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The Night She Seduced My Wife

A long, anticipated fantasy finally comes true...
My buddy Kyle and I have been friends forever. In the last four or five years I guess we’ve become best buds. He’s the type of guy with whom you can talk about anything and still feel safe, knowing that it’s always just between him and you. No matter what, he’d take our conversation to the grave. So one day we’re talking about our fantasies and I confide in him how I’d love to see Katie get it on with another woman.

“There is nothing that would blow my wad more than watching her lick and suck and then be eaten by a beautiful woman. I would find that irresistible!” I confide.

“Yeah, you and me both, just like every other red blooded male,” he says. “Who wouldn’t want to witness that?”

We opened up Pandora’s Box as the hot fantasy continues to be discussed. Now Kyle’s wife is an extremely hot and sexy woman, probably the hottest woman I’ve ever known. He shares how she had a little bit of experience in woman to woman love making but she’s never gone all the way and he’s never seen it. With hard-ons in our pants we both say how we’d love to see that. He finds my wife almost as sexy as I find his. We would love to create an opportunity that might allow this to happen but don’t have a clue where to go from here.

Some six weeks later the grandparents have taken both sets of kids for the night and we’ve been out on the town, to dinner the dancing and drinking with Kyle and Lisa. It’s been a great evening and the ladies look absolutely stunning. It’s not often that we get a chance to have an extended time out together like this and they are both dressed to the nines. The two of them were turning heads in every place we visited, making a commotion amongst both the men and women. Lisa noticed it too. She knew they were smoking hot as they paraded themselves around, just flaunting their wares. It is quite unusual for my Katie to do this but is extremely exciting for me to watch.

It’s late now and we’ve just walked into the front door of their house. The girls start complaining putting up a fight, thinking that the evening has drawn to a close.

“The night isn’t over yet, is it? We’re just getting started!” they say in unison.

“No babe, we’ve got until noon tomorrow before we pick up the kids,” I assure my wife. “We can stay out as long as you like.”

“Good, ‘cause I hear the hot tub calling!” Lisa nearly screams and no sooner are the words out of her mouth that she begins to seductively disrobe right there in her living room. Soon she is down to her bra and panties and I am absolutely dying. It’s not like I haven’t see her in a bikini before but she is just so stunning, the way she looks and the way she moves, as I stand behind her. Soon she turns around to face us and she just about takes our collective breath away. There’s a large wet spot on the front of her panties. I guess I’m not the only one getting hot.

I look to Katie and Kyle and we all shrug our shoulders in our best ‘if you can’t beat her join her’ mode. Soon all of us are in various states of undress as we gawk at a perfect ass as Lisa walks out the slider and pulls the cover off of their secluded hot tub. My cock is noticeably straining against my boxer briefs but no one sees it, not when you can be looking at Lisa.

In no time Kyle has glasses of wine in our hands and our bodies are being sautéed in the warm water. The conversation is lively and frisky and fun. We begin to recount our evening thus far and Katie mentions all of the attention the two women were garnering.

“We got an awful lot of looks didn’t we?” she coos to Lisa.

“Yeah we did, and not just from the guys either. We made a few of the lovely babes hot too!” she retorts.

“Can you blame them?” I chime in. “There’s nothing hotter than two gorgeous women together.”

Katie looks over at me with a rather disturbed look on her face then turns back to Lisa. “Do you think so? Women were hot for us too?” Katie asks. She too saw the looks and she was more than mildly intrigued by them. But women being interested in her? The very thought is confusing. She just doesn’t get it.

“You know so! That one time when I took your hand and twirled you around on the dance floor, I think three women came just watching us!” Lisa breaks out laughing. I look over at Katie and she has an uncomfortable smile on her face, a rather nervous smile.

“That was actually kind of fun,” she says as she takes another sip from the glass and lowers her eyes.

“Hell yeah it was fun! Have you never danced with a woman before?” she asks incredulously.

“Never, that was my first!” she responds.

“Well we’ll have to change that right now!” she says as she takes Katie by the hand and the two stumble out of the tub together. Kyle and I just look at each other and silently sit there in the dark while pouring some more drink and cranking up the music a bit louder.

“I told Lisa about what we talked about,” Kyle whispers.

“You did? I thought what we say to each other stays with each other?” I ask sternly. I can’t keep up the ruse. A giant smile over takes my face when I concede with a hearty, “Good! What was her response like?” I keep waiting for him to answer and after 30 seconds of silence he just motions his head for me to look at our women.

The two beauties’ bodies are slow dancing, pressed tightly together and playfully pretending to kiss the others neck. They are simply blowing on them instead, making raspberries, as they sway rhythmically to the music. It all looks very playful and innocent but no doubt Kyle’s cock is just as hard as my throbbing member under the water. I’m over heating now so I rise up and balance myself, sitting on the edge with my legs dangling in the water. Seconds later Kyle does the same thing. Just as I suspected, both of our dicks are nearly vertical as we catch each other’s eyes.

After several minutes the song ends and a new one starts on the CD mix. It’s Faith Hill’s Just Breathe , one of our favorite love songs. It’s a song that always gets our engines rev-ed up.

This time, Lisa pulls my wife in closer and their heads are resting on each other’s shoulder and hands around the others wide hips. My heart rate rises as Lisa moves her mouth towards my wife’s neck and I can see her mouth open and take Katie’s neck between her lips. A faint moan escapes Lisa’s lips as Katie’s body tenses. Lisa’s hand slides over her ass and pulls my wife closer, drawing Katie’s left leg between her own. Lisa is now grinding her wet panty-clad pussy on Katie’s thigh as her hand slips down to her ass once again, this time inside her panties. I expect some resistance but there is none, only another faint sigh, and this time it’s coming from my lady. I look quickly at Kyle and his tractor beams are fixed to his wife’s hand inside my wife’s panties. Holy shit!

When Lisa’s other hand reaches up towards her face, Katie instinctively meets her hand and tilts her head perfectly to embrace her lips for the first time. The kisses are short and sweet and tender at first but the song’s crescendo is fast approaching. Soon the lips and tongues have such urgency to them and they are almost wrestling with each other in a passionate dance. Lisa’s right hand pulls out of the underwear, quickly unclasps Katie’s bra and then dives back inside, this time forgetting her cheeks and lunging down instead into her musky crack. The moans of pleasure are unmistakable. Finally Lisa pulls her lips away, much to the annoyance of my wife. Her head actually extends outward, just trying to hold onto her lover’s lips.

“Come, it’s time to take this inside,” Lisa says with authority as she takes her hand and begins to walk. “You boys can come to, but only to watch,” she says as she reaches back and unhooks her own bra, discarding it across the room. “I’ve never had a woman before, but I’m going to have one tonight, aren’t I Katie?” Immediately she pulls Katie close again and devours her mouth, forcing her tongue deep inside her mouth. We watch as she slides the palm of her hand slowly down her stomach until her fingertips broach the top of her thong’s band.

“Well, it’s your call Kate. What do you want babe?” Lisa asks while looking directly into the beautifully painted eyes before her. Katie hesitates. You can see the turmoil inside, the mind processing all that is going on. Soon a calm comes over her and she reaches for Lisa’s hand and pushes it down into her fleshy folds and then grabs the back of her lover’s head as she forces her tongue between her lips. For many, many minutes they are making love while standing up, first with their mouths and then with their hands. Lisa is working a finger or two inside my wife’s box while Katie seems satisfied to play with Lisa’s gorgeous ass. I can tell my wife is getting close. Her body gets really tense and, as her orgasm approaches, she forgets what her role in the sexual play is at times. Her hand is hardly moving now as her legs stiffen and Lisa’s fingers pick up the pace. Soon she is flying right over the edge.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Fucccccckkkk! Yesssssssssssssssss! Yesssssssssssss! Fuck me. Fuck me Lisa! OH FUCK ME!!!”

We watch in shock and awe as she gyrates her hips and fucks Lisa’s fingers back. Her body convulses and shakes like I’ve never seen before. Then again, I’ve never seen her come while standing up before. It’s the most exciting come I’ve ever witnessed and it’s lasting a very long time. Lisa continues to work her while deeply French kissing each other. When Katie’s body finally seems to calm down Lisa pulls her fingers from her snatch.

“Here, try this baby!” she coos into Katie’s ear as she draws her fingers to her friend’s mouth.

“No, I really don’...” is the limit of what we hear before Lisa forces the digits inside.

“Well you didn’t hon, but now you do. Did you think you weren’t going to reciprocate?” Lisa teases with a smile. “Let me assure you honey I’m getting mine too, but believe me, it will be one night you will fondly remember forever!” and with that she pulls her fingers out of Katie’s mouth, slides them into her own and sucks them clean and pats her ass.

“Boys, you can make yourself comfortable, but this is ladies night tonight. The two of you just watch and stroke off as you see fit.” With big grins we just nod our heads.

“So shall we?” Lisa asks rhetorically while taking Katie’s hand and leading her upstairs to the master bedroom. The room is enormous with a king size bed and a couple of lounge chairs. Us guys sit down on the chairs and watch while Lisa pulls her panties slowly down her long, tan legs. She is now in all of her glory and her beauty is breath taking. I look over to Katie and she is looking mighty nervous. You can tell she just doesn’t know what to do. She is timidly leaning against the bed when Lisa slowly strolls over to her.

“Now, where were we babe?” she whispers while pulling her against her body, thumbs slid inside her friend’s waistband. “Oh yeah, I was just about to taste you...” No sooner have the words escaped her lips and we watch open mouthed as Lisa pushes Katie back onto the bed and drop down to her knees. In a single motion the panties have disappeared, leaving my wife’s glistening pussy lips exposed for the three of us to see. Lisa is toying with the three of us. First, she looks back at us guys and silently grins. Next, she turns to my wife and takes her index finger and wiggles her hardened clit. “Oh, what have we here?” she hisses. Katie moans as her clit is swallowed whole by the sexy lips and two fingers slice right into her slit. Lisa pulls her left leg over her shoulder so she can eventually drive her tongue deeper into my wife’s cunny but keeps the right one dangling, so we can witness more of the action. What an excellent host!

In short order Katie is squirming, ready to explode into another come. Lisa had sensed this minutes ago and had moved off of her clit and was bathing her inner and outer lips with her sultry tongue. Now that she is close again, her lips attach hard onto her throbbing nub as frantic fingers plow in and out of her steamy snatch. As her climax unleashes Lisa quits fucking her and instead uses her fingers to pound away at her sensitive G spot. Alas, the floodgates erupt and, for the first time, my Katie begins to squirt. Lisa aggressively laps away at the sexy mess but can’t nearly keep up. Her face is covered in the warm, clear dew and dripping back down onto the source. The visual is just too much as Kyle and I lose our loads all over the clean carpet, grunting loudly as our cum flies. Both women look back at us and can’t help but giggle. Lisa crawls up her friend’s body and places her mouth over her lips. Katie’s juices are dripping onto her own face now as the two women’s pussies grind together. I want to come again.

“Will you do me now? Will you lick my pussy...?” Lisa says as she drives her tongue back inside Katie’s mouth, tongue fucking her while riding her pussy.

“I, I don’t know. Can we try something else first?” Katie says, once again a bit nervous.

“Sure honey, we’ll do it when you’re comfortable. I know just the thing. Get up on all fours!” Lisa commands.

As Katie gets into position we catch each other’s eyes. She looks stunning and she is still as randy as all get out. You can tell she wants to just go with it but is afraid to cross the lesbian threshold. I wink at her and stroke my hard cock towards her. She watches and just smiles in return.

Out of the corner of my eye I see it coming. It looks enormous and Katie doesn’t have a clue.

As she scoots across the bed, inching closer to my wife, Lisa catches our eyes, just grinning at the show she’s putting on for us guys. She reaches out her hands and places them on Katie’s hips and coos, “Honey, I’m home!” As if she’s done it thousand times before she takes the giant black cock that’s attached to her strap-on in her tiny hand and begins to slap at my wife’s clit with the bulbous head.

Katie turns back frantically to see what in the hell is going on and she sees the devilish grin plastered on Lisa’s face. She soon realizes she’s about to be fucked royally. She looks back at me just as the head begins to slide between her pussy lips.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh. OMG!!!!!!!!!!” Katie’s eyes are bulging with the size of this monster. She’s never had anything like it before.

“Since you wouldn’t expand your horizons by fucking me with your tongue, I figured I’d expand some of your other horizons. Do you like my cock baby?” she teases as she presses forward, bottoming out into her juicy cunt and then drawing back only to impale her again. Soon she is pounding the crap out of her and my wife’s eyes are rolling in her head.

“Why don’t you give her a hand, make that a tongue. Climb underneath your sexy goddess and make use of your other tool!” Lisa commands.

In no time I angle myself underneath my wife, my feet planted on the carpet. My head is propped up on a couple of pillows, and her pussy is just above my waiting mouth. As I watch her being fucked silly by the giant black cock, her quim is dripping onto my face. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her down to my lips and suck her clit between my teeth. I can feel the cock sliding in and out of her and her whole body is shaking.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck. Keep on going, keep it up Lisa. Oh yeah, fuck me harder!” she yells.

A second later her pussy is vacated and I drive my tongue straight up her cunt and fuck her as hard as I can while pulling on her ass for leverage to go deeper. Soon I feel her wrap her lips around my cock and I’m so ready to come. Somehow the sensations feel different. I push her body up to see what’s going on. Lisa has removed her strap on and her gorgeous head is positioned above my waist. She is leaning down and her mouth is expertly bobbing up and down on my cock. Her legs are spread wide, facing Katie and me as she works my shaft good. Katie is very good at giving head. Lisa is great. As her tongue continues to bathe me I lie back down and begin to eat my wife out. What an amazing night.

Before either of us is about to come my concentration is interrupted as a real dick slides into Katie and begins to thrust madly.

“If you want to come again, you’re going to need to make my bride come!” he demands.

I look down again and can make out that Kyle is pushing Katie’s face towards Lisa’s perfectly bare cunny. In a matter of seconds I can hear her face and tongue attacking her soaking wet core and the first of many sighs and moans escape Lisa’s lips. She’s jumped in with both feet and it seems my wife has quite a knack for pleasuring pussy. I can hear her sucking Lisa’s tangy fruit with abandon.

As I extend my tongue to her clit, my ministrations and Kyle’s cock are just enough to release her into another giant come. Soon Lisa and I join in the orgasmic wonder and loudly come at the same time.

“Yeah Katie, oh yeah, good girl, suck my nasty twat! Ohhhhhhhhh!” screams Lisa again and again. As she winds down from her powerful come she continues sucking me off, draining my rod of every ounce of my cum. As I continue to suck Katie’s thimble I can feel yet another come building in her.

“Was that good baby? Did you like fucking another beauty?” Kyle asks his wife.

Katie thinks the question is directed towards her and nods her head saying, “Oh yeah, I loved it, and I’m still loving it!” She slides two fingers inside Lisa and begins to slowly finger fuck her while attaching her lips snugly to her clit again. Kyle likes what he sees and starts to thrust deeper into her, aggressively using his hips to bang away at my poor wife.

“Holy fuck, holy fuck!” she screams, “Fuck me harder Kyle. Yes! Yes!! YES!!!”
As my face is drenched with her cream I can feel the spasms of his cock as he begins to send several streams of his cum deep into Katie’s willing snatch.

His balls have been slapping my forehead for several minutes now. As I’ve said, Kyle and I have been real close. Never this close.
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