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The Network Boy (3)

After joining The Network, I get my first job, but first I need an outfit from NaughtyNess!

The night after my confirmation call to Eddie I had meeting with him and Jim at the pub and was officially enrolled as one of The Network Boys. True to their recruiting spiel, things had started to happen for me within a few days.

I was enrolled for a course of driving lessons which meant that I would be tested and passed within two months, courtesy of a network member who ran a driving school . I was offered jobs, the offers were open ended and I could take any of them whenever I needed to. I was enjoying my leisure time as a young unemployed guy living with my parents a little too much to worry about things like that.

I lived for the day and didn’t need a lot of cash for what I was doing which amounted to no more than keeping myself fit. Maybe a little later I’d think about moving out and making my fortune but during that long hot summer it wasn’t at the top of my priorities list.

I was given a mobile phone, gratis from the network, mobiles were just emerging as the must have accessory and were turning out to be a godsend for people who ran things like this organization. The phone was only to be used on network business, and was full of welcoming text messages from members with the numbers already saved and named in the phone's directory. Eddie told me that the only thing I need worry about was not losing the phone, the new technology in the wrong hands was the only real threat of trouble for the network.

A job offer that I did take up was to work part time in the George and Dragon for a couple of evenings a week. Initially Jim said, to learn the trade a little for the after hours parties that would be held there. Jim had decided that he wanted me as one of his bar boys for the party nights.

The bar boys served drinks and carried out the usual bar tasks, but it was the extra jobs that they did that interested me most. Performing for the party customers .was the bar boys main job, whatever they required sexually, they were there to provide it.

I was enjoying the bar work, I loved meeting people and the normal day to day customers were a good laugh. I had been attracting the attention of a few ladies and was going to follow up on a few discreet offers that I ’ d received. I was however a little perplexed at the lack of action from the network side of things and I told Jim about it.

"Pauly, don ’ t worry, you are new on the scene, it will all come in time, trust me. We wouldn’t look after our boys so well and then not use them would we? That would be daft ”

Jim slapped my bottom as I bent to clean the table he was sat at doing his VAT books.

"Funnily enough, as you mentioned it. I think I may have some news for you later” Jim said as he lit a cigar “You’ll need to get an outfit sorted ”

"Cool, what ’ s happening? ” I said, a little excitedly.

"I ’ ll ring you later, let you know all about it as soon as I do, now just get your pretty little ass over to the bar, there ’ s a lady waiting who needs a drink ”

The next day the phone rang in my pocket just as I was about to get changed at the swimming baths. It was one of the first calls I’d taken on the new fangled phone, I was really struggling with it. Every time I pressed a button it seemed to turn the whole thing off, this time I got it right and heard Jim’s voice at the other end of the line.

"Pauly, there’ll be a party on Thursday night. Your first team debut as a bar boy “ Jim laughed, he knew I loved playing football and that the reference would make me smile. “ OK, now listen. You need to sort an outfit. You know of a shop in town called NaughtyNess? ”

"The sex shop? Yeah I know it. Well, I know where it is ” I replied, the mention of the shop got me excited

"OK, go there this afternoon, the people who run it are called Chris and Bernie. They know you are coming and what you are coming for. Introduce yourself to them and they‘ll sort you with what you need. Don ’ t worry about cash, everything you get will be on account ”

"WOW! Cool, no problem, I‘ll get there later ” I said to Jim, I ’ d never said that word as much in my life, which was becoming full of pleasant surprises and WOW moments!.

"Pauly, before you go, a couple of things you need to know ” Jim said, in a way that told me to listen carefully.

"You are bi, I believe you told Ed?”

"Yeah, is that a problem? ” I replied, the question intrigued me.

"No, not at all, no problem. Women aren’t my cup of tea but whatever floats your boat is your business. But, it will be an advantage when you get to the shop ” Jim laughed as he spoke “ Bernie is short for Bernadette. She ’ s a bit of a vampire where young lads are concerned. She may want a demonstration with the outfit, you OK with that? ”

"I think I can manage ” It was my turn to laugh now.

"One last thing. The party is Thursday night, right? The night after tomorrow, cancel anything that you had planned and likewise for Friday morning. Turn up at the pub at about ten, I ’ ll be chucking out early, then you can get yourself ready for the party ”

"Fine, no worries, I ’ ll go to the shop this afternoon ” I said, I liked what I’d just heard.

"Good, good lad. You excited about it? ”

"Extremely ” I said, and I meant it, I was more excited about it than anything in my life.

"Good, that ’ s how it should be, don ’ t be nervous, be excited. You ’ ll be fine, be yourself and you won ’ t go wrong. See you Thursday night ” Jim said before the phone clicked off.

I got the bus into town, I knew the shop as it was the only place that you could get poppers. It was always a quick dash in, pay for the poppers and an even quicker dash out of the shop. Hoping that nobody who knew you happened to be walking past, this time it would be different.

They were expecting me there, and I found that very stimulating, so much so that my cock was hardening in my jeans as I made the short bus journey into town. I went commando and felt very naughty, I kept rubbing the bulge in my jeans and by the time the bus got to the station I’d nearly cumm twice.

I’ d been thinking about the streak in the park, it had made a couple of lines in the local paper under a headline “ Naked Man Shocks Sunbathers ” . I liked the idea of becoming notorious for it, I ’ d done a late night run down the High Street after I ’ d seen the piece in the paper. Stripping off in an alleyway and running two hundred yards or so down the street and back. There had been no people around on the street but a few cars had been driving in both directions, the danger was a buzz, of not knowing who would see me. I was determined that I would do it again somewhere, maybe get more daring. So I ’ d started to wear as little as possible on those warm days, just jeans or shorts, t shirt and trainers, just in case I spied an opportunity then I ’ d have less to take off.

It was a short walk from the bus station to the shop, the suspense over what the outfit would be like was giving me Goosebumps. There was one customer in the shop when I got there, he was browsing the video section. Chris and Bernie were both at the counter in the corner of the shop, they knew who I was as soon as I walked in and shut the door behind me. Chris was a good looking blonde guy of about thirty five, he put his hand out for me to shake.

"Pauly is it? I ’ m Chris and this is my wife Bernie.. ”

His wife was a large woman of about the same age, she was bleach blonde, her hair was long and straight to Chris ’ shaggy shoulder length cut. They both wore the NaughtyNess company shirt with the logo on the chest, Bernie wore a very tight leather pencil skirt to go with hers, Chris wore some fabulous leather jeans. Bernie came walking over with her hand outstretched in front of her, she had a sexy grin on her face, she was a good looking woman.

"Welcome to our sexy kingdom honey ” She laughed in a giggly way, took my hand and guided me through the shop as Chris served the customer with a German Goo Girls video. “ Let ’ s get you fixed up with that kinky outfit, shall we honey ”

Jim had been right about Bernie, she was a flirtatious woman and seemed like great company, she opened a large box and took out the outfit that I was to wear on the night of my debut. I was impressed as she took each item out and lay it on a table beside shop the counter.

Leather button fly shorts, Doctor Marten style boots which would fit about half way up my calves. I was to wear white hiking socks tucked over the top of the boots. There was a black fishnet vest, black leather choker collar with a leash link in the centre, black studded wristbands and black leather driving style gloves.

"Right honey, the changing room is in the corner, get your gear on and lets have a look at you in it ” Bernie said as she handed the pile of clothes to me, it was a bar boys uniform that their shop provided for the network.

I put the outfit on and if felt amazing, the shorts were skin tight and fitted perfectly, it was the softest leather I‘d ever come across and felt incredibly sexy against my skin. I had my reservations about the boots when I first saw them but they went with the outfit perfectly. Once I’d put everything on I looked in the full length mirror in the changing room. I couldn’t believe the reflection was me, I liked it, a lot.

"You sexy fucker! ” I said to my own reflection in that cramped cubicle and rubbed at the growing bulge in the shorts.

I’d said the words a little too loudly as it turned out, I heard male and female laughter coming from the other side of the curtain.

"Well come on then, let ’ s have a look at you ” Chris called out. “Let us be the judges of that”

I dramatically swished open the changing room curtain and walked into the shop itself, both Chris and Bernie wolf whistled as I appeared. Bernie told me to spin around to give them a full view.

"Hey, nice fucking butt honey, let me get a hold of that ” Bernie said as she came over and stood behind me, grabbing my arse with both hands. She didn’t let go, massaging my cheeks with her hands, I felt her breath on my neck as she put her mouth near my ear.

“Oh yes, honey. That is a lovely, peachy fucking butt” I got a shiver down my spine as her lips touched my earlobe. “I’m not going to be able to keep my hands off you”

I felt her hands move around to the front of my shorts, she left one stroking my cock through the leather of the shorts, the other strayed up to caress my chest through the fishnet.

“Nice, so fucking nice…” Her tongue went inside my ear and I almost turned around to give her a full on French kiss, I don‘t think she would have minded.

“Put him down, Bernie. He isn’t yours” Chris called out from the doorway.

Chris had locked the front door once he had served the customer and let him out of the shop. He disappeared for a minute as Bernie felt me up then came out of a small door at the side of the shop carrying a tray with tea, milk and sugar on it.

"Tea ’ s up ” He said as he started to pour hot water into NaughtyNess branded teacups.

The tea was a nice touch and put me totally at ease with my new friends. A reality check told me that I was sat in a sex shop with two people who I had never met before, wearing clothes that I would probably be arrested for wearing if I’d walked fifteen yards, gone through the door and onto the street! I was living out a teenage wank fantasy, and loving every minute of it.

The tea break also gave Chris and Bernie a chance to tell me a little about themselves and their respective roles in the network.

Chris was bisexual and a long standing member and organizer, he gladly provided anything from his shop when required. He had first met Bernie at a swingers party, like him she was bisexual, they were married within 4 months of their first meeting.

Bernie was happy for Chris to be involved with the network and she often borrowed network boys for her ladies night parties that were linked to their shop franchise. The boys would model the male gear that she had for sale, and then end the evening with a strip show, or anything else that was required of them.

Chris had lost his job as a planner at a local factory but got a very good redundancy deal. It had been Bernie who first saw the advertisement for NaughtyNess franchises in the area and they went in for one using the redundancy cash.

"Best thing we ever did ” Said Bernie, “ We both had boring jobs, now we run a sex shop. You simply can ’ t beat that honey, can you? ” She smiled wickedly at me over her teacup.

It turned out that they knew quite a bit about me, Eddie had filled them in about how I first got involved with him. Bernie loved the streaking story and went into the naughty, giggly way of speaking that I liked so much.

"That must have been so exciting, whenever me and the girls need a streaker I know who to ask ”

Chris interrupted and started to clear up the cups, he clapped his hands like a schoolteacher.

"Now, Pauly. How about a bit of practice?” He said to me. “You are gonna be very busy on Thursday night, you can start by carrying that tray with one hand. Take it over to Bernie, hold it about shoulder height with your hand fully underneath the tray, and make sure to wiggle that ass when you walk.” I was just about to try, but he wasn’t finished. “Then, bend over in front of her, give her a nice smile , make eye contact and pretend you are putting a drink on her table “

Bernie had gone to the other side of the shop sitting on a stool taken from the changing room. I walked over as Chris had told me to, he watched and said that I was doing well. I bent over in front of Bernie and she took one of the empty cups from the tray, she gave my arse a playful slap and left her hand on the leather of my shorts, stroked me, then slapped me again.

"Honey, the guys are gonna just love you and that butt. Now, lets see you strip” Bernie said to me. “You’ll have to do it at some stage on Thursday, so let‘s have a look, see how you are with it ”

The only available music was from the radio, which constantly played in the shop. I was more than happy to do the try out strip for them but the doubts about my dancing abilities still lingered. I was very self conscious about my lack of expertise in that department.

I took the clothes off gently and slowly, it felt wonderful getting naked, little by little with them watching. I started to stroke my cock in front of them, they were both now stood at the counter of the shop. Bernie lifted her skirt, she had stockings on but no panties, she started to finger her pussy as she watched me.

"Chris, honey, help him with that, suck his cock baby, please I want to watch you suck him off ”

Chris got down onto his knees and started to suck me, It was exhilarating, feeling his mouth around me. I tried to look away and take my mind off what he was doing to me, he’d got me close to orgasm within a few minutes of expert sucking. I couldn’t do it, I looked down and saw this great looking blonde guy sucking me whilst his wife watched and encouraged him. I couldn’t hold back and shot into his face, it gushed out over him, he licked his lips and ran his fingers over his cumm covered face, then put his fingers into his mouth.

"Beautiful, just beautiful ” He whispered as he sucked on each one.

Then Chris stood up and unzipped his trousers, he started to take them down but I stopped him.

"No, please, I want to feel the leather in my hands ” I said to him and he nodded in agreement.

I pulled his trousers back up around his arse and fondled it surrounded by the fabulous leather material as I took his cock greedily into my mouth. I licked the tip, took the shaft fully inside me, then tongued all the way down to lick and suck his balls, a scream came from behind me.

"Oh fucking hell boys, fucking Hell! ” It was Bernie, she in a frenzy as she finger fucked herself.

A stream of piss was arching out from Bernie ’ s pussy as she rubbed it harder, I ’ d heard about women who pissed when they hit the extremes of sexual excitement but had never seen it, it looked amazing.

Chris ’ breathing was getting heavier, Bernie got onto her knees, knelt beside me and put her face next to mine as Chris shot a heavy load. It splattered us both, then he slapped his cock in our faces as the last drops came out, he looked down to his wife.

"You know what to do darling ” He said, still squeezing his cock in front of us.

Bernie licked her husbands cumm from my face and I returned the favour from hers, he then bent down and kissed us both, the kiss turning into a hungry, three tongue snog.

“I wouldn’t worry too much about Thursday night. I think you ’ ll do just fine, Pauly, just fucking fine ” Bernie said, as all three of us flopped onto the floor.

Chris and Bernie straightened themselves up and decided that they wouldn’t reopen the shop for the rest of the day, they needed to dry out the carpet out where Bernie had wet it. I gathered my new outfit together but didn’t want to get dressed into my day clothes, so I decided I was going to stay naked for as long as I could. Chris suggested another cup of tea and we sat around the counter chatting, I just loved being nude in the company of people who were dressed.

Over tea and a cigarette they offered me some advice after I ’ d told them that I was worried about my lack of dancing skills for the stripping routines.

"Don ’ t worry about dancing, just make sure that you keep moving, keep that butt and midriff wiggling ” Chris said, with Bernie nodding in agreement. “ What you ’ ll do on Thursday, you ’ ll be eye candy, people will be watching you perform behind the bar, there are usually three bar boys and Jim helping out, it ’ s your job to get them all horny and to be joining in with the fun.”

I listened and gave my full attention to the advice given by someone who was really in the know.

“When you go to collect glasses make sure you get near enough for people to touch you, play with the other bar boys. When you strip, do it within the tables and amongst the people and just keep moving. The most important thing is to smile and make eye contact with people, and it’s always a good idea to pick someone out for special treatment. I promise you, they wont give a fuck whether you can dance or not, as long as you are sexy, and enjoying yourself"

He smiled and looked to Bernie for her approval at his guidance, she nodded slowly, then added one final piece of advice.

"Pauly, one very last thing. You were great once you ’ d got your clothes off, but don ’ t do it so timidly, don’t do it like you are in front of your granny. Rip that fucking vest off, tear it off, then rip it to pieces, they only cost a fiver.” Bernie lit a cigarette and continued “That outfit, apart from the boots is for wearing once, throw everything away to the men watching you. Cos you know what? Some horny old bastard will be wanking themselves silly over the souvenirs you throw to them when they get them home” She gave me a cheeky smile. “And here endeth the gospel according to Bernie and Chris, come on, let’s get this place tidied up”

Chris took a long drag of his cigarette before putting it out and start to tidy the shop, Bernie locked the room where the tea was made and worked on the till and the days takings. It was finally time to get my jeans and t shirt on, they offered to give me a lift home but I said It was OK, I would enjoy the walk back into town thinking about what had happened and what was to come.

They stood with me at the door and both kissed me as they unlocked it to let me out of the shop.

"I ’ m looking forward to seeing you on Thursday, it should be a good night and I ‘ m expecting a bit of personal attention, if you get my drift ” Chris said with a smirk on his face.

"Yeah, make sure you get as much fun as you can honey, you are a fucking natural ” Bernie giggled as she walked over the step to see me out.

I walked through town to the bus station whistling a tune and swinging the bag that contained my strippers outfit. It was fun watching people obviously on their way home from work, wondering what they did for a living and wanting to tell them what I did. Thursday night just couldn’t come soon enough.


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