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The Quarry III

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Alexis had to bite her lip every few minutes as Kelly moved her soft tongue between her clit and her labia. The breathing became shorter and faster as Alexis neared another intense orgasm. Kelly had to alternate her breathing and maneuver her finger tips to maintain attention on the parts she knew would blow Alexis’ mind. Alexis pushed her head up and back down again into the pillow as she came. Her thighs were squeezing together into Kelly’s ears while she squealed in ecstasy. Kelly drove her finger deep inside Alexis while her tongue danced inside her friend most private area. Alexis collapsed into the mattress a very satisfied young woman.

Kelly navigated her way back up her friend’s body. Kelly applied a few light kissed to her torso and belly button and then blew softly upon each hard nipple until she hovered over Alexis. Alexis could sense the treat she was about to be awarded. Kelly kissed Alexis full on lips. This kiss was soft and sweet and deeply passionate. Kelly parted those thick lips and moved her tongue around her friends tongue sharing the pussy cum between them. Alexis had tasted herself before however, this kiss was more amazing. Alexis was used to licking her sweetness from her own fingers but tasting herself on her friend’s lips and tongue sent her over the edge. The girls made out for several minutes until Kelly gently laid against her friend’s warm naked body for a short nap.

Kelly went home a few hours later. The two would meet soon for their next adventure with the boys. The Quarry day was soon to come.

Alexis knocked on the door at Kelly’s home. Her father answered the door and called for Kelly. Kelly’s dad did a quick double take when he saw how different Alexis looked. She had a new radiance about her. He slyly grinned a familiar grin towards her. He’d seen both girls grow up together and how each one developed that same sexy beach volleyball type body. He’d masturbated on many occasions thinking about fucking Alexis; one of his favorite fantasies. He was proud of his daughter and hot for her friend as many a man would be.

The girls jumped in the car to meet the boys at the Quarry.

Alexis and Kelly had their fun with the guys at school over the past four years. Hand jobs in the school parking lot, blow jobs at football parties, and getting fingered on many occasions. Neither girl had gone all the way, yet. Matt and Tony were good friends and played on the football team together. They chased these two girls not knowing that the girls had done their homework on them too. All the sexually active girls in school shared secrets about the boys. Which guys were nice and which ones were jerks. Which guys had big dicks and which ones had small ones. They even gossiped about the guys who shot a lot of cum; “oil of olay” they said. Alexis and Kelly heard a few interesting things that got their attention regarding Matt and Tony. Matt was the team captain and the word was that he had a short thick white dick with an enormous purple mushroom head. Tony supposedly had the biggest cock in the school. Other girls mentioned that his long black dick had a gentle curve up into his belly and he could stay hard after two ejaculations. He was circumcised however, Tony had a little loose foreskin that folded just over the ridge of his proud helmet head when he was hard. Both guys had great bodies, right out of the images in a clothing catalogue. Alexis and Kelly knew that senior year and prom would be great with these guys.

The girls found Matt and Tony right where they said they would meet. They found a nice sunny spot across the water and high above the Quarry beach and still above the popular places to leap into the water from the rock ledges. Matt and Tony wore surf trunks and flip flops. Their bodies were sweaty from the heat and their board shorts clung to their bodies as they just climbed out of the water. The girls unloaded a small cooler and bag of snacks. They all laid down on the towels and blankets under the shade of a few trees to talk. They reveled in the prom stories and of some planned summer adventures before everyone went off to college. Alexis and Kelly met eyes and winked; they both removed their long t-shirts and revealed the new bathing suits together. The guys responded as you think they would.

Alexis grabbed the sun tan lotion and began to rub some into Kelly’s shoulders. The guys grabbed some beers and watched the girls out of the corner of their eyes. Kelly knew the sun screen was really being used to massage her in return for the favor of the great time the girls just had; the shaving, the kisses, and the hot girl sex. The girls whispered to each other and giggled a few times until the guys came back over.

Alexis took Matt by the hand and led him down onto her blanket. The kissing and petting took over and soon Alexis was topless. Tony picked Kelly up with his huge hands around her narrow waist and kissed her. He saw that Matt had already removed his girl’s top. Tony nuzzled his face into Kelly’s body and went to work. The four of them were all basically naked in the limo a few days ago so everyone felt comfortable. The guys had seen each other cum let alone having the other guy’s girl see it too. Now in broad daylight it was different; hotter.

Just a few feet apart from each other the touching got more serious. Alexis was pulling down Matt’s shorts and Tony was lying on top of Kelly. Tony untied the bikini top strings and was rewarded with seeing Kelly topless. Those amazing proud perky tits were right in his face and Tony knew exactly what to do. In the time it took Tony to remove that bikini top and start caressing Kelly, Matt was already getting the first few licks of that blow job Alexis was planning over the past few weeks.

Kelly was fascinated with what she was seeing and feeling. Tony had one of her nipples in his mouth and a hand on her ass. She could see Alexis bobbing down into Matt’s lap a few feet away. Matt had his shoulders rolled back and his hands behind him supporting himself. His powerful chest and washboard abs were sweating in the sun. Alexis was laying across his hairless leg with her beautiful ass on display in that skimpy thong bikini. Kelly felt Tony growing hard under his shorts. He kneeled back and undid the velcro fly while Kelly untied the waist band strings. She wiggled the shorts down off of his hips exposing his fully hard cock into the sun shine. His cock was smooth and dark with the veins glistening in the light. Kelly moved her head down, parted her wet lips and leaned into his massive black cock She had to pull his penis away from his belly and a thin line of pre cum connected the head to his abs. Kelly wrapped her tiny hand around the thick base noticing his trimmed pubic hair. She opened her lips a little wider and enveloped his head in her warm mouth.

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