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The Rebirth of Andrew Bishop - Chapter 3

Drew, Tess and Dave make a pact.

Drew rose from the bed. His heart was still beating hard.

He walked to the wardrobe, selected the newest pair of bikini briefs he owned and pulled them on. Next out came his moleskin trousers. He wanted to dress nicely for Tess.

Moving the sheep wouldn't be that dirty a job.

A new cotton shirt was pulled over his head and tucked in at the waist. The brown leather belt and his going to town boots.

Seeing himself in the mirror he smiled.

"That's the image of an Australian farmer," he thought.

Across to the bathroom he went. He washed his face and hands and combed his hair.

"Now where is Tess and lunch?" he asked himself.

Rounding the corner in to kitchen, he caught sight of a her. Tess had the refrigerator door open. Her head way to the back of it. Her backside was facing Drew. As she leaned forward her ass cheeks parted giving Drew a wonderful look at her anus and still moist pussy lips.

She'd heard him enter the kitchen and said, "Just seeing what you have lurking in here."

Taken a bit aback Drew retorted, "I can see a fair bit."

"Huh? said Tess.

"Oh Drew, your not still being embarrassed by me are you? Goodness I've just fingered your butt and you just fucked me. Lighten up and enjoy yourself. Sit at the table, let's eat I'm starving!"

Drew sat down at the table. Tess had made them some salad sandwiches, poured two orange juices and opened a pack of potato crisps.

She sat opposite him, still stark naked and started to devour her sandwich.

Drew marveled at her complete lack of any modesty, this woman was totally uninhibited.

As they ate Tess sensed Drew's mood had changed.

She asked, "Whats wrong? You have gone very quiet on me."

"I feel a bit ashamed about what we've done. You and Dave are married and as soon as he turns his back we are having sex like teenagers," replied Drew.

"Now Andrew Bishop," Tess said, "I'm going to tell you about Dave and me, just listen and don't say anything until I have finished. I want you to get the whole picture of Dave's and my relationship."

"Dave and I met ten years ago, we were introduced by mutual friends. Sort of a blind date neither of us wanted. When we met I thought he was good looking, charming but not really my type. A one night stand, probably just a good fuck! In my mind he had the same thoughts about me. I took him home that night and we fucked each other's brains out. That was supposed to be it, finished.

"A couple of weeks later we bumped into each other at a shopping mall of all places. He asked if I'd like a coffee with him? I reluctantly accepted his offer and we sat down in a cafe and talked for hours."

"As it turned out we had lots in common and it wasn't just sex. Although we both admitted sex was pretty close to the top of our lists. One thing led to another and I end up staying at his place that night. Boy what a night."

Drew shifted in his seat but didn't say anything.

"The next morning I left, with his phone number. We kept in contact for the next few months, phone calls and lunches together. We'd talk about our love lives and our heart breaks. We had the occasional sleep over, even while we were seeing other people. We were fuck buddies really."

"One night some lesbian friends took me to a gay dance club. Not really my scene. Don't get me wrong, I had dabbled in a bit of girl on girl, but much preferred men. It was crowded and noisy in the club. Gay men and lesbian couples all dancing together. Then I looked over to one side of the dance floor and saw Dave. No shirt and as sexy as hell, dancing and grinding with a guy. I was shocked at first, surely he was just acting up.

Then as the music slowed he wrapped his arms around this guy. Their dicks were rubbing each other through their jeans and they had a long open mouth kiss. I was fascinated me to see my fuck buddy making out with a man. I thought it was quite hot actually."

Now Drew was becoming a bit apprehensive, he didn't really now if he was comfortable with the way this story was going, he shifted in his seat again. He still he said nothing.

"I didn't confront him or cause a scene. I just slipped out the back door and went home alone for a change," she continued, "A week or so later we had a lunch date. I told him I'd seen him at the gay venue dancing. He looked a bit embarrassed that his secret life was out."

"He told me he was bisexual, always had been, and loved being that way. We talked long and hard about it. In the end I understood his need for sex with guys. Dave was totally honest and opened up to me about every little detail, every question I asked about what he did and how he did it with other men was answered." continued Tess.

"At the end of our conversation, I admitted to him that I thought it was pretty hot and that just talking with him had made my pussy wet and tingly. You can guess what happened next. There was a quick dash around to my place for a couple of hours of very noisy sex."

"I think it was that afternoon I started to fall in love with Dave."

"We still had our own places. We went out with other people and fucked them. Every second or third night though we'd end up together to have sex and talk,"

"Dave eventually admitted to me that he'd fallen for me after that first blind date. That our chance meeting in the mall wasn't a chance meeting. He had followed me there from my work."

"One night he showed up at my place with all his clothes in suitcases. The lease on his apartment had expired and he needed a place to crash for a while."

"Dave never moved out. We set the ground rules that night. We would sleep together in my flat. If either of us wanted to go out for some fun alone it was OK. Our bed was just for us, neither of us was to bring home our fuck buddies. Sex with other people was just fun. Sex between us was love making. No jealousy allowed. Others could have his cock or my cunt but we were to have each other's hearts."

"Sounds weird but it does work for us. We love each other more each day," she concluded.

"Any questions Drew?" Tess asked.

"I still don't think it right what we did this afternoon," proclaimed Drew.

"Last night Dave and I fucked in your guest room. Basically it was your fault. I was horny as all get out, I just thought you were so nice and so sexy all in the one bundle."

Drew blushed and squirmed a bit.

Noticing his discomfort Tess said, "You heard us didn't you. My, my, I bet you jerked off over that," she teased him.

Drew blushed again.

"Any way while we were screwing I told Dave I was going to jump your bones first chance I got. He told me to go ahead and that he wouldn't mind doing the same thing! So you'd better start doing a bit of thinking about that mister," she laughed.

Tess then explained how Dave had taught her to be a better lover. He was a man who slept with other men and women. He had learned what and how other men reacted to his touch and how he reacted to theirs. Things like the kissing and the anal massage she had given him in the shower, all taught to her by her uninhibited lover.

"That thing you did with your finger in my bum was incredible," said Drew, "I've never had anything like it before, so intense."

"The prostate massage?" asked Tess, "Dave's much better at it than me. You should let him do it to you before we leave, it will really open your eyes to how good ejaculation can be for a guy."

"Surely it can't be much better than that?" inquired Drew.

"Oh yes it can!" was the quick reply.

"Anyway when I get a quiet moment with Dave I'll tell him about us and what we did. We practice full honesty," Tess stated.

Drew immediately felt better about the situation but didn't know how he'd react if Dave did proposition him. He was a wee bit curious about the prostate massage.

"Ah well Miss Tess, we have work to do. Might I suggest a pair of jeans, a shirt and some good strong boots if you have some," Drew announced.

Tess looked down at her nude body. She was that comfortable with Drew and indeed herself, that she had forgotten she had eaten lunch with no clothes on.

"Back in a flash!" she said, and sprinted down the hall.

Before Drew went out to muster his sheep he rummaged through his kitchen cupboard and found his old cast iron camp oven. It really is just a big cast iron pot with heavy metal lid. Wiping it clean with paper towel he then smashed a clove of garlic into it, roughly chopped an onion and then place a large leg of lamb from the fridge into it. A splash of red wine and the lid on and into the lounge room it went. Sliding the oven into the fire place off to one side. He then placed a spade full of glowing embers on top of the lid and more around the base. Another log on the fire and dinner was half done. It would only take another four or five hours to cook though.

He walked out the door and chained the dog. He wanted to walk the sheep quietly and slowly, trying to make the move as stress free as possible for the pregnant ewes and new mothers.

He mounted the quad bike and started it up. Tess came skipping down the steps, she was wearing jeans, a shirt and hiking boots. Drew noted to himself she would look good in anything. He also noted by the way here nipples were pressing against the cotton blouse that she was still braless. He was beginning to wonder if she even owned a bra.

"Jump up on the back behind me. Keep your feet up at all times, here and here," Drew instructed as he indicated the passenger foot pegs to her. "Hold on to me. I just want check all the fences and gates in the paddock down here first," he said, "Lets go!"

Together they did a lap of the front forty acres. Dave was checking there were no breaks in the fence, the gates were closed and the drinking trough was full. Then they roared back past the house and down the farm lane. They opened and closed gates as they went so that the sheep once moving would end up in the desired place. Drew had a idea on the way. After reaching the gate to the paddock holding his flock he continued on for another half a mile until they reached the rear boundary of his property.

Pulling up he told Tess this was the national park and pointed out a few of the peaks that towered over the bush land. He showed her the rough track that connected to the fire trails that criss crossed the ranges. He instructed her on how to open and close the gate in the boundary fence.

Tess took in the panorama and said it would be perfect for riding and she new Dave would think so too.

Back they went for the sheep. Drew swung the gate open and they slowly rounded the sheep up and got them moving down the lane. Twice Drew jumped off the quad and gathered up newborns that were still to young to walk.

"Here hold those little guys," he said to Tess. Her faced beamed as he handed her the tiny lambs.

"What about their mothers?" Tess asked

"They'll follow along with us, as long as they can see and smell their young they won't go far," Drew answered, "This one is really young. She was probably born while we were in the shower."

It took a full two hours to slowly walk them to their new paddock. At that speed Drew was bored.

Tess was fully committed to her young passengers and petted and talked to them and there mothers the whole time. She was like a little girl with new dolls.

After closing the gate behind the stragglers and making sure that Tess's pets had rebonded with their mums, they drove back to the shed. Tess held on tighter at the higher speed. Dave could feel her nipples pressing into his back. He was getting horny again. She just had that effect on him.

They parked the machine and Drew said, "Time for a cup of something hot I think."

Together they walked back to the house, half way across the yard Tess reached for his hand.

"Thanks for today, I love your sheep," she said in her soft voice.

It had been a long time since Drew had finished his work day walking back to the house hand in hand with someone.

Taking off their boots at the back door, Drew said, "Oops someone's had an accident on you."

Looking down Tess could see a stain caused by runny sheep manure right down the leg of her jeans.

"When you take them off I'll put them through the wash for you," said Drew


Drew turned to open the door and when he stepped aside to let Tess in she was standing there with her jeans around her ankles tromping on them to free her feet.

"I didn't mean right now or to strip on the veranda," laughed Drew.

She stood there with an imp like grin on her face, wearing nothing but her cotton blouse and the smallest of pink g strings that barely covered her pussy lips. Dew couldn't resist any longer and reached out and embraced her.

"Tess if you weren't married I could seriously fall for you," he said

Tess and he went into the kitchen, the whole house was filling with the aroma of roast lamb.

"What's that smell?" asked Tess

"Dinner, roast lamb and vegetables tonight, I put it on to slow roast before we left." said Drew pointing to the fire place.

"My goodness aren't you the host with the most," Tess answered back.

"Well this host has one request. Please put some pants on before you husband and Geoff get here. It could be a bit awkward!"

For the second time that day Tess skipped back to her bed room to get some clothing to cover that great looking ass.

Drew busied himself by making some coffee, retrieving Tess's jeans from the veranda and starting the washing machine. He washed some potatoes and other root vegetables and placed them in a cooking tray with some oil. He placed more hot coals on top of the camp oven and put the vegetable tray directly on top of the glowing embers. In no time they began to sizzle. Done!

He sat back in his leather arm chair, his feet up on stool and stared into the fire while he sipped his coffee. He heard Tess gliding down the hall, and felt her hands on his chest and shoulders as she leaned over the back of his chair.

"I just took another quick shower. I love your sheep but don't really like their poo that much," she told him.

"Drew after dinner I have an idea I want to put to you and Dave. Will you promise me you will think about your answer. Take a moment before you give your decision and be honest. To me and yourself. I not going to ask you now because I don't want to spoil our meal. Please don't worry about it is not that big a deal. I just want you to think about your answer. OK?"

Drew listened to her then said, "Sure I can do that for you."

But he really was intrigued.

"And sheep poo is only recycled grass!" he said smiling up at her, "Fresh coffee on the bench for you, come and sit with me."

They sat chatting for the next hour or so. Drew discovered Dave was a doctor. He had a successful practice in the suburbs and that Tess was an executive for a large banking corporation. She had been working with them since she was eighteen and through hard work and lots of study, she had rocketed up the ranks to her present position. Drew was quite impressed with both of their achievements in life, as the old saying goes you can't tell a book by its cover.

The engine of Geoff's vehicle could be heard coming up the driveway. Drew rose to go and greet the two men.

"I'll set the table," Tess said, "Will Geoff stay for dinner?"

"I don't know, set him a place anyway and I'll ask.""

By the time he'd found his boots and opened the front door the four wheel drive had pulled up and Dave was unloading cartons filled with groceries from the backseat.

"I thought we'd better at least try and repay you for your hospitality with some food," said Dave.

"Really there was no need for that," answered Drew.

Walking around to the drivers side Drew asked, "Staying for dinner Geoff ? Roast lamb."

"Sorry, I'd love to but I've still got chores to do and animals to feed, another night perhaps," he replied.

Dave asked, "Drew there is some wine in the back, could you bring it in for me? Thanks for everything Geoff, catch up with you later in the week will we?"

"For sure," Geoff called out to Dave who was quickly retreating up the path laden down with his purchases.

When Dave was inside, Geoff said to Drew, "He's bi, I told you so."

"How do you know?" inquired Drew.

"I asked him, ten minutes before we sucked each other off."

"You didn't! How? When? Where?" asked an incredulous Drew.

"Well all the way into town we were talking about this and that, you know small talk. I'd noticed that he kept touching me, just small things on the arm, to emphasise something. A little bit touchy feely. After we'd done all our business and shopping he asked if we could drop into the winery so he could buy some bottles for you. On the way I just asked him if he was gay, I told him I was. He said no, bi. We bought the wine and when we got back into the car he placed his hand on my leg. That was the signal I needed. So I found a quiet spot down by the river and it just happened. He has a lovely cock!" exclaimed Geoff.

"You are unbelievable," said Drew.

"I don't think I could look Tess in the eye over dinner, so I won't stay. See ya," he said as he started the motor.

Drew opened the rear door and picked up then carton containing a dozen bottles of wine, six red and six white.

"See you later," he said.

Away went Geoff down the drive.

Drew watched him leave and just stood there for a moment shaking his head.

When Drew entered the kitchen Tess was leaning with her back against the counter, Dave was standing with his arms around her. Drew's mind flashed back, how many times had he and Dianne stood in that exact spot doing the same thing? The memory bought a smile to his face.

"Excuse me, didn't mean to interrupt," he apologized.

"Don't be silly Drew, it's your kitchen! I've just been telling Dave ALL about our day." said Tess.

"And I've been telling here all about mine," chimed in Dave, with a smile.

Drew noted the emphasis that Tess had put on the word all and assumed that she had told Dave about their liaison that afternoon. From the smile on Dave's face Drew assumed there was no disapproval from him. At least the burden of the guilt he had felt earlier had lifted a bit.

"Nice selection of wine here, you've done well Dave," Drew said. "Lets get dinner going."

Dave opened a bottle of Shiraz and a Chardonnay that Tess preferred to drink while Drew retrieved the camp oven from the fire place. Tess served the roasted vegetables. The aroma from the open camp oven filled the room, the meat was tender and succulent cooked until it fell away from the bone. It was quickly served out and some of the pan juices were spooned over as a gravy. The trio sat down to the feast. Dave was on one side of the table, Drew on the other side with Tess between them on the end. She had set the table and this was the seating plan that she had wanted, hoping it would help when she posed her question after dinner.

"Drew showed me the way to the national park this afternoon, it looks like an ideal place for us to ride. How about we go out tomorrow? I haven't been on my bike for 4 days. I'll get fat if I don't exercise soon and keep eating beautiful food like this," Tess asked Dave.

"Tess you'll never get fat no matter what you do," replied Dave. "And of course we can go, I've been looking forward to this trip for weeks."

"When we finish eating I'll draw you a map to a few interesting places you can access from here. There is a rock over hang with aboriginal paintings dating back ten thousand years and some lovely pools along the creeks. Also there are heaps of lookouts with great views." offered Drew.

"That would be great," Dave said.

The meal was eaten with the wine and pleasant chat. There was no mention of the sex they had all had that day, but Drew sensed a little bit of tension in the air.

After everyone had their fill, Tess stood and started clearing the table.

"Stay there guys. There is something I want to run past you both. I'll just get these off the table." she said as she put the plates and cutlery in the sink.

"Here it comes," thought Drew, nervous about what Tess was going to ask.

Returning to the table she sat back down between the two men, she put her hands in her lap, cleared her throat somewhat nervously and looked first at Dave, then at Drew.

"Drew," she began,"Just so it's clear to you, I've told Dave that you and I had sex together today. I told him you are a kind, generous lover. As I explained to you earlier and now you can see, Dave is not jealous. He also told me he and Geoff had a bit of a fling this afternoon. To me that is just part of life with Dave."

She looked at Dave. "As I said Dave, Drew is a good lover and I fully intend to have him again before we go home. I don't want to have to sneak around and do it only when you aren't here or wait until you are asleep. It's a bit awkward here to have the freedoms we have at home."

"What I want to ask you both is that while we are here, could we all sleep together? I know that it will be a bit embarrassing for you at first Drew. You aren't accustomed to seeing nude men, let alone sharing a bed with one. Please take a few minutes and consider this for me. I love sex, I love cocks. I want to have sex with you, and I'll want to have sex with Dave. I just don't see why we can't all do it together. It will be just easier on everyone's emotions if it is out in the open. Dave, you first, what do you think?"

Dave looked across the table at Drew.

"Tess I think it is a wonderful idea, but it is really up to Drew." Pausing he continued, "Drew in the world I move in, and the people I associate with, there is one rule we all abide by. No means No. If you agree to this there will be contact between us, not necessarily sexual, but touching. If it makes you uncomfortable just let me know, say something, move away, anything. I won't be offended. And while you are thinking about this I'll let you know, I can see Tess wants this to happen. She is special person and doesn't want to hurt either of us. As I said it is should be your decision," he concluded.

Tess and Dave now were both looking at Drew. To try and sway his answer a little, Tess quietly shifted her hand onto his crotch.

"What are your thoughts?" she asked.

Drew paused for a couple of seconds, very conscious of Tess's hand touching his dick with Dave just across the table.

"Well I don't really know what to say, most of me is screaming yes. If I may be frank Dave, Tess is the sexiest woman I have ever known. I can't keep my eyes off her. Yes it will be embarrassing for me and I'll have to take your word for it on the no means no thing. I can't think of a single negative apart from the old fashioned morals thing, so I guess my answer is yes."

Tess squealed with delight. She clapped her tiny hands a couple of times and leaned over and kissed Drew on the cheek then leaned the other way and repeated the kiss with Dave.

"Thank you guys, we are going to have so much fun together," she said.

After she had composed herself a little Tess said, "There is one more thing now we have all agreed to be a trio. As this was my idea, tonight I want things to be done my way. I want to organize us so the ice is broken gently. Drew I know you are going to be nervous, you have been out of the loop sexually for along time, let me lead you back. Is that OK?"

She looked at Drew, who nodded his agreement, then to Dave, who answered, "Yes Tess, your way will probably best for tonight."

"Right then," she said, "Lets get the kitchen squared away. Drew you do any chores you have to do, I want you to have first shower, Dave you go to the bathroom when he's finished. I want my boys squeaky clean you hear me? Right jump to it. I'm moist already and don't think I can wait much longer."

Dave and Tess cleaned the kitchen and started the dish washer, while Drew fed the dog and chained him. Drew put a couple of logs on the fire to keep the house warm overnight and went to the bathroom.

He had a million things running through his head. His life had taken a big change of direction in the past twenty four hours. He jumped into the shower and soaped himself up, paying particular attention to his cock, balls and ass. He rinsed off and then thought he should shave, so grabbed a new razor and lathered up his stubble. He noticed his hand was shaking as he bought the blade to his face. Nerves or just anticipation? He wasn't sure, but he knew this was a line he was crossing and he desperately wanted to cross it. Finishing his shave he checked his chin and cheeks, yes nice and smooth. A final rinse and he was done. Out he stepped and he dried himself off. A deep breath and he was ready.

Opening the bathroom door, his stomach was doing flip flops. He took the two steps across the hallway into his bed room. He was naked. He stopped in his tracks. For there was Tess laying on her side, legs crossed on his bed. She was naked apart from a tiny red lace thong. She looked even smaller than she really was, reclining on the king size bed all by herself.

Seeing Drew she stood up, walked over to him took his hand in one of hers and with the other she closed the door. She turned the room light off, the bed was now illuminated only by the two bed side lamps. Without a word she lead Drew to the bed and gently pushed him back onto the white sheet.

My god she was a picture, her lithe figure, her smooth honey colored skin all being highlighted by that dainty red g-string. She pushed him back against the pillows into a half sitting position and straddled his lap. Leaning forward she gave him a long open mouth kiss. She could feel his cock touching her crotch, he was three quarters hard she observed.

She wasn't overly concerned about him or Dave cumming too quickly tonight as she knew both of them had ejaculated at least twice in the past twenty four hour and both men had a reasonable amount of self control. But she knew she had to stretch this period out so that Dave would have time to shower before joining them. The kiss lingered, then she lowered her mouth to Drew's left nipple which she kissed and licked until she was satisfied with it state of arousal. She repeated her efforts on the right one.

Drew for his part opened his mouth for the kiss and was rewarded with Tess's tongue exploring him. His hands were gently running up and down the sides of her torso, occasionally brushing the sides of her petit breasts. He drew a deep breath and sighed when she kissed and licked his nipples. He and Dave were told that she was in charge tonight, so he thought to himself that if she wanted anything in return for this attention she would ask. He just lay back and enjoyed being seduced.

Again she gave him an open mouth kiss probing his mouth a bit more urgently this time. Then she started kissing her way down his body, slowly and seductively there was no rush. She made her way down to his penis, her small hand held him firmly around its base and she lowered her mouth down onto his now hard organ.

She took him deeply and slowly. Up and down her head moved. Not bobbing, just taking his cock in as deep as she comfortably could, then coming up so only the head of his cock was in her mouth. Every five or six repetitions of this she would push his dick flat to his stomach and lick his scrotum. She didn't want him to cum, she loved sucking cock and his cock was one of the nicest she had sucked. Seven inches, she could just get her hand around it, and nice and straight, the skin was smooth. Again, she took him deeply in her mouth, his pubic hair tickling her lips.

Dave waited in the kitchen until he'd heard the bed room door close, as Tess had instructed him. He quickly went to the spare room and threw off his clothes. He grabbed his razor and tooth brush and went to the bath room. Into the shower he stepped and lathered up everywhere, shaved his face and brushed his teeth. Glancing down at his pubic area he decided to give it a touch up with the razor also. It was okay to have a four day growth down there to have sex with some random guy, like he had with Geoff that afternoon, but tonight was special. In his opinion it was not up to standard.

A few minutes later, he was done.

Toweling off, he wondered what he would see when he opened the door to Drew's room.

"Fucking? Sucking? Him licking her?"

He pulled in a deep breath. For a moment he debated whether to cover himself with his towel or not. No he decided Drew was going to have to be confronted with his nudity sooner or later, may as we'll be sooner. He was already half hard, he liked the look of his freshly shaved dick in this state.

He smiled a small smile to himself and stepped across the hallway, took the handle of the door and quietly pushed the it open.

Dave consciously let his hands drop to his sides, he needed Drew to see his dick and balls. He stood in the doorway and allowed his eyes to adjust to the dimmer lighting. Looking to the bed he saw Drew laying back with his head on a pillow, Tess's arse was up in the air almost presenting itself to him. She was obviously giving him oral, something she had done for him many times. He suspected she enjoyed it more than he did. The string of her red "g" was nestled between her butt checks. Drew's head was back and his eyes were closed, he was well and truly under Tess's spell. He took one step into the room.

Tess heard Dave enter the room, she had been waiting for this moment. She lifted her mouth off Drew turned to Dave and smiled at him, he smiled back.

"Please join us Dave," she invited him. "Lick me.""

Drew opened his eyes when Tess spoke, lifted his head and looked toward the door. Dave was standing there naked. His wide shoulders and narrow hips were the first thing he focused on, then he allowed himself to look at his pubic area. He didn't have to force himself, he wanted to look. He did not want to feel embarrassed and look away after just a glance. He wanted Dave to know he was looking at his private parts and wasn't the shrinking violet they were afraid he'd be.

Drew was close to awestruck, his heart beat faster and he felt his own cock jerk in Tess's grip. Dave was shaved, that was the first thing. He'd seen shaved cocks in porn movies and magazines, but didn't think any men in real life removed all their pubic hair. His cock was bigger than his, eight inches at least, and it's girth was more than his. And he was uncircumcised, something Drew had not even considered when he was wondering the previous night when he saw Dave in the towel.

He kept looking, in fact he couldn't take his eyes off the handsome man in his bedroom. Drew found Dave's cock strangely attractive. He noticed the head of his dick was only half exposed as his shaft was not yet erect and he wondered if it would be fully visible when he was rock hard. He'd heard what Tess said, and felt her resume the great work she was doing on his own penis.

Dave walked toward the bed, then kneeled on the end of the big soft mattress. He saw Drew staring at his cock, not just a stolen glimpse, but staring.

"Maybe," he thought to himself, wondering about his chances with Drew.

He looked Drew in the eye and smiled, and received a smile back. He leaned forward and deftly hooked a finger in both sides of the red satin and lowered the panties as far as he could down her legs.

Lowering his head, he could immediately smell the all to familiar juices of his wife's pussy. His lips touched her labia and he ran his tongue along the soft folds of skin that protected her inner lips and clitoris. He licked from the hood of her clit to the tiny brown rosebud of her anus then back down. He was pleased to find he was having the desired effect when he felt her clit emerge from it's hiding place and harden under his tongue. Again he moved his flattened tongue in a slow wet motion along her pussy to her anus. This time he lingered and gave a few circular swirls before gently probing with a pointed tongue. He heard Tess moan.

Tess wanted to orgasm, but not yet she thought. Dave was an expert at stimulating her with his mouth, but she wanted this to last. More for Drew's sake than hers. She released Drew's dick from her mouth and slowly, reluctantly moved her butt away from Dave. Wriggling a bit, she managed to remove her underwear and tossed the red lace over one of the lamp shades, changing its illumination to a red glow.

"Appropriate," she mused to herself.

Now she wanted to feel full, and moved up the bed along Drew's body. When she had positioned herself she leaned forward, kissed Drew on the lips and with her right hand guided his hard cock past her pussy lips and into her cunt. She looked over her shoulder to Dave. He was still in his crouched position and was watching Drew's dick disappear into his wife. She could tell he was turned on by this scene. She lowered herself the full length of the shaft and leaned forward until her tiny tits rested on Drew's chest. She then began a small rocking motion.

Dave watched the dick slowly enter his wife as she lowered onto it. It always amazed him that her tiny body and pussy could accommodate his prick and now for the first time he could see how her muscles relaxed and the skin around her vagina could stretch and flex to allow entry. He was mesmerized by the beauty of it.

"Keep licking me Dave," she half whispered.

Dave again lowered his head and licked from where Drew's penis entered her up to her anus. He only used an up stroke now as he found it easier to break contact as she slowly rocked forward and back on Drew. He was leaving a stripe of saliva from Drew's dick to her anus. They were all now in a perfect rhythm.

"Her pussy is tight, warm and wet," thought Drew as she pushed onto him, engulfing his penis.

"She really is perfect."

Slowly she was rocking back and forward on him, her small breasts and hard nipples brushing on his chest.

"She is a wonderful fuck. She knows how to get me to my peak then ease back just a bit so I have to build again. She is an expert at this."

He was loving this, her touch, her smell, her movement. Drew heard her ask Dave to keep licking, and almost immediately felt Dave also straddle his legs. Then he felt Dave's chin on his scrotum and his tongue touch the base of his cock. He was expecting to feel a bit of repulsion. He didn't, in fact he was enjoying the extra stimulation. He'd definitely had not had any one touch him like this during intercourse before.

He noticed a man's touch on him was coarse, more purposeful than a woman's, but it certainly was no less sexy. He just laid back and enjoyed it. Hell he didn't even have to move, they were doing all the work.

Tess could feel the her first contractions building, so she increased her pace and moved back and forward a little more than before.

"Yes here it comes."

The full feeling of the dick in her vagina and the tongue running up and around her anus had done it's work. She came, not an earth shattering climax but a whimpering moment where she knew she was being served by a man she loved and one she knew was falling in love with her. And she was falling for the other one very quickly, she just had to find some way to fit him in to her and Dave's lives.

Drew felt Tess increase the pace ever so slightly and the amount of the movement up and down on his shaft increased also. She'd cum soon but he didn't want this to end. As her movement became longer more of his cock was being exposed on the upstroke. This is when Dave was doing his long lick. Drew felt Dave's tongue licking more and more of the length of the underside of his dick as he struggled to keep pace with Tess's new rhythm. Should he say something. Hell, it felt good. Tess's wet pussy using his whole length and then a wet lick a bonus on most strokes, he knew he would not last long at this rate. As Tess came he felt her muscles tense and then she settled back onto him fully, her rocking stopped.

Tess laid flat on Drew, she loved her butt being licked with a hard dick in her, she'd not experienced it before.

As she came down from her orgasm she wanted more.

"Dave put your cock in me please," she said.

This was what Dave had been hoping to hear. He'd had anal sex heaps of times, with women and men. Tess and he did it, not often, but now and again she enjoyed it. But this was something he'd always wanted to do. Double penetration, not a pretty way of describing it, he'd have to think of a nicer name. Now he was genuinely excited. He walked forward on his knees. Tess reached under one of the pillows for the tube of lube she had hidden there, found it and passed it back to Dave.

Dave flipped the lid of the tube and squeezed a large glob of the slippery fluid into his hand. Some he wiped onto his engorged, throbbing dick, the rest he gently massaged around Tess's anus. Slowly he rubbed the hole in the center of her pucker with his index finger then slowly pushed inward as he felt her relax. He knew the importance of loosening up a partner, especially when the partner was his beloved Tess. Slowly he pushed in a second finger, not all the way, but just past the outer muscle.

"Yes, now she was ready!" he thought.

He left one knee on the bed and raised himself up on the other leg to get a better angle and pushed the pink head of his rock hard cock against her butt hole. Slowly he pushed and eased himself into her, stopping when he felt her tighten a bit. She loosened again so he pushed gently and finally he was inside her nearly the full length of himself. Slowly he withdrew a small amount and then pushed back in. This he did a couple of times until he felt Tess rise to meet him, then he knew she was comfortable and would begin to set the tempo she wanted and the depth which would give her maximum stimulation.

Drew was a bit confused for a moment, "How could Dave put his cock in her?

He had the full length of his dick in her."

Then he felt the bed move a bit as Dave shifted his weight and a different movement under his stiff cock. Not direct contact, skin on skin, something different. Then it dawned on him Dave was going to fuck her ass while he was inside her pussy!

He felt everything that Dave was doing, the fingering and her muscles moving. Then he could feel Dave's dick rubbing his through the thin membrane separating Tess's vagina and bowel. It was wonderful, the most erotic feeling he'd ever had. He even was enjoying the feeling of Dave's low hanging balls slapping his when he thrust. As the tempo and movement of his new sex partners increased he also felt the need to thrust upwards with his pelvis as Tess moved her pussy away from him. Now they had a perfect tempo going, all working in unison to give each other and themselves pleasure in its purest form. After maybe five minutes, the sensation of Dave's dick rubbing up his cock as Tess's inner walls moved down it was becoming too much for him.

"I'm going to come," he said.

"Me too," Dave hoarsely whispered.

With that Dave pressed his full length into Tess's anus and held it there as he started to spurt his jism into her. His cock pulsed and pulsed as his balls felt like they were emptying into her.

Drew felt the pressure from Dave's final inward thrust, he felt the spasms of the spurting cock in her ass against his own. He pushed his pelvis upward, his own manhood was now as deep as he could reach inside Tess. And he came, hard and with force. His ejaculate spraying deep into Tess's womb.

Tess did not come. She was too busy enjoy the feeling that two lovers in her at once produced. The opposite movements of two cocks was a new thing for her, and it was sensational. She felt full, sure, but these two wonderful men were taking great care not to hurt her and she was more than happy to feel and see the pleasure they were getting from her body. When they both came she felt the warmth of their semen deep within her. Even an orgasm could not have made her any happier.

Dave withdrew his softening penis from Tess, her anus stayed open for a few seconds and then slowly her muscles tightened and he watched her special hole close back to its normal state. He lay down with his head on a pillow next to Drew, not close as he didn't want Drew to feel uncomfortable.

Tess lifted herself off Drew and lay between the two men. Nobody spoke. They stayed like this for maybe five minutes then Tess sat up and said,

"I have to clean up a bit, you guys have left me a bit sloppy!"

She rolled across Dave and left the room.

Tess went into the toilet and sat down. She emptied her bladder and wiped herself with a fist full of paper. Her pussy and anus were tender. She could feel semen seeping from her holes, so she sat there for a moment then repeated the wiping.

"What had just happened in the bedroom? "

She was so happy.

A tear rolled down her cheek.

She stood up, flushed the toilet and went into the bath room. She found a wash cloth, warmed it under the tap and patted her pussy and ass with it. She splashed some water onto her face, washed her hands and dried off.

When Tess left the room Dave rolled on to his side, facing Drew and propped his head up on his arm.

"How was that for you?" he asked.

Drew was still on his back staring at the ceiling,

"Unbelievable," was all he could manage to say.

"That it was my friend. She is certainly something else isn't she? Dave said, "And how did you feel about seeing and touching me during that?"

Drew thought for a moment. "Well when you first came in I was a bit shocked, I've never seen a shaved dick and balls before, not in real life anyway. I didn't think people did that. And your not circumcised, I wasn't expecting that either. To tell you the truth I am a bit fascinated."

"I noticed you staring, don't worry I liked that. I shave because I think it's cleaner and I like the look. Tess prefers her men shaved, or at least trimmed. You should try it sometime, you might like it," Dave interjected.

"As for the touching, I didn't mind at all, in fact I think it added to the whole sensation. I will have to give it some more thought, it was easier than I was expecting it to be though."

"Don't worry I'm not going to pressure you about it, I think we've all had enough for one night, I need some sleep," Dave said.

"What are you two talking about?" asked Tess as she came back into the room.

"You mostly, and some secret men's business," Dave replied.

"Good,"she said

Tess was just so glad to see them still on the bed together, both still naked with their flaccid cocks visible to each other. Seemingly comfortable.

"Now I'm tired," she said as she slid up the bed between them.

"Pull up the blankets and turn off the lights."

She kissed each of them on the cheek snuggled down and quickly fell into a deep sleep.

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