into April’s mouth.

April’s fingers moved inside Shelby as her thumb rubbed her excited button.

Shelby felt her body start to tighten then she thrust her hips into the air and screamed as her orgasm exploded. Shelby kissed April again and again trying to get her control back as April’s fingers continued their magic.

Between the jolts rushing through her she panted “I want to please you, April.”

April looked into her eyes, gave her a smile and told her, “Yes baby, you have already and will more, but I am not done with you yet.”

Shelby then felt April slide down her body with a line of kisses, over her breasts with little bites for each nipple. April continued her slow descent down her stomach to her inner thigh as her hand had done earlier.

Shelby closed her eyes, knowing what was next and also knew with no doubt she wanted it so bad, wanted April to taste her and get her off with her mouth as she had her fingers.

Even with those thoughts, when April’s tongue touched her clit then ran through her slit she couldn’t believe the feeling shooting through her. April started to suck her clit as she again filled her pussy with two fingers.

“Oh yes!” Shelby started to say over and over as her hand went to the back of April’s head and held her hair as she pushed her pussy lips into Aprils mouth.

April then took her fingers out of Shelby’s soaked pussy and placed them to Shelby’s lips as she continued to lick and suck her pussy. Shelby could feel and taste her wetness on April’s fingers and hungrily sucked them into her mouth wanting to get every drop of her juices. She loved the taste of her sweet hot pussy.

April lifted her mouth from Shelby’s sweet lips and told her to reach down and rub her clit then pushed her tongue deep into her wet slit sucking her pussy lips and running her tongue through Shelby.

As Shelby worked her clit, April reached up and took a nipple between her finger and thumb on each hand and squeezed hard. Shelby felt the pain shoot right to her clit as she rubbed it and April continued licking her. Her body went stiff and then erupted into the most powerful climax she had ever felt.

Her body seemed to shake and explode for ever until she finally reached Aprils hair and pulled her up begging her to stop as she was so tender and just couldn’t take any more.

As April came back to her face Shelby forced her mouth to hers and ran her tongue around her lips wanting to taste and lick up every drop of herself.

Then pushing April onto her back she squeezed her big tits together and sucked a nipple into her mouth. Feeling her soft mounds and holding her nipple tightly, pulling it with her lips and teeth she sank two fingers hard into April’s waiting pussy.

“That’s it baby!” April screamed, “That’s it! Take me hard baby! Show me how wild you really are!”

Shelby then moved down between April’s legs and opening her lips with her thumbs drove her tongue into her swollen wet pussy. The feel of Shelby’s mouth and tongue on her combined with the passion and aggression of Shelby was more than April could take as her body exploded and she filled Shelby’s mouth and face with her sweet juices.

The two held each other and kissed without speaking as their breathing slowly returned to normal. Shelby looked into April’s eyes and with a big grin whispered, “Maybe being a lesbian wouldn’t be so awful.”

April laughed and pinched her nipple as she told her she was an animal. They both laughed and then just cuddled until they fell asleep.

Chapter Two soon

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