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The house of empress Toya pt3

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The House of Empress Toya pt3


Two months have passed since I was taken from my village and brought to this prison for sex slaves; although there were no physical bars at the doors or windows and it was a grand palace no-one would dare try to escape.


We all still had to perform sexually with whoever wanted it when ever it was demanded or forced upon us, there was not even any gender preference from many whose right it was to take us.


Many of the slaves still struggle and cry, but most have reconciled themselves to the treatment and some even enjoy it including myself.


Yes we was slaves inprisoned for others sexual pleasures but we was fed well and kept clean unlike the slaves who worked the land or in servants quarters.


Today is a sunny and very warm day, the slaves where allowed to sit on a roof top terrace to enjoy the weather, as we sat there the tall dark beautiful figure of our mistress appeared with her personal slaves on their hands and knees beside her.


She walked over towards the center cushioned area and had her slaves remove her long flowing gown to show her bronze body in all its glory, there is no denying it Empress Toya was a goddess a true masterpiece of perfection.


She laid back on the cushions her breasts sitting proud on her chest topped of with her long stiff nipples that must have been affected by the warm breeze across them.


She summonsed a young girl and me to come to her and oil her body.

I rubbed some oil in my hands then with a trembling excitement I lay my hands upon her shoulders and began to massage the oil in.


Her skin felt very soft and supple I moved my hands down towards her breasts.

I let my hand circle under left breast then up over the top gently brushing my palm over her already stiff nipple she then let out a slight moan I repeated this on her right breast again to her pleasure I was then working a figure of eight around both breasts.


As I was doing this the young girl (about 16) was rubbing oil up and down her legs each time she moved up the legs the empress slightly parted them.

Belle (the young girl) was now massaging the inner and outer thighs again to the pleasure of our mistress as she whimpered each time Belle’s hands worked the inside of her upper thigh, belle applied more oil to her hands and now rubbed over the top the naked pubic bone as she did so mistress arched her back slightly.


My own hands was now kneading the wondrous breasts squeezing them as if trying to milk them, I noticed my mistress raise her knees with her feet still resting on the cushions, belle instinctively knew what was required of her and began to massage the wet area between the legs of our mistress.


With one hand resting its palm on the top of the shaved pussy moving in small circles   the fingers reaching down holding open the curtains to the treasure trove belle was teasing the clit and outer lips with her other hand.


I could feel my cock growing as I watched this young girl work her magic on the beautiful dark pussy of our captor, belle seemed very experienced in what she was doing so I knew this was definitely not her first time with another woman.


In a low quiet voice mistress told me to pleasure her nipples, I lowered my head and licked the oily nipple with the tip of my tongue then sucked it into my mouth, again mistress let out a moan. From my position I could still what belle was doing her finger moving up and down the glistening folds of pussy under her fingers, then she slowly pushed two fingers into that very wet hole exploring as they entered.


“Yes that’s what I want, pleasure me with your touches, if I fail to cum you will be punished” the command was made in a low breathless manner but we still knew it was a serious command.


I was circling my tongue around each nipple as I sucked them in turn, then I would pinch each one and pull on it, not knowing what reaction this would get I was a little worried, my fears was set aside when my mistress was moaning more and more with each movement me or belle made.


Belle was now laying facing that heavenly place I wanted to bury my cock into she leant forward and began to trace her tongue all over it while still fucking two fingers in and out, I then saw belle suck on mistresses clit, this delighted mistress very much as her back arched and she cried out in pleasure that she was about to cum.


This must have been a huge relief to belle as she now knew she would not be getting punished, my cock was now as hard as it has ever been, I was desperate for some relief myself, mistress must have sensed this because she motioned for me to mount the cushions near her head and she took my whole length into her mouth her expert tongue working wonders on my shaft, she then sucked on her own fingers and placed these at the entrance to my ass as she took my cock back into her mouth she began to massage the tight bud, the feeling was amazing although I was unsure of her intentions at the time.


Belle was pushing two of her own fingers into the ass of our mistress while tongue fucking her pussy, I felt the finger at my ass push in deeper and deeper I was surprised how good this felt even if it was a little painful and uncomfortable, this actually felt that good and with the sucking I was receiving I felt I would explode at any minute.


I was abruptly pushed away by my mistress who raised herself up and pushed belle to the floor.


Had we done something to displease the empress belle and myself looked to each other looking for an answer when our mistress then stood up and spoke.


“You lay face down there” she was pointing at me “And you girl sit there beside him and wait” she said to belle who did as she was instructed


The next 20 or 30 seconds was strange I heard nothing and could see nothing, then I felt a warmth run over my buttocks and down the crack of my ass.


“Massage that in well girl get him ready” mistress said to belle


Ready for what I thought to myself now feeling a little uneasy as to what was to happen to me.


I felt the tender touch of belles young hands over my butt massaging the oil in to every inch of my ass, her hands stretched my cheeks apart as she rubbed along the crack then I felt her massaging my sphincter, more oil was applied, I figured I was about to get fingered in my ass again so i relaxed myself as I did enjoy it before.


“That’s enough girl move aside and wait” I heard mistresses voice, then felt a blunt nudging against my ass.


“Now you fuck him nicely or you will answer to me peasant do you understand?”


“Yes mistress”


My mind raced I heard what was said from my mistress and from the male voice and instantly knew I was about to be fucked in my virgin ass and the blunt feeling was a guys cock trying to enter, I tensed at the realisation but this did not stop the pushing, so again I tried to relax, I knew it would be pointless to refuse as I would only get fucked anyway and be punished at the same time so one painful experience outweighs two or more.


The cock pushed deeper till I felt a sort of pop then a feeling of less pain and pressure, the guy did as he was told and began to work his hard cock in and out of my tight ass with each movement my muscles relaxed more and it was becoming more and more pleasurable than painful I really was beginning to enjoy this.


I let out a little moan of pleasure when he pushed into me. “You like that do you little ass boy” tormented my mistress as she lay beside me so that she could see every move of that unknown cock in my ass.


“Yes Empress” I stammered


“Then I think he can pace up a bit then” she said


The guy did pick up his pace a little and also began to drive his cock deeper into me he had a steady rhythm going I could feel his balls slap against mine each time he entered me.


“Right girl you may continue to lick my pussy”


Belle moved into position and began to suck that pussy again I could hear her slurping and new the empress must have been very wet still.


“Fist fuck me bitch I need to cum”


Belle did no more then to push her hand into that moistened tunnel and work her hand back and forth her other hand was working on the clit that was standing swollen begging for attention.


It took no time at all for the empress to start screaming that she was cumin and for belle not to stop.


The guy fucking me said he was about to cum too and the empress told him to empty his load into my ass, I felt the guy tense up a little then I felt his cock release its seed into my ass.


“Lick me clean wench then lick his asshole clean”


Belle licked happily at the pussy before her knowing she had made empress Toya cum twice, this gave belle a feeling of satisfaction, she then knelt on the floor behind me and I feel her tongue work its magic on my ass, through all that had been happening my cock was rigid but trapped beneath me.


“Roll over boy”


I did as the empress commanded and then everyone was able to see my cock stand like a pole.


“As you have performed your duties well boy I will allow you the pleasure of fucking this young slut” nodding towards belle


Belle again knew what was expected of her and positioned herself straddled over me and guided my cock into her hot wet pussy as she lowered herself down onto me.


She began to ride my cock and quickly built up a rhythm as if she was riding a horse,

I reached up and cupped her young breasts they felt a lot firmer than those of mistress although they was smaller and belles nipples where a lot smaller too.


I could feel the juices running around my balls belle was so wet she was moaning and groaning in pleasure.


“I like what I see, I will call for you both to service me again in my chambers soon” said empress Toya


Her words just passed by me I was to busy enjoying the tightness of belles pussy sucking on my cock for all she was worth, my back arched and my cock twitched as I felt my sperm begin to build up, I was now holding belle by her hips and helping her glide on my cock.


“I’m cumin” I grunted


“Me too” said belle and we both stiffened then our bodies seemed to shiver as the waves of pleasure swept over us.


“Lie down and open your legs slut”

Empress Toya then leaned over and licked belle’s pussy tasting the mix of our juices, and then she took my shrinking cock in her mouth and sucked it clean.


“That was enjoyable, now rest” with that said the empress rose to her feet had her gown placed over her shoulders and marched of with her personal slaves at her heels.


Belle slumped across me, I took her into my arms we said nothing as some of the other slaves cleaned us up we just drifted into a blissful sleep.





More will follow if people like this story and comments are left if I get no comments I shall not continue the story, Thanks to all that read it hope you enjoyed it and my other stories.   xx

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