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The Newtons

A male becomes bi-sexual, a transvestite and a male prostitute
The Newtons

Part One


It was the car accident that changed my life, though it was bound to have changed anyway, but not in the way that it did. The change that had been foreseen was the relationship with my wife, Christiana, not, as it happened, with other people.

I slowly came out of my coma completely disorientated as to where I was, eyes unfocused, seeing only whiteness all around me. I think I coughed for I found I couldn’t speak. My tongue felt twice its normally size and seemed to be fixed to the roof of my mouth I was that dry and thirsty. A shimmering patch of white moved and a piece of plastic was pushed between my lips. I felt the weak orange juice loosen my tongue as the spout of the cup was tilted.

‘Just a little at a time,’ said a voice as the spout was removed and my chin was wiped with a tissue before I felt the spout touch my lips again. I gratefully swallowed the little I was given and then lapsed into sleep again.

When I awoke for the second time and opened my eyes, I was still surrounded by this sea of whiteness and thought that if I were blind it would appear to be black, not white. I tried to speak to say I was thirsty, but the noise that came from my mouth was more of a croak than actual words.

‘Robert!’ I heard a voice call out from somewhere to my left, ‘I think he’s awake.’ The whiteness shimmered once again and then colour came into my sight and I found that I was looking at a black smiling face.

‘Welcome back to the land of the living Mr. Newton,’ said the black man dressed in white. ‘Thirsty are we?’ he asked as he brought a plastic spouted cup to my lips and tilted it so that the lovely liquid seeped into my dry mouth. I couldn’t answer him as I greedily sucked the fluid and had the pleasure of it washing around the inside of my mouth before letting it slide down my throat. I could only blink my gratitude as I drank the contents of the cup.

‘There now, that should make you feel better,’ he said as I finished and he took the cup away and wiped my chin again.

‘Thank you,’ I croaked out. ‘Where am I? What happened?’

‘You’re in Reading hospital. You were in a car accident,’ he said.

‘Oh,’ was all I could say, not really remembering what had happened. ‘Was it bad?’ I asked for I was now coming awake and found that I couldn’t move my upper body. Also, I realised, I was propped up into almost a sitting position.

‘Well apart from the concussion, you broke both of your arms, broke your collar bone in two places and cracked two ribs. Apart from that you’re alright. Oh, you also dislocated both shoulders but they’ve been put back into their right places.’

I then noticed that some of the whiteness I could see was my two arms, both outstretched as though I was about to embrace somebody, and they were covered in plaster with just my hands sticking out at the ends.

‘But I can’t move,’ I said to him.

‘That’s because the whole of your upper body is covered in plaster from the neck down to your navel.’

The rest of the whiteness shimmered again and I realised it was a curtain pulled round my bed as another face appeared in my sight. A female one this time.

‘So Mr. Newton is awake now,’ she said.

‘Yes sister,’ Robert replied.

‘Well he’s in your charge now then Reading,’ she said before whisking herself away.

‘You heard her Mr Newton. You’re being looked after by me from now on,’ he said.

‘My name is Paul, and what does looking after me entail?’ I asked stupidly.

‘You want to eat and drink I suppose?’ he said with a smile. I then realised how much I was dependant on him when I looked at both my arms stuck out in their plaster casts.

‘Oh, er, yes, I do see,’ and then I had other thoughts. ‘What about, er, you know what?’ I asked, looking down at my lower body.

‘That too,’ he laughed. ‘I’ve already taken out the catheter so when you want the toilet, just give me a shout.’



‘Er…it just happens that I need to go now,’ I said.

‘Bottle or pan?’

‘Er…,’ I had to give it thought for a moment as to what he was talking about until it twigged. ‘Bottle, please.’

‘No problem,’ he said, reaching down by the side of the bed to the cabinet next to me and produced from the bottom shelf a huge flat sided, heavy big bottle with a wide neck. He pulled down the bed sheet and pulled up the gown that I appeared to be draped in. ‘Really no need for the curtains now, this being an all male ward,’ he said. ‘I must say that this is some todger you’ve got,’ he said as he took hold of my penis and inserted it into the neck of the bottle. I felt my face go red at his taking hold of me like that in so matter of fact way. It was the first time any other male had ever touched me there. My sudden embarrassment refused to let me pee into the bottle and so he rubbed his hand up and down on my lower stomach, another first for me.

‘Come on, let it go. I’ve already been checking your urine and not seen any blood, so your kidney’s are okay.’ With his hand massaging my lower stomach, it seemed to relax my muscles and I was then able to release my urine that began to flow into the bottle. It felt strange to be half sitting up in bed and yet having a piss at the same time, fully expecting it to overspill and soak my legs as well as the mattress.

‘It’s always hard the first time, but you’ll get used to it. Wait until you want to have a crap and I’ve got to wipe your bum,’ he laughed.

Now that was really embarrassing when I eventually had to give in to the call of nature the following day for this to happen. He’d been giving me drinks and hand feeding me and this I was accepting fine, but found it very difficult to be lifted up onto the bedpan and then, when I’d finished, have him half roll me over to wipe and clean my backside.

‘We’ll have to get you up walking to the toilets. It’s much easier to do this in there than in the bed,’ he said when he’d finished, though I didn’t expect him to start me walking about the very next time I wanted a pee.

‘No bottle this time. We’ve got to get you up walking or you’ll finish up with bed sores, and I don’t like treating them,’ he said flatly. I tried to protest but to no avail for he insisted that I got up out of bed. It was only then that I realised how top heavy I was with having the upper half of my body encased in plaster. Not only that but my outstretched arms kept getting in the way and knocking him as he struggled to turn me round, pulling my legs over the side of the bed.

‘Now let’s get you upright,’ he said once my feet were flat on the floor and grasping my two plaster encased arms, pulled me as though wanting an embrace for my two outstretched arms went either side of him as his hands now came down to my waist to steady me.

‘I’m holding you,’ he said as he felt me waver, trying to keep my balance, my legs trembling at this increased weight I was carrying. Not only that, but I suddenly felt light headed at having blood leave my upper torso to start moving in my lower limbs.

‘You’ll feel a little dizzy for a moment or two,’ he said as if I hadn’t realised that already. ‘Lean on me,’ he said as he ducked his head under my left outstretched arm and supported me on his shoulder. ‘Just say when you’re ready to move.’

We stood like this for a minute or two until my head cleared and said that I was ready. With him supporting me, I began to shuffle forward, the floor cold to my feet and I now felt all sorts of aches and pains that I hadn’t noticed while in the bed.

‘Christ,’ I exclaimed as we moved slowly down the ward. ‘I ache all over.’

‘I’m not at all surprised,’ he said.

‘Also, I can feel a draught round my backside.’ He gave out a chuckle.

‘It’s the hospital gown. They’re open at the back.’

‘But everyone can see my bum then,’ I protested.

‘You’ll get used to it, besides, you’ll be seeing theirs too later.’

Feeling as if my face was a flaming red colour, we continued at my shuffling pace out through the open ward door to the first door on the left which he opened to reveal a urinal and a toilet. We got inside and shuffled to the urinal where I was able to place my hands flat on the tiled wall, the plaster cast stopping just short of my wrists. But I was still a foot away from the receptacle I was to pee in for I couldn’t get any closer.

‘What do we do now?’ I asked.

‘Pretty much the same as in the bottle only I’ve got to hold it this time till you’ve finished,’ he said as he lifted up the whole front of my gown and draped it over one of my outstretched arms.

‘As I said before Paul, you’ve got a nice todger here,’ he said as he took hold of my dick in his hand, ‘and a nice pair of balls too.’ I felt my face go red again as his hand moved on me and as I was busting, I had to let go and started to pee. He wasn’t quite ready and it began to hit the wall to the side until he directed my stream into the bowl.

‘You’re getting it over your hand and on the floor,’ I said at the relief of having this pee.

‘I’m used to it. Don’t worry,’ he said as I continued until the stream stopped with the last few drops falling onto the floor.

‘I bet this gets quite big when you’ve got an erection,’ he said as he squeezed it a few times and shaking the end. ‘Pleasing all the girls no end I imagine.’

I couldn’t answer this being embarrassed at what he’d said about an erection. Though it secretly pleased me that he’d thought that I would be big when I did have one. He left me propped up while he washed his hands and then helped me back into the ward and into my bed. A nurse came up to him and said a few words into his ear and left and he saw to my bedcovers, getting them straight, smoothing them out like a mother hen.

‘There,’ he said with a satisfied smile on his face. ‘All nice and tidy for your visitor,’ he said as he pulled a chair across from the next bed and put it by the side of mine.

‘A visitor?’ I asked, wondering who the hell would visit me.

‘Yes,’ he almost simpered. ‘A young fresh faced policeman.’

With that, he left me to wondering what would a policeman want with me. As he reached the door of the ward, a young policeman indeed did appear and Robert said a few words and pointed to me. I guess the young man said his thanks for he looked at me and came over.

‘May I sit down?’ he asked most politely.

‘Be my guest,’ I said and so he sat and pulled a small notebook out of one of his top pockets. He flipped through a few pages before he found the one he wanted.

‘I am P.C. Williams and I would like to ask you a few questions,’ and didn’t wait for me to answer before going on ‘You are Mister Paul Newton of number seven, Gallow’s Lane?’

‘Yes,’ I replied.

‘And you are the registered owner of the vehicle, registration…,’ and he had to consult his note book as he read it out.

‘Yes,’ I said again.

‘I’m here about the accident you had the other night, one that involved you and your wife.’

Wife! I’d completely forgotten that she had been in the car with me. When Robert said about me having an accident, he hadn’t mentioned that I’d had my wife in the car.

But now it all came flooding back to me. We’d been out to dinner in Reading and, as usual, we were bickering on the way home.

I have been married for seven years to Christiana and the passion we had felt before we wed had long since disappeared. Apathy and indifference had taken its place and the excuse was put down to the fact that we were still childless.

We lived in a detached house in spacious grounds that had once belonged to my parents in Gallow’s Lane, a quiet section of Reading, Berkshire, and we both worked for an electrical retailer, where, at a seminar, we had met eight years ago.

The seminar had been held in Rotterdam, Holland, by a large manufacturer of a variety of electrical household appliances that they produced for the English market. I had just become an Assistant Manager of my London branch and was there to learn about a new line that was about to be released in England.

Christiana Nordstrom, as she was known then, was the seminar’s demonstrator for these Dutch products and took an instant liking to me, this shy Englishman. It was not exactly love at first sight, but there was a certain attraction that we had for one another. After the day’s demonstrations and talks, we would sit together in the bar and she had the knack of drawing me out of my shyness.

I’d only ever known two women sexually and was still reticent in coming forward with this attractive Dutch female. I was still only twenty one to her twenty four years of age, and though I longed to take her to bed, was unable to pluck up the courage to ask her. She was amused by my naiveté but didn’t push me and so when the seminar came to an end, I was most reluctant to leave. When this time did arrive, I managed to stutter out that I would like to visit her if she would be agreeable to this suggestion. She had smiled and said that she would be pleased whenever I did visit Rotterdam again.

Buoyed up by this, I began to make monthly trips to see and court her. It was only a weekend at a time though I did manage to get a fortnight there on my next annual holiday and it was near the end of this that I proposed to her. It was only after she accepted that I first kissed her and that was all that we did during this holiday. It was two months later that I held her in my arms and hesitantly groped her breasts as we kissed and was most elated when she agreed to sleep in my hotel room that night.

That first time wasn’t all that successful with our groping in the dark as we undressed and got into bed. I remember that I trembled as I stroked her bare breasts for the first time and my erection was most painful, needing its release, which it did too soon, for I’d only just moved over on top of her when I ejaculated before I’d even had the chance to enter her. I was most mortified at covering her thighs with this outpouring that never seemed to stop as I kept stammering out my apologies for being so premature.

She soothed my feelings by saying that it quite often happens to a man who’s been roused so long and that it would be better later when I was once more erect. I accepted this and so we kissed and cuddled till I was once more aroused and this time, successfully penetrated and came inside her.

I couldn’t stop from kissing her at her understanding and patience and it was a huge relief to myself that I had been able to complete the act this time. There were no such hang-ups the next night and we both thoroughly enjoyed our lovemaking though it was the last until we got married.

The wedding took place in the church on Hoogenstrasse with her parents and friends there and her brother-in-law acting as best man for me as I had no-one else to stand beside me. It wasn’t a large or lavish affair, there only being about forty guests, but, as weddings go, it was good and everyone enjoyed the occasion. There was much kissing of goodbyes before we left the reception, her mother in tears as well as a couple of aunts, for after the honeymoon, we would be living in England.

We went back to my hotel where her clothes had been delivered and after changing, went to the airport and boarded a plane for Tenerife. We had a wonderful time, now accepting our nudity and also made love in daylight as well as with the light on at night to be able to see the pleasure on each other’s face as we climaxed. Our week was soon over and it was back to England to settle down to married life.

That was seven years ago.

With the honeymoon over, we moved into my house in Reading and I went back to work at my shop in London. Christiana was thrilled at her new home but quickly became bored with cleaning and trying to prepare different meals for me. She had given up her job in Holland but still was active enough to want something to do other than housework. I mentioned this to my manager who passed it on through the proper channels that I had married the one time demonstrator of the products from Holland. This was soon realised that it would be cost effective to have her do the same as she did in Holland here in England. Instead of sending everybody over there for indoctrination, just send her to come back and hold the seminars in England. The board of directors agreed to this and so it was passed back down the line to see if she would accept the post.

Of course I was delighted at this offer of work for her and actively encouraged her to accept and go for an interview at Head Office. This she did and seemed to satisfy the board for she was offered the post as their demonstrator in England.

So for two weeks every six months, she got to go back to Holland to see the new products and also have time with her family. Then back to England where she would spend several months living in an hotel to talk to other sales managers about the new lines that they would be retailing through their shops.

Happy though I was for Christiana, I was a bit peeved that she would be in an hotel during the week and I would come home to an empty house to have to see to my own meals and sleep alone in our bed. This was just the start of our estrangement, for two years later I was elevated to become a manager of my own shop. With the shop opening at nine in the morning and not closing till six o’clock in the evening, commuting became a serious hardship for my shop was in Tooting, South London.

Not only this, but my sex life was being seriously curtailed and confined to the weekends when she was out on a seminar. Where she had Saturday and Sunday off, I worked on the Saturday and had Sunday and Monday off, so whatever sex we had could only be on the Saturday night or Sunday for she would be off again on the Monday morning.

Now I wasn’t short of money for the house was owned outright and as two wages were coming in, we only cooked for two at weekends, so little was spent on food. I was disgruntled at this commuting home to an empty house and decided that I might as well be alone in London and save on the car fuel. The upshot being that I bought a small flat in Tooting, not far from the shop, the saving argument being that it was also an investment in the future for house prices were at their lowest for years.

This was the seal on our departure from being a normal married couple with me staying the week in London and only coming home on a Saturday night, so that when she was not on a seminar, she was living in the house on her own. So it was inevitable that she too got bored when I was staying in London as I had been when she was in an hotel.

My sex life was almost nil at this time, alone in my flat in Tooting, my only relief was by masturbating, helped along by some videos that I’d finally plucked up the courage to go into a sex shop to purchase three that I picked at random.

When I got back to my flat, I made myself a meal and then when finished, put one of the films on and during the credits, seeing girls sucking on an erect penis and having the come spew out over their faces, I’d jerk myself off into some tissues. It took me a week to get through one film, jerking off at each new scene, imagining the girl on the screen was doing it to me.

It was amazing that all the men in the films had cocks much bigger than mine and seemed to be able to fuck a woman for ages and then to pull out and jerk off to send their sperm all over their tits or face.

One in particular that I did like was when a girl was having a shower with a big black man and washing his erection, lots of soap suds until she rinsed these off before taking this big black penis into her mouth and sucking and nibbling on it till he came all over her face and into her mouth. This one I jerked off the most to above all the others.

I would also fantasise that it was Christiana doing it to me for it was something she had not ever done with me and this had rankled. Though she might have felt the same by me not going down on her when I watched some man lick and suck at a shaven pussy.

This, watching these sex videos was my release when I was alone in my flat for I didn’t have the bottle to go out and try and pick up a woman for sex. It was this inherent shyness that held me back and so I resorted to these sex films to relieve myself.

Even so, when I did get home to Christiana, I held back to only having sex on the Sunday, and that in the usual missionary position, not having the courage to find out if she would like to have sex in any other position.

It was this last weekend at home that the accident occurred which changed my outlook and life for forever.

We had got into the habit of going out once a week, usually on the Sunday, for an evening out; a meal at some restaurant instead of staying at home. Dinner was a desultory affair and we didn’t really have much to say to each other during the whole of the meal and didn’t really start to talk until we were in the car for the drive back home.

Though it wasn’t really what you would call talking. I was still disgruntled at having plucked up the courage to try and push her head down to suck on my erection during our now once a fortnight of sex. It was this refusal to do so that rankled with me for the rest of the evening and it eventually erupted into an argument on the way home and this got so heated that I was trying to put my side across when the accident happened.

‘I’m sorry,’ I said to the policeman, apologising for the few seconds gap before answering him, my past with my wife having just flashed through my mind in that time. ‘Nobody has said anything about her. Is she alright? Is she alive?’

‘Yes,’ he said. ‘She’s here in the hospital too. She’s got a broken pelvic bone and is in the women’s ward. I’ve just come from there after noting down her version of the accident and I would now like to hear yours.’

Well that was something then, so I wasn’t going to be charged with manslaughter.

‘We’d been for dinner in Reading and we were on the way home. We were having a bit of an argument when we reached Gallow’s Corner. Do you know this place, at the end of Gallow’s Lane?’ I asked.

‘Yes. I am familiar with the road junction,’ the policeman replied.

‘Well we’ve been asking to have that junction changed or at least have another road cut through. It’s a black spot,’ I said.

‘It comes out to the main road at an angle of forty five degrees and if you want to turn towards Reading, the angle’s so acute that you are really on the wrong side of the road when you’ve made the turn.’

‘But you were coming from Reading sir, weren’t you?’

‘That’s right, and when you turn in from the main road, you find that the camber of the road is against you, sloping down to the left.’

It was just as we reached the turning into our lane that I had turned towards her at the same time as I began to make the turn. I was just beginning to shout and to say at how much she was either cheating me out of or just being plain downright selfish when the near side wheel of the car clipped a broken kerbstone.

This suddenly spun the steering wheel, catching my arm inside the spokes and instantly broke my arm. This sudden pain made me lose control of the car and it then bounced against the other kerb and with the speed of the car, it turned over onto its side. It’s unfortunate that there was a bank on the other side, and so the car rolled down this bank to finish up on its roof. I knew we had rolled but how we ended up, I was told later.

In these few seconds, I tried to get my broken arm out from the steering wheel as we hit the other kerb. This caught my other arm and at that point, I knew no more for I passed out with the pain.

The policeman had written down what I had said and I asked him if he could fill me in with the rest of the details.

‘Well it appears, that as the car rolled, you somehow broke your collar bone as well as dislocating both shoulders. Your wife’s leg got caught in something and caused her to break her pelvic bone. She too, unfortunately is in plaster, the same as you, but lower down.

'The blessing is that the car didn’t catch fire. A car coming towards Reading saw the rear lights of your car turn over so knew that there’d been an accident. He stopped and using his mobile phone, called us and an ambulance.

'His statement says that you both had your seat belts on and had difficulty in getting your wife out of the car, what with it being upside down. I suppose it was lucky that she was unconscious too. He was still trying to get you out when the ambulance turned up just before the police patrol car.

'Between them, they got you out and the ambulance brought both of you to the hospital here. That’s about it sir.’

‘Do you think you could pass on my thanks to all involved?’ I asked as he put his notebook away before getting up.

‘Certainly sir. I do hope that you mend very soon.’

‘What, er, will there be any charges of any sort?’ I asked, worried about my licence.

‘That not for me to say sir. That’s for them higher up to say. You’ll get a bill though for towing your car out. It’s in the police compound at the moment for checks.’

‘Checks? It was only M.O.T.’d a month ago?’ I said.

‘All the same sir, it still has to be checked.’ With that, he said goodbye and left the ward. Robert bustled up a few minutes later and picked up the drinking cup.

‘You must be thirsty Paul. You had a long chat with that nice young policeman. I wouldn’t mind meeting up with him on a dark night,’ he said as I took a few sips from the proffered cup.

‘Robert, did I hear the sister call you Reading?’ I queried.

‘That’s quite correct. Robert Reading is my name,’ he said with a broad smile on his face.

‘But you’re an African? How did get the surname Reading.’

‘African I may look,’ he laughed, showing very white teeth, ‘but the look is Kenyan though I am British. I was born here, in this very hospital in fact. My father came over here just after the war and settled here. The family name caused quite a few problems because it was almost unpronounceable so he changed it by deed poll and as he was now living here, called himself Reading. Simple,’ he smiled. ‘Now, what would you like to eat?’

As I have said, I was in a men’s ward and I had noticed that it had four male nurses to attend to twelve patients. I suppose I was fortunate in some respects because the other two that Robert had to look after could feed themselves whereas I couldn’t. Also, they were able to get up and go to the toilet unassisted, so I took up most of his time in the toilet and feeding routine.

After being spoon fed my meal and the things taken away, he came back with a small contraption that I couldn’t quite see him fix it to the top of the bed for I couldn’t turn round from my almost sitting up position. But what it was, was a supple metal rod that came over me and, suspended from the end was a small rubber ball. He did a few adjustments so that I could actually hold the ball in my hand.

‘We’ve got to keep the arm muscles supple and flexible. I want you to squeeze the ball as often as you can. Don’t overdo it or your biceps will crack the plaster cast,’ he chuckled. ‘Just give a shout when you’re tired of using that hand and I’ll switch them over. For today, just fifteen minutes with each hand and as time goes on, we increase the time spent on it.’

‘Talking of time, how long will I be spending in this cast like this?’ I asked.

‘About three months, depending on the x-rays.’

‘Three months! Bloody hell,’ I said. ‘How long have I been here now?’

‘Four days.’

‘Oh shit,’ I replied, contemplating three months of being hand fed, having my bum wiped and playing with this bloody rubber ball. I couldn’t even scratch my nose and just had to lie in bed, well sitting up really, and look on helplessly at all that went on around me.

It was the next day I had a bath, well not really that, more of a stand up wash of my lower body. Robert got me out of bed and I shuffled along with him to the second door this time on the left just outside the ward’s doors. Inside was a toilet bowl but instead of a urinal there was an open shower, i.e. no walls. Just a tiled area with the controls and shower rose and of course a drain set in the floor.

He stood me over the drain and had me support myself by placing my hands flat on the tiled wall. He took off my gown, the ties being at the back, and turning on the shower, hosed me from the waist down. Then I was soaped with him taking special care round my cock and balls and the cheeks of my bum.

‘Mustn’t get bed sores sitting on this all day,’ he said as his hands gently rubbed and massaged my bum.

I was then hosed down again and dried before being taken back to my bed. I got this wash every other day and I was beginning to enjoy having his hands wash me, especially around my prick and balls.

It was just before my fourth wash that I was sitting in my bed, daydreaming, when one of my videos came to mind. The one where a black man was having his erection washed by a young white girl. Her hand covered in soapy bubbles working away at this big black cock and I could then picture myself being washed only it was like seeing a negative with the black and white reversed. This gave me a massive hard on and there was nothing I could about it, but sit there with my cock throbbing and my balls aching. I was still like this a few minutes later when Robert came to my bed.

‘Time for your bath,’ he said cheerfully.

‘I can’t,’ I whispered. ‘I…I,’ shyness taking over. ‘I’ve got an erection. If I stand up it will stick out.’

‘Oh don’t worry about that. I’ve seen plenty of cocks standing up straight. Just bend over as we go out of the ward. We’ll see to that in the shower room,’ he said pulling back the bed covers. ‘Yes, it does look big,’ he said as we both looked down to see the front of the gown pushed up as if by a tent pole. He pulled my legs round and eased me off the bed till my feet were on the floor and I’m sure that my face was bright red.

‘Now stoop forward,’ he said as he pulled me up into a standing position and I did as he said and bent forward as much as I could. The gown hung straight down now and so almost doubled over, he helped me out of the ward and into the shower room.

‘Well let’s have a look at it,’ he said as he stood me over the drain and took off my gown. ‘I was right,’ he smiled. ‘You have got a big cock.’ He turned on the shower and hosed me down.

‘What brought this on?’ he asked as he began to soap me. I looked down and there was his black hand covered in bubbles running over my erection and I seemed to get even harder.

‘It…it was a video I’ve seen,’ and I described it as he continued soaping me round the balls and running his hand up and down my throbbing erection. He then began to hold it tighter as his hand kept moving and I couldn’t help but give out a groan at this torment.

‘Do you want me to relieve you then?’ he asked softly and such was my desire to ease the ache, nodded. ‘Then I’d best do it this way,’ he said, moving behind me and putting his left hand round my waist just under the edge of the cast. I stood there rigid with my hands flat on the wall as his body came up to me and he held me tight to him as his right hand took hold of my cock and he began to jerk me off.

I leaned my head back as far as I could and closed my eyes to watch a re-run of the video in my mind as I gave myself up to the pleasure of being given this hand job. I was also not unaware of his body pressed up to mine and I could feel that he too had got a hard on. His crotch was tight up to my bum and I could feel it move in between my cheeks at his body movements and it gave me a tingling feeling in my stomach at his arousal in doing what he was doing to me.

I came in great gobs of sperm and groaned at the pleasure of the relief it gave me and yet I didn’t want him to stop. But he did when I’d stopped coming and he finished off my washing. I felt too embarrassed to thank him so nothing was said by either of us as he dried and dressed me and put me back into my bed.

I should have seen the signs and if I did, I must have unconsciously buried them in my mind, for two days later, as soon as he took my gown off in the shower, I got an erection.

‘Paraphrasing Mae West, I think he’s pleased to see me,’ he joked as we both looked at my cock standing out, twitching of its own accord. ‘He must have liked it last time. Would you like me to see to him again?’

‘Yes please,’ I said in a low voice, surprising myself at me wanting to have him do it. So with a soapy hand, he held me in the same position as he began to jerk me off. I could feel that he was hard again and I couldn’t control myself from moving my backside to rub against the front of his hospital whites. He was there between the cheeks of my bum and I had a sudden desire to see just how big he was. Would he be as big as the black man in the video? I gave out a groan as I came, sending my spurts up the tiles as he squeezed and jerk to get it all out.

‘Thank you Robert,’ I said when he’d finished, then surprised myself again, my mouth talking before my brain was in gear. ‘Did you come in your trousers?’

‘No,’ he laughed. ‘Got close to it though. So you felt it then?’


‘I’m gay you know, so if you had been like me, it would have been up inside you while I jerked you off,’ he said with a smile.

‘It would probably be too big for me,’ I said. Why did I say that! Mouth before brain again.

‘No, I would say we’re about the same size. Would you like to see it?’ he asked, his eyes bright with expectations.

I dumbly nodded. Is this why I said what I did, I thought? He pulled the zipper down on his trouser front and pulled out his cock, erect and I was looking for the first time, live and not on film, a black cock fully up and throbbing. It was a startling contrast, the blackness of his organ against the white of his trousers through which it was sticking out.

‘Would you like to hold it.’

I nodded dumbly again, mesmerised by the sight of it before I realised the futility of my position.

‘How can I with my hands up like this?’ I said.

‘Kneel down,’ he said simply, dropping a towel on the floor. He held one of my rigid arms and helped me kneel down at an angle from the wall and found that it was now at the same level as my hand. He moved closer until it brushed the outside of my fingers and they seemed to automatically open and he put his erection into the palm of my hand and my fingers closed round it. It was hot and I could feel the steady throb of his pulse.

I seemed to be out of myself, looking down at me kneeling there with my plastered arm outstretched and I was holding this big black cock in my hand.

‘Squeeze it like the rubber ball,’ he said softly, which I did and as I did so, he gently moved his hips backward and forward. I felt the soft silky skin move over the hard solid muscle underneath and saw the pinkness of the head that had been hidden under the foreskin.

I got this funny tingling in my belly again as I watched it moving back and forth in my hand and gripped it a little tighter.

‘I thought that in Africa you were circumcised,’ I said, fascinated at what I was seeing and doing.

‘I was born in England. If it had been Kenya I would have been. What does it feel like?’

‘I…I can’t really say not ever having done this before.’

‘Did you enjoy me doing it to you?’


‘Well I enjoy what you are doing too,’ still moving his cock in my grasp. ‘Hold it tight now, I’m about to come,’ he said as he began to move his hips faster and I held on as hard as I could and felt his body begin to shudder and semen started to shoot out of the end. I could feel it swell the passage inside his penis as it came up to erupt out in large quantities. I was also surprised to see that his semen was the same as mine, all milky and looking to be of the same consistency. He gave out a groan as he came, one hand on top of my head as he rocked back and forth till he came to a standstill, a little dribble still hanging from the end.

‘Thank you Paul, that was nice,’ he said, his prick still hard in my hand. ‘You can let go now,’ and somehow I didn’t want to but I did and he put himself away and helped me up from the floor.

‘Well what do you think?’

‘I…I don’t really know seeing as it’s the first time I’ve ever done that.’ He chuckled but didn’t say any more but got me dressed and helped me back to my bed.

Tea, dinner or supper, whichever it’s called was served at five and he would chat to me as he fed me.

‘So that was your first experience of gay sex then?’ he asked as he put some food into my mouth, so I could only nod. ‘I knew I was gay from an early age and as I didn’t want to go and do manual work, opted for the nursing service. I was lucky there for when I first started at the Nursing College, there was another Kenyan who’d enrolled at the same time. So naturally they put us to share the same room. It didn’t take long to find out he was gay too, so from our second night there, we were kissing and fucking each other. I’m not shocking you by talking about this am I?’ he asked as another mouthful was pushed in. This time I shook my head, fascinated and wanting to hear more.

‘Miki Ngomo his name is,’ and he pronounced the surname with a guttural sound of the first letter, ‘and had been born in Kenya. We did everything together for the three years we were there. When we graduated, I came here and he went to a hospital in South London. We still keep in touch and meet up now and again.’ I didn’t get a chance to ask any questions for every time he finished speaking, I had food pushed into my mouth.

‘When he does come to see me, that’s when I get dressed up and become Roberta. Don’t look shocked and close your mouth. During the day here at the hospital I’m Robert and at night and off duty, I’m Roberta. I have a wardrobe full of dresses and a variety of wigs I can wear. If I say so myself, I look rather pretty when I’m all dolled up.’

‘Do you go out dressed as a woman?’ I asked incredulously.

‘Oh yes. Restaurants, pubs. I get quite a thrill out of it.’ I was quite amused at this and tried to picture him like that.

Though we began to handle each other in the shower room, he didn’t do anything when I was having a pee or when I did the other. There he would first wipe my backside and then wash it.

So I looked forward to my shower and we followed the same pattern for about three weeks of him jerking me off and me holding his cock in the only way I could for him to come until he changed that routine.

My robe was off and instead of my hands being on the wall, he stood my back against it and hosed me down, especially over my rampant cock and I got a shock when he went down onto his knees and took the head of my penis into his mouth.

It was like having an electrical charge that made me stiffen up in shock. Something that I’d always wanted Christiana to do, Robert was now doing it, having my cock in his mouth and feeling his tongue run round the head between his sucking on me. I was almost in heaven getting all these wonderful sensations transmitted to my nerve ends by his manipulations of my cock in his mouth. His hand worked in tempo with his tongue and lips, teeth too and I could only gasp out that I was about to come. It didn’t stop him for he continued and there was nothing I could do about it but let myself go and come in his mouth. This didn’t stop him either for he carried on, sucking on me as he swallowed what I had given him.

‘How was that!’ he said when he got up after licking me clean, his eyes sparkling and licking his lips.

‘I…it..I can’t put it into words it was so fantastic. Something I’ve always dreamed about, though I could never get the wife to do it to me,’ I said.

It wasn’t until the third time he’d been down on me that he asked if I would oblige by doing the same to him. For a week now I’d been fantasising in bed at night about doing it to him and I still wasn’t sure if I would or could when he would inevitably ask me to do it. Part of me wanted to experience it, to see if it felt the same in my mouth as in my hand. The other part of me was saying that I would be revolted at having another man’s sperm in my mouth let alone swallowing it.

My mind revolved around this dilemma for that week and I still hadn’t come to an answer one way or another. The last brought forth other questions, one way or another. When he had first masturbated me, I had got this funny feeling inside of me when I felt his hardness up against my rear. Would this lead to as he had said that if I was like him, he would have had his cock up my backside when he jerked me off. Was this what I wanted?

Was I gay too but didn’t know it? If I did suck on his cock would the next act be to stick my prick up his bum and then have him do it to me? These were all hypothetical questions to which I didn’t have the answers but my subconscious did for after he’d sucked me for the fourth time and then asked me if I would do the same to him, I answered yes.

‘I’ll take it easy for your first time,’ he said, ‘for you should really be holding the base of my cock so that I don’t go too far, but as you can’t, I will,’ he said as he helped me down onto my knees and he pulled out his throbbing piece. I looked at this, what now seemed an even bigger lump of flesh and licked my lips more in nervousness that in anticipation. His hand was at the base and I opened my mouth and took the head of his black cock inside.

It was hot and very solid as I closed my lips round the end just under the rim of the head. My tongue movement was limited and I tried to remember at how I had felt his mouth on mine as he began to move it back and forth. He would push in till my nose touched his hand and then pull back for me to suck as he did so. After a few strokes I began to get the hang of it, letting my teeth run back up his shaft as he pulled back and tonguing him at the same time. My nostrils flared as I breathed heavily through my nose as he pushed forward and filled my mouth with his cock head and wished that I could use my own hand to hold and control the movements.

‘Hold still now,’ I heard him say as if from a far distance and his left hand came onto my head and he really began to move faster as he mouth fucked me. I nearly choked on that first emission of sperm that erupted in my mouth and had a job to keep still as he came three more times, his seed filling my mouth and beginning to seep out the sides. He suddenly stopped.

‘Swallow,’ he said and I found this difficult to do, but managed to get it to slide down my throat before he began again but much slower, just to get the last drops out before he pulled out. It was only then that I could actually taste him, the aftermath that I still had there I could run my tongue through, finding it slightly salty before I swallowed those last drops.

‘The first time’s always the hardest,’ he said, ‘but you did well and it was good. What did you think of it?’ he asked after putting himself away and helping me up.

‘Well I agree it was difficult and I can’t really say at the moment.’

‘After a few times I can guarantee you’ll have an answer,’ he smiled and surprised me by coming into my plastered arms and giving me a kiss. ‘Thank you Robert, you have really made my day.’ I couldn’t think of anything to say to that and so I just let him get on with his washing of me.

But he was right. After I’d gone down on him three times, I was beginning to enjoy having his black cock in my mouth for me to suck on and bring forth his emission for me to swallow, saving some back to savour the taste of himself


I’d been in the hospital for five weeks and though I had a weekly visit from the head nurse, they don’t have matrons anymore, this was the first time she said that I was to go for x-rays to see how my breaks were progressing. I duly had these and when I was back in bed I got another visit from her.

‘Well Mr Newton, you’re coming on fine. It’s a pity that your wife is also in the hospital for we would rather send you home for we desperately need beds. Do you have private medical insurance for I’m sure they could provide a nurse to see to your needs?’ I told her that I didn’t but would try and think of something. Robert had been there during this discourse and he said later as he fed me that they did really need beds but he would be sorry to lose me as a patient he smiled.

‘I don’t really need private insurance,’ I said to him. ‘I’ve got enough to pay for a private nurse for six weeks or so till this bloody great weight comes off.’

‘If you did get a private nurse, where would you go? You said you have a house here in Reading but you’ve also got a flat in South London, where exactly?’ he asked.


‘Is that near St. George’s hospital?’

‘Just down the road, oh about a mile or so, why?’

‘I’m thinking. Loathe though I am for you to go for we’ve had such fun together, I’ve got an idea. Let me make a phone call. Be right back,’ and with that, he was gone. He’d put that dangling ball into my hand before he went off and I spent nearly half an hour of squeezing it before he came back.

‘Well,’ he said when he came back and pulled out the chair and sat down. He picked up the drinking cup so that it appeared as though he was attending me while he talked.

‘If you went to your flat in Tooting, how much would you pay for a full time nurse for six weeks, all found for they would have to live in?’

‘I don’t know? What’s the going rate?’ Not knowing where he was going with this.

‘Could you afford two hundred a week, all found as I said, in cash?’

‘Six weeks,’ I mused as I worked out the total plus food etc, ‘Yes, yes I could.’

‘Great! I’ve found you a nurse! Do you remember me telling you about Miki Ngomo? Well he works at St, George’s hospital and he’s prepared to go sick for six weeks as long as he is paid in cash. What do you think of that?’

‘Sounds good to me, but he’d have to sleep on the sofa, it’s a one bedroom flat.’

‘For cash in hand, tax free and still getting sick pay, he’d sleep on the floor,’ Robert said. ‘He’s a nice boy, you’ll like him,’ he smiled.

‘What about this fucking plaster cast? What happens about this?’

‘Don’t worry about that. St. George’s will be passed your notes and they will see to you from there. Sister here will be pleased to see you go, me, I will be desolated, but, I think, Miki will be delighted,’ and he gave a chuckle and a big grin. I got the impression I was being railroaded, but it would be nice to have the one on one attention in my own flat.

‘Okay,’ I said, ‘set it up.’ With that, I was given notice to quit my bed in four days time. Robert and I had each other twice in the shower room and the day before my scheduled departure, I was given permission to visit the women’s ward to see my wife.

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