The magic beach

By kevinlove

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mind blowing experience
Fairlight glen, a lush green country park with a difficult descent to the beach. Well worth it though if you like naked men's bodies. I didn't realize that I did until I ventured onto the naturist beach. Felt obliged to strip off and found running on the beach naked liberating refreshing and downright horny, especially when I saw other eyes on me. Due to its relative inaccessibility, the beach can sometimes be relatively deserted apart from the very keen. After my run found that my cock had hardened, although still not erect at least twice its normal size. Found a secluded part of the beach, lay behind some rocks and couldn't resist playing with myself. By now fully hard and very content lying in the sun, was suddenly partly covered by shadow. Squinting through the sunshine I heard a male voice say,'mind if I join you' Embarrassed by my still erect penis, I turned my body to the side and said why not. Next thing this guy probably in his early forties sat down and started talking. His penis was normal size and it seemed second nature to him. I was hoping my penis would shrink but with this naked guy talking to me it seemed to just get harder.

Eventually I thought what the hell and laid on my back so he could get a full view. Very nice was his comment and now I could see his cock getting larger. This turned me on even more. How could I feel like this? I have a female partner and a great sex life, but here I was rock hard on the beach with a man.Suddenly common sense took over and I decided to leave, I just got up bid my farewell and ran down the beach as fast as I could. That same night I couldn't sleep, I kept thinking of this man and his naked cock next to me and kept imagining if I had gone to the next stage. My partner knew I was aroused and thank god she didn't know what was going on in her mind. She started rubbing my leg, a secret code between us inviting me to have oral sex. She is of Mediterranean origin and has a lovely shaved black cunt. As I was sucking on her already erect clit, my mind could only think of one thing, sucking that man's cock on the beach. It was driving me wild. As I sucked and nibbled my partner yelled out and had the most wonderful orgasm, inspired I am sure by the subconscious thoughts. I knew I was to revisit that beach very soon.

The following day, I checked the tide was out, it was a beautiful morning and I couldn't wait to get onto the naturist beach. As I was there early, initially I was alone. I quickly stripped off and as I pulled down my shorts my cock was already hardening! I couldn't believe how fantastic I felt, I quickly put my clothes in my rucksack and hid it behind a rock. I was now completely naked apart from my trainers and next thing went for a run on the beach. After fifteen minutes I returned to the same place behind a rock, laid out my towel and laid on my front. Still partially aroused I began to writhe back and forth and felt my cock fully hard. I gently massaged my cock between the towel and my belly moving my arse slowly up and down. I was really hoping my friend would return and just the mere thought got me rock hard. Next thing I heard the sound of somebody walking over stones but pretended I was asleep.

'Hi the voice said, do you mind if I join you?'

Pretending to just awake I said 'go ahead' and once again I was back in the same position.

'You are getting a red back, would you like some lotion'?

'Sure' I said without thinking of the consequences, or did I?

He started rubbing my back, immediately I was aroused and it was driving me wild. As he rubbed my back and shoulders, I squirmed and felt some pre cum oozing out of my cock. I thought if he moves down I will just ejaculate on the spot.

Again my conscience was pricked and thought get up and go, quickly, but I could not move. The gentle feel of this hands working their way slowly down my back was blowing my mind. Even though my firm buttocks were not affected by the sun, he suddenly worked down from the small of my back onto my cheeks, one hand either side moving in a circular motion. He must have know I was close to coming because I could not control a slight groan of pleasure and my arse was rising up and down without me being able to control it. There was still part of me that wanted to resist this apparently unnatural liaison but there was no way out. Next thing he had moved down to my rather muscular hairy legs and before I knew where I was he had pushed my legs apart allowing enough room to caress the insides of my thighs. I was frozen to the spot, he could have done anything