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The Newtons

An almost estranged couple get back together when husband becomes bisexual.

Part Seven


I must say they gave me a bit of a shock on the Friday evening. Miki was already at home when I got there and I gave him a kiss as I stroked him through his trousers.

‘I’m looking forward to this tonight,’ I said.

‘So am I,’ he laughed, but I couldn’t see why he laughed, not then. I went and got myself a drink and poured one out for him too.

‘How was your day then?’ I asked sitting down with my drink after passing his across.

‘Same as ever. Holding cocks as the owners pee, wipe and clean backsides, sometimes feed them. Then empty bed pans and have bottles to be washed up. I wish I could be put on the women’s ward for a change, and how was your week?’

‘Dull and boring. The only exciting part is explaining the difference between a male plug and a female socket, then I can make their faces go red.’ He laughed. ‘Well,’ I said as I finished my drink. ‘I’d better see what mess the kitchen’s in.’ I got up and went out to it. The place was nearly always clean but somehow untidy. There was always something left out and things put away in the wrong places. I was just putting a pan away when in walked Adrian.

‘What the hell are you doing here?’ I asked, or words to that effect and the grinning Paul told me. I felt like hitting him with the pan I was holding. ‘Is this some kind of joke?’ I calmed down a little when they told me and I got a nice tingle in my lower belly that he was staying for the weekend.

As the three of us had not been in long and as Miki hadn’t started on any vegetables, I suggested we went out to dinner. This they all agreed to and Paul told me to take Adrian in my car and I still hadn’t asked Paul why he’d bought just a two seater one himself. It was left to me to choose where we went.

‘What do you fancy for tonight Adrian?’ I asked and almost bit my tongue for I guessed what the answer would be to that one, and I was right, the flatterer.

‘You Chris. I jumped at the chance to come down and see you.’

‘Well you can tell me all about it in bed tonight,’ I said.

‘Do you think we will be able to?’ he asked and I laughed.

‘Knowing Paul he probably engineered the whole thing. He’s quick to take the advantage of any situation. Now, apart from me, what would you like to eat?’

On the drive to Reading we discussed the qualities of Indian, Chinese, Italian, French and English. I knew Reading whereas he didn’t for I ruled three of those out straight away and opted for Chinese. It was the best for quantity and value, also some of their dishes were spicy and that would come out in the men’s sperm later. I licked my lips at that thought.

We all ordered something different and by the time it was all on the table, you couldn’t see the cloth there were that many little dishes. It was a lovely meal and very filling which is the only trouble. It fills you up at the time but two hours later, you’re hungry again. I was very happy to be sitting there with these three men. Gay they might be and get to fuck each other on a regular basis, I too was able to have their big cocks at regular intervals. It was an excellent night out and too soon we left and went back home for a good drink to round off the evening.

I poured them out and passed them round and then sat on the sofa next to Miki.

‘Have you seen the pool yet Adrian,’ I asked to get the ball rolling. He was sitting in an armchair and Paul was in the other one.

‘Yes. It’s really great. We went swimming last night. It’s a novel way of breaking the ice so to speak.’

‘Without costumes it’s bound to,’ I laughed and then my wicked little mind spoke inside my head and I turned to Paul.

‘Has he met Pauline yet?’ I asked with a smile.

‘No,’ Miki spoke out rather quickly. ‘He’ll…he’ll probably meet her tomorrow night.’

‘Oh that will be delightful,’ I exclaimed and spoke to Adrian. ‘Just wait until you see her. She’s beautiful, one of the most gorgeous creatures I’ve ever seen!’ I could see Paul begin to squirm a little in his chair and so I went on further. ‘The make-up is perfect and the way she wears her dress, moulding itself to her body doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Then when she begins to undress, well, I’m almost speechless at the body she reveals, it’s magnificent!’ I finished and smiled at Paul over the rim of my glass. ‘Where did Adrian sleep last night?’

‘With Miki and me so I thought he could sleep in your bed tonight,’ he replied.

‘Paul!’ I said not quite as shocked as I pretended to be.

‘Well it’s better said than having you both creeping about pretending that I wouldn’t know. Miki, let’s go to bed and leave these two to sort out their bedding arrangements on their own.’

Miki finished his drink and on getting up, took hold of Paul’s hand and they left us as they went upstairs.

‘Don’t sit over there Adrian, come and sit next to me,’ I said as I patted the seat and put my glass down. He put his down and came and sat down and took me into his arms and we kissed.

‘I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time,’ he whispered in my ear.

‘And I’ve wanted it too,’ I breathed back as we kissed again and had no objections when his hand came up and began to fondle my breast. He then began to kiss my neck and I moved his hand down inside the top of my dress for I’d gone out that night without a bra on and his hand moulded itself round one and I felt my nipple begin to stiffen up in his palm. I was also becoming very moist in between my thighs.

‘Let’s do this properly in bed,’ I panted for I was getting rather hot. He parted from me with some reluctance and we too, like the others, held hands as we went upstairs to my bedroom. I paused at the open door for I’m sure I heard a gurgle of delight come from the other occupied room, but wasn’t sure of that. Well whichever one is getting it, I too was about to have it and quickly pulled Adrian into the room and got undressed.

He got into bed next to me and moved straight into my arms for us to kiss, his naked body up against mine, his erection hard and hot on my thigh. His lips were just as hot on mine as we kissed and he moved and kissed my neck, his tongue running round the underside of one ear. Down to my breasts, each getting their fair share, the nipples being gently nibbled and sucked on. He licked under each breast before trailing his tongue down over my stomach and I gave out a groan and opened my legs as I felt his breath tickle the pubic hairs just above my sex.

I had an orgasm as his tongue flitted in and out of my vagina between running over and around my clitoris, his mouth catching the slowly growing amount of juices that were beginning to come out of me. I held his head tight between my thighs as I bucked and thrashed about as I came with a great shuddering explosion inside me and my whole body glowed with the warmth that spread like wildfire to every part.

I heard him gasp in some air when he pried my thighs apart to be able to do so, then he moved back in to suck and lick me. He was the best one of the three for doing this to me and I felt like shouting out for joy at the pleasure I’d just had and there was more to come.

Now I wanted him inside me and tugged at his ears and his mouth left a wet trail up my body and I felt his hard cock move into my waiting body and groaned again at the pleasure of having him fill me. The throbbing flesh beating out a steady rhythm that seemed to echo throughout my whole body as his lips met mine and we kissed as I held him tight to my chest and squeezed my thighs together.

I had to let go for him to start the slow steady movement of sliding himself in and out of me. The head of his cock would briefly come out to rasp my clit before he plunged back into me and how he had the stamina to keep this up I don’t know. He held out long enough to give me another orgasm and that was when he let go. We both cried out as we clung to each other, shivering and shaking at the release which was copious for both of us. With his cock still hard up inside me, I could feel the seepage of our coming oozing out between us and begin to run down the inside of my thighs.

I cried out as he withdrew from me, feeling it slide back as I tried with my slippery insides to hold him there. He went over onto his back and I quickly rose up and turned round and went down and took his coated penis into my mouth to suck in both my juices and what sperm he had left inside the head of his cock. He in turn was washing me with his tongue.

We lay in each other’s arms as the sweat on our bodies chilled in spite of the room’s temperature. He then told me of when he had heard that the Reading branch wanted an assistant manager, and knowing that Paul was manager, had pressured Head Office for him to be considered.

‘Paul was a bit shocked when he saw me walk in, but it was a pleasant one I think, for he greeted me warmly. I thought he might have punched me because of Uxbridge, but he didn’t. I was given the job instantly and he invited me to stay for the weekend, which,’ and he tweaked my nipple, ‘I was only too happy to accept. He told me that he had a male lover staying and implied that he was sometimes your lover too.’

‘Not on his own though,’ I said. ‘It was a threesome. Did you know he was black, an African?’

‘Yes, he told me though he did add he’d been born in England as if that made any difference. I was a bit dubious at first at meeting him, but, I’ve come to like him already. He has a lovely smile and is quite gentle by nature I think by being a nurse.’

‘He’s got a big cock too,’ I said.

‘I know,’ he laughed. ‘I saw it when we went for a swim and when I saw the size of it, well I began to get an erection and had to jump in the pool.’

‘So you had him last night?’

‘He had me too as well as Paul. It was a grand night, but, I’m here now with you. Though I sometimes like a hard body of a man either on or under me, I still like the softness of a woman, to mould and squeeze in my hand. To kiss and smell and even taste the essence of woman such as you.’

I closed my eyes to his smooth talk and even smoother hands as they slowly wandered over my naked body. I gave myself up to the pleasure he was bringing to me in both mind and body, waiting for the soft penis against my thigh to harden up again to give me even more pleasure.

I was up early as usual to start getting some housework done. Though the two men were half woman, they didn’t take to a woman’s chores like the washing and running a duster around occasionally. Adrian had got up at the same time and had a shower and was in the kitchen having coffee as I was preparing breakfast when Paul breezed in, full of the joys of spring. He’d probably had as good a night as I had and after a few bantering words with Adrian, sat down for his breakfast for the both of them still had to go to work. Both were dressed while I was still in my robe.

‘Isn’t Miki hungry?’ I asked as they began to eat.

‘It’s his day off so he said he’d be down later,’ Paul said, so I sat down with only coffee to have breakfast later with him. They finished their meal and got up and I got a kiss from both of them as they went off to work. I left the dishes to do them all at once and made a cup of coffee for Miki and took it upstairs to the room he and Paul were sleeping in.

’I brought you coffee,’ I said as I walked in, seeing he was awake. I looked at his muscular black upper torso and felt a tremor run through me. His lower half had a sheet pulled half across him. As I stood there looking at him, I saw the top sheet start to move and could see that he was beginning to lift it without using his hands. I moved closer and sat on the edge of the bed and flipped the sheet back to see his organ growing up his stomach.

‘I thought you would have had enough with Paul,’ I smiled.

‘Just seeing you Chris is enough to raise the dead, even with you wearing that robe,’ he smiled back at me.

‘Is it any better with it off,’ I said as I shrugged my shoulders out so that it slipped down to my waist leaving my breasts out clear for him to see. I put my hand down and took hold of him and felt it tremble, all hot in my hand and felt his pulse come through as it got even harder in my hand.

‘No wonder Paul loves you when you’ve got this,’ I murmured and bent down and took him into my mouth. He was hot and on fire and he gave out a groan as I sucked on him before nibbling at the head with my teeth. I began to squirm my thighs together as I bobbed on his erection and knew I wanted his piece inside me.

I let go of it and stood up for my robe to fall to the floor as I got onto the bed and roughly pulled him towards me.

‘Fuck me Miki. Put it inside and fuck me,’ I begged as I opened my legs wide as he rolled across me, his weight un-noticed as he got between them and slid his tool up inside me. I sighed with pleasure as he expanded me and his stomach met mine with his throbbing cock well and truly buried in me.

‘God I do love this,’ I crooned as he shafted me, giving as good a fuck as Adrian had a short time ago.

With no one else in the house, I let out a full scream of ecstasy as I orgasmed, pushing my hips up to meet his and clawed at his back and shoulders it was so powerful. Then he came, lifting my hips up off the bed as he pulled me tight into his lap, his cock really pulsating as he came inside me. We were frozen like that for a good half minute with only my vagina moving in nervous spasms to the measured heart beat that was being transmitted down through his cock

Because my hips were up in his lap, he couldn’t fall forward onto me as he would normally have done.

‘Let me suck on it,’ I begged and felt him pull out and as I was now far enough down the bed, he was able to tower over me for his prick to be inches from my mouth, his arms rigid above me as I lifted my head and took the shiny black head of his cock into my mouth to suck and clean him. I even went as far as letting go of him and taking his ball bag into my mouth, almost going cross eyed at seeing the underside of his black shaft alongside my nose as I ran the balls about in their sac with my tongue. I was gentle as I rolled each ball in turn round in my mouth for a minute or two before moving up and pulling his cock back down for me to finish off sucking him.

It was when I saw his stomach muscles start to strain that I let him go, for if his arms had giving out, his cock would have gone straight down my throat and choked me.

‘God, you’re wonderful Chris,’ he panted as he sat back on his heels, being astride my upper body now. I moved slightly so that I could pull my breasts apart and let his black cock nestle there and it looked good from my angle when I pushed them back up, trapping him between them.

‘This would be called a tit roll if it was done this way,’ he said looking down at me with a smile.

‘What happens when you come?’ I asked.

‘Make a mess of your hair and face for it shoots everywhere,’ he laughed and pulled himself out from between my breasts and bent down and kissed me. ‘What’s for breakfast?’

‘Oh you beast!’ I cried but with a smile as I pounded my fists on his chest. ‘You men are all alike! As soon as you’ve finished fucking, you think of your stomach.’

‘One feeds the other,’ he laughed. ‘If I don’t eat, my friend down here doesn’t get the strength he needs.’ He got off the bed to go for a shower and I saw the trim hips and strong thighs but my eyes were drawn to the most symmetrical pair of bum cheeks that I’d ever seen, shiny black that moved with such grace. I lay back and came as close as I ever thought I would as to understand why Paul loved this man. If Paul got as much pleasure as I just had then he was a lucky man. I think many men would have the same thoughts at seeing that backside for there’s not a lot of difference from that view if it be a man or a woman.

I sighed as I got off the bed, wishing that men could last longer than five minutes to give us more pleasure in them having us. I put my robe back on and took his cold coffee back down to the kitchen to make a fresh one and make us some breakfast. I had a swim later before tackling the housework while he was out in the garden cleaning his motor bike.

I didn’t realise how fast the time had flown until Paul and Adrian came home.

‘Good Lord!’ I exclaimed. ‘I didn’t know it was that late. I haven’t even though about shopping yet. So we’ll have to eat out again,’ I said as I followed them into the lounge where Paul poured out some drinks. The talk of each other’s day didn’t take long and it wasn’t long before Adrian asked the question I’d been waiting for.

‘Is Pauline here? After the way you described her last night, no offence Chris, but I can’t wait to meet her, ‘ he said.

‘Yes, she’s here. I think she’s just going for a shower,’ I said looking pointedly at Paul.

‘That’s a good idea,’ he said with a grin and finished off his drink and left the lounge.

‘You can shower in my room Adrian and have some thoughts of where we should go for dinner tonight,’ I said.

‘Well it was Chinese last night, so I think I would fancy an Indian tonight,’ he replied.

‘Why not have an African,’ Miki said with a smile and I groaned.

‘How many times are you going to come out with that old joke Miki?’ I asked.

‘Every time someone asks that same old stupid question.’

‘Okay,’ Adrian laughed, ‘I’ll have to watch my words next time. Now tell me,’ he put his arm round Miki’s shoulders as they began to leave the room. ‘Is Pauline really as beautiful as Chris said?’

‘Believe me, she’ll rock you back on your heels and your eyes will pop out she’s that unbelievable,’ Miki had answered him. I smiled to myself for this was going to be a good show. I followed a few minutes later and managed to goose Adrian in the shower that made him jump. As soon as he had finished, I had my shower and quickly did my make-up and got dressed for I had to be downstairs before our Pauline showed up.

Miki was down before me and had a grin on his face as he passed me a drink. Adrian was there with a drink and seemed quite restless.

‘Where’s Paul?’ he asked.

‘Probably helping Pauline,’ I suggested and I saw Miki smother his laughter. A few minutes later, Pauline came into the room, with such regal elegance, it was beautiful. She took the proffered glass from Miki and gave him a small kiss on the cheek in return. He, she came over to me and we pressed cheek to cheek in the womanly kind of greeting.

I was delighted to see Adrian’s eyes shine as he looked at Pauline who did, to my feminine annoyance, look absolutely ravishing.

‘Adrian,’ I said, ‘this is Pauline. Pauline, meet Adrian.’

Pauline offered her hand which Adrian shook and Pauline turned her cheek and leaned slightly forward and Adrian took the hint and gently kissed it. Then to his surprise, she took his face into her hands and kissed him on the lips.

‘Oh…my…God!’ he exclaimed, staggering back. ‘It…it’s you Paul! I…I…just can’t believe it!’ Pauline was still standing there with a big smile, Miki was smiling and I was too.

‘You…you…look stunning. They way you are dressed, the poise and…and looking so damn beautiful. You fooled me completely for you look so…ravishing.’

‘So you approve?’ Paul asked.

‘Approve! I’ve already stripped you bare and made love to you, can I make it any clearer?’

‘Yes,’ Paul said, ‘you could give me a kiss as you would to any female that meets with your approval.’ Such was the attractiveness of Paul as Pauline that he did just that and I felt a spark of jealousy at him looking that much better than I did.

‘Okay,’ I said getting up, ‘break this up,’ I said with a laugh that rang a little false to my ears.

‘Yes,’ said Miki, ‘kissing my wife like that.’

‘Wife?’ asked Adrian, breaking off the rather passionate kiss they had been indulged in.

‘Yes,’ Paul said, ‘when I’m dressed in my suit, I am Christiana’s husband. When I’m dressed as Pauline, I am Miki’s wife.’

‘I know you’ve played a good joke on me,’ Adrian said, and the tone of his voice forced me to move and put my arm through his, ‘but,’ he turned to me, ‘do you accept this Chris?’ he asked.

‘Yes,’ I said simply. ‘Don’t forget he is in a suit most of the time and therefore I have two husbands to see to my needs. With you here, I have three. If Miki has a wife then I need a husband,’ I continued as I squeezed his arm, ‘like last night,’ I said softly in his ear. ‘Now lighten up and enjoy the moment and give Paul his due for being so brave in doing this. Just wait until you see him with just the dress and wig off. It even turns me on.’

‘Yes, yes you’re right. Paul, or should I say Pauline,’ and he gave a little laugh, ‘please do a turn for me to see you properly.’

Paul did as he was asked and did a slow turn with a smile on his face.

‘Beautiful, really beautiful. I think you would be able to fool everybody who didn’t know for you most certainly fooled me.’

‘You’re right,’ Miki said. ‘Many people have and still believe that Pauline is a woman, I can certainly vouch for that.’

‘Well let’s break this up which I think I’ve already said once. What are we having tonight?’ I said to them.

‘I’m having an African,’ Paul said.

‘I meant to eat.’

‘Same answer,’ he smiled.

‘Indian,’ Miki said.

‘Indian,’ Adrian echoed.

‘Motion carried,’ I said. ‘We eat Indian tonight. Now as Miki has his wife for tonight, you can be my husband Adrian,’ I said, still hanging onto his arm. ‘So to our carriages for dinner.’

It was a good meal and we drank more than we should have considering the drink drive laws and we drove very carefully home, especially at Gallow’s Corner making that turn into Gallow’s Lane.

More drinks were poured out in the lounge and I think it was Paul who put some records on and we began to dance having pushed the sofa and arm chairs back. Shoes got kicked off because of the carpet and it made us laugh when it was my turn to dance with Paul. Our hands and arms began fumbling at each other for we didn’t know which of us was going to lead and we held onto each other as we laughed.

Drinks flowed and all our inhibitions went out of the window. I didn’t know we had the record but somebody put it on and it was The Stripper. So the floor was left to me and I began to do the sensuous dance as I slowly took my dress off and kick it to one side. Then my bra came off to whistles but there I stopped and Paul took over as I flopped out on the sofa. I didn’t know he could dance that well in taking off his dress. It was fucking erotic when his cock finally appeared though there were sighs of disappointment that he didn’t have tits like mine when his bra came off.

He then flopped down next to me as the record was put on again for us to watch as both Adrian and Miki tried to keep to the music as they took their clothes off. Paul and I must have looked something as we lay sprawled out on the sofa. Both of us wearing stockings and suspender belts with the difference being I had my tits on show and he had a hard on up lying on his stomach, I was still wearing my panties at that stage.

But it was funny to see the other two trying to get their trousers off and still stay in time with the music. Miki fell over first, pulling Adrian down with him and it made us howl as they tried to continued the dance lying on the floor as they got them off. They went the whole way though by finishing up completely naked.

I pulled my panties off as they got up from the floor and both Paul and I went forward on our knees and sucked the cock that was nearest to us. I had Miki and he had Adrian and we all fell over and finished up in a sixty nine position. Paul and Adrian were on their sides, holding the erection of the other as they sucked and I had Miki on his back as I took his prick in my mouth and had my legs open over his mouth for him to lick and suck at me.

That’s how we finished up in bed, me with Miki and Paul and Adrian together. How they got on, I didn’t care for I got a lovely fuck from Miki that night.

How is it that we drink as much as men and yet they have the bigger hangover? I was down in the kitchen first and made scrambled egg, sausages and grilled tomatoes and put it out on four plates. I ate mine alone and I wrote a note to leave on the table with the other three plates, ‘re-cook in the microwave,’ and took my coffee out to spread myself on a lounger by the pool to drink it.

The other three drifted out during the next hour and a half after reading the note and eating and leaving it to their own intellect to make their own coffee if they wanted it which I thought would have had the priority.

Another hour later and we all began to go swimming, naked of course. I should have guessed that something was brewing when they went into a huddle having appeared to have appeased their hangovers. I was in the pool with them at the time and got caught unprepared.

The three came at me and grabbed me and began towing me to the side.

‘Every woman’s secret dream is of having three men handle her,’ Paul panted as I was manhandled up out of the water. I put up a token struggle getting into the game as I was held fast as Miki threw the mattresses to the floor and I was wrestled down onto them, fighting with some effort to make it more real.

‘Bastards!’ I spat at them as I fought them, Miki holding one arm and Adrian another while Paul fell heavily on my legs. I made him work for it as I writhed in their grip as he slowly forced my legs apart to get his body in between them. I could see that he had an erection as did the other two up on each side, kneeling down as they strived to keep my arms up and legs outstretched. My breasts were up and heaving as I breathed and I knew that my nipples must have been harder than any nut in its kernel.

They were panting as much as I was as Paul got my legs open far enough to him fall on me and have his cock shoved up inside me. I bucked and made it more exciting for them as it was for me as he kept humping himself in and out of me till he came. I cried out at this attack which would have been right as Paul came out of me and wrestled across my body to take hold of my arm as Adrian then fought to keep my legs open and he too was soon inside to have me and I fucking well loved it. I orgasmed as he fucked me which made me buck even harder and that he had one hell of a job to keep me down.

My breasts were being pawed as they fought me and when Adrian pulled out, Miki cried out to turn me over. It took all three of them to do this till I was face down on the mattresses and Miki was then holding onto my legs.

‘Hold her tight,’ he gasped out as he forced his knees in between my legs and then gripped my hips and lifted me up till I was on my knees. He was going to take me in the doggie fashion, which he did. I gasped as he entered and began to fuck me. The other two had my arms outspread and I was almost lying down on my chest at this stage of having the second man.

Miki had his hands on my hips and was ramming himself into me with my backside up in the air when, I’m sure it was accidental, he came out and in plunging back, entered my back passage. With having had two eruptions of sperm inside me plus my own orgasm, I was very slippery and this coated cock of his had no problem of going up into my backside.

He froze knowing where his cock had finished up but I don’t think the other two had noticed for I hadn’t given up struggling.

‘Keep going Miki,’ I cried out. ‘You can’t stop now!’ and so he continued fucking the hole that he had found himself in. God it was tight and hard and as the juices began to dissipate, I really felt what a man feels when he is being fucked this way. I felt every ridge and vein of his thick cock as it ploughed back and forth in me and though I shouldn’t have, I actually had an orgasm even though his cock was in the wrong place.

I screamed out as I came which set him off to hold me tight and pump like crazy as he came inside me. I fell forward and he let me go and came out of me with a popping noise. His sudden release of me and my going forward caught the others by surprise and they fell over backwards as I fell on them.

I heard the splash of pool water and guessed that Miki had gone in to wash himself.

‘How do I get to have you?’ I panted to Adrian as his was the face closest to mine.

‘Just attack and then I would follow the maxim that if sex is inevitable, lay back and enjoy it.’ I couldn’t help but laugh. Both Paul and Adrian laughed with me and they let me go to sit up and when Miki came out of the pool, I got up and went and hugged his dripping wet body and kissed him, stopping him from saying anything.

It was a languid afternoon and we had an early dinner for Paul was driving Adrian to the station to catch the train for London. Adrian still had to go to work at his Birmingham branch until he was released to come back and become another member of our family.

One last bit before I hand back over the narrative to Paul. He took Adrian to the station after dinner and many farewell kisses from both myself and Miki, to leave me alone with Miki. After Paul’s car had disappeared from the drive of the house, Miki took me into his arms and kissed me.

‘I’m sorry about this morning,’ he began. ‘It wasn’t intentional, please believe me. I didn’t intend to go where I went. It just seemed to slip in,’ he said as he faltered in not quite knowing how to explain it.

‘Miki. If you don’t mind me saying it, but you are one big black fucking bugger of a bastard and I love you. I knew that you didn’t mean to for you stopped. It was me that told you to go on. I wanted to know how you all seem to get your rocks off by doing it that way. I still don’t know. Now take me to bed and do it to me again so that I can understand a little better.’

‘You mean you want me to take you as I do with Paul and Adrian?’ he asked incredulously.

‘Yes. I want to know, to feel what they feel and so can come to understand why once a man has had it that way, he seems to want it more.’

‘It’s not a logical argument Chris, for you have two ways of making love, a man only has one and if he can’t enjoy and accept it, he is not like us.’

‘I’ll accept what you say, but Miki, let me try to understand, please,’ I begged. I now wanted to be fucked up the arse in an attempt to find out if I could what it was that drew men together, in some cases, to the exclusion of women.

‘Come then,’ he said gently, and we went inside and up to my bedroom, for I’d rather try it there than in their room. We quickly undressed for we would only have half an hour and as he was already up and ready, I got on the bed as he put a condom on. I was trembling as he got on the bed. Now I’d only a couple of hours ago had him there and once with Mark in the twosome, but this was now a premeditated act.

‘The cold touch will be the cream I’m using,’ he said as one hand came onto my hip. ‘Now you’ve got to relax. That’s most important, so take a deep breath and let your body relax.’

When I felt the tip of his cock touch my arsehole, I took a deep breath and made myself do as he told me. Christ! I thought I was being split in two and I couldn’t help but cry out as the head of his big black cock expanded my back entrance to dimensions that I didn’t think possible, but once the head was in, the shaft that followed seemed to smooth that original entry pain. I think it was more his size that caused this for I hadn’t felt this when Mark had me this way, but then I was already stretched with his mate being up the front passage at the time.

I could feel Miki up inside me though I only had the one muscle to grip him with. It was tight and as I said earlier, I could feel every ridge and prominent vein of his cock and it was these that vibrated my nerves in that passage as he began to fuck me.

I think the enjoyment I got was the fact that he was getting his enjoyment from taking me this way, and wondered if this was the way it was with homosexuals? Not in the receiving of sex in this way but the giving of pleasure to the one that was fucking you? The fact that they could then turn round and serve the other now began to make sense to me. Right or wrong, that was the way I perceived it as I had this big black fucker with his cock up my arse fucking me. He came as he would if he was doing it from the front, only he had more to hold on to as he held me tight and squashed my bum cheeks up to his thighs, jerking as he shot his load into the wrong place.

We were dressed and downstairs again when Paul returned home from dropping Adrian off at the station.


What a moment that was when I confronted Adrian dressed as Pauline. His face was priceless when I kissed him and that he realised that it was me beneath the dress and make-up. I realised afterwards that it was a poor joke as Christiana defused what could have erupted into something nasty. I apologised later at dinner that it was in poor taste but had seemed harmless fun at the beginning.

Afterwards he said, putting aside the joke, that I had looked and fooled him into believing that I was actually a woman. He was very impressed and he said that the after event in the lounge was very erotic in my underwear. Especially when both Christiana and myself were on our knees being fucked by Adrian and Miki, looking from the rear end, it looked as though two women were being shafted. I did enjoy myself that night.

Just as I enjoyed the fucking of my wife by the three of us. She joined in and it was good fun for all of us.

They were rather subdued when I got back from dropping Adrian off and the place seemed that much quieter without his presence. Christiana seemed in a pensive mood and Miki being quieter than normally made me wonder if they’d had a spat while I was out.

There was no objection to my suggestion that we went to bed early, the three of us and so we did. It was Christiana who suggested that it should be me and Miki who had each other that night while she watched as long as she got to suck on our cocks after the condoms came off. I had no problem with this and loved, as I normally did of fucking Miki knowing that I was going to get as good a fuck in return.

Christiana took my condom off with tissues and I had the pleasure of her mouth on my erection sucking and cleaning me up. Then it was Miki having me to my enjoyment again to fuck and take me to heaven with every stroke of his hardness inside me. I did so like the strength of him as he pulled me back onto him as he pumped and ground his thighs tight up to me as he came though the pleasure of sucking him afterwards went to Christiana.

We both had the pleasure of fucking her in the early hours of the morning, Miki going first as I watched and got that vicarious thrill of seeing him fuck my wife again. Then when he pulled out, I was quick to slide into the slippery cave and get my rocks off again. Miki had then got out of the bed for his shower and I was able to go down on her to lick and suck out the juices from the three of us.

Miki left first on his bike and though his place of work was closer, he started earlier. Christiana left next for Uxbridge and I was the last to go to work. We were back into our schedule again though Miki had juggled his work schedule about so that when Adrian officially started, his day off would coincide with mine though that wouldn’t be for another two weeks yet.

Nothing of note happened over the week with just Miki and I being at home. Christiana was back with us for Friday night for the three of us to sleep together again until I got the phone call from Adrian to say that he would be with us Sunday afternoon.

I picked him up at the station and we had dinner at home the four of us and Christiana didn’t demur when Adrian and I went to bed together that night to leave her and Miki to get up to whatever they wanted in her bedroom.

That was six months ago. Adrian and I have a perfect working relationship at work and we brought the branch up to third place in that year. In our private relationship, we were quite happy to share ourselves between Miki and my wife in various combinations. We even had Robert over a couple of times and fucked him silly. Christiana cut down on the seminars to spend more time at home, which resulted in extra sex for her and Adrian, especially on his day off. I still would dress up and become Pauline at the weekends, much to their amusement and the concomitant that followed, and we found that we could live in this mixed sexual environment and hoped that it would last. For how long? That was in the future.


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