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The Newtons

An almost estranged couple get back together with the husband becoming bisexual.
Part Six

I went to work the next day, Saturday, but couldn’t really concentrate properly and was glad when it was closing time. I gave Christiana a kiss before I went upstairs where I met Miki and gave him a kiss too.

I ran a bath and gratefully sank into the hot perfumed water.

‘Do you want me to stay and see to your make-up,’ Miki asked anxiously, knowing that this was going to be important for both of us.

‘No Miki,’ I said. ‘If I do it wrong it’s down to me. Go and have a strong drink ready for me when I come down. Second thoughts, bring me one up now please.’ That he did as I shaved not only my face but legs and armpits while in the bath. The drink was needed. I got my usual erection when I put on the underwear and I spent a good half hour doing my make-up for I wanted it as perfect as I could. Then I put on the best dress I had and the matching wig and I knew that I couldn’t do any better when I looked at myself in the mirror. Knocking back the last of my drink, I slipped my feet into my half heeled shoes and went downstairs.

For tonight, Christiana opted for the dining room and it was thoughtful of Miki to suggest the candelabra for dinner, so we had soft light and he’d also put on a soft music record. He’d heard me shut the bedroom door and had hustled Christiana into the dining room to see my entrance.

‘Oh…my…God!’ she exclaimed, her mouth dropped open as she dragged out those three words. ‘Paul?’ it was this last that was the icing on the cake because even she wasn’t sure that it was actually me that had walked into the room.

‘No Chris,’ Miki said, quickly coming over to stand beside me. ‘This is my wife Pauline,’ he said most proudly and I almost turned to kiss him, but stayed as I was and smiled at my wife.

‘Well?’ I said.

‘I’m…I’m gob smacked,’ she finally got out. ‘If I was a man or a lesbian I’d be after you myself. It’s unbelievable! I could have passed you in the street and not known. It’s…it’s, well, I don’t know, the transformation is incredible,’ and she came over and kissed me as one woman does to another, cheek to cheek. She stood back, her hands on my upper arms. ‘You look beautiful.’

‘You’re going to run out of adjectives in a minute,’ I said with a smile, really glowing inside at this accolade I was getting from this sceptic.

‘Didn’t I say she would look wonderful,’ Miki said with pride.

‘I…I…I just don’t what else to say. I wouldn’t have believed it was possible. Sit down, I’m about to serve up dinner.’ I went to my usual chair and stood by the side till Miki came up and pulled the chair out for me to sit down.

‘Oh priceless!’ she cried and clapped her hands. ‘That was so perfect. Oh fuck! Miki? Would you be a sweet and bring the dinner in, I want to talk to Paul.’

‘Pauline,’ he corrected her with a smile and went out to get the dinner.

‘Paul, Pauline whatever. I can’t get over it! You did your make-up yourself? That dress is gorgeous. Your hair? Oh everything is so right, especially when you waited for Miki to pull out the chair,’ and she went off into a peal of laughter. She kept on asking questions as Miki brought in the dishes, she’d gone the whole hog I noticed, and she didn’t give me a chance to answer one of the many questions she asked.

I had sat down at the head of the table, which was my usual place but I realised, too late, that I should have sat to the side and left the seat for him, but this small gaffe went un-noticed.

With all the dishes on the table, I passed him my plate for him to serve me which delighted Christiana no end. She joined in by pouring out the wine from the open bottle instead of leaving it for the man to do.

She couldn’t stop talking throughout the meal.

‘If it wasn’t for the fact that I know what’s under that dress, you would have fooled me.’

‘Many men have made that mistake too,’ Miki said. ‘When Pauline walked into a bar, the place lit up. The same in any restaurant too. Men went goggle eyed at this beautiful woman hanging onto the arm of a black man. It boosted our image in the big cock stakes for me to have her on my arm,’ he laughed.

‘In your case it’s justified,’ she replied with a laugh.

‘Are you talking about my husband by any chance?’ I asked her in my ladylike voice.

‘Bloody hell, even that came out in the right tone,’ she giggled, spilling some of wine as she shook with laughter.

‘Miki?’ she asked and then spluttered into laughing and had difficulty in getting her words out. ‘Miki?’ she began again, ‘can I have the pleasure of having your wife fuck me tonight?’ and off she went again. ‘It…it…it sounds such a fucking stupid thing to ask, doesn’t it?’ and she laughed and coughed and had to have her back patted. Christ, she’s pissed, I thought. He then gave a hiccup and I wondered at how many he’d had to drink before I came downstairs.

‘Madame,’ he said all of a sudden being solemn, ‘As her wife, you can have my wife. As a husband who wants his wife’s wife, I think a husband for a wife is a wife that wants a husband that‘s got one for a wife.’ He scratched his head. ‘I think I’ve fucked that up somehow,’ he said with a hiccup and a laugh that made us laugh too. I think I’d better catch up with them fast or they’re going to lose me I thought as I downed my glass of wine for it to be filled again. It didn’t take long and soon I was cracking stupid jokes like they were.

Even though I was half pissed when we got up from the table, I was still able to act the lady which is more than I can say for Christiana. We were sat of the sofa having brandies and coffee when her hand came up under my dress and grabbed my penis.

‘How many men have done this to you?’ she asked.

‘Only Miki. No one else would have dared with him there,’ I said, and being as far gone as her, put my hand down the front of her dress and pulled one breast out for us to see. ‘How many men have done this to you?’

‘Only my husband and a woman called Pauline,’ and she began laughing again. I then went further and pulled her other tit out so that they were both out in view.

‘Well you’ve had it done twice now,’ and laughed too. She made no attempt to put them back but slid off the sofa instead and crawled over to Miki and pulled down the zip of his fly and pulled his cock out.

‘How many woman have done that?’ she asked.

‘Two. One named Chris and the other Pauline,’ he laughed, joining in the game. She got up from the floor and swayed a bit as she tugged her dress down over hips till it fell to the floor. She nearly fell over as she stepped out of it and stood with her legs apart.

‘Get up, get up,’ she urged me and so I got up. ‘Take it off! Take off the dress and be like me.’ She was still swaying and held onto me as I slipped the dress off my shoulders and stepped out of it as she had hers.

‘You’ve still got your panties on Chris,’ Miki pointed out as I was dropping my dress so she began pushing down her panties and we had to hold each other as I freed my feet from my dress and hers from her panties. I now had an erection guessing and hoping it was going to go one way or another.

‘Now what has Pauline got that I haven’t got,’ she slurred as she faced Miki.

‘A cock that you can suck on while I can give you what a woman can’t,’ he was taking his clothes off as he spoke and I think I was grinning as she turned and looked at me in my feminine underwear.

‘Oh God it’s true,’ she said as she sank to her knees, her hands fingering my suspender belt and trailing down the straps to the tops of the stockings. The hands then came up and one took hold of the base of my erection while the other took hold of my balls as her mouth took in the head of my cock.

‘Mmmm,’ she mouthed and then said something like better than after eight mints, but I’m not sure for she was quickly back onto sucking me. By now, Miki was naked and he lifted her up onto her knees and entered her from behind. Fortunately she opened her mouth to gasp and had not clenched her teeth or I would have been in trouble. So Miki fucked her from behind and I then face fucked her, both of us coming at about the same time, filling her both top and bottom. I finished up sucking and licking on her while she ended up sucking on him. I never did work out who had the best deal though I think she did.

I don’t remember us going to bed only that I felt rather furry in the mouth when I woke up after dawn. I saw that I was still in my underwear and so was Christiana. Our limbs were intertwined and I had Miki’s erection near my nose and it didn’t take much movement to get my mouth over the end to suck him awake. Next thing I knew was she had her mouth on mine. I filled her mouth as Miki filled mine. That was as good as breakfast there was so much to savour and enjoy. I didn’t ask what she thought of mine.

The Sunday passed in a haze and before we knew it, it was Monday morning. Christiana was lucky because she didn’t have a seminar this week. For Miki, it was to be his first day at Reading Hospital. Me, it was trying to solve a puzzle that I wasn’t sure existed.

I only found the answer by accident three weeks later. The scam was through the stock transfers. This I’ll have to explain carefully. All stock of every branch is done through the computer, which in turn is linked to that of Head Office. Now at any time, any manager can put in a request to what stock is being held at every branch, this will then come up on his screen. Now if I wanted a certain item, I would punch in the code and it would then show me which branch had this item in stock.

I could then punch in a transfer request for it from whichever branch to be sent to me. A transfer form would be formed and the goods requested would then be allocated and shipped out on the next delivery van to me. This would be shown on all the computers and held there until I received the goods. Now anybody could make these kind of requests, but only the manager of the receiving branch could punch in the right code number to say that he had received or rejected what was being delivered. So on the despatching computer it would show their present stock minus what was going out in a separate column. It would stay there until the receiving manager punched in that he had received it. The figures then on both computers would change, the despatching branch deleting and the receiving branch adding.

Now the manager or any of the staff can punch in a request from either the main stock depot or another branch, so over a week or two, this could amount to anything between ten and sixty items, but only the branch manager could key in his code of acceptance.

I’d just had a delivery of only seven items that had been ordered in this fashion on this day and on my computer screen it was showing that these were on the way and fortunately, it was from the central depot. The delivery was correct and I had it up on the screen and I then inadvertently pressed two keys at the same time and the screen went blank.

I cursed and set up the programme again but the delivery wasn’t there. I looked and saw that our stock hadn’t been increased, so I phoned the depot and spoke to the manager and told him that I’d had an error at my end and could he confirm the despatch.

I had to hold for a moment and he came back on the line to tell me that I had confirmed the delivery and his computer had verified my code of receipt. I was stunned but managed to thank him and put the phone down. He’d said that he got confirmation of our receiving the goods and yet my computer was still showing the original stock and that it hadn’t been increased.

I’ve got to back track slightly for I had intended to do a private stock take on my first Sunday, but that was the day after my exhibition for Christiana, so I didn’t do one till the following week. I only found one item over and one item down. This does happen occasionally when someone punches in the wrong code though they are taking out the correct item.

Now I hadn’t been fully convinced about these two men and the assistant manager having the same day off week after week and that they were all on duty on a Monday which was my day off. Our weekly deliveries were on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

So on the next Saturday, after the staff had gone home, I stayed late and did a complete stock check in our storeroom. I was six items up on what I should have had. Those would have a retail value of nearly two thousand pounds. I checked on the delivery notes going back a few weeks and couldn’t find a note with these items listed. It was midnight when I got home, but I had warned them I would be very late. The same would apply to Monday I said for I would be going in after the store had closed.

I went after the staff had gone home and I couldn’t find these six items. I then went through all the sales for the day and not one of them appeared to have been sold, yet they were missing.

The next step was to back track on these items as to when they were ordered and I found that they had all been ordered on the Friday by my assistant manager from the central depot. Next morning, I phoned the manager and asked him to verify that we had received these items and said that I had accepted them on Saturday morning as normal. I thanked him and now knew how it was being done.

I phoned Head Office and had head of our security visit me on Wednesday. When he arrived, I told him how the scam worked and set up a demonstration. On the phone with the central depot and having their stock up on the computer, I picked a line of which they only had one in stock and put in a request for this on my computer. The other end confirmed that it now showed on their screen. Now I showed the security man where this should come up on my screen when I entered my acceptance code.

But, I said, I can get round that code and showed him how by pressing the two keys that I had done once before by mistake. My order then disappeared from the screen but nothing showed up where it should have done. Central depot, still on the phone confirmed that I had punched in my code and had accepted the goods for he was now showing zero stock on that item even though it was still there in central depot.

So we set up a plan that would be put into operation if a late order was sent over on the Friday to central depot, and it worked.

On Friday a four item list was sent to them, now before they closed, they made duplicate copies of the delivery notes that would be sent out to us and I had these couriered to me on Saturday morning before the delivery van arrived. I let the normal activity take place, the goods being delivered, checked and signed for by Cedric who then brought the delivery notes through to me. But before he came through with them, I had my screen on for these orders and I watched and suddenly this four line order disappeared but not come up on our stock line. Bait taken.

He had obviously cleared it off on one of the computers before bringing me the delivery notes. I checked those that he did give me and this particular one was missing.

The next step was that evening after the shop had closed, I remained to let in the security man and we went to the back where the goods came in and found the four items. He then pushed into each one just above the bar code what looked something like a large drawing pin which was in fact an electronic bleeper.

Back to the office we went for him to unscrew the control panel of the surveillance camera system we had. What exactly he did, he wouldn’t explain to me, for security reasons he had chuckled. He switched on a mobile walkie talkie and asked if he was getting it? He, was another part of the team outside in a van who confirmed that he was picking up the pictures on his monitors inside it. The cameras were on all the computer cash points and also the storage area where we could see those items quite clearly.

Nothing more could be done at the shop and it was arranged that he would pick me up in the van on Monday morning and then park it near the shop. While I went home, he went to the police station to set things up there.

He picked me up from home on the Monday morning and drove us off to the shop. This was in like a small square that had one entry and exit and it contained twenty shops round three sides with parking lanes in the middle. We parked outside of another shop for he said that as long as he was within a hundred yards of our camera control, we could pick up the pictures.

He pointed out a grey saloon car that arrived just after us which had parked quite close to the shop and told me that it contained his partner. We could see the shop entrance from where we were and so we waited.

We watched the daily activity in the shop through our monitors, people coming in, buying things and going out again. At about ten, we saw the first tagged item being collected from the storage room and we saw it again on the counter and it was Phillips who was serving the man. We saw money pass over but it wasn’t rung up on the till and the man picked up the box and walked out.

This was where the man in the grey car came into play. Our shop, like many others had those two chrome hoop type rails just inside the door. These picked up the signal from the insert pin in the box and alerted the man who noted what vehicle the man got into and the registration number. This he passed on to a waiting police van outside to later stop and pick up this man and the box.

Two of the items went next, served by Cedric about half an hour later with the last one an hour after that, this staff member being Stoneman. Fifteen minutes after this last box had gone, the man in the car came over to the van and got inside.

‘All three have been picked up and should be down at the station by now,’ he said. Security man then showed him the three we were after in the store and he was to wait outside the shop until he saw all three go into my office before bringing in the plain clothes police who had just pulled into the square.

Now was my time with our security man and we got out of the van and went into the shop.

‘Oh hello Mr. Newton,’ Cedric said. ‘We don’t normally see you here on a Monday.’

‘No, there’s a few things to catch up on, can you come into the office? Oh, go on ahead,’ I said to him for I had stopped by Maureen. ‘Tell Phillips and Stoneman to come to my office please,’ I said to her in a low voice and then went into my office followed by security where Cedric was waiting.

‘Is there a problem Mr. Newton,’ he asked when I sat down at my desk. I didn’t answer for there was a knock at the door and security opened it and the other two came in. The door was shut behind them. They knew that they’d been found out for you could see it in their faces. They shifted about as I just sat there without saying a word. There was another knock at the door which Security opened again to let in three plain clothes policemen.

The faces of my three staff went white when they were shown the police warrant card and they were arrested and taken away.

‘Well congratulations Mr. Newton, we did bloody well. One of the coppers just told me that two of them have confessed already. The next job is to get the computer boys to plug that gap and make the system more secure. My partner can run you home if you want while I put everything back to rights in here.’

‘No thanks, I have to stay here now that we’re three short. I’ll let you finish in here and then he can run me home. Can you let Head Office know the result?’

‘Of course, though you have also to write a report for them. I’ll be going down to the police station later to make a statement as you will have to as well.’ I thanked him and spent the rest of the day in the shop. I had seen the other staff members whispering to each other but didn’t tell them the facts until we’d closed for the day. I also asked them to work their days off, with extra pay, until I could get some replacements in.

I stopped off at the police station and gave them my statement before going home where Miki had waited before doing dinner. Christiana was in Uxbridge so she didn’t get to hear my account of what I had been doing since Saturday that I related to Miki while we ate.

I was tired and so had a bath and we went to bed early where I had him smooth out the kinks inside by gently fucking me and as I was that tired, he just sucked on me till I came, stroking his head as he relieved me of the last of my tension that had built up during the day.

Next morning, I wrote my report for Head office and had it posted before I phoned them and I was put straight through to the Chairman.

‘Congratulations Paul,’ he said, ‘Sir Pellew was highly delighted that you found the problem so quickly, so much so that he’s told me that your salary has already been increased as from today.’

‘Thank you sir. My report is in the post now but I definitely do need a new assistant. I’m off to the job centre shortly to inform them that I have two vacancies, but it is the assistant that I need most.’

‘I’ll make it top priority. I’ll get three for you to interview on, say, this Thursday?’

‘That would be perfect sir, thank you.’

‘Consider it done and congratulations once more,’ he said before we disconnected.

Wednesday the job centre phoned to say that they had five for interviews and would nine thirty be okay the following morning. To this I agreed for I might as well do all on the same day.

Thursday morning I found two faxes from Head Office. The first was to tell me that I would be having an auditor coming in on the next Monday to back track to find out exactly what went adrift and when. He would probably be with us for a couple of months to which I groaned. The next one gave me three names and that they would be reporting in at eleven o’clock which was fine and I read the names. William Sharpe, Thomas Mitchell and Adrian Wheatley. I mused over the last name, thinking of the Adrian I knew, but he was already an assistant manager so put the fax aside and interviewed the first one from the job centre.

I had Maureen acting as my secretary to marshal them in when I was ready. I kept it short and selected two out of the five and had Maureen send the others away. They came back into the office, one young woman and a lad for which this would be his first job since leaving school. He made me think of myself when I had stood in this very office in the same position of looking for my first paying job. They both agreed to start work on Monday morning and I signed their papers for them to take back to the centre.

Maureen came in with a cup of coffee for me and said that there were another three men outside for interviews too. I gave her the fax and told her to send them in in that order. Also to offer them some coffee. Already done so, she said, for she knew that one of them was possibly going to be her immediate boss.

William Sharpe came in and the interview lasted for fifteen minutes and we shook hands afterwards as I told him that Head Office would let him know one way or another very shortly.

Thomas Mitchell was next and I quite liked the way he presented himself during the fifteen minutes before we shook hands with the same words spoken.

Adrian Wheatley came in next and I was surprised to see it was the Adrian that I’d been to bed with in Birmingham.

‘Hello Paul,’ he said holding out his hand.

‘Adrian!’ I exclaimed shaking his hand. ‘I saw your name on the list but didn’t know your surname. I did wonder but dismissed it because you are already an assistant manager.’

‘Well I heard of what happened through the grapevine and I phoned Head Office to try and get me this interview for I had three reasons for coming.’ I told him to sit down.

‘First, I want to apologise for the scene in the hotel in Uxbridge. I had no idea Chris was your wife at the time. I do sincerely apologise and hope that you’ll forgive me for that error.’

‘Apology accepted though it wasn’t necessary for you weren’t to know. I just thought it was funny considering that we’d already slept together and there you were, having her too. It caused some contretemps afterwards but she has come to accept that I am indeed gay or bi-sexual like you, and the second?’

‘A change of scenery. Having known you, oh, I didn’t mean it that way,’ he laughed. ‘It’s…it’s that I felt comfortable with you and I think you would be good to work with. I don’t really like my present manager very much.’

‘Thank you for the compliment, and the third reason?’

‘Well that depended on the first one. I…I was, I’ve taken the rest of the week off and staying down here to look around the town,’ he finished rather lamely, him knowing that I guessed what he was implying.

‘Again, thank you,’ and I paused, gathering my thoughts together as to how to put it to him. ‘Christiana is in Uxbridge now at a seminar and we do have another person living in my house. His name is Miki and he is a black British Kenyan. We are lovers and yes, Christiana does know this. Now you can come and stay with us if you want to.’

‘Is he as big as you?’ he asked with a grin.

‘I’ll let you be the judge of that if you want to come,’ I laughed.

‘What would Chris say?’

‘Well with you staying the whole weekend in Uxbridge that time, I think she would like to see you again.’

‘You knew about that?’ he asked, now looking worried.

‘Yes,’ I laughed. ‘We don’t have any secrets now and we share everything, even Miki. So would you like to stay?’

‘Yes please. But what about the job?’

‘It was yours the minute you walked through the door,’ I said with a smile. ‘But, and it’s a big but. We don’t do anything here in the shop. It’s a working relationship, but at home, well that’s different matter.’

‘You’ll have no problem there Paul. Oh, can I still call you Paul?’ I laughed.

‘Yes, we’re all on first names here when talking to each other, but if there’s a stranger or a customer about, it’s Mr. Newton. Let me show you.’ I went to the door and called out for Maureen and went and sat down again.

‘Yes Mr. Newton?’

‘Could we have two coffee’s please,’

‘Certainly sir,’ she said and left and closed the door.

‘See!’ I said with a smile. She was back a few minutes later with a tray and two coffees and a sugar bowl and put it on the desk. ‘Maureen, I’d like you to meet the new assistant manager, Adrian Wheatley.’ They said hello, shaking hands and she went out with a giggle. ‘They’ll all know within five minutes now,’ I said with a smile. I told him about the two new members who would be starting on Monday and gave him his computer code number. We ran over the procedure which showed he was familiar with it which made life easier. After our coffee, I took him round and introduced him to the staff that I had left and he looked over the shop and what stock we held. He even made a sale during the afternoon without any problem and understood that customers were not to be kept waiting.

We closed up the shop at six and I drove him home with me and on the way I asked him if he had any problems about racial interaction, thinking of Miki. He laughed and said that he interacted with anyone as long as they were attractive and well built.

I parked up and led him inside and into the kitchen where Miki was.

‘Miki. I’d like you to meet Adrian, and old one time lover of mine.’ they both smiled as they shook hands, both looking at each other in a frank appraisal. They were about the same height and build and I thought that they both were quite handsome in their own way.

‘Any old lover of Paul’s can be a new lover for me,’ Miki smiled. ‘Did he tell you all about me?’

‘No. I was to be the judge of that if I was allowed to,’ Adrian smiled as he looked down at Miki’s crotch.

‘Well you must be okay yourself if he’s brought you home,’ Miki came back, him now looking at Adrian’s front.

‘Okay you two, let’s not have this be the start of a verbal duel, let’s have a drink,’ I said as I went and got a bottle of wine out of the cupboard.

Miki told of how he’d met me and Adrian told his story over dinner. It made Miki laugh about the hotel incident with Christiana. After we’d cleaned up the kitchen I showed Adrian around the house and he liked the swimming pool.

‘Do you care for a swim?’ I asked him. ‘The water is heated so it’s not cold. We quite often swim, especially at the weekend. Without suits I might add.’

‘Chris too?’ he asked.

‘Naked as a baby,’ Miki smiled.

‘Care for a swim,’ I asked as I began to take my clothes off, ‘you’ll get to see Miki in all his glory,’ which was the clincher for him. I was naked first and I watched him as Miki stripped off and I saw his cock twitch and begin to grow when he saw the size of Miki’s tackle. ‘I can see that we are going to get along just fine,’ I laughed and jumped into the water. Adrian quickly followed to hide his growing erection and Miki smiled as he jumped in for he had seen Adrian’s reaction too.

We swam and talked for nearly an hour before I stood in the shallow end where Miki had stopped and I went and held him in my arms and kissed him, knowing that Adrian was watching.

‘Well, what do you think of him?’ I asked Miki, still holding him.

‘I think he will warm up our bed nicely,’ he smiled back at me and I beckoned Adrian up to the shallow end. When he was close enough, I took him into my arms and kissed him to which he returned and I could feel him start to respond.

‘Ready for bed now?’ I asked him softly.

‘I was ready before we got in the water,’ he laughed, and so I led the way out of the pool and dried myself on a towel I had got out. Disdaining a robe, I gathered up my outer clothes and went upstairs with Adrian following me and Miki, his favourite position, in the rear.

‘Nice pair of buns,’ I heard Miki say.

‘Thank you,’ he replied and Miki said later that Adrian had twitched them about as he went up.

By the time we got on our bed, we all had erections and I let Miki take over and kiss Adrian first to which he responded and I watched them give each other deep mouthed kisses as they rubbed their bodies together. Then I kissed Adrian properly, doing the same that left us both panting.

‘I want both of you,’ Adrian said, ‘and as you’re the boss,’ he said to me, ‘you should be first.’ Miki watched with a smile as I put a condom on and Adrian knelt on the bed and I was soon behind and pushed my cock up inside him.

‘Christ! It’s bigger than I remember,’ he gasped as I went right in until my thighs were up against his bum.

‘And you are just as tight as you were,’ I said as I began to fuck him. I didn’t last as long as I would have liked, having wanted to fuck him from the moment he first walked through my office door. This fuck was just as good as that first time in Birmingham and came into him with a grinding of my body tight up against his. I pulled out to a cry from him and he flopped down onto the bed as Miki pulled my condom off with some tissues before sucking on my cock to get the rest of my sperm out, Adrian watching from his prone position.

His hand came out and he took hold of Miki’s cock and gave it a squeeze before getting back up on his knees.

‘Now you Miki,’ he said. I got the condom out and rolled it down on Miki’s erection, reluctantly letting it go for him to get behind Adrian and I watched it get pushed up inside and he gave out another gasp at this second entry. ‘Christ, he’s as big as you,’ Adrian said to me as I lay down next to him. I would liked to have gone underneath and sucked on him but I couldn’t deny Miki to have the pleasure in a little while later of being fucked.

Miki gave out grunts as he bucked his hips in his coming and Adrian cried out again as the prick was withdrawn from his backside. I know how he felt at the loss of something that had been giving you pleasure. I let him pull the condom off Miki and then suck out the residue.

‘This will be the first time that I’ve had the chance to have an African,’ Adrian said as he got behind the kneeling Miki.

‘Then you’d better make it a good fuck or it will be your last,’ he said as Adrian pushed in and began to fuck my husband. This detail I had not yet spoken of to Adrian nor of my penchant to dress as a woman. I had a twitch in my lower belly and a twinge in my arse as I watched my Miki getting what my body was telling me I wanted. It seemed a long time ago since I’d seen white thighs slapping up against Miki’s, those being Sven’s as he heaved himself in and into Miki as he came inside. Miki gave out a moan as Adrian pulled out and I let him do the sucking and cleaning of the prick that had just fucked him.

We lay on the bed, Adrian in the middle and Miki and I were propped up on an elbow as we looked and talked to each other.

‘Well?’ I asked, him knowing the question. ‘What do you think of my new assistant?’

‘At work, I can’t say, but in bed, well, he can stay for it was a bloody good fuck.’ I leaned over Adrian and gave Miki a kiss.

‘What about me?’ came the voice from beneath us. ‘Do I get one?’ Miki then bent his head and kissed him and I went the opposite way and took his limp dick in my mouth and gave him a big suck before kissing the head.

Later, I got to get fucked by the pair of them and it was simply heaven.

Adrian came to work with me in the morning and I was pleased the way he slotted in nicely with the rest of the staff. I had asked when did he think he could leave his other branch and he thought that he would have to finish off the next week and be able to join us properly the following Monday. Head Office confirmed that he could come to work for me for I was the flavour of the month and I knew that I wouldn’t get turned down.

Sales were good that day and I was quite happy when we drove home and I couldn’t wait to see Christiana’s face when she saw him. I parked up and we went in and met Miki in the lounge.

‘I haven’t told her,’ he whispered to me and indicated the kitchen and I went and pushed Adrian in first.

‘Hello Chris,’ he said and she almost dropped the pan she had in her hand.

‘Adrian! What are you doing here?’ she gasped, her face going red at seeing me behind him. ‘Is this one of your tricks?’ she asked of me.

‘Not at all,’ I said going over and giving her a peck on the cheek. ‘Meet my new assistant manager, and, for the time being, he’s staying here with us.’

‘Is this a joke?’ she asked, putting down the pan for which I was glad in case she decided to use it.

‘No joke, now come and give him a kiss of welcome. Miki already has for he stayed with us last night.’

‘Which cheek did he kiss? Top or bottom?’ she snapped.

‘Both,’ I laughed, ‘but I promise you, he did clean his teeth this morning.’ She relaxed her face from the scowling look and it brightened up a little.

‘Okay, welcome to our home Adrian,’ and went and put her arms round him and gave him a full kiss on the lips.

‘I said cheek not lips.’

‘He likes kissing my lips, top and bottom,’ she said with a wicked smile and I couldn’t help but laugh at the way she had turned her previous words around. ‘To change the subject, what are we having for dinner and I mean in the food line,’ she laughed at seeing me lick my lips.

‘I was thinking that we should go out for dinner as some sort of a getting to know you sort of party,’ I said. ‘Adrian will be staying with us for awhile till he finds a place of his own, that is if he wants to. He goes back to Birmingham next week and moves down here the week after.’

‘Okay,’ she said, ‘but forget the oysters. They don’t work,’ and she led the way out to where the cars were parked. ‘Who’s coming with me?’ she asked.

‘Miki can come with me and Adrian can go with you and you can get reacquainted,’ I said.

‘Funny ha, ha! Where we going anyway?’ she said at her car door.

‘You choose between you,’ I said getting in my car, ‘we’ll follow.’ They drove off and I fell in behind.

‘I hope she picks a good place,’ Miki said, ‘though I fancy a Chinese tonight.’

‘I fancy an African,’ I said with a smile as I felt in his crotch.

‘That’s for dessert later,’ he laughed.

It was Chinese as it happened which pleased Miki. We had lots and lots of little dishes where we all were able to pick what we wanted. It was excellent and we drove home in good spirits.

I poured out a nightcap for us all and sat down next to Miki.

‘Has Adrian met Pauline yet?’ Christiana asked a little bitchily.

‘Not yet,’ I said.

‘Who’s Pauline?’ Adrian asked.

‘You’ll probably meet her tomorrow night,’ Miki jumped in quickly glaring at Christiana for bringing Pauline up into the conversation.

‘Where did Adrian sleep last night?’ Christiana asked changing course and I took the bull by the horns.

‘With Miki and I and I thought that he could sleep in your room tonight.’


‘Well it’s better than both of you creeping around in the night disturbing us,’ I said as I took hold of Miki’s hand. ‘Let’s be realistic for that’s what would happen and you damn well known it Christiana.’

‘He might not want to,’ she pouted.

‘Adrian’s like a bee,’ I laughed. ‘He goes from flower to flower and once he’s found the honey pot….well. What do you say Adrian?’

‘Whoa! Don’t ask me that! I’m the guest here. I’ll go where I’m told to go.’

‘That’s settled then,’ I said, finishing my drink.

‘Hrmmph,’ was the noise from Christiana, but she had a secret smile on her face as she looked at him.

‘Well I’m going to bed, coming Miki?’

‘Certainly,’ he said, taking my hand.

‘See you both in the morning,’ I said with a smile, refraining from adding any more, and we left them in the lounge.

As Miki was fucking me and really pleasing me I guessed that Adrian was also pleasing Christiana in a similar way.

‘Sleep well?’ I asked him, slapping him on the back in the kitchen next morning as I sat down for breakfast.

‘Like a top,‘ he grinned.

‘On top did you say?’ I laughed.

‘Like a top he said,’ said Christiana as she put a cup of coffee down for me. ‘Where’s Miki?’

‘Recuperating,’ I said which made Adrian cough as he was drinking his coffee.

‘What are your plans for today?’ she asked.

‘It’s Saturday. I go to work.’

‘Oh, yes. What about Adrian?’

‘He works too, the same as me. When he starts properly, he will have Sunday’s and Wednesday’s off.’

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