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The Dance Instructor

One last pass and I’m done for the night. Honey smiled to herself, eyeing her now sparkling floor. She was a pole dance teacher, and a successful one at that. People came from far and wide to be taught by her. And if the price was right, she'd even give private lessons.

Just then, she heard a door bell. What the fu--? she thought as she whirled around to investigate who could’ve just barged in on her. A quaint little couple stood, apologetically, in the foyer. The man and woman were about the same height. Both were attractive with beautiful forms, but that didn’t stop her anger from being aroused. Blast! “I’m sorry … we’re closed. Didn’t you see the sign?”

“I apologize …” the man began. His voice was husky and deep. Sensual … or it would be, if she weren’t so upset with the intrusion. “We were just hoping for a …”

“For a late night lesson?” Honey interrupted, waving her hand in dismissal. “As I already said, we’re cl--”

“Oh, please.” The woman interrupted her timidly. Honey eyed her sharply. The woman blushed three shades of red under Honey’s scrutiny “Please will you give me a lesson. I am willing to do anything …”

“Anything I ask?” Honey couldn’t help grinning wickedly as she began picturing the possibilities. The woman looked quizzical and unsure but nodded her answer. “I’ll be glad to give you the lesson under one condition.”

“She’ll do anything you ask of her.” the man piped up, eager to the show going.

Honey chuckled, displaying two rows of perfect white teeth. “That’s my condition.”

“I’m sorry? What’s your condition?”

The man was puzzled and clearly used to getting his own way. “You both allow me to use you as I please for the evening.” She shifted her gaze from one to the other. “And nothing leaves this building. So, are we good?” The couple exchanged glances and nodded dumbly.

“Mmm … good. Now, let’s begin shall we?” Honey locked the front door and motioned the others to follow. “This is going to be painless … for me. I will get off tonight. You, maybe.” She turned and flashed a wicked grin, as she rested her hand on the closest pole. “This is a pole. Sit.” She directed the man. He hurried to comply. As he neared the floor, Honey knocked his feet from underneath him and secured his hands around the pole with a shiny pair of cuffs. He rewarded her with a grunt.

“What the he-?” He tried protesting.

He didn’t get very far, as Honey shoved one of her thigh-high stockings in his mouth. “Your role tonight is to shut up, observe, and then get it up. Trust me, your girl will get a lesson.”

“And you …” Honey smiled seductively at the woman, as she slinked her way toward her. “For you, I have something special in mind.” Honey ran her eyes over the woman’s body, taking in her curves and clothing choices. “Hmm … your shirt is too long. It must go.” She said, ripping it from the woman’s body. Then, she slipped a hand beneath the woman’s skirt. A lot of wet but no panties. “Mmm … I love a woman that’s prepared. Go to the pole where your man is.”

The woman kept her eyes on the floor as she walked to the pole. Honey grabbed the woman’s leg and lifted it high over the man’s head. “Now, come closer. Rub your pussy on his face. Let him smell your flavor.”

Honey watched the couple for a while, knowing the woman was enjoying the stimulation. She would be getting more and more aroused with every motion. Suddenly, Honey noticed the bulge in the man’s pants. Hmm … wonder how much he can stand.

Honey grabbed the woman by her hair, pulled her close and pushed her to her knees. Grinning at the man like the Cheshire cat, she shoved the woman’s face in her shaven pussy. “Eat my pussy. Make me cum.”

The woman was timid in her approach at first, as if she had never eaten pussy before. However, before too long she was greedily sucking Honey’s clit and licking her pussy. Honey writhed with arousal, and soon found herself fucking the woman’s face. As she came, she looked to the poor handcuffed man and saw the agony in his eyes. His erection now looked as if a tree had sprung up and took residence in his pants. “Mmm … that was amazing. I will have to reward you for giving me such pleasure.” Honey disappeared behind a curtain for a few seconds and returned with a long purple dildo. She handed the toy to the woman and instructed her to sit across from her partner. “Fuck yourself. Let him watch you pleasure yourself. Maybe he will learn how a woman should be pleased.”

The woman obediently began to fuck herself with the toy, slowly at first. With every movement, her arousal increased and so did the pace. Faster and harder. Within minutes, she showered the man with her juices, leaving her panting and sweating. “Thank you.” the woman breathed.

“Mmm … very nice.” Honey smiled sweetly, again noting the man’s erection. “Shall we allow him to cum?” The woman smiled up at Honey. “He has been very good, hasn‘t he?”

The woman nodded emphatically, as Honey took her stockings from the man’s mouth. “I will release you now.”

“Thank you.” the man muttered, glad to be free of his binds. “Quite a show.”

As Honey unlocked the handcuffs, she whispered in his ear, “Take her out front of my studio. Make her cum again. Then, fill her pussy full. I will consider that payment for a regularly scheduled class. It starts at four o’ clock in the afternoon. Tell her to be here tomorrow.”

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