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The Quarry

The Quarry

Alexis and Kelly were best friends while growing up in their suburban Denver neighborhood. They were a great match for doing things together because as much as they were the same physically, they had individual and unique personalities.

Both girls were tall and thin with almost identical athletic bodies. 5’7, all legs, tan everywhere, perky grapefruit sized breasts, beautiful yoga butts, long straight hair, and both had pouty thick lips and perfect white teeth. Alexis had olive skin, dark brown hair and dark piercing eyes. Kelly had fairer skin, blonde hair, and bright green eyes. Alexis was always the adventurous one and would easily persuade Kelly into new challenges and situations. Whenever they walked into a room the heads would turn.

Summer arrived following their senior year in high school. Alexis and Kelly went to the prom with Matt and Tony. The entire summer laid ahead of them before going off to college and the girls wanted to try new things. The prom was a lot of fun for all four of them. As much as Matt and Tony tried to lose their virginity with Alexis and Kelly at prom, they were both treated to oral sex in the limo after the party. Alexis and Kelly planned it that way…The girls weren’t ready to go “all the way” but they both agreed during their intimate talks that oral sex fascinated them and they would treat the boys at the prom…The girls took classes together, studied together, played sports together, shopped together, ate together, worked out together, and even tanned together at the Quarry. Sharing the oral sex experience at Prom was normal for them.

Alexis also introduced Kelly to pornography. Not dirty, pump and dump pornography but the erotic sensual classy kind with good looking actors and some type of story and set to go along with the sex on the screen. The girls discussed the oral sex scenes the most. Kelly admitted she liked seeing the cocks erupt their semen as they pulled out from the actress’ mouths and thought it was beautiful when a woman performed oral sex for another woman. “It was all so natural looking,” Kelly said to Alexis. The girls look so comfortable and they know exactly what makes the other girl feel good. They also agreed it would be hot to see Matt and Tony have their cocks sucked to completion; to watch each other go down on the guys like in the dvd’s. The prom limo blow jobs were just the first step; both girls guided the cum shots into napkins in the limo when the guys were ready to shoot. The next sexual step would be at the Quarry; or maybe sooner.

Alexis and Kelly went out to the mall to pick out new swim suits for the summer. They wanted jaw dropping suits that would make Matt and Tony feel excited to see them. Alexis was always wearing a two piece suit and Kelly always opted for the one piece types. Alexis asked Kelly why she picked one piece suits. Kelly said that she felt a little uncomfortable with her treasure trail and the one piece covered that up nicely. Plus, the one pieces tended to have more coverage in the pubic region. The girls decided to pause the shopping and grab a salad and talk more about the swim suit choices and their plan.

Over lunch, Alexis admitted that she kept her pubic area trimmed and neat. It made her feel sexy. She had dark pubic hair but the hair she had grew in a neat little patch and did not spread from its naturally tight pattern. She had a few fine dark hairs below her belly button and she would simply pluck them from time to time. Kelly was fascinated with the conversation. For Kelly it was a little different. Kelly reminded Alexis that she had a full bush of pubic hair; they had seen each naked many times. Kelly also reminded Alexis that she had a trail of fine blonde, almost white vellus hair, growing up towards her belly button and in her lower back, and all of that shows to the world in a bikini. Not to mention that the styles Alexis was trying to get Kelly to buy would assure a few pubes would poke out the sides of the material. “We’re going to shave you down” Alexis said to Kelly..! Kelly didn’t say anything to Alexis about the dampness that grew in her thong from the discussion and from the thought of what was about to take place.

The girls headed to Alexis’ house. Alexis had all the right gear for trimming, shaving, and soothing a freshly shaved vagina. Her parents were gone for the day and they could work comfortably at the house to help Kelly feel good about her body; the Quarry trip with Matt and Tony was in two days.

Into the front door the girls went, up the stairs, and into the cool air of Alexis’ tiled sun filled bathroom. She had a perfect set up with sky lights, bright lights, vanity bench, towels, and all the products out on the counter. The girls had seen each other naked dozens and dozens of times. In the locker rooms after games, in the pool house, and on some recent camping trips. The girls even slept naked together during sleepovers and in a hotel room during an overnight trip. So, it was no big deal when Alexis asked Kelly to strip down to her bra and panties.

Once Kelly had her clothes off, Kelly asked to see Alexis’ recent grooming results. Alexis slipped out of her jogging shorts and panties and let Kelly examine the area. Alexis had a tight patch of short dark pubic hair which revealed her soft mounds and olive flesh. Kelly indicated that she didn’t want to take that much hair off the first time but still agreed she wanted to clean everything up for the bikini. Alexis asked Kelly to take a seat on her vanity bench under the lights. Alexis got the electric trimmer and comb and got down on her knees between Kelly’s legs. Alexis gently placed her tiny hand on the inside of Kelly’s silky thighs and asked her to open up a little more. Alexis could see the sexy vellus hairs on her legs and flat tummy. Kelly’s thong allowed Alexis some access to trim the blonde pubes but not enough. Kelly agreed to remove her thong to allow Alexis to do the job correctly. Alexis giggled when she noticed how damp Kelly’s thong was and Kelly was surprised when Alexis commented on the sweet musky scent as well as the dampness.

The combination of the buzz from the electric trimmer, the coolness of the steel comb, and the occasional brushing of Alexis’ fingers near Kelly’s vagina was enough where Kelly’s wetness began to re-appear in the folds of her labia. Alexis wound up with some of that sweet dampness on the back of her hand and finger. When Alexis was done trimming she stood up and innocently licked the back of her hand and put her finger in her mouth tasting Kelly for the first time. Alexis indicated they were done trimming and handed Kelly a mirror and a towel while she licked her lips. Kelly loved what she saw in the mirror; her freshly trimmed pretty blonde bush and soaking wet lips. The sexual tension was electric between the girls….Kelly used the soothing baby powder that Alexis recommended to keep the area dry and cool after shaving.

Alexis never did put her jogging shorts back on. Since she was already bottomless, she asked Kelly if she was comfortable doing a touch up for her. Kelly agreed and they switched places. Alexis was going to buy a very skimpy thong swim suit and told Kelly she needed a help making sure no hair would poke out. Rather than sitting on the vanity bench Alexis spread her skinny tan legs wide apart and bent at the waist over the sink and asked Kelly to clean up the area behind her vagina where the thongs suit bottom would be the skimpiest. Kelly eagerly gazed up in between Alexis’ beautiful long legs viewing the area between her vaginal opening and her anus. There were a few long dark hairs in that area and a few surrounding her anus. Kelly took the plastic razor and with a few very delicate swipes, the hairs were all gone….But Kelly wasn’t done…

Usually the reserved one, Kelly was quietly using her free hand to pinch her wet labia and tap her clitoris between shaving strokes on Alexis. Kelly said she was going to use some lotion to soothe the area around Alexis’ anus after she was done shaving the area. Alexis handed down a tube of soothing crème from the counter but Kelly never took it from her; Kelly took her index finger which was now covered in her own cum and gently massaged the rim of Alexis’s anus. Alexis twitched, smiled, moaned, and then melted in this excited pleasure. Kelly inserted her index finger into Alexis and gently massaged the inside of her tight anal cavity. Kelly then used her thumb of the same hand to masturbate Alexis inside the folds of her wet vagina while her other hand spread open her gorgeous ass. The combination of the index finger and thumb had Alexis creaming and moaning, and biting her lip.

Thanks for showing me the movies, Alexis. Can we go over to your bed? Let me take your hand…

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