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The Night of Living Dangerously

A straight couple join some gay and lesbian friends for an evening in a club.
All of us were happy for Zoe. After a couple of tense years, living on an emotional roller coaster, she finally came out to her mother and her step-father the weekend before. And now she invited all her friends, including the straights like Kate and me, to come to this "rainbow" bar, Likkks it was called.

Now it was our turn to be nervous in the hours leading up to meeting at Likkks. Kate didn't know what to wear. She tried getting Zoe on the phone, but it was always busy. Finally she called a bisexual friend of Zoe’s, Esmé, who told her that "anything goes at Likkks" and suggested Kate wear her black leather miniskirt and a tank top. That way, said Esmé, Kate's only tattoo, an eagle on her right thigh would be visible. "Tattoos are always welcome at Likkks."

As for me, I didn't worry much about how I looked. Basically I wanted just to be invisible. I didn't think that a straight married man would be greeted warmly. He'd either be seen as the enemy or as a gawker, a tourist. Kate had to choose for me: dark jeans, a white dress shirt, and my black linen blazer from Uniqlo.

We got there before Zoe, but fortunately we knew her friends Beth, Vicky, and Bobbie, all lesbian but very different. Beth was a cute natural blonde with a pixie haircut and softly feminine, the girl-next-door type who wore rather conservative flower-print dresses and must have broken many a male heart. Vicky looked like a pin-up girl from the wrong side of the tracks. In fact, she looked just like a performer from some of the lesbian porn I'd watched before I was married, the nylon-and-garter fetish models with glossy lips, dark eye shadow, huge hair, five-inch heels, etc. Tonight she was wearing a skin-tight latex dress, with a plunging neckline that showed off the red, white, and blue American flag tattoo that covered her chest, and she had a big shiny bangle on her right arm. Then there was Bobbie, who was so butch that if I didn't know better I would have thought that "he" was a heavy-set guy. She had buzz-cut hair and was wearing a wife beater that showed the abundant dark hair under her arms. She smelled of Old Spice. It always reminded me of my dad.

Zoe came in with her guy friend Marlow and his boyfriend Len. Everyone was in a festive mood, not only because of Zoe's personal news but also because Minnesota had just legalized gay marriage. There were lots of kisses all around. What really confused the hell out of me--and out of Kate--was that Marlow always insisted on kissing her on the mouth, and it wasn't just a little dry peck. Maybe he was showing off, maybe it was ironic, maybe he liked to show that he could have an effect on straight women, but Marlow always made it last, kept it up until Kate gave in and returned the kiss, which she now always did. Even knowing that he was gay and had a regular boyfriend, I freaked me out to see her tongue playing with his, not to mention the way one of his hands would brush against the front of her dress or shirt.

So it was a relief when Marlow turned his attention to me.

"I never thought I'd see you in here, Jack! First time for anything, eh? It's a lot more fun than the straight bars. Even the drinks are better. Here, let me buy you their signature drink, the Freaky Likkkin' Martini."

Kate was now busy talking with Vicky, apparently about Vicky's new Monroe piercing, and then Esmé came in, hugged everyone, and told Kate that the skirt was just right. It was true. She basically never wore the skirt outdoors. It was too short and sexy she said, and she wore it only at home. But now, looking at her and seeing the attention that her tattoo and her long, muscular legs were getting, I was proud and turned on by my gorgeous brunette wife. I think also, perversely, somehow her long kiss with Marlow had gotten me excited.

The first sip of the Freaky Likkkin' Martini hit me like a thunderbolt. I could feel it not just in my mouth and my throat but somehow all the way through my body, all the way to my fingertips. But after only a few seconds I had a kind of blissful sense of well-being. My whole body relaxed. Even the business about Kate's kissing Marlow seemed just right. I almost wished they would do it again.

Beth was now next to me, standing so close that our shoulders and arms touched. I've always been attracted to Beth, even though I know better, and she likes to flirt.

"You're looking hot tonight, Jack. The jacket is perfect with those jeans. There's only one problem. Here..."

Beth put her glass of wine down on the bar and unbuttoned three more buttons on my shirt. Then she rubbed her hand over my chest, lightly, playfully. But her fingers paused on my right nipple and played with it for a few seconds.

Picking up her glass again, she said, triumphantly, "Now you look more as if you're at home in Likkks. I know a lot of the guys here would like to play with your buttons!"

She laughed and her tongue darted into my right ear.

"Dance with me," she said, tugging me by the hand out onto the floor that was already crowded with couples of all sorts. It was a slow number, and Beth pushed herself tight against me. After a while her hand found its way under my shirt again. With her sweet-smelling hair against my face, I was getting seriously aroused. Nearby, Kate was dancing with Bobbie. It was really hard to remember that Bobbie was a woman, but I was mostly focusing on Beth and wondering if maybe Beth might be a little bi. She certainly knew what she was doing to me. Her left thigh was rubbing between my legs.

Then, too soon, the dance was over. We went back to the bar. I got another martini. Beth started talking with Esmé. A blond guy in black jeans and a grey t-shirt said hi. He was a few years younger than I and I took him for a college student. He too liked my jacket. We watched the dancing crowd. Kate was now dancing with Vicky, who was very clearly putting the moves on Kate. It was really surprising, but hot. Kate is very conservative, even more than I. Zoe was my friend before being Kate's, and it took her a while to get used to this group of people I know mostly from work.

Vicky had pulled Kate tight against her, their heads were pressed together, Kate's eyes were closed, and she let Vicky lead.

My new acquaintance--Andrew--had seen my wedding band and noticed my attention to Kate.

"Is that your wife's girlfriend?" he asked. I realized that he misunderstood our reasons for being there.

"Just a friend," I said, "not really a girlfriend."

"Sometimes friends turn into girlfriends, or into boyfriends." He laughed. I laughed too.

Just then the spotlights went on, illuminating the stage on one side of the room.

"It's Christine tonight," he said, and then, seeing that I didn't understand, "Christine is one of the big draws here. People come from out of town for the show."

The dance music ended, and the DJ put on something else. A beautiful brunette in a conservative, but nicely-fitting skirt-suit came from the wings. She was a knockout.

"I'm sorry everybody," she said in a sexy alto, "I just came from the office and didn't have time to change. So you'll just have to put up with my business attire, which is, you might have noticed, vintage Dior."

The audience laughed and applauded.

Andrew leaned over to say in my ear, "Some nights she's a cowgirl, sometimes a showgirl, sometimes even a nun."

Christine began to dance teasingly, showing off her legs, grinding her pelvis--the contrast between the outwardly prim clothing and her movements was both funny and exciting. Slowly she unbuttoned her jacket, then took it off and tossed it into the audience.

"Now don't you lose that! I'll castrate anyone who makes off with my Dior!"

Next came the slow unbuttoning of the blouse, and then it was time for the bra to go.

"Oh, I could use some help. You there, the newbie in the black jacket..." She was pointing at me, "Come on up. Don't be afraid. I won't eat you...At least not on stage!"

The crowd roared, and Andrew pushed me toward the stage.

I got up on stage. My face, they told me later, was ketchup red.

Christine, who was even more attractive up close, grabbed my right hand and guided it toward the hook on her bra. With trembling fingers I finally got it unhooked. I could see Kate's face in the crowd, smiling. She turned to Vicky and said something in her ear. I started for the edge of the stage, but she stopped me. As I stood next to her, she pulled the straps off her shoulders, and then, cupping her hands on the bra, she lowered it, revealing two beautiful, small, soft breasts with very erect nipples.

"Here, you hold onto my bra for now. But don't lose it. I'll come looking for it later."

To much applause I jumped off the stage with the bra in my right hand. Back at the bar, standing next to Andrew, I stuffed it in my jacket pocket.

Christine continued dancing, slipping off her suit skirt to reveal a garter belt, garters, stockings, and a small sheer black thong, through which—my God!—I could see a good-sized cock.

It took me a while to recover from the show. I had another martini.

"I'm going out for a smoke with Vicky," said Kate to me as she pushed her way past me in the crowd. I just nodded and smiled, and only after she had disappeared did I realize that she didn't smoke. The martinis were really doing a number on me.

I turned to Marlow, who was standing there, and said, "Weird. She doesn't smoke."

After a little while he said, "Well, she didn't. Maybe it's not cigarettes."

This would be even less in character. Smoking weed? No way. She doesn't even drink very much.

The crowd was increasing and becoming much less inhibited. There were a couple of guys making out right next to me, but I was mostly fascinated by the women. Zoe, who was really in a party mood, had pulled off her shirt and was showing off the barbells in her pierced nipples. No one seemed to pay much attention, except me. My eyes were popping out of my head. There was a very nice looking woman in her forties (I vaguely recognized her from somewhere) dancing with a college girl. When the dance finished, the two of them went through a door next to the bar--I figured to the ladies' room.

Andrew, the guy I was talking with at the bar, and Marlow got into a conversation about some porn star and whether he was gay or just gay-for-pay. They agreed he was incredibly hot on screen, but Marlow said he knew "for a fact" that the actor had a girlfriend who also did girl-girl films.

Andrew turned to me and asked if I ever watched gay or bi porn.

"No, I've never seen any. Not with guys. Girls, yes, for sure. I love that. We watch some just about every week."

"On DVDs or on-line?" asked Andrew.

"DVDs mostly," I said, "River Rock Women's Prison is one of my favorites."

"Prison fantasies, fuck yeah!" said Marlow. "Straight guy in a cell learns to go down and like it--Fucking Jesus! That gets me throbbing every time."

Andrew nodded, grinning. "I started with girl in prison porn before I moved on to guys."

About then I saw Kate come back into the club. Vicky, who's taller, had her right arm around Kate's shoulders. They squeezed through the crowd and went through the door near the bar. Just before disappearing, Kate turned around and seemed to be scanning the crowd. I figured that she was looking for me, but she didn't see me.

I got another martini. Everything was very relaxed. I hadn't talked about porn with other guys since I was in college, and I was enjoying the fellowship.

"Jack, you really should take a look at some man on man videos," said Andrew. "I mean, life is short. You shouldn't close your mind. Maybe you won't like it, but maybe you will. It's like me and Thai food. I never liked the idea, but one day I was on a date with a guy I really liked and he wanted to go to this Thai place. Now it's one of my favorite things."

Marlow followed up. "So maybe not to start with gay porn. But there's porn with threesomes, two studs with a good-looking woman. She goes down on both of them, gets them warmed up, maybe rubs their cocks together. Then one fucks her while she deep-throats the other one. Then she gets one of them to go down on the other. She licks the shaft, tongues the head--you know, she shows him how to do it. Then she hands him the cock and lets him try it. Straight men will go to almost any length to impress a woman, right? So he starts to suck and pretty soon he really gets into it..."

Things went on like this for a while. Even though it wasn't my kind of thing, just hearing about all this sucking and licking and stroking was giving me a mild tingle in the crotch. As I've said, the martinis had a marvelously relaxing, loosening effect. Then an older man with a wedding ring came over to Andrew. They exchanged glances, and without talking at all, they headed off to a door nearby.

By now I was wondering where Kate was. She had been gone a long while, as I pointed out to Marlow.

"You really don't know? Well, if you've never been to a place like this before, maybe you need an introduction. Come on. Follow me."

Marlow led me down a narrow corridor with unpainted cinderblock walls, lit sparsely by a bare light bulb here and there. It was oppressively hot but it was so much quieter than the bar area that it seemed almost spooky. We went around a few corners and I would have been completely lost if I'd been on my own. I pulled off my jacket. My damp shirt clung to me.

"You know, the number of straight men who get this far into the club, I could count on one hand."

He was sweating too and pulled off his shirt, revealing a strong, fully-tattooed back--the picture seemed to be a naked hero fighting a snake, but it was too dark for me to get the details.

We went through a door into a small supply closet. One wall was stacked with large brown cardboard boxes, but opposite it was some kind of flat frame on the wall, the size of a large flat-screen TV.

"You hear a lot about gay guys getting out of the closet," he laughed, "but sometimes the real fun is inside."

It was very warm and humid, and I unbuttoned the remaining buttons and pulled it off. We put our shirts and my jacket on one of the boxes.

"This better be worth it," I said, having a weird sensation being bare-chested and sweating in this little room with Marlow.

"You wanted to know where Kate went, right? OK, don't make a sound."

He switched off the light and then pushed another button on the wall with the frame. A curtain went up with a little whirring sound. It was a window, and I could see into a room that was mostly dark but had flashing strobe lights like in a retro disco.

"The walls are covered with mirrors. This one just happens to be see-through from this side. Management has to keep an eye on things sometimes..."

What I was looking at was so far beyond any lesbian porn I had ever seen, even beyond anything I had imagined as a frenzied adolescent stroking my wand in the back of the garage where I found my uncle's old copies of Penthouse. There was an undulating sea of female bodies, thirty of them, probably more. With the funky lighting, all those martinis in me, the heat, Marlow's sweaty chest pressed against my bare back, the trance music that was now vibrating through the glass, and the sheer scale of lesbian sex that I was staring at, I felt as if I were in a psychedelic dream, really flipping out.

But that was only the start.

Gradually my eyes began to adjust to the light and dark and I saw a white thigh with an eagle tattoo about ten feet from the mirror. Kate! She was lying on her belly with her head between two legs wearing sheer black stockings on garter belts. She was going down on Vicky! Kate's head was bobbing up and down, one of her hands was around Vicky's leg but she had the other hand back down in her own crotch. I could see the fingers moving down below her cheeks.

I could hardly stand up. I was actually leaning back into Marlow for support and he had wrapped his left arm around my waist.

"Pretty funny that you were worrying about Kate and me! Bet you didn't think that Vicky had a chance with your straight little wife, huh?"

I was completely fixated on Kate, despite all the other bodies, all the other action that was going on. My heart was pounding, my throat was dry.

Just then I heard the whirr of the curtain coming down again.

"Hey, stop! What are you doing, Marlow? Let me look! She's my wife, god-damn you!"

The curtain kept coming down, and now, except for a tiny bit of light leaking from the edges of the frame, I was in the dark, sweating, with Marlow holding me from behind.

"That was a free sample, straight boy. If you want to see more, you've got to make it worth my while."

He went over toward the door, turned on the light, and then--I was baffled--he opened the door, not all the way, just so it was about a third of the way open.

Then he came back to me and grabbed at my belt buckle. Of course, I pushed him away.

"OK, if you don't want to play, we can grab our shirts and go out and finish the evening at the bar. I think we'll have plenty of time to talk or dance. The girls are going to be at it for a long while."

The idea of waiting out at the bar, trying to kill time while Kate was...Well, it was just unbearable. I looked for the button on the wall but couldn't see it.

"So, you willing to play? It won't kill you. No anal. Not tonight. Let's get these jeans off."

He tossed off his slip-ons, and pulled down his jeans. He was wearing bright white briefs with a sizeable bulge and a small damp spot.

I took a breath and followed his example. Given what I'd been looking at through the mirror, it was no surprise that I had big hard-on, but I was embarrassed when it shot upright as I released it from my briefs.

There we were, both naked, sweating and erect in a very small space.

"Can't we at least close the door?" I asked.

"Wouldn't be polite. This is a club. Some guys might pass by and like to have a look. You'll see. It heightens the experience."

The strangest thing is that the idea of some random guys seeing me with Marlow, instead of turning me off actually aroused me. The whole thing was so beyond crazy, so not-real-life, that I just said to myself: fuck it!

"You first. Go on down. Then I'll raise the curtain before I do you. Deal?"

I didn't say anything, but I knelt on the floor in front of him.

"Now take it in your right hand and give me a little lick on the head. See where the pre-cum is already beading? Have a taste."

I wrapped my fingers around his cock, and in all honesty, it didn't seem that strange. After all, I'd held a cock in my hand often enough. But what was massively new was seeing a cock, life-size, up close. The pale-pink shaft with blue veins running here and there under the skin, the dark purple and brown mushroom head which was now so swollen that its skin was entirely smooth and shiny, the little droplets of cream oozing out from the tiny slit--this was all hallucinatory.

There was no repulsion in me as I stuck out my tongue and touched the first droplet. I don't find anything attractive about the male body, except, right at that moment, strange to say, the erect cock. Besides, everything that I had seen, all the talk about porn, and most of all--my GOD!--Kate's head bobbing up and down between Vicky's stockinged thighs, all this plus being pretty buzzed made me willing to do anything.

Marlow's pre-cum was salty and tangy. The effect was electrifying. You have to realize that up until this point in my life I had never directly tasted cum. Only a few times did I detect the faint trace of my own in Kate's kisses. Now I was getting it full strength.

"That's it! Lick it and kiss it like a good little faggot! Run your tongue around the head. Yes! Like that! Again!"

I rolled my tongue around Marlow's cockhead, feeling it first on the top of my tongue, then on the underside. It was rubbery, smooth, oddly shaped and the different ways it felt as it touched different angles of my tongue were mesmerizing. My eyes closed, and I kept on circling, concentrating just on tactile sensations.

Somehow, I became aware that I was gripping my own cock in my right hand and stroking.

"OK, you're doing great for a straight guy. You're a natural. Now I want you to lick my balls and shaft."

I opened my eyes. For the first time, I noticed that Marlow didn't have the slightest trace of pubic hair. The texture of the balls was so amazingly different from what I'd discovered with the cockhead. His balls were taut and hairless but had a shallow furrowed texture. I took one into my mouth and held it.

"Oh, Jesus Christ! Fuck yeah! Jack, baby, you've got the warmest mouth..."

The praise felt good. I took the other testicle into my mouth and held it there. I let go of my own cock and stroked Marlow's while I sucked the balls. His cock started to throb.

"Jack, take it into your mouth. I want to fuck your face and unload."

I took the cockhead into my mouth, and he pushed deep into me with his hands holding the back of my head. We got into a rhythm of his pushing and pulling back, while I just clamped my lips firmly around the shaft. I liked the sensation of holding him between my lips, of his head rubbing across the top of my tongue, and of the rhythmic to-and-fro.

"This is the gold standard, Jack, teaching a straight married man to suck cock. And you're going to be back here. I know you like it."

I was certainly feeling nothing but excitement at that moment, and my right hand had gone back down to my crotch, where I was rubbing my shaft between my clenched fingers. The arousal spread throughout my whole body. Every part of me had become an erogenous zone, even the back of my head where I could feel the firm touch of Marlow's hands.

Then he started groaning. I think he was trying to say something, something like "Fuck! Fuck!" But it was all just a blur of sound, a kind of gurgle. The rhythm of his thrusts was suddenly broken and his cock jerked violently in my mouth. At the same moment there was a flood of salty jism across the top of my tongue and into my throat. I had to pull my head away, and open my mouth while I swallowed.

Just then I saw that there wee two men standing in the open doorway, watch. One was Marlow's friend Len, and the other I didn't recognize. Both of them had white towels wrapped around their hips. They were smiling.

"Way to go, Marlow!" said Len. "Fuck straights!"

They walked on. I didn't think any more about it. I needed to come. The arousal was almost unbearable. And I wanted to see Kate.

"Marlow, I did my part. Let me watch some more."

He turned off the light and closed the door again. Then he found the button in the wall and the curtain whirred back up. Meanwhile, I was tasting the slightly bitter remains of Marlow's cum.

It took a while again for my eyes to adjust to the strange flashing lights in the back room. Fortunately, Kate and Vicky were still there. Was it strange that I wanted so much to see them fucking? Right at that moment seeing Kate having sex with a woman was my number one desire. I would do anything to see this. Hell, I had just done the unthinkable in order to see it!

Kate was leaning back on a big pillow with her legs spread wide, while Vicki, kneeling next to her, was kissing her and also fingering her clitoris. There was the end of a vibrator scarcely emerging from Kate's vagina, and around it I could see whitish girl-cum on her lips.

"You want me to go down on you? It's optional, you know. You could just jerk off."

"Marlow, you asshole. I did you. Now you do me."

The moment that followed--it couldn't have lasted more than five minutes, but time seemed to stop--was certainly the high-point of my sexual life up until then. Vicki and Kate were kissing each other deeply, wetly, and passionately, while Vicki frantically fingered my shy and conservative wife, whose whole body responded. Her chest heaved, her hips swiveled up and down, and her legs trembled. While this was happening, I was getting a blow-job like none I had ever had before. Marlow knew how to keep me right on the edge while denying me the orgasm that I desperately needed. In the hot dark closet, only illuminated by the flashing strobe, the images of the lesbian couple pulsated in my eyes and mind. I felt Marlow's hands on my wet bare thighs, I felt my hips swaying, I heard my own voice saying softly again and again, as if in a prayer, " Do it baby. Do it baby." Was I speaking for Marlow, for Kate, for Vicky, or for myself? Probably for each.

Then I let loose with such force that I would have fallen if I hadn't gripped the frame of this window-mirror. And I groaned a loud, lasting FUUUUCKKKK!

Later, Marlow handed me some wipes that he found somewhere, and we cleaned up a little. He asked if I wanted to shower and then head to the men's sauna room, but I told him that this was as much as I could handle for one evening. We pulled on our dampish clothes and headed back out through the labyrinth to the bar.

We both had glasses of water. We needed to rehydrate after all the fluids we'd expended.

After a while, Kate reappeared, without Vicky. I saw a hickey on her neck and noticed that she didn't have a bra under her top.

"There you are!" she said, as if I had somehow been missing. She gave me a big hug and deep wet kiss.

The look of shock on her face was almost comical. She must have tasted Marlow's cum in my mouth the same way that I could taste Vicky in hers.

Then she burst out laughing. It was contagious, and Marlow, standing next to us, started laughing too.

I didn't object at all this time when Marlow pushed his tongue into Kate's mouth to say good-by.

Kate drove us home. She'd had less to drink. We didn't talk much then. Only the next day did we tell each other our adventures. But before we fell asleep, Kate said, "You know, our anniversary's coming up in two weeks. Maybe we could celebrate it at Likkks."

The last thing I remember before falling asleep was saying "Yes."

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