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The Fair Boss II

One step closer to triumph
The light turned yellow so I slowed to a stop. Longest light in the damn county, I run it every time, but tonight it felt right not to. My hands were shaking, my nerves were shot. I wanted to turn around and bullet home. No harm done right? She didn't get rid of me when she fucked me, so why would she if I didn't show up?

A while back I almost got what I wanted. I want Tara. I want inside her. I want to look into her flawless hazel eyes as I make her cum.

Instead she fucked me. I loved every degrading goddamned minute of it. I know she liked it, she came riding me, even though she was the one doing the fucking. This time will be different though, because now I know more about her, I know more about what she wants.

Tara is a lesbian, everyone knows it. Everyone knew it but me when I made a pass at her that led to her railing me after the party till sunrise. I would've done it again anytime she called on me. She never did. After a few months I learned what everyone else knew, that she went for women. I thought, 'I'm lucky to have gotten that far.' Still I wanted more.

Around 8pm she called me, knowing I always answered. I went in to work every time she asked. Mostly because I hoped the call was about something else, but I made it a priority not to disappoint her.

The light turned green and I drove on. Turning back might make a point but it wouldn't put me any closer to my goal. I arrived at her driveway at nine, too early for any guarantees. She was at her back door, right leg bent and leaned against it, smoking one of her Marlboro Red 120's, making eye contact as she exhaled. I clenched my ass tight involuntarily, knowing that I was in for a reaming. Scared or no, it was far too late either way.

I got out of the car and approached, lighting my cigarette on the way. So nervous I could barely hold it, she spoke first.

"Hey there, little boy, started to think you wouldn't make it, I'd have to start without you."

"Start what?" I asked, fearing her answer would mean it would be rougher this time. I loved letting Tara inside of me, I loved everything she did with me. I survived it because of how she brought me down. I know my cock is the only one that's been in her mouth since she was in high school. That reconciled it for me. Now I was fearing the concept of her sharing me, of having to deepthroat someone else to stay in her favor. I thought, 'if that's where it's headed, keep those hazel eyes on your mind. It'll be okay when you get what's coming.'

I was wrong. She flicked the cigarette away and motioned for me to follow her. We stepped into her living room, and there was her girlfriend, fingering herself on the couch to a video of Gianna Michaels riding Sara Jay's face.

My jaw dropped, my cock popped against my shorts, and I looked to Tara. She was smiling, watching her girl work herself, then turned to me. "Go on, start jacking. You know you've barely been holding back since you saw me smoking outside. Tonight is about her, like last time was about me. You'll work that fucking pathetic meat stick for her, because she gets off on things like you. And while she gets off on things like you she works my pussy better than I do myself. If you cum before we tell you to, just like last time, it will get worse for you. Your work in this is half as bad as last time. Just keep jacking where she can see, without losing that erection or getting off. She loses her momentum if she sees either. And when she loses her momentum I don't get my rolling multiples from her... You know what you have to do if that happens right?"

"Yes, Mistress Tara," I recited. It had been six months since she heard/demanded it, but I had screamed that out every time I masturbated ever since; I was ready

"Ooooh you do follow instructions don't you? Okay, here's how this works. I'm going to fuck her, and no matter what position I lay her out in you will make sure she can see you jacking, see you wishing you were one of us. If you can hold your orgasm until we cum on each other, which will take time, she will talk you into it."

Appalled, I asked, "Talk me into what?"

"Into cumming on her face... mine too if you behave. Again, you will not be getting inside anything. But you can keep us from fucking you by following these instructions. Pump that pathetic fucking cock where she can see, do not let her lose eye contact with it. And when she's close she'll get me close, she's good at that.

"I don't want to let you cum. I swallowed you last time, and that will be the last time. In that moment, when she controls both of our orgasms, everything can change."

I couldn't think about anything but blasting Tara's face next to her pretty little girlfriend. I froze.

Laughing loudly Tara said, "Okay Elise, I think he's ready."

Elise finally pulled her hand from her pussy and spoke, "Alright, baby. Sit him down, and get to work."

"He can sit his own ass down, and work his own dick. Spread those legs E, let me get my taste."

I sat down across the room, making sure Elise could see me. Tara leaned into a kiss as Elise wrapped her legs around Tara's body. As they fell into one another I got naked, started working my strained cock. It felt so good to finally wrap my hand around it. Tara kissed and licked her way down Elise's body, from neck to nipple to belly button. Elise locked her eyes on mine, and I lost it. I started feverishly jerking my cock, squeezing my balls to keep from cumming.

I looked to Elise, her eyes were rolled back, Tara's tongue at work on her. I moved to the end of the wraparound couch they were at each other on. When Elise's deep blue eyes came round they were half the distance from my throbbing cockhead. Her eyes went wide, she grabbed Tara's dreads and forced her face in harder, bucking her hips against Tara's mouth, never looking away from my hand-wrapped cock. I felt my climax building, and squeezed the base of shaft to hold back my cum. My cock swelled from the blood flow and the denial. Elise saw my cock swollen, stationary.

Immediately she cried out, both hands pulling Tara's face out of her pussy. Tara's tongue still hanging out, both eyes open, Elise's squirt hit her right eye first. She quickly moved to catch it in her mouth and swallow as much as she could. I was reminded of her taking me down her throat just as I came, swallowing every drop without showing any. This was different, Elise came too much, and didn't stop.

Tara clamped her mouth around Elise's pussy and practically choked on the squirt she was swallowing. Still clutching my cock at the base, holding my cum back, I was barely containing myself. With one loud and final moan Elise's spurts ended, and Tara pulled back breathing heavily. I resumed jacking, unable to hold back any longer. Elise noticed, and bit her lip.

"Lick my ass, Tara," she commanded. Tara's tongue was an inch inside her ass before Elise finished the sentence. I clutched my balls to hold back the cum, no clue how I could possibly survive the two of them going at it.

Elise was humming, riding Tara's face. I was pumping furiously on my 6 1/2". I could have lived in that moment forever. Suddenly Elise pulled Tara's face to hers and they began kissing passionately, caressing each other's chests. Elise angled her head, pushing her tongue into Tara's throat, and opened her eyes, staring right at my still pumping cock. Tara pulled back this time, snapping Elise's bra off at the same time. She looked at me with disgust on her face but desire in her eyes. She seemed to catch me noticing it, and picked Elise up off the couch. Laying her down on the floor, Tara lay the other way. Too late I realized what was happening.

Tara entwined her legs with Elise's and began grinding against her pussy with her own. Elise was 30 feet from me when I wrapped my hand around my cock, now she was less that 25 inches from my dick as I worked my hand on it and reached towards her with the other. When I got close, she licked two of my fingers, and slapped me harder than I've ever been slapped while my eyes were rolled back in ecstasy. Instantly brought back, I looked at her.

"Keep jacking and don't fucking touch me you filthy pile of man-fuck-meat."

Tara laughed harder than I've ever heard her laugh. It hurt, it felt orgasmic, and it wasn't over.

Elise rolled onto her back from her side and Tara unlocked their legs. Climbing onto her woman, Tara kissed her deeply and passionately, thrusting 3 fingers into Elise as she did. Elise moaned, finally took her eyes off my cock, and slid three fingers into Tara's ass.

Tara came, and hard. The second Elise touched her anus Tara shivered, and the penetration sent her tumbling. Elise came with her, both of them moaning, bucking, and rolling against and around each other. They rolled toward me and ended up under me, while I worked my cock.

"Look at it, Tara," Elise ordered. "Imagine it exploding inside you." She thrust into Tara as she said, "I'm so close baby, are you going to cum for me?"

"I'm pretty Kuh-" Tara paused, biting her lip, quaking, "Pretty close, baby. What do you want to get us there?" Practically begging, just like I begged her.

"Let him glaze us, baby. The second it hits you, I promise, you'll buckle and bust harder than you ever have before."

"Oh-Oh--Okay, baby. I love you, Elise."

"I love you too, Tara."

I was so close I thought I'd never cum because I'd attained the unending orgasm. They both lay there, looking up at me, groping their tits.

Tara said, "This is it, boy, ready to blast?"

Elise said, "Cum for me, boy. Glaze us, cover my baby in your seed. Let her feel it first."

"Yes, baby, fucking blast me, coat me in your cum, let me have that load," Tara said.

I was brimming, hardly holding it. Tara locked eyes with me, and it was over.

Elise came first, squealing from her tiny body louder than I'd have thought possible. Tara started shaking, not quite cumming yet. I was there, but not letting loose yet. Tara pulled her fist out of Elise, followed by a massive moan and squirt. "Give it to me. Coat my face. Elise is rolling, fuck her. Give me all of it."

I felt I'd died. I came, Tara's eyes locked with mine, never blinking.

She took every rope to her face, moaning and squirting as soon as the first one landed. I'd been building this one up, so she kept getting rope after rope across her face. When Elise saw a smaller rope hit Tara's face, she put her whole closed fist into me without warning or hesitation. I screamed, and came again, Elise spit on Tara, shoved her down, and took her place under my dick. I kept blowing, more cum than I'd ever seen, let alone from myself. Covering Elise nearly as much as Tara, my cum was everywhere.

Elise rose up to me, I went for the kiss. She slapped me, hard.

"Bitch, you were told I am hers. Try that again and you'll regret it."

She held my face as she said it, then pulled me in for a hug.

"It's okay, but I'm off limits, boy."

She pulled out of the hug, angling so her cheek rubbed across mine and kissed me.

"I make the moves, not you."

She sat her pussy down on Tara's mouth as she ran a hand across her cheek, collecting my cum.

"Open up. You swallow it and I'll keep having her swallow you."

I heard Tara moan into Elise's pussy as it was said, and knew I was almost it. Elise's fingers hit the back of my throat and I sucked all of the cum off of them. She used her face against mine to force the rest into both of our mouths, we swapped it back and forth until Tara made her cum. Elise grabbed my throat and made me spit the cum onto Tara's face. I was amazed as I watched Tara twitch and cum from the impact of my seed on her face, knowing I was getting closer in that moment.

Elise climbed off of Tara's face, "Ready to admit you want to fuck the boy yet? I mean damn, you get off on his cum on your face, what more proof do you need T?"

Tara sat up, turned around, and spit my own cum into my face.

"Just a little more E."

With that she leaned up to kiss me, but instead licked the cum off of me. Once she had it all we kissed, long and forcefully. She pulled back and said, "Do you still want inside me?"

"More than anything, Mistress Tara."

"Haha, okay, baby, no more of that Mistress bullshit though. If you're going to fuck me we're equals, so this will play a whole lot different. Are you ok with making us equals?"

"In my mind we always have been."

"I know. But for this, to do this and be right with it... You'll need to play the part."

"Haven't I proven I can do that?"

"Not exactly..."

To Be Continued

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