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The Network Boy (6)

A driving test with a difference! A leather clad, horny network organized driving test!
The Network Boy (6)

The Driving Test.

Life under the wing of the network was becoming an exciting and eye opening experience. I duly passed my driving test in a fashion that could only be network organized. I had taken a course of lessons as any normal young guy would do, but when it came to the time to take my test the network took over. The person who so many people hate with a vengeance, their driving test examiner, for me was a network member.

I had instructions to go to Eddie’s to be taken to the test centre, and to bring along the boots that I wore with the bar boys outfit, it seemed strange but I found out why once I arrived there.

“Wear this stuff and you won’t go wrong,” Eddie said as he brought a clothes bag down the stairs into his hallway.

Eddie took the clothes out to show me, I was to take my driving test wearing a skin tight leather outfit. I had been fully measured up as soon as I had officially been enrolled as a network boy. Every possible bit of information about me that would be relevant to the network was put into a biography type circular that was sent to members, along with a few photographs. Network members needed the lads that they chose to be perfect for whatever their particular kinks were. This was one of the scenarios that the biography helped with, they were utterly thorough in everything that they did or organized.

I got changed into the leathers and did a mocking twirl in front of Eddie.

“Nice, very nice, leatherboy. He’s spent a lot of money on that gear for you, so you make sure he doesn’t think he’s wasted it,” Eddie said and patted my arse as a he led me out of the house.

“Leatherboy,” I said to Eddie as he drove. “I like that, I’m going to use that as my stripper name, what do you think?”

“You can call yourself anything you want, as long as you keep getting them off like you do.” Once more Eddie's beaming smile was infectious. “I’ll update your bio later, OK?”

Eddie let me out of the car at the test centre and said he’d be back to pick me up in an hour. I felt a little self conscious walking into the place wearing a pair of jeans that fitted me so much like a second skin. It wasn’t just a crotch bulge that was visible but the outline of the shape of my cock could clearly be seen. The jeans and the biker style jacket that went with them were fabulous to wear. Underwear would have totally spoiled the look of the jeans with the lines of any material showing through so I went commando.

I felt incredibly horny in the leathers, and my cock started to get semi hard as I walked across the car park and into the centre, which added to the effect of the trouser bulge. The other people who were waiting to be tested hardly noticed me, they all seemed to be so nervous that Elvis could have walked in without stirring them. I did however get a lingering and admiring look with a cheeky wink from one of the lady examiners as four of them came into the room.

“All my jobs this morning are girls, so I know I haven’t got you. Who is the lucky bugger who has?” she said playfully to me, trying to ease the tension in the room of petrified learner drivers.

“That’ll be mine, Christine,” a jovial male voice answered her.

The source of the voice came over to me and introduced himself as Alex, he shook my hand warmly, then led me to the car that I was to be tested in and we both got into it.

“Eddie sent me your bio, so I said I’d take you under my wing for the test,” Alex said to me as I settled into the driver's seat and did all the mirror checking and seatbelt fastening business.

“You go both ways don’t you, Pauly?” he asked matter of factly, knowing I didn’t need to answer as it was all in my bio, I nodded anyway.

“I’ll give you Christine’s phone number later, she nearly wet her fucking knickers when she saw you there. She likes young guys does Christine and I know a few fails that she has passed after they gave her cunt a nice licking out.”

Alex’s tone was gentle and didn’t fit what Eddie had told me about him liking things rough. He put his clipboard on the floor looked over to me.

“We don’t need that. You look fucking great by the way, just drive to where I tell you and do whatever I tell you. We’ll be out for about an hour, I’ll pass you with flying colours and the job will be done, OK?” he said in a more business like manner.

That was fine by me, no problem. I set off and as soon as the car got out of the car park Alex had his hand on my thigh and started to rub the leather of my jeans as he told me where to drive to.

“Oh God you look fucking adorable, what a lovely slutty boy you are,” he said as his hand wandered up to feel my cock.

Alex’s hand and lustful comments got me so aroused that I nearly crashed twice in the ten minutes it took to get to the destination. It was a deserted car park surrounded by trees, well off the main roads. The only buildings close by were those of a farm that I had driven past a few minutes earlier. Alex got out of the car and told me to follow him, he led me to a clump of bushes and unzipped his trousers.

“Now then Pauly, time to take your test.”

He took out his cock and I got down to suck him off, his hands were on my shoulders as I gave it to him. I heard rustling in the bushes, and Alex’s voice above me.

“We’ve got company, you can do him when you’ve finished with me,” he said with a slight gasp in his voice.

A very well built, suntanned guy came out of the bushes, he looked to be in his early forties and seemed very fit, in a soldier kind of fashion. He wore nothing but a white t shirt and had his cock in his hand.

“No, I’ve got a better idea,” Alex said. “Stand Up.”

I did as Alex said, the guy from the bushes took off his shirt so that he was now totally naked, he had a very impressive hard on, which set that delicious pre sex tingle running through my body . I was stood in between the two men, nothing needed to be said, I kissed them both deeply in turn and felt their hands all over me. I was already fully hard just by wearing the amazing leather jeans, I felt two hands caressing my arse and the man from the bush started to stoke my cock through the leather. He took the shape of it into his fingers and started to wank me, squeezing hard and moving his hand up and down. It felt sensational being wanked with the leather still on me, I knew I couldn’t hold out and felt my legs wobble a little as the cum rushed up and then exploded inside my jeans.

“Oh my God, Oh my fucking God.” I gasped as I shot inside the trousers.

I felt the warm spunk trying to escape and then starting to cool inside the material and on my skin. I never imagined how exciting it could be to cum in such a restricted situation, it seemed to shoot then flow back and I could feel it all over my cock and shaven crotch underneath the leather.

It was then that I realised that I wouldn’t be taking any clothes off. These guys were into their lads wearing full leather and the man in the bushes had been purposely waiting. I wanted to get my cock out of the trousers but they stopped me unbuttoning them, pulling my hands away. They got down on their haunches and started to lick the leather in the area where I had just shot, they then started to lick my arse, all the while their hands rubbing hard against me and the spunk cooling inside my trousers.

“Bang on time, Alex. Jesus, this one is lovely, does he fuck?” The guy from the bush finally spoke.

“New boy, a stripper and hire out boy. Eddie says he’s gonna be a good one, a gang banger in the making,” Alex replied as he rubbed himself up against me.

“Nice, who broke him in?”

“One of the other guys, Jim got Jamie to break him in. Wish I’d been around to see that one, Jim said the video will be out soon enough though,” Alex answered him.

It was weird and strangely exciting to be talked about as though I wasn’t there with the two men groping me. Men who I had never met before, and one of whom hadn‘t even told me his name.

Alex had been correct, Jim had asked me if I was an ass virgin, when I told him yes he’d said he would sort it out. I’d experimented with some sex toys that Chris from the shop had given me to try and loved it. I’d tried different sized butt plugs inside me as I wanked, getting gradually bigger, but I’d never had a cock inside my ass.

Jim arranged it as an after hours pub show, it was very short notice but the response from the members was incredible. As Jim explained, the breaking in of a new boy was a top dollar event. The people coming along were paying good money to see it and myself and Jamie would be well rewarded for it. It went very well indeed, and very quickly, not at all like a party night.

Once everyone had arrived we were brought down naked, a space in the middle of the pub had been cleared for us, and it was left to Jamie to fuck me for the first time. There was lots of kissing, sucking and foreplay, then he whispered in my ear to relax as he bent me over the table set aside for the act. Jamie lubed his cock and my hole then slowly began to fuck me. It was wonderful, I could hear cameras clicking, saw them flashing around me and knew Jim and Eddie were in charge of the filming. My pleasure was obvious, I had never moaned and groaned with such passion before, I felt Jamie’s fingers go tighter on my arse cheeks, I knew he was ready to cumm. He must’ve looked to Jim for guidance.

“No, not inside him, do it on him,” I heard Jim say to him.

Jamie pulled out of me and I heard him gasp as he shot, I felt his spunk hit me just at the top of my arse and start to run down the crack. He had obviously aimed for effect. When he pulled away from me he opened my cheeks with his fingers and people gathered around to take pictures of my spunk covered arse crack.

And that was that, our job was done, Jim took us back upstairs and we showered and changed. The whole thing from walking down the stairs to being in the shower took less than an hour. Jim explained that the value of the show was in the fact that I was an ass virgin and Jamie had done me bareback. The film and photosets would be in great demand amongst the network. He asked me if I enjoyed it, I told him it was amazing.

“Well, now you are broken in, there’s gonna be lots more fucking for you from now on.”

The guy from the bush put his hand behind me and onto my arse, really digging into the leather of my trousers with strong fingers. He put his face to mine and started to kiss me hard, then he pulled away and spoke again to Alex.

“Hmmm, well I’m gonna hire him, but he ain’t stripping, I want him just like this.”

“Whatever you like, he can do,” Alex told him, then glanced at his watch. “Listen, we’ve got to get back soon, do what you want to do with him then we can go.”

There was an old tree stump that had obviously been used as a makeshift resting seat over the years, he took me over to it and told me to sit on it with my legs open.

“Rub yourself, rub your hands over your cock and suck him off,” The man with no name said to me and pointed at Alex.

I did as I was told, he started to wank as Alex stood beside me and put his cock into my mouth. I was amazed at how hard I was again so soon after cumming. I hadn’t even had my dick out of the leather trousers yet I’d shot once and was ready to go again. His breathing was getting laboured and he kept saying “Daddy's Boy” under his breath as he wanked and watched me suck Alex.

“Turn him around, I want to cum on his arse,” he said loudly as he reached his point.

Alex pulled out of my mouth and I got up and bent over in front of his friend, I started to suck Alex again once I’d got into position and the man from the bush shot a load all over my leather clad arse. Alex soon followed him by cumming into my mouth, giving out a loud and satisfied groan as he did it.

“Good lad Pauly, you like that don’t you?” Alex said as he shook the last drips from his cock and I greedily licked the end of it.

His friend was rubbing the cumm he’d just deposited on me into the leather of my jeans, then he slapped my arse with a full open hand, he slapped it hard.

“Yeah Alex, he’s a good one, fucking fabulous arse on him,” he said before slapping me again.

I stood upright, not wanting to invite another swish of the strong hand. Alex was putting his cock back into his trousers and his friend had put his T shirt back on.

“I want to cum again,” I said to them.

I was a little bit shocked when they both laughed at me before the man from the bush headed back to where he’d appeared from.

“I’ll give you a ring mate, I‘m definitely having some more of him,” he said to Alex as he walked away.

Alex waved to him, then looked to me, his expression was very stern, as was his voice as he spoke.

“That isn’t how it works Pauly, you do not tell me when you want to cum. When you‘re with me, you do as I say. I‘ve paid good fucking money for this. And I want to see that lovely bulge in those trousers, I want that spunk to dry inside them as you drive back to the centre.”

He calmed down a little after seeing how his manner had disturbed me. “Come on, test time is over and you’ve passed with flying colours, just like I said you would.” Alex laughed, then kissed me.

I was learning about people all the time, how the domms and subs thought and acted. How some of the people involved in the network felt guilty about their desires. Some of the members treated us as their property to use and some of them treasured us. I’d decided to keep a diary where I would note down any particular kinks, likes and dislikes of the men I was going to meet and entertain. For Alex, I was definitely going to note down the mood swings.

He had a change of heart as we walked back to the car, his mood seemed to change by the minute, from being gentle and complimentary over to dominant and then back again. He was walking behind me with his hand on my arse, I felt fantastic wearing the leathers and felt great about gaining a little independence through the driving test. I felt his breath on my neck as we got to the car and he whispered in my ear.

“God, I can’t stand this. Get it out, I want that fucking dick in my mouth.”

He turned me around and had me lean against the side of the car, he roughly undid the fly buttons of my jeans, almost tearingleathers apart. He then sharplypulled them down around my knees, my cock was hard and sticky with the cumm from earlier. He started to wank me then undid his flies and got his cock out and did the same to himself with his other hand.

The car park was empty and way off the main roads but for the first time I felt a little vulnerable, this was wide open space compared to the woods where we had just been.

“What if somebody comes?” I said nervously.

“This is a network dogging place, you silly boy, it’s private farmland. You just met the bloke who it belongs to, if someone does come they can fuck you.” There was impatience in his tone, he was wanking us both furiously.

He put his face no more than an inch from mine, his breathing was heavy.

“Look what you’re fucking making me do. Turning me into a fucking pervert like this.”

He’d just managed to get the words out when I felt him shoot, his spunk hitting my skin just above my cock. He then got onto his knees, put his hands on my arse and began to greedily suck me off. I’d never been sucked so ferociously by a man or woman before so I went with it and started to move my hips and face fuck him. I put my hands onto his head as I felt myself ready to cum and gave him three hard thrusts as I shot into his mouth. He left his mouth around my cock for a few moments afterwards and I felt him swallow smoothly without spluttering. He pulled himself away then pulled my trousers back up and indicated me to button them. As I did that he walked around the car and got into it at the passenger side.

I now had my own and his cum inside my trousers as I followed his lead and got into the car. As I settled into the seat Alex was wiping his mouth with a handkerchief. He had returned to the business like driving test manner as he marked and signed the test papers.

“Well, I’m pleased to say you’ve passed the test, however, you made a couple of errors.”

“Oh? What where they?” I said to him.

“Just for future reference, when I am sucking someone’s dick I like it rough, both physically and verbally. The next time I am doing it to you make sure you call me every bastard name under the sun, the nastier and filthier the better.”

“OK, no worries.” I laughed. “Anything else?”

“Yes, like I said, this is private land, members can come up here at any time. Eddie tells me that you like to streak.”

“Well, yeah, I’ve been known to.” I laughed again. The way Eddie first spotted me as a potential network boy had, it seemed become legend.

“Well, you’ll be able to do it up here anytime, without anyone seeing you who shouldn’t do. You don’t need a message or a call to come up now that you’ll have transport. If you just drive up here when you’ve nothing else to do, someone will usually be around in due course.”

“OK, I’ll bear that in mind, thank you.” I was thinking that it would be the very first trip I’d make in my car, when I got it.

“No. Pauly, thank you, that was great, you were good. Now let’s get back. Eddie will be waiting at the centre for you.”

We got back and went through the formalities, as I was walking across the road to rejoin Eddie a woman whistled at me from a parked car and called me over, It was Christine, the examiner.

“Give me a call, whenever,“ she said as she passed a note with a phone number on it. “And if you don’t wear those sexy trousers the next time I see you, I’ll be very cross with you.” She winked again at me before driving away.

“Who was that?” Eddie said as I got into his car.

“Just an admirer, who wants to fuck my brains out.”

“Don’t they all? Did you pass?” He laughed, as he always did.

“Yeah, flying colours.”

“I thought you might do, now, let’s get you a nice little deal on a car, I know just the place we can go to get one,” he said to me, pulling onto the main road.

“I thought you might do,” I repeated back to him jokingly.

Of course he knew someone, he knew someone who could help him with anything he needed at any time. We went back to his place where I changed out of the spunk filled leathers and had a shower. A couple of hours later I was the proud owner of a second hand VW Golf and had a booking to entertain the car dealer and a few members at his house the night after.

On the network scene I had decided to accept two part time job offers. The cash from those along with the money I was earning from network activity would see me doing nicely.

Chris and Bernie wanted me to work at the sex shop for a couple of days a week. Bernie was concentrating more on doing the mobile side of things with naughty knicker parties for ladies. I was also asked if I’d like to help out working in an antique and rare book dealership that a member called James ran. I jumped at the chance of both, I was assured that any network business came first and I would be able to work both jobs around that. I loved books and I loved sex, what could be better?

Chris and Bernie also offered me a small flat that I would be welcome to rent for a very nominal monthly rate. The flat was across the road from the shop, part of a large house converted into three dwellings, it was perfect for me. My parents had always encouraged me to stand on my own feet, so they were happy that I seemed to be earning decent money and moving out to my own place. They were happy with the parts that I was telling them about that is. I’m not so sure that being a major player in a gay sex organization was really what they’d had planned for me!

Total independence, albeit under the watchful eye of the network beckoned, and I couldn’t wait to get a taste of it.


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