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The Group Pt5

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Miss watches as Mr S introduces me to manlove.
Miss Burke poured out more wine and we sipped as she talked. She asked me if I liked seeing her and Mr S sharing love and I said that I did.

She said that was good because watching and being watched by other group members was an important aspect of being a member and would help me in learning the ways of love.

“And I know you enjoyed drinking our love”, she said, smiling coyly, “don’t pretend you didn’t”.

Even after several sips of ginger wine I could still taste the exotic cocktail of his semen and her cum. The room seemed filled with the heady perfume of sex.

Mr S asked Miss Burke if she had spoken to me of man love.

“I haven’t, Mr S”, she replied, "but he is almost eighteen and ready for it. You should tell him about it."

He asked me if I masturbated. Even like this, after all I had seen and done, it was an embarrassing question and I didn’t want to answer. He smiled and said it was okay, that it was normal to masturbate, that he did and he was sure Miss Burke did too.

He asked me if I had ever thought about men when I masturbated and suddenly I understood what was meant by man love. I had fantasised about other men, I felt ashamed and embarrassed by it but I had. I think my hesitancy to reply told him my answer.

He went on, “I am bisexual." He paused, watching the effect of his words on my demenour. "You know what that means don’t you?”

I nodded.

“So is Miss Burke. In fact all group members are bisexual. For us it is normal to share the ways of love with people of either sex. It doesn’t mean we are homosexual. I love women and prefer them to men but I like men too. What is your favourite fruit?”

“Apples”, I said, puzzled by the question.

“Do you like oranges?”


“So you eat them too?”


“Apples are not the only fruit. You like them best but you like oranges too, you don’t have to make a choice of just one or the other so you eat both. So it is with the ways of love. You like women and Miss Burke is your mentor but you don’t have to choose one or the other. You may prefer one but you can have both.”

Then Miss Burke spoke, “I love to see men sharing the ways of love. It’s so different, so exciting. I want to see Mr S and you do it. Will you do it for me, my Love?”

I loved her. I wanted to please her, to make her happy. I was out of my depth but I didn't care, I just wanted things to continue. "Yes Miss".

She said I should kiss Mr S. He was sat next to me on the bed. I turned to him and we kissed.

“That’s it”, she said, “kiss him like you kiss me”.

I opened my mouth, yielding to his probing tongue. Arm around my shoulder he drew me to lie next to him, keeping his mouth pressed to mine. A hand ran over my thighs and took my cock. His tongue squirmed in my mouth and I met it with my own, I copied him and grasped his hot, thickness. It felt so different to mine.

We lay together snogging for an age, him over me now, his chest to mine, wanking each other. Then he moved over me, biting and sucking at my neck, sliding his tongue over my chest, sucking my nipples. His cock had slipped from my hand and I reached out for it, wanting to feel it’s heat, it’s hardness. He pushed me back and held me firmly as his tongue snaked over my abdomen. Then I was in his mouth. He was pulling back my foreskin, sucking my swollen knob, fondling my balls.

I looked across to Miss Burke, sat alongside the bed. Her legs wide open, her labia splayed, one finger worked her protruding clitoris, one hand push a breast to her mouth, sucking her own nipple.

Mr S was licking the length of my shaft, sometimes kissing it with his lips, sometimes, swallowing my glans. I wanted to push into his mouth but his hands pinned my hips to the bed as he teased my knob. Then slowly he swallowed my cock, inch after inch till I pressed against his throat. It vibrated. He was making a low, guttural hum sending pulses of vibration through my cock. I bucked against him and he released his grip but pulled his mouth off my cock. He clutched it, pressing his thumb into the root, effectively blocking off the well of cum about to burst.

I convulsed, my back arching off the bed. My balls throbbed and my cock felt like it was on fire. My vision blurred and it seemed I was seeing stars. He maintained his grip.

“Hold it”, he said, “hold onto it.

I convulsed again. Now on my back, panting, my cock still burned but the welling subsided. He maintained his grip.

“That’s it”, he said, “hold it tight. We want to save that for Miss Burke. It will come again soon enough and lots more too".

Miss Burke squealed. I opened my eyes. She was standing with one foot on the floor and one on the bed, one hand parting her sex, the other jabbing sticky fingers into her hole. I wanted to kiss it, her hand, her hole and taste the cum slipping from them.

He stroked my legs, slowly, firmly down to my calves. “Relax”, he said, “let her do her thing”.

Middle three fingers pushed deep inside, liquid gushing over her palm, she came.
He relaxed his grip and my cock flopped flaccid from his hand and I watched her cumming sex.

“Mr S”, she said, regaining her breath, “you do that trick of holding back his love so well. Now let him taste your love. Put that gorgeous thing of yours in his mouth.”

He moved me across the bed, lying back. His strong arms pushing me between his opened legs. Kneeling over his loins I held his cock again. Thick stem topped with a purple glans, half revealed beneath his foreskin, a glistening trickle from the slit at it’s tip. At it’s root, smooth skin contrasted with his hairy chest, balls moving gently in his hairless pouch.
I sniffed his strong sweaty odour, inches from his trembling length then extended my tongue to lick up the oozing pre cum. He groaned and I licked his hot, hard knob again and again. I moved along his shaft, tracing my tongue over the varying textures. Soon I was sucking on it, bobbing my head gently up and down as Miss Burke had done to me.

She was moaning again, calling out to me hoarsely to suck cock. I needed no urging. I did this because I loved her and wanted to please her but also because I loved it.

He shifted under me, turning around, moving us to soixante neuf and propped on a pillow, he sucked me again. Connected mouth to cock, cock to mouth we rocked, thrusting into each other. Suddenly I was cumming, collapsing onto his face. He groaned, his cock seemed to swell even larger and my mouth filled with his bitter sweet cream.

Miss Burke sobbed, obviously making herself cum again, gasping to us not to swallow. Almost before I was spent she pulled us apart demanding that we give up our love in a kiss.
First Mr S then I pressed our mouths to hers, depositing the spoils of our work then, with our three faces pressed closely, we wriggled and wormed tongues, swapping cum between us. Exhausted I fell onto the bed and they took turns delving their tongues into my mouth till we recovered.

Mr S said I was a good cock sucker and thanked us both. Pulling on his clothes he said he had to leave as he had an appointment. I felt a brief pang of disappointment, there was more I wanted from him, more I could give him.

Miss Burke asked him to wait for a moment and went of to her kitchen. For a few moments Mr S sat on the bed next to me, stroking my chest, complimenting how I looked and my abilities in the ways of love. He said I had true potential as a group member and he looked forward to meeting me like this again.

Miss Burke returned.“It’s six o’clock. Still time to continue mentoring, my Love. Mr S, perhaps you would be so kind as to take us to the city centre before your appointment?”

“Of course”, he replied.

She told me to get dressed.

"We are going somewhere else to continue your mentoring".

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