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The Network Boy (1)

How it all started! The nature of The Network and the people involved will unfold in future episodes


Do you believe in fate? That things happen to people because they are meant to be? Or maybe it is just sheer coincidence that seemingly random and mundane decisions can turn into life changing ones.

My life as a Network Boy began with one of those decisions, and a streak! An unplanned and initially unwilling one, but a streak nonetheless. I was almost eighteen years old and my hormones were as rampant as any chaps of my age. I was feeling happy walking through the park on that hot August day, a rare good summer at the end of the 1990’s. A new century was on the way and I was eager to start my adult life. I felt good about myself, I was fit, a keen swimmer and footballer with hardly an ounce of fat on me. My Mum said I was vain because I looked after my fingernails and didn’t need telling when to have a bath; very different to my older brother who had left home a year earlier, he was a scruff going through a hippy stage. I’d just been to see my girlfriend of the time, her name was Julie and she was the first and only person I’d had full on sex with. I was developing a healthy appetite for it and like most guys of my age, I thought of little else 

I knew however, that I was a little different from the people I'd grown up with, my masturbation fantasies had started to change. I thought about men as well as women when I did it. At first I felt ashamed of those fantasies, I had terrible guilt trips about the fact that my best and most explosive orgasms came when the scenario involved men, always older and tough looking men in tight leather clothes. Eventually I learned to accept my bisexuality, appreciate it and think of it as an advantage, I considered myself lucky to be a bi minded boy. I got an extra buzz when I was having sex with Julie by imagining leather clad guys watching us fuck, urging us on and then coming to join us and playing with the pair of us. I never told Julie about it, even when we spoke about our darker desires, that one was just between me and the leather guys!

So no, I didn’t plan my first streak or do it voluntarily. I got stripped naked by a gang of thugs in the local park after making one of those seemingly mundane decisions to take a scenic route home rather than my normal one. They were a horrible lot that everyone tried to avoid if they could. They were a mixed gang, sometimes numbering twenty strong and they always picked on people who were out on their own. They did get their comeuppance in later years as the people that they’d picked on got older and bigger but at the time they were formidable and ruled their patch without opposition.

Amongst other things, they had a reputation for debagging lads, throwing their trousers into the park duck pond, then hurling stones at their victim as he waded in to get his pants back. They went a bit further with me, they made me run around the park stark naked!

I was thinking about Julie, I liked her a lot, we hadn’t gone all the way that day but had been having a lot of fun doing everything else. It was such a nice day that I took the long way home through the park. If I had taken my normal route that day, not turned the corner into the park, then nothing that has happened in my life since then could have been possible. I would never have heard of The Network, never mind become one of its star players.

The main part of the park was bathed in sunshine and full of people enjoying the wonderful weather, but the footpath that I had to take to get there was always dark. That part of the park was heavily wooded and the trees blocked out most of the sunlight. I was walking down the path between some large rhododendron bushes when I heard a voice behind me.

"Hey pretty boy, where do you think you’re fucking going ? ”

Before I could answer or turn my head to see who it was I felt a forearm around my neck and my left arm was grabbed and pushed behind my back. The thugs came out of the bushes around me, another pair of hands grabbed me and they made it so that I couldn’t move either of my arms. I started to kick out but two more of the hooligans took hold of my legs and another started to unbutton my jeans.

“Oh Shit, I’m going in the pond to get my pants back” I thought in a state of panic. Panic turned to horror when I heard one of the gang girls shouting.

"Strip him to his undies, fucking take everything else off him “

They yanked my trainers and socks off and then my jeans were pulled down over my thighs and eventually taken off me, my attempts to kick out and wriggle free were futile. My new Led Zeppelin T shirt was pulled over my head and arms, my natural reaction was to try to bend into a kind of foetal position, this just made it easier for them to get the shirt off me.They didn’t make a sound the only voice I could hear was my own.

“Please, no, let me go”

The hands let go of me and I stood surrounded by the gang in just my boxer shorts. I felt like crying, or screaming out, I could hear the sounds of people having a great time in the park less a hundred yards away but in this dark and creepy area beside it I knew that I was on my own, nobody would come to help.

The girl who had shouted for me to be stripped stood in front of me, she started to clap her hands and walk around me.

"OFF, OFF, OFF! “ She began chanting in time with her claps

I was terrified, my eyes started to well with tears but I tried not cry, tried not to show how scared I was. She was a big girl and taller than me, she stood in front of me, looked down and put her face to mine, her breath stunk of cider and cigarettes. She gave me a peck kiss on the lips and laughed, showing teeth that looked like they hadn’t been brushed that day

"Take them off pretty boy, and give them to me, or these lads are gonna kick your head in good and proper and then set your clothes on fire” She pointed to my boxers and made a gesture with her hand for me to take them down. “You are gonna do a streak whatever happens, so you may as well make it easy on yourself”

So I took the shorts off and gave them to her, she started clapping and chanting again, only this time the rest of the gang joined in.

"STREAKER! STREAKER! STREAKER! ” The chanting got louder, she gave my dick a quick slap, laughed, then turned to her mates and told them to be quiet.

"Well, at least this ones got a proper knob, remember that last pencil dick one whose pants we took off? ” Her gang audience laughed as she slapped my arse. “Nice little butt as well, pretty boy”

She looked me up and down and my natural reaction was to put my hands down to cover myself, two of the lads took an arm each and pulled them behind my back.

“Oh look! A shaver! Fucking nice, I might even let you fuck me later on” My tormentor said, the thought of having sex with her made me feel sick.

Now that I was on full show my lack of pubic and body hair became apparent. I’d never had much body hair and I’d seen in porn magazines that the stars tended to be smooth all over. I loved the look so I copied it and had been pubic bald for a year. My Mums lady shaver was perfect for the job.

It felt strange but I wasn'tas frightened anymore, it seemed that now they had me naked that the threat of violence had eased a little.

"Well, what are you waiting for, what are you waiting for? ” The leader girl shouted into my face, there was no doubt that this big, horrible bitch was the one who always gave the orders.

"What do you mean? ” I replied meekly.

I knew exactly what she meant, but had thought that if maybe I acted dumb then I may get away with just being stripped.

“I mean, we are waiting for you to fucking streak! All around the park, then you get your clobber back no problem. And, no covering that cock, I want to see you flashing it to everyone ” Her violent tone had returned, the laughing from her gang had turned to threatening sneers. “Now, get out there and start fucking running”

I emerged from the bushes, totally naked with the whole park in front of me, the gang were behind me and they settled down on the grass to watch me do my first streak.

The boss girl told me the route to take, she told me in no uncertain terms that if I didn’t follow it, or if I ran with my hands over my dick then I wasn’t getting my clothes back, that the gang really would set them on fire.

I was to do a lap around the duck pond then run all the way up a long pathway with lawns on either side to a bandstand that was the central feature of the park. I was to jog up the steps to the bandstand itself and run around it, back down the steps and around two tennis courts, then I was to follow the paths in between a group of flower beds and around the parks café before doing the return journey to retrieve my precious clothes.

“Just so that everyone gets a really good look at you” She laughed and gave my arse a playful slap “Now Go. Do it, we‘ll be watching and cheering you along“

As it was such a lovely day the place was really busy, I was terrified as I started to jog around the pond and then onto the path between the lawns. Then I felt a strange surge in confidence as I ran and got a wolf whistle from a woman as I ran past her giving her a back view. I made to put my hands down as I approached the first people to see me full frontal naked, two couples seemingly out for a walk in the sunshine, the guys were smiling as I got to them, one of the girls giggled loudly behind her hands at the sight of the young streaker in front of them.

“Don’t cover it up, love. Let it swing” The other girl said and started laughing as I passed them on the path.

A group of lads who were playing football on the lawns started to cheer when they saw me, their girlfriends who had been lounging on the grass behind the goals stood up to see what the fuss was about

“Whoooooh Hoooooh!” One of the girls screamed out and waved for me to run over to them,but I wasn't going to stray from the directions that the bitch had given me.

It was becoming absolutely exhilarating, as my confidence grew so did my cock, it had hardened and was bouncing as I ran up the steps to run around the bandstand. With all the shouting and commotion that had come from the football guys and their girlfriends it seemed now that everyone in the park was now looking to see what the fuss was about. All eyes were now on me and I loved it, a potentially traumatic and damaging experience was turning into the best feeling I’d ever had.

I ran back down the bandstand steps and headed for the tennis courts, I’d been told to run around the courts on the outside, around the mesh fencing but I was enjoying this too much. I was getting brave and my dick was now fully hard. I opened the gate onto one of the courts where a mixed doubles match was taking place, two thirty something couples stopped their game to watch as I ran naked across their court and jumped over the central net.

“Sorry to disturb your game” I said apologetically as I went back out of the gate

“No problem mate, you’ve made my wife’s day. The game was crap anyway” One of the men replied with a smile on his face.

“Anytime honey, lovely arse by the way” His wife said, laughing before shouting after me as I carried on running. “Go for it honey!”

I only got one really bad reaction; when a fat middle aged man came running out of the café to chase me after seeing me run past the window he had been sitting at.

"Fucking flasher pervert! ” He growled at me as he came out.

"Sorry, its not my fault ” I shouted back at him over my shoulder. What I meant by that I ' m not quite sure, but it was all I could think to say at the time.

He was out of shape and fell over as he was running after me across one of the large lawns, the people who were sunbathing on there laughed at him as he slumped on the grass. They seemed to be cheering for me as they watched the Benny Hill type scene, the comical middle aged fat man giving chase to the young naked streaker.

I had been going for ten minutes or so before the park keeper appeared, he been alerted by the noise and found me running around his kingdom with not a stitch on. He shouted for me to get into the Land Rover that he had parked at the end of the main pathway through the park.

He eventually got my clothes back from the gang after I had explained to him that I wasn't a pervert or a flasher. He laughed when I told him what had been going on and exactly why I was running around bollock naked. I felt it quite odd that he hadn't told me to cover myself up, even odder that once he'd got my clothes he didn't give them to me. He put the clothes on the seat behind him and started to drive with me still naked in the passenger seat.

The park keeper turned out to be the real life changer of the whole scenario, what happened next was something that I had thought only happened in porn films. He drove to his hut type office that stood at the far end of the park amongst a clump of trees. It needed to be away from the area that the public used as it was where he stored all the tools and mowers that he used to keep the park tidy.

I knew that something extraordinary was going to happen when I felt his hand touching my arse as we walked through the door into the hut. It was a touch that wasn’t accidental. He walked across the hut and put my clothes onto his desk, then turned and came towards me.

“I shouldn’t do this, but I can’t help myself” He said as he got within a yard of me “Tell me to stop and I will, I promise you”

I was shocked by my lack of protest as he touched me, his hands started on my chest and slowly moved down before eventually he had my cock in one hand and was massaging my arse with the other.

“Say stop, and I will, I promise you” He repeated in a much softer tone of voice.

“No, don’t stop, please don’t stop” I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of my own mouth, the thoughts that were going through my mind, this wasn't me, was it?

I couldn’t believe how excited it was making me, that this middle aged guy was so turned on by me and I got fully hard again as he stroked my cock. I had to fight the urge to cumm, I felt that familiar surge but tightened up and held back. My body was still sweating from the running and his hands were dirty from working. My body was smeared with the mixture of dirt and sweat as he took his hands away from my cock and started to run them over my body, over my chest and then them down my back and arse. His breathing became heavy and he muttered obscenities about how I was a dirty, filthy boy making him touch me and making his dick hard. He started to kiss my neck and ears, telling me how lovely and sexy I was. I knew I could’ve told him to stop, but I didn’t want him to, no way did I want him to stop.

My heart was racing, and I got an amazing sexual rush through my body. It was a rush that was making me hornier than I’d ever felt before in my life, in this strange sexual situation where I stood naked in front of a fully dressed older man.

“Oh my God, I need to cumm, I really need to wank” I whispered to him.

“Go ahead, sweet, go ahead, let me watch you” He replied, and took a step back to do just that.

It only took a couple of minutes, it was the most explosive wank I’d ever had, my legs buckled and my body shuddered. I had to lean back on a chair to shoot and give him a good view of the cumm flooding out onto my stomach and chest. When I was spent he rubbed it into my skin with his dirty hands.

“Fucking lovely, absolutely lovely” He said, unbuttoning his flies and taking his cock out of his work overalls. "Now it's my turn, and your turn to watch me"

He took even less time than I had to shoot as he wanked off over me, spilling onto my body and repeating the rubbing of spunk into my skin.

“Fuck, such a smooth, sexy, lovely lad, where the hell did you come from?”

“Oh my fucking God!” Was the only reply I could muster, my voice still no more than a whisper.
 The familiar guilt trip hit me when I thought about what I had just done, this one was overwhelming, this wasn't a fantasy, it was real life.

He showed me to a small washroom at the back of the hut so I could clean myself up and get dressed. I took my time,it felt good to get back to some form of normality again. He made me a cup of tea and offered to give me a lift home which I accepted. As he drove he started to chat.

"You know, if I had a body like yours lad, I think I’d run around in the nude as well. You really enjoyed it didn’t you?” he was smiling as he spoke about the streak.

“Well, yeah I did, I was fucking scared to death at first but yeah, it was pretty great, and…” I hesitated, I wasn’t sure whether to tell him what I was thinking, I decided I had to “..What happened in the hut? Wow! I‘ve never done that before, never known anything like it. Y’know? With a man there, watching me”

“And did you like doing it? With a man there, watching you?” He replied, still smiling.

“It was amazing, the best wank I’ve ever had” I suspected he already knew that. I really wanted him to take me back and let me do it again and nearly asked him to do that.

He stopped at the end of the street where I lived to let me out of the Land Rover, then took a card out of his pocket and gave it to me.

“Here, take this, its got my home number on it. I know a lot of people who would just love to see what I have today. If you don’t ring it isn’t a problem, but I think you’d have a hell of a lot of fun if you do decide to”

Before we parted he put out his hand for me to shake.

“I’m Eddie, by the way”

“Pauly, very pleased to meet you Eddie” I replied with the handshake.

“Not half as pleased as I am to meet you Pauly. That was fate today, take your time but please think about what I said, ring me, I mean it, you won‘t regret it” He said.
I closed the Land Rover door and watched him drive away before walking down the road to home.

I thought about nothing else for the rest of that day and the next. Who were these friends he mentioned? What sort of fun did he mean? I wanked myself silly thinking about it all and what had happened. The following evening I decided that I would ring the number on the card. My life as a Network Boy was about to begin.


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