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The Lake 2

I could not have asked for more. Two female friends locked in an embrace of lust.

The Lake Part 2

The relaxation part was well deserved after all we, the three of us, Pat her husband Paul and myself had just fucked and sucked our way through a very busy day.

I was wondering how Paul would take it after all I was under the assumption that this was his first guy on guy experience or at least the first he would admit too. So I was unsure how he was going to behave.

I guess I should not have worried so much because he felt totally relaxed with it. As a matter of fact, he had just used the shower and it was my turn and as I walked by him he turned quickly. I thought, here it comes, but I was wrong. He grabbed me and kissed me gently on my lips, then buried his tongue in my mouth.

He then let me go and said, " god you’re good". I just smiled and said, "thanks".

We were all sitting around after dinner and there was an unexpected knock on the door.

There was not supposed to be anyone who knew I was at the lake so I was a little shocked. As I answered the door I was really surprise as it was an old friend of mine that I had not seen for about a year. Nancy had decided to stop by on the way to her lake house just to see if my car was on the condo lot. When she saw it she decided to drop in for a quick hello.

I invited her in and she was taken by surprise when she saw Paul and Pat sitting by the TV. We walked into the living room and for the first time I realized that the entire condo smelled like sex. I guess we were so into each we forgot to clean up the bedroom.

Now I began to get uncomfortable, you really could smell the sex, pussy, cum the whole package. Nancy sat for awhile and we started to make small talk but everyone was a little nervous. I could see Pat squirming in her chair and thought the whole deal was blown. I had no idea what to do and Pat was the first to make a move.

Pat got up and asked Nancy to meet her in the bedroom that she had something to tell her. Now I was worried. But the two got up and went into the room.

After a few minutes Pat came back out and said that to avoid any trouble or talk she made a deal with Nancy. Paul and I came into the room and really did not know what to expect. I knew Nancy was a wild one, but no group stuff so I was somewhat apprehensive.

As we got into the room Pat looked at us and said "I was honest, I told Nancy what we were doing today, I explained how you two were sucking each other off".

I thought great I get to go through life as a cocksucker now.

Then Pat said, "Nancy wants to see it, or she will tell".

I did not believe she would snitch cause Nancy was not the type, but I knew she wanted to see two guys blow each other. Paul and I looked at each other and said "why not"

But I insisted that Pat get into the payback also. I asked Nancy if she wanted her pussy sucked, by Pat. After the reply we were off to the races.

Paul and I waited and Pat laid Nancy on the bed and started to remove her clothes. First she opened her blouse and looked down at Nancy. She must have liked what she saw as she lowered her head and started licking around the edge of her bra. You could see her nipples become hard and stood out against the cloth of the bra.

Damn I thought that looks good. It turns out Pat had enjoyed watching her husband give a blowjob to another man, so much, she decided to make love with a women and Nancy showing up was the perfect chance for her.

Pat then removed Nancy’s bra to let her breast feel the night air, and another women’s lips. At first Pat moved slowly as if she was making love but the more excited she got her movements became quick and hurried. Pat buried her head into those tits and licked the nipples until they were rock hard; she played with one with her fingers and sucked on the other with her mouth.

I was frozen just watching Pat suck on those tits when I felt a tugging on the front of my pants. I looked down and Paul had knelt in front of me and was trying to get to my dick. It was ok with me. So I let him do his deed while I continued to watch the two ladies.

Pat soon got tired of just licking her nipples and started to work her way down to her pussy. I knew Pat was in for a surprise when she got there because Nancy always kept her pussy shaved. Slick and ready, as Nancy liked to say. I told you Nancy was an old friend, a real close old friend, so there is a few surprises in for Pat and Paul today.

Pat pulled down Nancy’s jeans and literally ripped off her panties and let out a low moan. Nancy’s pussy was shaved as normal and the lips to her pussy jutted out in a kind of permanent pout. God they looked good. I guess Pat thought so too as she went to work on her with her mouth.

Pat took her fingers and gently parted those pouting pussy lips and buried her tongue as far as she could. Knowing Nancy I realized that after a few minutes of this she would start cumming and this was going to be another surprise. Nancy was one of the few women I knew that when she came she blew a wad of cum from her pussy, and the hotter she was the more the load.

After a few moments Nancy started bucking her hips fucking Pat’s mouth, I thought here it comes. I was right, at first it took Pat by surprise her face was covered in female cum, as a matter of fact her face was drenched in it.

This was all Paul needed to see he pulled my pants down and stuck my dick in his mouth. He wanted some of the same I guess. The girls heard my moan when Paul started sucking my dick and they stopped and came to the edge of the bed to watch. By now both of them were undressed and playing with each other’s pussy.

They watched intently as Paul’s head started working on my dick, to be honest it was a rush to have two babes watch a guy suck me off. Paul did not want to wait for the cum this time he just wanted it in his mouth so he sucked with complete abandon. I started to wonder if I had turned him into a complete cocksucker because his actions right now I would guess, yes.

I tried to hold back as I grabbed his head and started directing him on what to do. I was fucking his mouth while he was on his knees in front of me. After a few minutes I felt the old feeling boil up in my ball and so did Paul. He stopped sucking as I started to cum, he just wanted to feel my dick explode and fill his mouth. I could feel my dick jump each time I shot a wad and the feeling was great.

The two gals went to work on each other after I was done and were busy sucking each other’s pussy. Pat wanted more of that girl cum and fast.

Pat had pushed Nancy down on the bed and she was busy sucking pussy, Pat’s head was under Nancy and they were 69ing each other with Nancy’s ass in the air.

Now it was time for the other surprise, I pulled Paul by the dick and I guess he thought I was going to suck him off. Not right now, maybe later. I had something else in mind.

I lead Paul over to Nancy and aimed his dick at her well-lubricated pussy. With a quick jab he inserted the beast into her cunt. He started to fuck her while his wife was underneath licking her pussy. Now that was a sight. I noticed Paul’s dick slick with the juice from Nancy and as I did not want to miss out I made him stop for a minute while I licked some off his dick.

Then I directed him back into the pussy to get all wet and slick again. As I knew what Nancy wanted next. After his dick was again slick and wet Nancy started yelling for him to fuck her ass. Nancy loved a good ass fucking but I am not sure she was ready for the big guy but what the hell.

I guided his dick to her ass and found the right spot. At first there was a bit of resistance but once past the first resistance the dick slid in with no trouble Nancy yelled but it was muffled as her head was still in Pats pussy.

Paul took no time into getting into this, as her ass was so tight and ready, he started fucking like a madman. It was only a few minutes and he filled her ass with a load of cum, this was another first for him, a dicksucker and assfucker all in one day.

Paul rolled off Nancy and you could hear his dick plop out of the tight hole. He just lay next to the two women and watched as they got each other off, orgasm after orgasm.

What a sight it was to see what an experience it was to have. I was watching Pat and Nancy finish off each other for about the twentieth time or so and wondered when they might stop. Not that I was in a hurry mind you but as it was, I was done. There is just so much a normal guy can do in one day and I think I was way over my limit as it was.

I guess Paul was feeling the same as he was lying next to his wife nodding off. By now Pat and Nancy were laying in each others arms gently kissing and licking the remains of each other juices off there faces. I went out and sat in my recliner and thought about the happening of the day as I dozed off. I guess it just don’t get no better, or does it.





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