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The Driving Test - Part 3

Part 3 The Adventures of Devious Jennie
Where is he? I wondered. I ran a hand through my long black hair, myeyes fixed on the entrance to the pub. Alex had gone into there around ten minutes ago, and he should have been back by now. My hand fidgeted nervously with the buttons on my coat, as I felt the cool evening breeze caress the bare skin of my legs.

A smirk played across my lips as my fingertips stroked playfully across the stockings I was wearing. Alex will be pleased, I thought. I’d decked out my voluptuous form with the sexiest outfit my extensive wardrobe could muster. It was a saucy red and black lacy trimmed bra complete with matching panties, stockings, and suspenders. Alex loved when I wore it, and it made me feel incredibly sexy to see his lustful eyes drink in my luscious curves. It wasn’t the only sexy outfit he liked. I did have quite the collection.

The plan for the night was running through my head repeatedly. I had detailed out this little sexual escapade long in advance, Alex bless him was completely oblivious. My mind flashed back to three weeks ago, a little giggle escaped my lips as I remembered finding out about Alex’s secret desire for men. I had been shopping online for lingerie at the time when I pulled up the history tab. To my surprise, I saw a link to a porn site.

I had gasped as I thought, how could he be looking at porn when he had me? Then I opened the link, and my jaw dropped. He was checking out gay porn! The clip had jumped straight into the action; a heavily muscled guy was entwined with a much younger man on a couch. The younger man was lying on his back. His legs were wrapped around the older man as he was being fucked hard; sweat glistening on their writhing muscular bodies.

I felt my panties dampen as the vision of the two men aroused me immensely. I remember I had ran upstairs to grab my vibrator, returning and giving myself two fantastic orgasms. I had always been aroused by gay sex and upon finding out Alex’s keen interest in it a devious plan sprouted in my mind...

The next day I arranged a meeting with a close friend of mine at the local gym he usually frequented. Aaron was a fitness freak, keeping his body toned to Greek god levels of perfection, if I do say so myself. Despite being the object of desire for countless women throughout the town, Aaron’s palette was not only fixated on feminine morsels. He had confided in me that he also enjoyed the pleasure of other men from time to time. The younger the better he had said with a cheeky smirk on his face. It was also a convenient coincidence that he was a driving instructor.

I had known Alex was due to take his test for a while, so it was an easy thing for me to convince Aaron to take him for a ride. With the prospect of young cock on offer, Aaron had jumped at the opportunity.

After the test Alex had been a lot quieter than a person who had just passed their driving test would be. Despite knowing full well what he had been doing, I kept up a facade of innocence.

Meeting with Aaron the next day I had managed to glean the explicit details of their coital car journey. I had giggled, and gasped as I was told just how much of a cock-loving slut Alex was. I told him that Alex, and I were going to be camping in the site near to Aaron’s house. Thus, a plan was formulated to get Alex and him together again, but this time I would be there to show Alex who really owned his ass...

Just then the door of the pub opened, and two figures strode out into the night.

“Here’s my slut,” I whispered to myself as I watched Alex and Aaron leave the pub. I slipped behind the wall I was leaning on, making sure that Alex didn’t spot me.

I watched them with baited breath as they walked together down the street, making their way towards Adams house. I opened my bag and reached in with my hand, feeling around to make sure my surprise was there. A grin spread across my face as my hand curled around a long, thick rubber object.

“Mmm, Alex will definitely be pleased,” I giggled, closing my bag as I set off after them.

I tailed them for around ten minutes before they arrived at their destination. A new looking two-storey house. I quickly concealed myself behind a nearby bush. Peering round the corner of my hiding place, I observed them exchange a few words, before Adam opened the front door and ushered Alex inside.

I remembered Adam telling me to wait for a good twenty minutes before making my grand entrance, so I took my time to prepare. Making sure there were no-one watching, I opened my bag and took out my surprise. I held it up to my face, admiring its length and thickness.

“Mmm, this should make my little slut happy.” I smiled to myself as I began to put it on under my coat, making sure it was hidden. Once I was happy with the fit I crept up to the house, making sure I could not be seen from the window.

“You’re so big! You belong in my ass!” A voice that was unmistakeably Alex’s, rang out from the house. I covered my mouth with my hand, stifling a giggle as I heard more profanities coming from inside.

I couldn’t wait anymore, I moved over to the door, gripping the doorknob with my hand. Pushing the door open, I tiptoed silently inside. I heard moans and groans echoing from the living room, the sound of flesh slapping together reverberating around the house. I moved to the living room door, waiting to pick my moment to reveal myself.

“Nail me to the couch! Fuck me!” Perfect! I put the most shocked look I could on my face, and firmly pushed the door open. I gasped in shock and arousal as I surveyed the scene in front of me.

Alex stared at me in shock, his mouth gaped open in horror. He was straddling Aaron on the couch, his body dripping with sweat, as he was impaled ass first on Aaron’s cock.

“What do we have here Alex?” I asked, a devious grin beginning to spread over my face.

“I-I don’t. It-it’s not...” Alex stammered.

“Don’t lie to me slut!” I yelled, my voice sounding more severe than I intended.

I strode over to his terrified form, shrugging off my coat to reveal my stunning lingerie clad body. Reaching down I cupped his stubbly chiselled chin in my hand.

“How could you fuck another man and not tell me first you naughty slut?” I giggled, lifting his face up so that he could see my sexy curves.

“B-but. I-I don’t,” Alex said, his voice still filled with terror.

“I’m going to have to teach you who really owns your ass!” I gave him a quick kiss on the lips before standing back, letting him see the strap-on wrapped round my slim waist.

He eyed the object with a mix of wariness and intrigue as he detached himself from Aaron’s crotch.

“You’re going to fuck me?” he blurted out.

“You catch on quick,” I said sarcastically, as I strode seductively round the couch to face him. Aaron, who had been watching the scene with a look of consummate amusement, finally piped up.

“I’ll leave you two to it,” he said, standing up and attempting to leave.

“No!” I commanded. “You’re not going anywhere!”

He sat back down, more amused than shocked at my demands. I returned my gaze to Alex, his glistening naked body laid out invitingly on the couch. I knelt down in front of him, my hand stroking up and down all eight inches of the strap on.

“Show me that ass slut!” I barked out. He jumped to obey, lifting his legs up to show me his gaping asshole.

I shuffled forwards, moving up to him and placing the pink tip of the strap on against his fuck hole. I heard him gasp.

“You ready to get fucked slut?!” I asked, pressing the tip of my plastic cock against his inviting ass. I felt him shudder.

“Yes. Please fuck me,” he begged, all trace of trepidation gone from his voice.

I firmly gripped the strap on with my hand, and slowly pushed into him. I felt him moan, and squirm as I filled him up with my thick plastic dick.

“Oh fuck!” Alex wailed as I pushed deeper into him. I went as slow as I could, wanting Alex to feel every inch of the large plastic invader.

“Mmm, Alex baby your ass is so tight.” I placed my hand on his sweaty chest as I pulled out of him gradually, before firmly thrusting back into him.

“Oh shit yes!” Alex moaned out as I began to fuck him. I loved the feeling of dominating my boyfriend, knowing that he loved it in the ass only made things that much sweeter. Alex bucked his hips against me as I increased the pace of my fucking, his moans ringing out with each thrust.

“Mmm yeah, fuck his ass!” I heard Aaron moan out. He had been observing my domination of Alex, languidly wanking his hard cock.

“Bring that over here!” I ordered, motioning towards his cock. He moved over to us slowly, his hand wrapped around his thick shaft. I paused my pounding until Aaron neared the couch.

“Suck his cock slut!” I demanded, as I continued fucking Alex’s wriggling ass. Aaron stood over Alex, his huge cock hanging enticingly in the air. Alex let out a squeal like a bitch in heat, lunging for the huge dick in front of him. Wrapping his lips around it, he slurped and sucked on it, as if it was the last thing he would ever taste.

“Oooh Alex baby, yeah! Suck that cock!” I moaned out, feeling my panties beginning to soak at the site of my boyfriend sucking another man’s cock. I could tell Alex had a lot of experience with Aaron’s impressive rod, the way his tongue slid up and down the shaft, coating it in his saliva as it disappeared into his mouth once more. Alex's moans echoed throughout the room as he hungrily devoured the bulging man meat.

“Oh, fuck my ass babe!” Alex moaned out, Aarons cock slipping from his mouth. I answered his pleas by screwing his gaping fuck hole with all the power my petite frame could muster. His cock stood fully hard, waving back and forwards in response to my fucking. I gripped his cock firmly with my slim fingers and began jerking it in time with my thrusts. Alex’s response was immediate; he began to moan louder as he returned his mouth to Aaron’s member. His squeals and cries still audible despite the obstruction.

“He is so good at sucking Jennie,” Aaron moaned out, a cheeky smirk spreading across his face. I was about to respond when Alex began to writhe and wriggle, the cock he was sucking sliding wetly from his greedy mouth.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum!” Alex howled out, body beginning to shudder as he neared his climax. I gasped in surprise as his cock began to spasm in my hand, an eruption of his creamy load bursting from the tip of his cock. His spunk shooting out in ragged jets, covering my hand and his heaving chest.

“Mmm, did you enjoy yourself slut?” I asked, sliding the strap on out of his greedy man pussy.

“It was amazing babe, fucking brilliant.” Alex shuffled backwards to rest against the arm of the couch, his breathing coming out in ragged gasps.

“What about me?” Aaron asked his massive member still rock hard and glistening with spit. A devious idea began to form in my mind. I twisted around to face Aaron, a cheeky grin spreading across my face. I dropped down onto all fours, slowly and seductively crawling towards my target. My eyes were fixated on his bulging meat; his shaft was nice and thick culminating in a glistening, purple mushroom crown.

“It’s so big.” I breathed as I firmly gripped his thickness, my fingers unable to encircle its girth. I inhaled deeply, the musky masculine scent of his crotch filling my nostrils.

“That is so hot babe!” I heard Alex exclaim. I turned my head to face him, cheekily winking at him before wrapping my lips around Aarons cock. I used my lips to massage each side of his shaft, gliding up and down his saliva-coated monster before sucking on his mushroom head. I heard Aarons moan out in pleasure above me. Slipping his cock out of my mouth, I began to firmly stroke his shaft.

“Make yourself useful and fuck me slut!” I ordered looking back at Alex. I seductively bent over, teasing him with my perfect curvy ass. I gasped as I felt his firm hands clasp my ass cheeks, sliding down my soaked panties.

“You’ve got a job to do Jennie,” I heard Aarons say as he placed his hand on the back of my head, firmly encouraging me to return to blowing him. I took him back into my mouth as I felt the tip of Alex’s cock rubbing against my moist muffin. A whimper escaped from my cock stuffed mouth as Alex’s dick slowly delved into my honey pot.

“Your girlfriend is amazing at sucking mate.” I heard Aaron groan out above me. I wriggled as I felt Alex’s cock gradually push into me, filling up my juicy cunt. I felt amazingly slutty, being spit roasted like this had always been a secret fantasy of mine and now I was getting to experience it. I clenched around his cock as I felt him pull out before firmly thrusting back into me, his crotch slapping into my ass and pushing me further onto Simons cock.

Fuck, it felt amazing having both cocks filling me up. Alex’s fucking increased in pace, each firm thrust making my tits bounce. I moaned and whimpered as I bobbed on Aarons cock, my lips sliding up and down his thick shaft. Both men were groaning loudly as they used my supple body. Their hard cocks packing my mouth and cunny tightly. Suddenly, I heard Aaron shout out.

“Oh fucking shit, I’m going to blow!” He cried out as I felt him shudder, preparing to blast his load into my mouth. My eyes widened as wave after wave of spunk burst from his cock, his hot man cream hitting the back of my throat. Aaron’s voice filled the air with various obscenities as he came; Alex continued to pound my cunny hard making me moan as I swallowed Aarons cum. I pulled my head back sharply from Aaron’s crotch, feeling his hot spunk dripping from the corners of my mouth. My tight pussy clenched around my boyfriend’s cock as I felt myself getting close.

“Oh baby, keep fucking me!” I screamed out as I felt my orgasm boiling up inside me. Alex grabbed me around the waist, turning me over onto my back he slipped back into me. His arms encircled me and cradled me as he continued to push into me; I felt my pussy clench as I covered his cock with my juices, moaning and whimpering as I came. Our breath came out in unison, heavy with exertion. Alex collapsed beside me, his head falling next to mine. His arms curling around me again.

“That was amazing baby,” he said as he held me.

“I love you slutty,” I said, giggling as he pressed his lips onto mine, kissing me deeply.

“I love you too Jennie,” he said kissing me again. I knew he meant it.

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