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The Locked-Out Neighbour: Part 3 - The Wife Gets Hers

After a while, my wife manages to enjoy Warren's cock
I exited the bathroom quietly, hoping to catch my wife still naked after her shower, or perhaps slipping on her underwear. I don't know what it is, but the visual of a beautiful woman (or man, to be fair) slipping into something soft and sensual is incredibly arousing to me. Whether its my wife in some satin panties or Warren in his running shorts, the sight of naked flesh and material really gets me going.

However, entering the bedroom she wasn't dressing, but she was still naked. She was standing at the window, peering out, one hand clutching the sill and the other out of view. Given her soft gasps and the rhythmic movement of what I could see of her arm she was definitely liking what she was seeing.

As was my cock, which sprang to attention. Silently I made my way over to her and gently caressed her shoulder. She let out a moan.

“Mmm. You look beautiful. What're you looking at?”

She didn't answer, just jutted her head out in time with a further gasping moan. I moved my eyes and saw what she saw. My cock throbbed harder, pushing against the plumpness of her ass cheeks.

Warren was in the garden, cutting his grass. It had been a couple of weeks now since our weekend of discovery and, somehow or other, we hadn't really seen each other since. I didn't know if he was embarrassed by what had happened, him giving in so freely to loving another man, or quite what. Perhaps he'd just been busy.

I slipped my hands around her waist. “He's hot, isn't he?” He was dressed only in a pair of short cut-off denim shorts and some trainers. From the way his shorts were slipping down his hips, it was clear that he wasn't wearing anything underneath them. His shirtless torso glistened in the afternoon sun.

She nodded.

My fingers drifted lower, and gently pushed her fingers aside. “Would you like him to fuck you?”

She moaned, louder this time, and nodded again.

I slipped two fingers into her velvety soft wetness. “Does it make you hot knowing that I've sucked his cock?”

Her breath was ragged and she shifted her legs wider, pushing her ass out to me.

“Look at him. Imagine him here. With his sweaty, hard body. His proud cock, swollen for you.”

“Uh ...”

My fingers moved faster, in and out, my thumb rubbing her clit just as I knew she liked it.

“You want him inside you. Fucking you hard. Harder and harder until you scream ...”

With that my wife gave out a series of yells and I felt her wetness flood into my hand as her body writhed with her orgasm.

“You … You bastard …” she panted.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear. “Wait here.”

Retrieving some shorts that were laying on the floor I fled down to the back door and stepped outside. I waited until Warren was returning with his mower and then waved at him to quit.

He did so, and looked at me, clearly puzzled. “Hey. What's up?”

I grabbed my still hard cock. “This. You, uh, want to come in?”

He grinned, but then gestured at himself. “I'm fucking filthy.”

“Trust me. That's good.”

He shook his head and laughed. “You are one sick fucker, you know that?”

I laughed back at him. “Course. And you love it. Now get in here and fuck my wife.”

I let out another small laugh as he was crossing the fence as I said it and he almost fell over he was so shocked.

“Are you shitting me?”

“Of course not. Unless you don't want to ...”

“Are you kidding?!”

I clapped him on the shoulder, pulled him into the house and kissed him deeply. “She's upstairs, on the bed. You don't have to talk to her or do anything else. Just fuck her deep and fuck her hard. I want to hear her squeal.”

He nodded, his eyes ablaze with lust. I glanced down and squeezed the bulge in his shorts. “Leave these on if you want.”

Warren looked back at me as we made our way through the house. “Are you sure? I mean, really sure?”

“Christ, Warren, just get up there and fuck her, alright? I didn't ever think I'd have to tell you more than once ...”

With that he let out a yell and leapt up the stairs. I was close behind and saw as he slammed the bedroom door open which she must've shut. And there she was, kneeling on the bed, her back toward the doorway. Her head was turned back, hair draping over her shoulder. Fuck, she looked gorgeous, totally ripe and ready for action.

In one movement she pushed herself slightly up and leaned forward, parting her pussy lips with her fingers. Warren moved quickly, unzipping his shorts and freeing his impressive cock. He looked back at me and glanced at it. I presumed it was a shorthand way of asking if he needed to wear protection. I shook my head. I wanted his hot load deep in her, and I knew that she'd want to feel every part of him.

He reached forward and placed his large hands, stained green from his mowing, on her hips. The contrast between her soft, creamy skin and the rough green-on-tan of his hands was intense. His knees fell to the bed and in a single deft swinging thrust he impaled her on his cock.

Her moan was almost overshadowed by the deep guttural roar that erupted from Warren's throat as he pushed further into her wetness.

“Your cunt is so wet … Oh fuck yeah …”

I grabbed my own hard cock and pumped it slowly. I didn't want to shoot too soon and miss any action. I moved closer to his bucking hips, and encircled his chest with my arms. I nuzzled his neck, moved up to his ear.

“Yeah, Warren, fuck her hard … she wants it … Good and hard … Do me proud, Warren … Fuck my wife...”

I wasn't sure where that came from, but it seemed to trigger something in him – and her. He grabbed her more firmly around the waist and pulled her back onto him as he shoved himself forward.

“Warren … yeah … oh fuck yeah ...” Her utterings dissolved into a series of whimpered moans in time with each of his thrusts.

I moved back to his neck, and kissed his shoulders, tasting the sweat that was gathering there. I'd have loved to have spread his legs and tongued his hole but with his fervent fucking there was no way I'd get close – no matter how much he'd like it. But there was something I could get my tongue into.

Moving around the bed, I lay on my back, slipping under my wife's swaying breasts. Further I slid down until I reached the action. I was able then to flick out with my tongue and caress the soft folds above her clit, finding it swollen and hard. Her moans became muffled as I felt a hot warmth engulf my own cock. I thrust my tongue out quicker, darting it across, pressing into it, slicking its way down to meet her pussy, tasting their mixed juices. I could smell the musk coming from Warren's sweaty balls, the sweet nectar that was coating his pistoning rod. With some judicious manoeuvring I was able – for a short time – to get my tongue into her cunt along with his cock.

Her moans increased and I knew that she wasn't far off her second orgasm of the morning. Warren must have felt the trembling of her body as he picked up his pace, pushing faster and faster, filling her almost to bursting with his dick.

“I'm gonna fill your cunt … fill it up with with cum … Oh yeah … Cum for me, baby, tell me you like it …”

His words worked their charm on all of us. I'm not sure whose orgasm triggered it, but with a series of screams that must've woken the dead, let alone the neighbours, accompanied by Warren's guttural yells, her juices flowed and met Warren's flood of hot cum. Gradually they slowed their bodies and I moved in once again, determined to catch their intermingled scents. Warren slid his cock gradually from her, allowing me to clean it inch by inch.

My wife then shifted her body until her pussy was directly on my face, smothering me in their sex. Again I felt something hot and warm on my cock, which was then joined by another hot, warm sensation. Fuck. They were both sucking on my dick, taking it in turns. I felt a rough hand grab my shaft and begin tugging. I only lasted through three or four of those before I too let out a yell, my head flew upwards, pressing further into my wife's used hole and I sent out my own volleys of cum.

Gasping, I moved out from under my wife to find that it was Warren who had been baptised.

“Fuck, you look hot covered in my husband's cum.”

I looked over at my wife who was grinning from ear to ear. Warren, too, looked pleased with himself – tired, sweaty, his lips, chin and cheek spattered with my cream, but definitely satisfied.

“You know,” my wife continued, “if you're going to stay around awhile you may as well take those shorts off ...”

With a laugh he did, throwing them across the room before sliding onto the bed. My wife laid down next to him, and I on her other side. I laid back, enjoying the knowledge that all three of us were going to have a lot more fun in the future.

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