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The Joke That Backfired, Part Four

The Joke That Backfired, Part Four

We couldn't figure out how she got into our hotel room.

The light from the bathroom was all that filled the room as my eyes adjusted to the darkness. I saw the pretty form of Melanie’s body as she approached the bed.

“Jesus, Mel, I can’t believe what just happened. Is it possible that my husband was so focused on getting himself off talking to me that he didn’t know I was being screwed by someone else?”

Melanie giggled as she sat on the bed between my legs, “Hell, honey, he got what he wanted and I’d have to say you did, too! It sure sounded and looked like you were having the time of your life!”

I wasn’t focused on what she was saying but rather what I had just verbalized. “God, I was being screwed by someone else! I… that really just happened, didn’t it?”

“Yes, Terri, it did. And the evidence is all over you.” She leaned forward and her chin touched my mound area. As I rose up on my elbows to see her more clearly I saw several pearly white gobs of cum on my boob and lower belly inches from her face.

I had just begun to breathe steadily and as I relaxed a smile spread across her face and I smiled back as I shook my head in disbelief. “Look, sister, I better get cleaned up and get some shut-eye. I think I’m going to do without dinner. We have a busy day tomorrow.”

“Don’t you want to ‘review’ what happened tonight? I do believe we have some pretty great pictures on both of our phones for posterity.”

“Melanie, we have to delete those! What if…? I mean, you know… I can’t have those on my phone. But I guess I would like to at least look at them.” I giggled, somewhat embarrassed.

She got up from the bed and I watched her affectionately as I wondered if my life could include a bisexual relationship with this woman who was more than a dozen years younger than me.

She bent down to get both of the phones off of the floor and the sight of her firm ass cheeks and the rear view of her shaved vagina sent familiar sparks flying again. I recalled how wild she got when Danny was fucking me and figured I could never get that dominant in a relationship.

Or could I?

I needed to show her how much I wanted her. Not just that night but in the future as well. I was determined not to make this a one-night fling. Therefore I thought I might have to show her how much I wanted this to continue.

So I got up off the bed and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back over to the bed. I flung her down on the mattress and once again enjoyed seeing her tits jiggle as she landed. She giggled and shrieked as I spread her legs and lay between them. With my palms on each side of her body I propped myself up and I felt cum drip off my tit and my belly onto hers.

Mel cooed, “We should clean ourselves up. Perhaps take a shower together.”

“We’ve got plenty of time for that. I think I want to wait until after I have to clean your juices from my face!

“Oh, Terri! So you want to taste your first woman? With me? I’m flattered!”

“Stop it, Mel! You’re the one who started this. You let me see your pretty body in my nightie!”

I rubbed my nipples back and forth across hers, hoping to see sparks as if we were both conducting electricity through our tits. I then shimmied my knees further down the bed and slid my boobs down her lower belly until my eyes were inches from the first pussy I’d ever seen this close up.

I savored the aroma of it; marveled at the glistening of her tan colored lips; looked in amazement at the pinkness of the semi-exposed hood of her clitoris. I knew in an instant that this was something I wanted. Not just now but into the future. And often.

I stuck out my tongue for the first taste of gal sex as she moaned, “Yes, Dear. Take me! I’ve wanted sex with you ever since I started teaching here.”

At that moment, we heard the ‘click/click’ of a door key entering and exiting the slot in the handle of our hotel room and it opened! My first thought was that it was rather late in the day for maids to be coming in to do room service. I was so engrossed in what was happening I figured that it wouldn’t be anything unusual for a maid to see lovemaking in a room that didn’t have a ‘Do not Disturb’ sign on the knob. Hell, if she was attractive and willing, maybe she’d want to join in! That would make for a great porno! I wondered if I could be in a lesbian porno. I giggled to myself that I was becoming such a slut after all that’s happened.

I rolled over onto Melanie’s right leg to see this maid. I wasn’t embarrassed at the position we were caught in. I was too charged up sexually to care.

A typical teenaged girl’s shriek: “OH MY FUCKING GOD!!”

Jesus! It was Penny Gordon from the Senior Cosmotology class! How the hell did she get in!?

The light that spilled from the bathroom gave the room a soft glow. We saw her silhouetted against the open door. And it was obvious her eyes had adjusted to the light by the open-mouthed and wide-eyed look on her face.

Melanie instinctively threw an arm over her boobs and the other hand quickly covered her crotch protectively. I froze, not knowing what to do or say.

Penny was carrying her practice Styrofoam ‘head’ which is used for learning and showing different hair styles in one hand and her pink equipment satchel in the other hand. She stared motionless and in shock and dropped both of them on the floor with a loud crash as her beautician’s instruments spilled out onto the floor. The blonde wig fell off of her modeling head as it rolled crazily in a circle on the rug.

She started to almost hyperventilate, balling her hands in a fist, then releasing, then balling them again. I jumped up immediately and pushed past her so I could get the door closed. As I did, I witnessed something I haven’t seen since I saw it on a scared kindergartener friend of mine. Back 35 years ago the nun yelled at her for leaving her folder at home and as my five year old friend stood there petrified, she wet herself.

As I got the door closed I heard the tinkle of water hitting the carpet! Her poor khaki shorts started to show the dark spread of urine down her inner thighs.

Penny stammered, “Jesus, God, Ms. Powers… Mrs.Harris, I’m so sorry! I… Danny said you wanted to see me and gave me your room key! I… I’ll come back later. NO, I’ll just see you tomorrow.

She turned to go… then stopped to pick up her things.

I was awash with a mixture of feelings: equal parts of embarrassment, fear, and frustration that I was again denied the pleasure of Melanie’s body. But in addition to that, I hadn’t forgotten how horny I was.

“Penny, you can’t go. Look at your shorts!”

She started to whimper and threw her hands up to her head as she looked down at her condition.

“You need to… let me get you out of those so we can soak them in the sink.”

I guess my mother instincts took over as I had done this for Nate a hundred times before he was potty trained. Was that the reason or was I envisioning something interesting? I knelt down and unbuttoned her waist button and started to unzip her shorts. She started to protest but I yanked them down her legs.

If I could get these off would her pussy look different than Mel’s? Would it be a lot tighter than mine? Would it look different because she was African American?

She started to back away from me just as her shorts dropped to her ankles. She stumbled backwards onto the floor and hit her head on the leg of the desk!

This gave me the ability to pull her shorts off her feet and as she threw her hands up to rub the back of her head I grabbed her blue wet panties at her hips and yanked them down!

We were both panting but for different reasons. There it was. Her light brown shaved vagina visible for a brief moment before she clamped her legs together to avoid my gaze.

With her hands behind her head, I heard the click of a cell phone camera taking a picture from behind me! I turned around and Mel was standing there with the camera and looked at me and shrugging as if to say, “Why not?”

Melanie picked up Penny’s panties and shorts and headed for the bathroom

Penny stammered, “No, don’t do that, Ms. Powers. I think can make it back to my room without anyone seeing me.”

We both heard the bathroom faucet turn on and she exhaled hard as she realized it was too late. She put her face in her hands and started to cry. Mel came out of the bathroom with two wet wash clothes and gave me one. She knelt down on the other side of Penny’s long smooth brown legs and started to gently rub her thigh. I did the same on the other. As I winked at Mel, we both started to very slightly part her legs so we could get a better look. As more of her sex slowly came into view she seemed to realize what we were doing.

Penny said, “Stop it! Seriously…my head hurts.” She reached down and pulled the wet cloth from my hand and placed it on the back of her head holding it with both hands. She moaned a little as the cold water from the rag must have felt good on her head. It had the comical appearance of her lounging on our floor as if she was on a hammock; drowsy but content.

Mel’s ministrations were getting bolder and Penny’s legs were separating more with each stroke. My sly teaching partner winked at me and motioned to the table where she had placed the cell phone. I smiled and knew what had to be done. Or at least what we wanted to be done.


Penny wiggled up on her elbows as if just waking from a dream and saw what we were doing.

“Mrs.Harris! What the hell are you doing? I never pictured you for a pervert!”

Just as Mel was starting to rub the cloth directly on her pussy Penny clamped her legs together, which trapped two of Mel’s fingers between her upper thighs with only the wash cloth between Melanie’s fingers and Penny’s pretty brown pussy as I snapped another shot.

I giggled as I swiped back to the previous picture which showed Penny with her hands behind her head and a smile on her face as Melanie was rubbing her inner thigh! Her pink scoop-necked tee shirt showing signs of sweat as it was plastered on her upper belly.

I shoved the camera toward Penny and said, “Well, it sure looks like you are enjoying this!”

“Look, I’m sorry I picked the wrong time to come in for some instruction. COSMOTOLOGY instruction, that is! I need to let you guys get on with what you were doing. I’m not into this lez shit. So let me out of he…wait. What the hell is that over there?”

She nodded over on the rug a few feet from me. It was Melanie’s black dildo.

“Goddamn you white bitches! You all want black cock! I’ve lost three boyfriends to white girls and that pisses me off! Can’t you stay with your own pink men with their little pink dicks? So you like that black meat, huh?”

She struggled to her hands and knees and crawled over to the dildo and picked it up. As Mel started to grab it out of her hand Penny pushed her over and threw her body over Mel’s chest and faced towards her legs.

“Does this fake black cock satisfy you, Ms. Powers? Who do you dream about fucking you when you’re using this thing? Kenye West, perhaps?”

Penny started slapping the dildo down on her groin area. Melanie closed her legs tight.

“Or is Barack Obama more your style? Open those legs! Let Barack drill your white hole! Maybe it will keep you away from a nice black dude who will stay with his own kind.”

Penny rolled her over on her back and grabbed one of her ankles. I saw anger in her eyes as she stared at me and nodded for me to help her. I sure didn’t want her to turn on me so I grabbed Melanie’s other ankle and pulled in the opposite direction.

Mel apparently wasn’t in the mood for playing games with a female student and struggled to keep her thighs together as she screamed at me, “Terri! What are you doing?”

We were too strong for her and it didn’t take long for Penny to get the dildo between her pussy lips despite all the squirming Melanie was doing.

Penny was drilling that thing in her pretty hard as she said, “How’s this BBC feel in you, huh, Ms. Powers?”

I crawled on my knees up toward Melanie’s upper body to get a better look at her pussy getting this pounding and thought to myself, “BBC? What has the British Broadcasting Company have to do with anything?”

As I watched Melanie’s smooth pert tits jiggle from the fake fucking she was receiving I couldn’t help but take advantage and grabbed her left boob and gave it a squeeze as Penny was drilling her good. I realized she wasn’t struggling as much as she was a minute ago so I let go of her ankle

I had gotten a great view of Penny’s smooth pussy from behind as she was bent over my friend on her knees. It appeared to me that while she was acting like she was only interested in delivering punishment, it seemed that she was starting to glisten a little between her legs. But she said she wasn’t into that ‘lez shit’ before so I couldn’t tell what her motivations were.

“Goddamn it, Terri! Quit helping her!”, Melanie cried.

“Shut up and cum on this black dick! Don’t you dare fake an orgasm! I’ll be able to tell. Did Danny like your shaved snatch? I bet he liked it more than Mrs. Harris’ hairy beaver.”

“Oh, Jesus, Penny! Stop that… I… shit… it’s in me so far! I haven’t cum in a long… oh, Gawd! That’s it!”

Penny was so preoccupied that I saw an opportunity and with my free hand I wiggled my fingers up the back of her tee shirt and unhooked her bra. She had gotten a better grip on the ‘balls’ section of the dildo so she could ram it in Melanie even further and her motions made her tits spill out of her loose bra. I just had to see what they looked like so I started to pull up her shirt to just under her armpits so I could get a good look.

Her light cocoa butter skin was in sharp contrast to her puffy ebony nipples as she swayed to the rhythm of her strokes. They were beautiful. I remembered what it was like being eighteen and busty like Penny. Her tits sure were high and round.

Just as Melanie was beginning what had to be a real orgasm I was so excited that I reached up and grabbed one of Penny’s pretty tits. She spun her head around and with fire in her eyes said, “What the hell do you think you’re doing, Mrs. Harris? I told you I’m not like that!”

With that, she let go of the dildo and slapped my face!

Melanie’s cunt muscles contracted around the now free dildo and pushed it out of her body with a ‘plop’. It lay on the carpet wet with her juices as her breathing subsided.

I was shocked at this treatment from a student and started to crawl back toward the cell phone so I could show that pic to her again. The one that sure looked like she enjoyed that ‘lez shit’. I needed to get her calmed down and listen to reason.

Over my shoulder, I heard Penny say, “Let’s see how you like it, now! It’s time for a change for you, Mrs. Harris.”

I couldn’t imagine what she thought would be a change for me. After all, she had burst in and seen me between Melanie’s legs

I felt her strong hand on my ankle as she twisted it to make me roll over. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. On the one hand, she was a student but on the other, I saw how she had made Mel almost cum with that thing and the idea of her doing the same to me wasn’t all that abhorrent. I was just wondering if I could take that big black thing without a problem. But hey, If Danny got his cock all the way in me I figured I could spread wide enough for Mel’s toy.

As I lay there on my back with my legs apart, I closed my eyes in anticipation. Then I heard a buzz. My first thought was ‘that’s a dildo, not a vibrator’.

Then I felt cold metal run up from my groin to my lower belly.

I heard Mel gasp. I opened my eyes and looked down and couldn’t believe what I saw. Penny had her portable hair trimmer in her hand and had run it up my pubic hair!

My jaw dropped as I rose up on my elbows to see a one inch strip of white between what was now the two sides of my fur patch! It was almost like a reverse Mohawk on my pussy! Apparently, when she dropped her beautician’s case upon entering our room all of her cosmetology supplies had spilled out on the floor so this trimmer must have been within her reach.

“Jesus Christ, Penny! What did you do to me?! How the hell am I going to explain this to Ken?”

“If that’s your man, tell him you’ve joined the 21st Century, Mrs. Harris. Women shave or wax now. I would think Mr. Harris would love it.”

I started to sob and tried to scoot back away from her and clamped my knees together. I looked up at Melanie who was kneeling behind Penny. She was alternating looking at her upturned ass and then at my violated pubic area.

She knew I had helped Penny get her legs open for the dildo fucking which I guess was her reasoning for now helping Penny pull MY legs apart!

“As she knelt next to me panting she said, “Well, it’s too late now. You can’t go home looking like this. Let her finish what she started, Terri.”

I slumped back as the logic of that argument wasn’t lost on me. I had to come up with an excuse for this and explain how it happened once I got home to my husband.

“Goddamn you, Penny! What gives you the right to violate me? Just because you saw something you weren’t supposed to see!”

I felt my legs part as Penny took another, slower swipe of the trimmer up from the left of my clitoris toward my hip… then the right side. Black tumbleweeds of pubes gathered on my belly.

Melanie got a towel from the bathroom and motioned for me to lift my ass off of the carpet so we could catch the shaved hair. Penny was on her elbows and knees between my thighs with her face a few inches from my pussy as she finished the top of my raven black bush.

Melanie looked on admiring the job and said, “Now be careful around her vulva and clit, Penny. Don’t cut her with that thing.”

“Hold still, Mrs. Harris. Spread a little wider. Pretend your lez lover here is about to eat you. We obviously won’t be working on hairy pussies in the competition tomorrow but this will be a good lesson for me in focus and concentration. I’m glad you asked me to come to your room to shave you.”

“I didn’t ask you to come here! And I certainly didn’t ask for you to shave me! What am I supposed to tell my husband? How the hell did you get in here, anyway?”

She used her fingers and thumbs to flatten my pussy lips as much as possible as she expertly shaved the pubic hair off of my puffy lips.

“I got the key from Danny. He said…hey, wait a minute. Was he in here with you two? He must have wanted me to see you two in action. Well, this type of trimming is a challenging lesson, I must say. I’ll see what I can do about staying focused.”

Melanie knelt behind her between her lower legs as she bent over my cunt with her pretty ebony ass in the air. Up on my elbows again I could see down the front of her shirt as her boobs dangled loosely inside her unhooked bra.

Penny started to giggle as she said, “Oh, I think I get it now. I see some of Danny’s spunk starting to drip from you, Mrs. Harris. Wow, he fucked one of his teachers! No offense but I thought he’d go for Ms. Powers here. Or did he do you both? This will be all over the school tomorrow. He said he only had eyes for me, that two-timer. But I do love the taste of his cum! Mmmm. Let me have a taste.”

With that, she stuck her finger in my pussy! She curled it and pulled out some of Danny’s cum and stuck her finger in her mouth.

“Damn, I do love the taste of a man’s sperm. You lesbians don’t know what you’re missing.”

Melanie giggled and pushed her ass forward. Her face pressed up against my freshly shaven snatch. Her nose rubbed up against my swollen clit!

Her next line was muffled but I think I heard her correctly. She said, “Well, maybe just a little more. He must have been in you pretty deep.”

The next thing I knew, this pretty teenaged girl had her hard tongue up my love canal! It was longer and harder than Ken’s tongue and my eyes rolled back in my head. Sex with a student! Sex with TWO students! Everything we were told never to even think about much less engage in.

Melanie got a squeeze bottle of lotion from Penny’s beautician’s case and winked at me as she squeezed a few drops onto her dildo. I started to roll my hips in excitement as Penny probed my wet pussy.

“Hold still, Mrs. Harris! There’s still a little bit of cum left in you. You’re pretty tight for a married lady.” Then she licked me ferociously.

The black dildo in Melanie’s hand glistened with lotion as she ran it up and down Penny’s ass crack.

“Hey, did you let Danny back in here or is that the fake black cock?”

She was breathing heavily as she slobbered on my pussy while Mel slowly inserted the dildo in Penny’s ass. I was surprised she didn’t scream louder. She must have been used to getting it in the ass. Melanie started to slowly stroke it in and out of her back porch as she expertly got it in there an inch deeper with every stroke.

“Oh my gawd, Ms. Powers! You’re making me so horny. I don’t think I’m passing the test. It’s so hard to keep my concentration on this lesson!”

I don’t know where I got the courage or gumption to say anything now because one wrong move or action might have broken this spell if I was wrong but I said, “Shut up and suck my clit you pretty black bitch. You’re as bi as we are!”

She rose up on her knees. I could see my juices all around her full chocolate colored lips as she stared at me intently. Mel stopped fucking her ass for a moment to see what would happen.

Pam shrugged and said, “I wasn’t until a couple of minutes ago, but this is pretty fucking hot! And thanks for the compliment. You two are pretty sexy bitches yourselves now that I’ve seen you naked.” She pulled her tee shirt and loose bra over her head and tossed them on the bed and bent down again.

With one hand Melanie continued to drill her ass and with the other got her cell phone and started clicking away. I fumbled on the floor and retrieved my phone and threw it to her so I could have some more shots for my safekeeping.

Penny wiggled her ass to the rhythm of the dildo drilling her while she moaned loudly. She rose up far enough to blow all of the loose pubic hair away from my ass.She dug her nails into the backs of my upper thighs until I got the hint and rose up a couple of inches off the carpet. She shimmied her hands under my ass with her palms up and I rested my butt back on them. She squeezed hungrily as she put her mouth back to work on my pink exposed clit.

Jesus, she was good!

I could feel what my body was telling me. I was building up to a tremendous orgasm. God, I haven’t cum more than once a day since I went through a manic masturbation period back in high school. I certainly haven’t had multiple orgasms in one session. Ken has always been ‘one and done’.

I could tell Penny was enjoying what Melanie was doing to her by the way her lower body was shaking. From my view up on my elbows, I watched as her perky eighteen year old tits were rocking back and forth. Oh, how I wanted to squeeze and suck them but there was no way I could reach that far.

Her mouth surrounded my clit and the vibrations that I felt from her moaning reverberated up from my snatch throughout my entire body. I attributed this to Melanie who was using her other hand to start finger fucking Penny. Melanie had gotten several pictures in our two phones, so had dropped them so she could concentrate on fucking our student in both holes.

Through a trio of moaning the pace of everything picked up: the writhing, the grunting, the panting. I was pinching and pulling my own nipples while I watched these two beautiful women. What they were doing was the trigger my sweat-soaked body needed.

I burst with the most wonderful, intense orgasm I had ever had! I collapsed back on the carpet and closed my eyes. Within a minute I heard the squeals of a young lady as she was brought over the top by the fierce drilling her young cunt and tight ass had received from one of her teachers.

After we had all calmed down, Penny and I walked arm in arm to the bathroom and shared a hot shower. I used a washcloth to clean her inner thighs from where she had pissed herself. There was some squeezing and cooing but we didn’t elevate it past that as we were both sexually exhausted.

After we toweled off I got my hairdryer and was trying to dry off Penny’s shorts and panties. We both giggled as we heard Melanie moaning from the other room as she was obviously enjoying her dildo. The poor thing hadn’t gotten the attention that Penny and I had received.

After she dressed and gathered up her things the three of us kissed good night and we let her out of the room. I hugged Melanie hard as we closed the door and locked it.

“Well, I wonder what tomorrow will bring.”


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