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The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 37

The elderly couple explore, Geoff and Jackson reunite and Tess, Dave and Drew visitors on the farm.
"Nearly home Tess," said Drew as he gently shook her and turned into Geoff's driveway.

Tess had been asleep in the front seat for the last hour. Dave was snoozing in the back.

"We'll just pick up the dog and say good bye to Geoff. He'll be leaving early in the morning,"

It was only two in the afternoon, they had made good time on the trip home. It was stinking hot again and the country side was dried out.

When they were half way up the drive Drew could see the dog coming down to meet them and Geoff was leaning on the veranda post.

"Have a good time?" Geoff asked as he came down the steps.

The dog was jumping up on Tess's legs, it's tail in overdrive as it was pleased to see her.

"We had a ball thanks," Dave replied.

"Are you all packed and ready to go? Drew asked.

"I was packed and ready yesterday. First light tomorrow I'm off. I can't wait to have a bit of a break from the farm."

"Anything you want us to do for you except feed and water your chickens?" Drew asked him.

"Not really. Just check the house and the sheds when you come over," Geoff said.

"Can we borrow the small tractor? I have to bale some straw for my cousin. He wants to buy four hundred bales of it for his stables," Drew asked and then explained.

"Sure I'll get the keys," he said as he disappeared into the house.

He came out and Drew pointed to Dave who caught the keys when Geoff tossed them to him.

"I guess I get to drive it home then," Dave said as he turned and headed for the shed.

They wished him a safe trip and loaded the dog into the tray with Dave's desk. Tess and Drew and took to the farm track for the last leg of their trip home, Dave followed in the tractor.

"Look at my garden," said Tess, "I'm going to water first thing."

The weather had dried the flower beds out and Tess noticed the moment they started to unload the truck.

She left the guys to carry the luggage inside and unwound the garden hose. She slipped her shirt off, she wore no bra, hung it over the veranda rail and started watering.

"It didn't take her long to start feeling at home again," said Dave to Drew as they carried the desk across the back lawn.

"Let's get this inside then I'm going to cool off in the spa. Are you going to join me?" Drew asked him.

"Why not," Dave answered.

Evelyn stepped into the lounge of the apartment from the powder room. She was wrapped in a towel. This was the first time her and Henry had the place to themselves. The kids, as she called Dave, Tess and Drew, had left at eight o'clock that morning. Henry was reading the morning paper at the kitchen bench.

"I will just dress, Stephen will be here soon," Evelyn said.

They had arranged with Stephen to spend a day sight seeing with him. He said he would be picking them up at ten. The house phone on the kitchen wall rang and Henry picked it up.

"Would you mind sending him up Joe. Good thanks," he said into the hand piece.

"Hurry up he is on his way up," he said to Evelyn.

Evelyn disappeared into their bedroom and closed the door. It was only a couple of minutes and there was a tap on the entry door. Henry went and opened it.

"Good morning Stephen," he welcomed him and extended his hand, "Come on in, Evelyn wont be long. Coffee?"

"Ah yes I will have one. But could I use the bathroom first? Stephen asked.

"Sure," said Henry and showed him the door to the powder room.

He started to pour a coffee for Stephen when Evelyn came out of the bedroom.

"Where is Stephen?" she asked.

"In the toilet,"' said Henry matter of factly.

"You didn't let him go in there did you," exclaimed Evelyn with a horrified look on her face.

"I just hung my new bra and my g string on hangers to dry in there. He can't miss seeing them."

"Well he will know what he is in for when we ask him for a threesome then won't he," whispered Henry lightheartedly.

Evelyn was trying to compose herself when Stephen came back into the room.

"Good morning Evelyn. All ready for a big day?" He said as he came closer.

Evelyn stepped closer and gave his cheek a kiss. She didn't know why she did that but she knew she was nervous in his company now.

"Yes. What have you got planned for us?" she asked trying to hide her embarrassment.

"Well I called in a favor from one of the patrons of the restaurant and I have acquired tickets to an exhibition at the art gallery. It is supposed to be outstanding. I hope you haven't seen it already," Stephen replied.

"No, but I have seen it advertised on television. I thought it was sold out," said Henry.

"Ah one of the perks of working where I do. You know everyone who is anyone. As I said he owed me for getting him a table at short notice. I rub your back..." Stephen said as he took a sip of his drink, "This is a beautiful apartment. Is it yours?"

"No, I'm afraid not. It belongs to Tess and Dave. They just generously let us have it when we want to come down here. It is beautiful isn't it," Evelyn said.

Stephen drove them to the art gallery where they spent the next three hours look at paintings by the European masters. Evelyn took every opportunity to stand next to or even touch their tour guide. She didn't so much as flirt but she did want to make him more comfortable with her being familiar with him in front of Henry. Even Henry picked up on Evelyn's methods so he occasionally encroached on Stephen's personal space. He could see what Evelyn was trying to achieve with Stephen and wanted him to know that it wasn't going to be a one one encounter, that's if he chose for it to happen that was.

About four o'clock Stephen told them he would have to go and lock up the restaurant after the workmen had finished with the renovation work for the day. It wouldn't take long and then he would be free to take them to a nice little tapas bar he knew of down on the river front for an early dinner. That was if they wanted to.

"We are in your hands and have nothing else planned for dinner," Evelyn replied as she settled into the backseat of his car.

Drew and Dave lugged the desk into the last unused bedroom of the old farm house. This room was a real mess as it had been used for storage for a long time and had acquired an assortment of junk over the years.

"We'll empty this out tomorrow morning when it's cooler," Drew said, "Most of this stuff can be thrown away, it's junk."

"You don't mind me setting up in here do you?" Dave asked.

"Not in the least. We can make a nice space for you in here. I know that you have a bit of work to do after hours, so you may as well be comfortable." Drew answered him,,"Come on the spa awaits!"

Tess finished watering, she was now hot and her feet were dusty and had spatters of mud on them where the water had splashed her. She took the hose over to the tap and coiled it up. She pulled her pants and thong down and threw them up onto the veranda rail with her shirt. The water was cooling as she turned the hose on herself in the back yard. She washed herself down and then stepped up on to the gazebo steps. She could hear the spa pump humming and the muffled voices of her men.

She stepped through the entry and was not surprised to see Drew sitting side ways across Dave's lap. His erection was above the water level and Dave's right hand was stroking it slowly. Without a word she put one foot down into the spa and swung her other leg around so her pussy was deposited onto Dave's willing lips. Drew's hand immediately went to here ass cheek which he cupped in his palm.

Evelyn and Henry sat in Stephen's car as he entered the building housing the restaurant.

"So what do you think?" Henry asked Evelyn.

"He is a certainly a nice man and he seems to be enjoying our company. He doesn't seem to be in a rush to get away from us," she replied.

"Are you still game to go through with it," Henry questioned her.

"I am, if you agree," Evelyn said.

"I don't want you to do anything that you don't want to. That is I don't want you to screw him because you think I'd be disappointed if you didn't. This was your fantasy, you decide what you want to do, I'll be fine with your decision," Henry said.

Evelyn leaned forward and touched Henry's ear with her finger,"'Thanks Henry, I love you for that. I have found the whole day so far exciting. I've been on egg shells with the both of you. I really think I want this to happen. It's just I don't know how I am going to break down that last barrier and get him into our bedroom."

"Alright then Evee, you have my okay. I want this to happen for you as well as for me. Let's just play it by ear for another couple of hours and see what happens," Henry said, "Now sshhh, he has just come out of the doors."

Stephen drove them down to the river bank area of town and then they strolled along the promenade to the little bar that sold tapas. Henry and Stephen ordered themselves an ice cold beer and Evelyn had a sangria. They each chose a small plate of food to put on their table with its red and white checkered cloth that they sat at on the pavement outside the bar. It was still fairly early so it wasn't crowded and they chatted about the art gallery and what ever else came up.

Evelyn was doing her best to remain composed. She hoped her nervousness was not showing to Stephen.

Henry stood up, "I have to visit the men's room. I will get more drinks on the way back. The same for you guys?"

"Thanks," said Stephen.

"Yes please dear," Evelyn grinned.

As Henry disappeared to the back of the bar Stephen leaned forward, "What's wrong Evelyn? Your mood has changed since I called in to the restaurant."

Evelyn was taken aback. Is it now time to tell him what Henry and herself had been scheming? Her mind was a clutter of things she wanted to say to him and excuses she could make to him.

She reached out and placed her hand on his. "I'm just a bit nervous, that's all."

"Why?" asked Stephen as he looked down at her hand on his.

"It's just something Henry and I have been talking about for a while. Something we'd both like to happen," she said.

"Has it got anything to do with me?" he asked.

Evelyn hesitated.

"Yes it has. But I don't know how to broach the subject with you," she answered softly.

"Evelyn I'm not an idiot. I have noticed you flirting with me. I have been flattered that you flirt with me. I have also noticed Henry has been standing close to me. He hasn't objected once to your advances to me. Am I in the ball park? Am I thinking this is heading in the same direction that you two think it is? Stephen asked.

"I hope so Stephen, I really do" she replied as Henry returned with the drinks.

Evelyn left her hand on Stephen's as Henry put the drinks on the table.

"Let's just see how it goes for the rest of the evening then," said Stephen in a sincere way.

Henry did not catch what they were talking about when he returned but he did see Evelyn's hand resting on his. She made no attempt to pull it away as he sat down next to her. He didn't say anything, he just reached under the table and rubbed her thigh gently. Some thing had been aired while he had been gone and their relationship, if that was the word for it, with Stephen had gone up a gear.

Stephen hoped that Evelyn had been proposing a threesome with her and Henry. He couldn't think what else she would be nervous about. He found Evelyn very attractive and Henry was in good shape for his age. Personally he had never been in a threesome, this was all new to him as he presumed it was for them. He now thought that he should engage Henry in conversation. Evelyn was touching him in front of her husband. He could not be oblivious to that as it was happening right in front of him. He had no idea what to say though.

"So have you had a good time today Henry," he asked.

"Yes I have," Henry replied as he now took Evelyn's other hand, "I didn't think I would be so interested in art as I was. I think it is the history of some of the paintings. The fact that they have survived for hundreds of years, through countless wars. It's pretty amazing."

Henry looked down at Evelyn and Stephens hands. He wasn't jealous at all. That surprised him. He did want to see her with this other man. He rubbed the back of her hand with a finger hoping it would reassure her a little.

Tess came on Dave's mouth. It was a lovely orgasm as Drew massaged her buttocks. Drew ejaculated into Dave's hand soon after. Dave now sat on the edge of the bath and Tess and Drew took turns sucking his cock. His climax was powerful as his semen was eagerly licked from the end of his penis by his two lovers. They sat back in the swirling water and touched each other and made plans for the next week.

"I think tomorrow we should all go to town and open our joint account and arrange our personal accounts to pay some money into it, " Dave said knowing that Drew wanted it that way.

"And while we are there I can organize deposits into your accounts from the farm account for your share of the work around here," Drew said.

Tess objected but Dave told her that Drew and he had discussed it on the drive into the city and that Drew's mind wouldn't be changed on this matter.

"I want us to be partners in the farm," Drew explained to her, "I want us to be partners in everything."

Tess moved over to him and kissed him on the lips.

"I love you Andrew Bishop," she said.

"We'll also have to buy groceries too," said Dave,"I had a look in the fridge and there isn't much in it. I think I will make us a bacon and egg pie for dinner tonight. That's about all we have. And we have visitors coming in a couple of days."

He was referring to Chuck and Fiona.

"And we have straw to bale up. We have to make a living," Drew said.

Dave jumped up out of the spa. "I'm hungry, I'm going to cook."

Tess and Drew lingered a little longer.

"Drew do you think we could rig up a shower out here somewhere. Out in the yard or in here somewhere, I don't care. It's just impractical to have to traipse through the house to shower before we jump in here. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate, " Tess said.

"Great idea Tess, I'll pick up some pipe and a shower head in town tomorrow. There is a couple of concrete slabs over by the shed we can use to stand on. The water will do the lawn good too," Drew answered.

He was happy that Tess had the idea for the shower. It showed she was thinking of little improvements to her new home. She was showing ownership and putting her mark on things.

He and Tess got out of the water and turned the spa pump off. They went and sat on the back veranda naked. There was no need for clothes. Dave could be heard rattling things in the kitchen until he appeared with two beers and wine for Tess. He was still naked too.

Drew thought, 'How comfortable is this?'

Evelyn finished her second drink. Henry and Stephen were now talking environmental issues. They were on their third large pilsners and really seemed to be enjoying each other's company. They both had the same views on how to save the planet from mans wasteful ways. The bar was full now and fairly noisey. Dusk was settling on the river bank.

"I think I'd better leave my car where it is tonight," said Stephen, "Would you like to share a cab?"

He wasn't drunk by any stretch of the imagination but he new he would be over the legal limit.

"Yeh sure," said Henry.

They left the bar and walked down the river bank towards the taxi rank, Evelyn and Henry were arm in arm. Stephen walked close by Evelyn's side and half way to their destination she looped her arm around his elbow and pulled him closer. They walked in step no one spoke. When they managed to get a cab Henry sat in the front with the driver as is the custom in Australia. Stephen held the door for Evelyn and then went around and got in the other side.

As soon as the cab started off on its short trip to the apartment Evelyn reached out and held Stephens hand. It felt odd to her and she hoped Henry could not see this gesture in the darkened cab. She did not want to do any thing behind his back. But she wanted to encourage Stephen at this point. It was going to be now or she would have to wait for some other time.

As they turned into the road that the apartment block fronted Henry half turned in his seat, "Would you like to come up for a night cap?" he asked.

Stephen pulled his hand away abruptly. 'He is nervous too,' thought Evelyn.

"Yes I think I will. I think I'd like that," Stephen answered.

Evelyn's heart fluttered. Henry's mouth went dry. This was going the way they wanted but it was still a big step for all of them.

The cab dropped them at the door and Evelyn waved to the security guard on the desk. She couldn't remember the young man's name. Tess had introduced him the other night after they had been to the supermarket. She doubted she could have spoken clearly anyway.

They rode the elevator silently and as Henry fiddled with the code on the front door Evelyn put her hand on Stephen's butt. Nothing overt. Just a soothing touch. The door opened and Henry turned some lights on.

Evelyn immediately excused herself and went into the powder room. She had been worried all day that her lingerie was hanging there and that if Stephen did happen to come home with them he would be confronted by it again. She took her lacy items down, folded them and hid them in a drawer. She pulled the satin knickers she was wearing down and sat on the toilet to pee.

'What are we doing?' she thought, 'I really want this. I want Stephen to fuck me? Can I live with myself afterwards though?'

She sat thinking for a moment. 'I don't want to be the old Evelyn. I like how I am now. Henry loves the new me. Yes I will follow my urges. I don't want to go back.'

She wiped herself and flushed the toilet. She found a wash cloth and ran it under warm water then cleaned her pussy. She pulled up the shiny satin panties and looked at her self in the mirror.

She didn't recognize the person in the mirror. But she liked the person she saw.

"What would you like to drink?" Henry asked Stephen, "We have most everything here."

He opened the cupboard that served as Tess and Dave's liquor cabinet and showed him the array of bottles.

"Or their is beer or wine if you'd prefer."

Stephen spotted the Irish whiskey, "A small Jamiesons please. You have ice?"

Henry poured two whiskeys then dropped two ice cubes in each tumbler. He gestured for Stephen to have a stool at the kitchen bar while he stood opposite him.

They had a sip of their drinks and then Henry said, "This is a bit awkward, isn't it."

"Yes." was all he got in reply.

"We have never done this before. Any suggestions as to how we proceed from here?" Henry said.

"No. I don't. Can you tell me why you and Evelyn want me to join you? That is why I'm here for right?" Stephen said.

"Recently Evelyn changed. She, how can I put it? She became a lot more liberal in her thinking and her attitude. This is part of it. We want to experiment together and we settled on you because we both like you and you are a gentleman," Henry explained.

"Well thank you for the compliment. But it still doesn't make this any easier."

"When she comes out just do and say what feels right to you. It's okay for you to touch her. That's what she wants. You have my permission. And you know it's going to be a threesome? I don't want you to misunderstand that."

"Understood,"answered Stephen, "I feel better knowing that actually. I doubt I could have performed if you were in a different room waiting for her and I to...."

Henry heard the bathroom door open. He didn't look for Evelyn, he kept his gaze on Stephen.

Evelyn crossed the room and stopped beside Stephen. She put her right arm around his waist and pressed her hip against his.

"What have you two been talking about?" she asked.

"Mostly you," Henry said taking a sip of his drink.

"Good," Evelyn replied, "Now when you two have finished your drinks I want you to take me to the bed room, the lights will be down low and I want you both to make love to me."

Henry's head swam as he heard her say the words that he and Stephen couldn't two minutes ago.

Stephen put down his glass, the ice between the three of them had finally been broken so he turned his head and kissed her pretty lips.

Evelyn felt relief that she had told him what she wanted. She parted her lips when he kissed her and their tongues touched for just a moment.

Henry put down his glass and went over and opened the bedroom door. He turned on the night light and found the condoms Evelyn had bought the day before. He pulled the quilt from the bed and threw it into the corner of the room. Evelyn came in to the room, she held Stephens hand as he followed her.

Evelyn crossed to Henry and put our her other arm around his waist. She kissed him passionately and pulled Stephen close in behind her. He put both of his arms around her and pressed his body against her.

Evelyn sighed loudly as she felt him against her. She undid Henry's belt buckle. Henry started to unbutton her blouse. Stephens hands were now on her ass. Caressing and feeling the orbs under his fingers.

Evelyn was wearing a low cut bra and Henry could see the tops of her areola just above the white lace edge. He felt her pop the button on his slacks and heard the zipper slide down.

She turned around to face Stephen. She was not embarrassed at all. Stephen held his hands on her hips and tilted his head back to view Evelyn in her open shirt. He sucked his breath in a little when he saw the tops of the dark rings around her nipples. She repeated the process with his belt and trousers while Henry nuzzled into her neck and nibbled her ear lobe.

Henry took her shirt off gently. He now undid the side zip on her skirt. Evelyn and Stephen kissed. Their tongues filling each other's mouths. Her skirt fell to the floor. Her satin underwear was all that covered the part of her body that no man but Henry had ever seen.

Henry slid his pants down and then unhooked her bra. Her breasts dropped a little and the bra straps hung to the sides. She slowly lifted one hand and slipped the straps off her shoulders and the half cups fell away from her bosom. Stephen looked at her. He lowered his head and took the nipple of her left breast between his lips and suckled it. Evelyn sighed. This is what she had wanted.

Stephen kept his lips in contact with her breast and unbuttoned his shirt. His shirt was now open and he kicked off his shoes. His hands now rubbed along her sides. He slowly allowed them to work their way down until he touched the thin smooth fabric of her satin panties. His right hand found its way to the front and he caressed her pussy through the material.

Henry lowered his briefs and quickly took off his shoes and socks. He now kissed her bare back. His hand went to her right breast and he cradled it with the nipple peeking out between his fingers. His cock was erect and it rubbed on the satin clad cleft of Evelyn's ass cheeks, it felt wonderful.

Evelyn looked at Stephen's slightly hairy chest and abdomen. She pulled him off her nipple and kissed him again. Her lips went to one of his pointed nipples and she sucked on him and rubbed her tongue on the tiny bud in her mouth. Stephen groaned.

Evelyn pushed at the sides of his trousers and they slid down to his knees. Her hand now went between his skin and the waist band of his briefs. She found his hard penis straining against the cotton of his underwear. She wrapped her hand around the rigid cock and gave it half a stroke.

Henry looked over her shoulder. He could see Stephen in his state of half undress. He could not see what Evelyn was doing with him. Was she touching his cock? He saw Stephen kicking his pants off and now Evelyn pulled his shirt off with one hand.

Evelyn's hand snaked around behind herself searching for Henry's cock. She found him and stroked him a couple of times. She was a little contorted trying reach both of the cocks at her service so she let go of Henry and with a hand on both sides of Stephens briefs she lowered them and allowed his cock to spring to attention.

Evelyn looked down at his cock and was impressed with what she saw. He was longer than Henry. Maybe seven and half or eight inches long. He was not thick and had it a nice head on it. His pubic hair had been trimmed and he looked quite attractive. She was so glad he had a nice cock. She did not know what she would have done if he did not appeal to her.

She slowly went to her knees. She wanted to try something she had seen in the porn movies. Her hands found the cocks that she so wanted and she led both Henry and Stephen to be nearly facing each other. Both men looked at each other. They were equally curious to see what the others cock looked like.

Evelyn now stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of Henry's dick. She then wrapped her lips around the head and sucked as hard as she could. She released him and brought Stephen to her lips. She repeated what she had just done for Henry on his cock. She heard him sigh. She took him a little deeper into her mouth and sucked again. As she did so she looked up into Henry's face. In the dim light she could see he was watching her suck Stephen's cock. He had a slight smile on his face. She was relieved. Henry was enjoying this too.

She bobbed her head on his hard shaft a couple of times and then swapped onto Henry's cock. Stephen removed his pants fully and pulled off his socks. Both of the men were now naked. Evelyn wore only the tiny satin briefs. Her hand went to Stephens cock and she stroked him as she sucked Henry deeply in to her throat. She was intensely aware that she had to stimulate both men. She especially did not want Henry to feel left out of proceedings. She looked up again Henry's eyes were now closed, Stephen was watching her suck Henry.

Evelyn swapped again. She stroked Henry with one hand and cupped Stephens tight ball sack as she tried to swallow as much of his cock as she could without gagging.

Her jaw and knees were beginning to get sore. She lifted herself off the floor without breaking contact with her lips and the head of Stephens dick. She pulled Henry along with herself by his penis. She slid her ass onto the bed. She wrapped her arms around both men's waists and pulled them in close to her. Their sides were touching as she nuzzled their groins and kissed their cocks.

Henry watched Evelyn suck on Stephen's cock. He wasn't in the least bit jealous. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen. His own cock was as hard as it had ever been and this erection was not induced by a drug. Henry felt Evelyn pull him towards her. He and Stephen's bare legs were now touching from the hips down. Evelyn was rubbing her face into their cocks. As she did so their dicks would touch and be pressed together. Henry was surprised he wasn't repulsed. It felt too good for him to object.

Evelyn slid back on to the bed further. She held Stephens hand and guided him on to the bed after her. She lay on her back her legs apart and knees up.

Stephen climbed onto the bed. Evelyn lay back. He was dying to see her pussy. He positioned himself between her legs and then pinched the thin strip of satin wrapped around each of her hips. He slowly pulled the panties down revealing her waxed labia to himself. She lifted one leg and he pulled her under wear off. She lifted the other leg and now she too was naked.

Stephen did not know what he to expect in regards to her pussy. He had been fantasizing about her every since she had rubbed herself against him on the dance floor the other night. She was by far the oldest woman he had ever been with. Not that he new her exact age, but he had figured she had to be in her sixties if she was Drew's mother. He didn't know what a sixty something pussy was suppose to look like.

He was surprised that she was waxed smooth. Her labia were puffy with lust but overall her pussy looked like a young woman's. He lowered his head and licked along the cleft of her woman hood. She shuddered under his tongue. She grabbed Henry's cock and pulled him towards her. She held one of her breasts and pointed it to him. Henry lowered his mouth and engulfed the nipple that minutes earlier had been in Stephens mouth.

Evelyn felt his tongue on her outer labia. She wanted more now so she lowered her knees which caused her legs to open wider. She then placed her hands on either side of her pussy and pulled her labia apart. She was now wide open for his tongue.

Stephen could see just enough in the dim light to make out the hood of her clitoris with its tiny, shiny knob peeping from the top of it. He could see her vaginal opening. It was slick with her sweet smelling natural lubricant. He now placed his hands under her buttocks and opened her ass crack. Her pretty anus was now visible to him. It was perfectly round and the skin surrounding it was a light brown color. He lowered his head again and ensured his tongues was wet with saliva.

He started below her ass hole and licked slowly over it. He continued up over her vagina and up the under side of her clit. He felt her squirm on his hands and she moaned. He repeated the process and this time his mouth lingered on her clit. She gave a couple of whimpers.

Henry suckled her nipples. He heard her moan so he looked down along her body. Her legs were wide apart and Stephens head was between them. He had the urge to watch him but thought that might be crass. He changed his position a little and now kissed under her breasts. He kissed down on to her stomach and now she pushed his head lower. He continued to kiss down past her belly button.

Evelyn lifted her hips a little as Stephen licked her ass again. He lingered there for a few moments. He liked to lick ladies asses when they appreciated it. He sensed Henry's head near his and looked up to see him licking her clit. Again Evelyn was squirming on his hands.

She allowed both men to lick her for the next few minutes but then she had the overwhelming urge to have her cunt filled with a dick. She moved her hands away and her labia partially closed. She pulled on Henry's arm to move him away momentarily and then she whispered softly.

"Fuck me Stephen,"

Stephen needed no more convincing, his cock was throbbing with desire. Henry was excited so he moved down so he could see when Stephen's cock made first contact with her pussy. He was aware that he had suggested to Evelyn that Stephen should wear a condom, but now it seems she had forgotten and he was too caught up in the moment to care.

Stephen was on his knees in front of her cunt, his hard cock in his hand. Evelyn watched as he leaned forward, she saw that Henry was watching intently. He wasn't being at all shy.

Stephen now had one hand on the bed supporting his weight over her and the other about to guide his cock into Evelyn's cunt.

"Wait a second," she hissed.

Stephen looked down at her fearing she had gotten cold feet.

"I want Henry to guide you into me," she whispered breathlessly to both of them.

Stephen looked at Henry. Their eyes met.

Stephen shrugged his shoulders and released the grip on his dick and nodded to Henry. Still supporting his weight on one arm he twisted his body a little and presented his cock to Henry.

Slowly Henry reached out and with his thumb and fore finger he held Stephen's cock about two inches down from the head. Henry did not think he was touching Stephens cock hard enough to move him towards Evelyn but between them the head of the cock zeroed in on the wet opening of her vagina. As first contact with the soft skin around her opening Stephen stopped his forward movement. The head of his cock was just touching her. He wanted Henry to see he was about to enter his wife.

Henry bought the cock in his finger to his wife's cunt. Stephen hovered over her. He could clearly see they were touching. He moved the dick in his hand up and down over her opening. The head of it was now slick with her juice. He pulled Stephens cock a little and saw the head disappear into her. He let the shaft go and withdrew his hand. He saw Stephen withdraw a little and then it went in half the length. Stephen lifted his hips and his cock withdrew again. This time when he lowered himself the whole cock disappeared into her. Henry marveled at how her skin stretched and when Stephen pulled out of her her inner vagina pulled out a little with his cock.

Henry was staring. He loved watching this. He was surprised he wasn't at all jealous. He was just in awe at what was happening in front of him.

Stephen was not about to argue with Evelyn. If she wanted Henry to put his cock in her then that was the price. He just wanted his cock in her wet pussy. He looked at Henry and gave him the go ahead. He had not had a man touch him before. He liked the way it felt. A gentle touch on his cock and them the warm pussy around him. He could tell Henry had never handled any one else's cock before. He was very tentative.

Evelyn moaned as Stephen's cock sank deep in to her. She could see Henry watching intently. He had been wonderful helping her seduce Stephen. Now he would be rewarded. She tapped his butt as Stephen started to set a nice rhythm. His long cock sinking into her make her pussy very wet.

"Henry head up here and straddle my face," she hissed.

Henry tore himself away from watching the new cock pump into her. His own dick was hard and would require attention very soon. Evelyn indicated the position she wanted him in and he followed her instructions.

He straddled her head carefully facing away from Stephen. He felt her stretch his butt cheeks apart and she told him to sit a bit more upright.

Evelyn lifted her head a little and her tongue touched his ass hole. She felt Henry settle on her a little and she started to lick her husband in time with the wonderful cock pumping her. She was in heaven.

Henry was having his ass licked for the second time in his life. Evelyn was perceptive and had known he had enjoyed it more than he let on last time she did it.

Stephen couldn't believe how tight, wet,and warm Evelyn's vagina was. She also had great muscle control as he could feel her squeezing his cock.

Evelyn was close to cumming the big cock in her cunt was pounding her and the musky scent of Henry was too much for her. Her muscles tightened and she let out a long groan as her pussy tightened on the beautiful cock inside her.

Henry lowered his head so Evelyn could now lick his dick and balls.

Stephen was going to cum he didn't want to blow in Evelyn's pussy so he pulled his cock from her and stroked himself twice. His ejaculation shot up onto her stomach in sticky strands. He was beat.
Evelyn push Henry off herself. She needed to sit up as her hips and legs were cramping. She sat up and Stephen sat between her legs with his legs under hers.

"Come here darling," she said and indicated for Henry to stand next to her, "Stand here and I will suck you."

Henry stood on the bed and looked down at Evelyn and Stephen. His now flaccid but still long cock was touching her bald pussy as they sat in their embrace. It was highly erotic to see your wife like this. He put his dick near her mouth and she turned and took him deeply. Evelyn wanted him to orgasm.

Henry looked down again and Stephen was kissing her cheek as she sucked his cock. He was not far from ejaculating.

Stephen held her as she sucked Henry's cock into her mouth. He was spell bound at the way his cock went in and out of her mouth. He leaned over to kiss her cheek and his lips brushed on Henry's penis. Evelyn mistook this and thought that Stephen wanted to try sucking Henry. She now slipped Henry out of her mouth and ran her open mouth along one side of his cock. She with her eyes offered Henry's cock to Stephen. Confused Stephen mimicked her actions and ran his mouth along the other side of Henry's cock. Together they were wanking him with their mouths.

Henry was shocked when he looked down to see how Evelyn was creating the sensation on his dick. Stephen wasn't supposed to be doing this. But it felt so good and he was so close to cumming. Two more strokes and Henry shot his semen across Evelyn and Stephens laps. Four thick white spatters and a lot of ooze landed on them. Henry flopped down behind her and Evelyn layed back against him. Stephen reached out and cupped both of her breasts in his hands.

"Was that as you wanted it Evelyn?" Stephen asked her.

Henry kissed her ear in a very loving way.

"Yes it was Stephen. Thank you for being our first," Evelyn said.

Stephen became hard again first and as he was fucking Evelyn in the doggy position she sucked Henry to hardness. A spit roast was the term Evelyn had heard on porno videos. When Henry was hard the guys swapped and Henry finally got to fuck Evelyn in front of a third person. Later in private they both said they were so turned on by just having a third person present that he really didn't have to participate, being there was a thrill.

About one am Stephen said he must go home. He passionately kissed Evelyn and hugged Henry before he dressed to leave.

"You are wonderful Evelyn. Thank you Henry," he said, "Will I be able to see you guys again?"

Evelyn looked at Henry who gave a slight nod in the affirmative.

"Yes Stephen, now we have done this I don't think we could stop. Not for a while anyway," Evelyn said.

After he had gone Evelyn and Henry showered together in the main bathroom. They held each other under the hot water.

"Was it everything you thought it would be Evelyn?" he asked her.

"Yes it was. And what about you Henry?"

"It was better than I thought it would be. I thought I'd be jealous but I was spell bound watching him fuck you. And when you and he sucked on me, wow," Henry said.

"Well Stephen is willing to come back and see us again it appears, he can be our regular go to guy. But let's not stop at just him. I want more men and I want to see you with another woman, that's only fair."

"Your talking about being swingers now Evelyn," Henry said.

"Yes and I know it is easier to find a swingers club than a single male. So let's try that next time we are in town," she said.

"My goodness Evelyn."

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