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The Network Boy (4)

The night of the first network all male sex party arrives, will it be as amazing as anticipated?


Thursday night came at last, less than forty eight hours had passed between hearing about my first job at the party to arriving for it. It seemed longer, much longer. I got to the George and Dragon at the time Jim told me to, he was just ushering out the last of his normal customers and bidding them good night as I went in through the back door.

"Hey, our new bar boy is here,” Jim said as he saw me arrive, “Go up to the living room and get changed, the others are already there, I’m locking up and getting the place sorted, people should be starting to arrive in about twenty minutes.”

When I got upstairs there were two lads already in the same gear that I was about to put on, they nodded acknowledgement as I walked in. Also in the room was a stunning transvestite in a red PVC dress with thigh boots and a big redhead hairstyle to match, there were also two other guys who seemed to be keeping themselves to themselves in the corner of the room. Introductions were made, the transvestite was called Chantelle and she described her role as a mixture of hostess, DJ and comedienne. The lads wearing the bar boys outfits were called Mike and Jamie, they both looked around twenty years old, they obviously knew each other well and had done the bar boy business many times before. Chantelle told me that the two other guys were strippers who a friend of Jim had brought along with him. She said it was unusual but not unknown that a network member from another part of the country would travel over to a party and bring his own lads with him.

I’d only known Chantelle for a few minutes and I liked her, she looked fabulous and had a much better arse than most women that I knew. She spoke with a strong Liverpool accent which suited her smutty banter orientated act perfectly.

I eagerly got changed into my outfit and could hear voices in the pub below, it seemed like lots of people had been streaming in after Jim had locked the front door. Entry to the parties was via a door at the back of the pub. I mentioned it to Chantelle and then asked what would happen if the police were to turn up.

"Pauly. It’s fucking amazing to watch, as soon as Jim chucks the straights out and locks the front door, they all come out of the bushes at the back like fucking zombies in a film.” She spoke in her comedy stage voice. “Jim’s got a car park cleared in the trees out there, they wait for the signal and then fucking swarm in. And, listen to Chantelle.”

She took my hand and pulled me closer to her as if she was going to whisper to me, she didn’t whisper but gave me kiss on the lips before carrying on with her speech.

"Don’ t you be worrying about the local constabulary. Their fucking boss is down there with his dick hanging out of his pants, am I right boys? ” She turned to Mike and Jamie, who both nodded in agreement.

“Anyway, I’d better get downmyself andget them started. And besides, If I stay another minute up here with you lads and your cute little arses in them shorts I’ll have a hard on showing through me dress.” With those parting words, Chantelle went down the stairs, the heels of her thigh boots making a clip clopping sound all the way.

"Come on down boys, work to do and all that,” Jim shouted up to us a couple of minutes later.

I was hit by a sudden bout of nerves as myself, Mike and Jamie got down the stairs to make our entrance. As veterans of the scene they both knew how a first timer would be feeling at this point.

“You’ll be fine, just enjoy it,” Jamie said to me and gave my arse a friendly squeeze.

The place was filled with the sound of so many different male voices, chatting, laughing or talking over each other. There were lots of people stood around the bar and people sat at or standing at the various tables around the pub. I had never seen the place anywhere near as busy when I ‘ d been working the normal pub nights. Chantelle wiggled over to a small DJ stand and picked up a microphone, she screamed out for people to be quiet for a minute, her unique voice reverberated around the whole pub.

"Gentlemen and rough men, welcome once again to The George. Will you please give a big hand for our bar boys for tonight," Chantelle made a sweeping gesture with her free hand towards the three of us. “You all know Mike and Jamie, but tonight, we have a new boy on the block , his name is Pauly and I just know you are gonna love him.” Chantelle put the microphone down and everyone looked in our direction.

Mike and Jamie both did mock bows to the people around the bar, they looked at me and gestured for me to do the same, Jim went upstairs and left us to start serving the drinks.

Chris from the NaughtyNess shop was my first customer with a rum and coke, he winked at me as he took the glass and mouthed the words “Good luck“ to me. The bar was busy, it was a real buzz working with the regular bar boys and knowing that every customer was lusting after us. We made a point of touching each other up whenever we could whilst doing the job, the banter was good, all eyes were on us and I loved the attention I was getting.

Chantelle was running the disco of sorts, which really just consisted of CD’s filled with background dance music , she stopped the music to announce that the back door was now locked.

"So, if you know anyone who was meant to be coming who ain’t arrived yet, then tough titty! They know the rules by now. The door is locked gentlemen, and what happens in The George fucking well stays in The George.”

The door being locked seemed to be the sign to really start the party. Jim came back down to the bar wearing nothing but a dickie bow and a hard on; he got a round of applause after shouting that the drinks were on him for twenty minutes. The place was now pretty packed and Jim made a big show of coming over to each of us bar boys in turn and giving us a long kiss, then rubbing our cocks through the leather shorts, he loved the attention as much as we did.

He started to serve beers and asked me go and collect empty glasses from the tables, he winked as he told me not to rush back. I knew I was in for some action now as I lifted the bar counter to enter the throng on the other side. A few of the members had taken their clothes off, including Chris who was stood naked at the bar drinking his rum whilst chatting to a friend. He took my hand to help me from under the counter then grabbed my arse and started to kiss me as I stood upright. His friend, an older guy in a very smart suit joined in to make it a three wayer before they finally let me go and gave me a cheeky slap on the bottom.

I got into the centre of the pub and was stood in between two tables picking up glasses, I felt a hand fondling my ass as I bent to pick up and clean anashtray.

"Well well well, fancy seeing you here.” It was a voice I recognized instantly.

"Jesus, Mr Edwards?” I said as I turned to find out whose hand it was touching me.

"Don’t look so worried Pauly. You are obviously in the network, the same as me. I’m not exactly going to tell your Mum and Dad about what you do in your spare time, now am I? And for Gods sake don‘t call me Mr Edwards in here, it‘s Nick.”

I couldn’t believe it, Mr Edwards was a neighbour, a seemingly mister average pillar of the community. In his early fifties with a lovely wifey and two point four children at university. He was right of course, the network prided itself on the guaranteed discretion between the people involved in it. The only real problems would occur if immediate family found that they were members. It was strangely exciting to be like this in front of him, good old reliable Mr Edwards whose door everyone knocked on when they needed jump leads for the car. I decided that he would get some special personal attention later.

I knew that the agenda for Jim’s telling me not to rush back to the bar was for me to mix in and get to know people, and let them get to know me. He would be fine with Mike and Jamie looking after the serving side of things.
Jamie’s shorts had already come off and he was putting his cock into every drink he served as a unique method of stirring, it added to the flavour of any drink, Jim said.

The first of the visiting strippers came on and did his turn in front of the DJ stand on a small stage. I was actually quite disappointed with him. He was dressed as a cowboy and had a huge cock with a great body, but he just stripped, and that was that. Off he went as soon as his g string had come off and he had shaken his dick around once or twice. He never left the ten foot square stage area and nobody got to touch him. He got some polite claps and cheers from the punters but nothing more, they were used to better than that, as I’d seen in the video a few weeks earlier.

I chatted to lots of people as I brought drinks over and did all the other little jobs like lighting peoples cigarettes and cigars. The visiting stripper had not impressed them, the general feeling being that a cock as big as his had been wasted on such a tame act. I agreed and wished I had a cock like his, It was freakishly large, but shamefully under utilised in such a sex fuelled atmosphere.

I was really getting into the swing of things, loving every minute as it seemed that everyone wanted to touch me as I walked between the tables. I kissed and cock teased so many different men of ages ranging from mid twenties to late sixties. I lost count of the number of hands that fondling my arse and cock through my leather shorts and I kept being told that I would be a very busy boy in future as long as I stayed with the network.

The diversity of the network punters in The George that night fascinated me, some were naked, a few were dressed in fetish type outfits whilst others sat or stood with their flies undone. Some of the men were either topless or bottomless; but they were all there for the same thing, a good time and some horny male entertainment. Anyone who had their dick on display had it rubbed and stroked by me as I got to them. A few of the men sat quietly either alone or in pairs, others were in bigger and louder groups around tables or at the bar. The sexual exhilaration was rushing through my body and I wanted every single one of them!

There was a commotion and loud cheering over at the bar, the serving had stopped for a while as Jim was being double teamed by Mike and Jamie. The lads were stripped down to their boots, gloves and collars. Jamie held Jims head firmly onto his cock and was face fucking him, Mike was pumping Jim hard from behind. The pubs landlord was getting a rough ride from his bar boys, Mike was slapping Jims’ ass hard as he fucked him and Jamie wouldn’t loosen the grip on his head as he pulled him up and down onto his cock.

I stood beside Chris as I watched the scene, people were shouting for Mike to fuck Jim harder and screaming for Jamie to slap his face.

“I didn’t know Jim was sub,” I said to Chris.

"Oh yeah. He loves it like that does Jim, likes to be properly roughed up when he has an audience. You know what they’ll do to him when they’ve finished there? ” I didn’t reply but gave him a look that begged that he tell me. “They’ll drag him naked into the toilets and handcuff him around one of the pipes, and that’s were he’ll stay. He fucking loves it!” Chris laughed and kissed me full on the lips whilst his hand strayed down my back and inside the waistband of my shorts.

"And, Pauly, it’ll be your turn to put on a bit of a show once they’ve got Jim banged up. How do you feel about it?”

"Very excited and not at all nervous,” I replied, laughing. I was lying about not being nervous, but the nerves were in anticipation of what was to come, not dread.

I then put an arm around his neck and returned the kiss, putting my tongue as far down his throat as it would go.

Chris was absolutely right, Jamie and Mike swapped places a couple of times before finally both shooting into Jims mouth. Each one holding Jim's lips together after they’d pulled out to make sure he had swallowed everything. They then dragged him roughly down the small corridor leading to the toilets. When they returned a few minutes later Jamie clapped his hands for some attention.

"Gents, the bar has now reopened, please feel free to use the urinal provided for the rest of the night whenever you need it.”

Everyone around the bar cheered, knowing of course that the urinal Jamie had mentioned was in fact Jim!

Jamie and Mike carried on working behind the bar in just the boots, gloves and collar that remained on them, their vests and shorts had already been claimed. They were good at what they did, they teased, they danced and made a sexual show out of a simple thing like serving lager or getting the small drinks from the optics. Never missing an opportunity to bend over and use the bottom shelves and answering every lewd comment from the punters with an even lewder reply and a smile, they were people who enjoyed their work immensely.

Chantelle was still doing her stuff but it seemed like a chore for her. The music kept going off and there had been very little chat from her since the stripper had been on. She spent most of the time behind the DJ stand sat on her butch leather boyfriend‘s knee, snogging the face off him. Nobody seemed to mind.

I was taking a tray of drinks over to one of the tables when Chantelle called me over with an unusually worried look on her face.

"Babe, it seems that the other stripper has buggered off, he sent a note down with his cowboy mate, he said he didn’t feel too good.” She took a deep drag of the cigarette she was smoking from a long holder. “I think he lost his bottle, don’t think he knew what he was letting himself in for here, I keep telling Jim not to use outsiders. Won’t fucking happen again, anyway. You think you can do a turn for them? I know it's your first party as a bar boy but everyone seems to like you.”

I felt a hot flush run all through my body at what Chantelle was saying, it felt like being on poppers without going through the middle man of actually sniffing the bottle.

"Fuck , Jesus, yeah, get me on.” I was ecstatic. There was nothing in the world that I wanted to do more at that time than put on a show for all these men, to prove to them and to myself what I was capable of.

"Good lad, give me a few minutes and I’ll give you an introduction,” Chantelle said, then sat back down on her boyfriend's knee.

I delivered the drinks I was carrying then skipped back over to the bar to tell Jamie and Mike what was happening.

"They’ll have to come for their own drinks from now, I’m on, I‘m fucking on!” I said animatedly, making sure that all my gear was fitting me in the right places.

I had just finished the sentence when the unmistakable voice of Chantelle came over the loudspeaker linked to her microphone.

"Gentlemen, I’m sorry to report that our second stripper tonight has done a runner. You horrible fucking lot have scared him off!” She laughed as some boos and jeers came from the tables and from the bar. “But, as a special treat, our newest bar boy is going to entertain you all.” She paused, I think more to remember what my name wasthan for dramatic effect. “Gentlemen, put you hands together and get your dicks out for Pauly!”

I was taken aback by how loud the cheering, clapping and whistling was after Chantelle had finished the introduction. I jogged the few yards from the bar to the centre of the pub where the DJ stand had been set up. I looked over at the pool table that was regularly used as a stripping stage and decided I didn’t need it. I was going to do this amongst my audience, not looking down on them. I turned around to see every pair of eyes in the whole place looking at me, I sought out Chris and Eddie’s and gave them a smile and a nod which they both returned.

"Pauly, this is it, this is fucking it boy. Let'sgo!” I said to myself as I took long, deep breaths and the terrible dance music started to play in the background.


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