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The Quarry II

The Quarry II

“Thanks for showing me the movies, Alexis. Can we go over to your bed? Let me take your hand.”

Kelly led Alexis to her own bed and gestured for her to lie down. Kelly whispered in her ear “relax and lay back” while nuzzling her neck along with a sultry wet nibble on her ear lobe. Kelly lifted off Alexis’ shirt and released her bra and noticed the goose bumps on her abdomen. Alexis’ breasts were firm and soft with perky dark nipples and they seemed to defy gravity as she moved back down on the bedspread, now fully nude. Kelly took turns with each dark nipple in her soft mouth making them harder and harder under her tongue.

Alexis was breathing deeply now as she enjoyed the attention Kelly paid to her firm breasts. Alexis was accustomed to masturbating while pinching her own nipples so this foreplay suited her well; moaning, breathing deeply, gasping in and out for air, and biting her lip as Kelly held her arms down on the mattress.

Kelly sat up and ran her fingers through her own long blonde hair with one hand while reaching down to her wet pussy lips with the other. She struck a pose just like the beautiful women in the movies Alexis showed her earlier that year. Alexis was treated to a view of Kelly’s entire body wrapped in sunlight and ecstasy with her back arched and a hand busily buried in her crotch. Kelly had absolutely magnificent breasts. The nipples sat high on the flesh and pointed skyward. The sun hit Kelly’s body in such a way that those sexy vellus hairs were on full display. The narrow treasure trail from her navel down to her freshly trimmed bush was just out of reach for Alexis however, she could caress the same hairs on her friend’s delicate thighs.

Moving from between Alexis slender legs, Kelly straddled Alexis’ right leg. She lowered her hands and re engaged Alexis’ wrists up behind her head holding her softly in her hands. Kelly lowered her head until she was licking the light stubble in Alexis’ armpit. The smile on the face of Alexis confirmed to Kelly that she had full access to her friend’s body. Kelly had taken good notes while watching those films and she proceeded to make love to Alexis with a mature confidence not usually found in a girl who just completed her senior year in high school.

Alexis was finally relaxed and succumbed to more nipple play, armpit licking, neck nuzzling, and tummy tickling from her friends tongue. At this point, Kelly lowered her hips and delicately set her vagina down onto the top of Alexis’ knee cap. Kelly began to masturbate herself on the soft skin above her partner’s knee. She could rock her hips back and softly stroke her labia against this bump and grind down putting pressure on her clitoris. The moist juices began to move from her pussy lips onto the skin of her lover’s leg. Kelly whispered again into her friend’s ear “I can’t wait to see you suck cock again, and make those boys cum, I want you to help me suck that huge cock, I don’t know if I can finish him off all by myself.” Kelly creamed and creamed by simply bearing down on her friends leg with constant pressure on her clit. Kelly was experiencing as much pleasure as Alexis; maybe more.

Alexis couldn’t believe how assertive and sexy Kelly was. Kelly was normally so quiet and timid about the topic of sex. Maybe her new found homosexual desires were stronger than her heterosexual behavior all during high school; she was making a strong impression as a lover of other women today.

Kelly made one more sexy comment to Alexis. “I want you to cum and cum and cum while I explore the rest of your body and taste all of your sweetness. Relax while I make you feel good.”

Kelly licked one more rock-hard dark nipple and slowly navigated her way down to her friends navel and then down between her soft legs. Alexis bent her knees and opened her legs a little wider in anticipation of what was about to take place. Kelly kissed and darted her tongue around Alexis’ thighs. She nuzzled her pretty face into the small patch of dark pubic hair and parted the soft pussy lips with her gentle fingers. Kelly lubed up her finger with the juices from Alexis similarly to how she used her own cum during the shaving session a few minutes ago. Kelly touched the tip of her perky button nose into the flowing pussy juices and then began to make love to Alexis with her soft lips and tongue while re-introducing the tip of her wet index finger back into Alexis’ tight anus.

Alexis ran her fingers through her friend’s long hair while she suppressed a loud squeal and then let go with a deep passionate moan. Kelly was eating her out just like Alexis imagined in her best all-girl fantasies. Alexis knew her friend was delivering oral sex better than any boy ever could however, she couldn’t take her mind off of the expert blow job she was going to give at the quarry.

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