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The Road Trip Part 1

The Road Trip Part 1

Dumped by his girlfriend, out of funds, no transport and a long way from home - Jamie needs a lift.
Wanted: Transport to Warsaw as soon as possible. Will pay share of expenses (Euros only). Leave message for Jamie Talbot at reception.

Jamie's European adventure was not going well. It was planned as a motorbike grand-tour of Eastern Europe on his classic Honda CB500 with his girlfriend, Helen. It had ended in ignominy for the bike in Warsaw. The swarthy looking mechanic said he could repair the bent front wheel but it would take a week – and 2500 Zlotys on account.

They continued their journey to Kiev by train and would collect the bike on the way back. Only Jamie woke up on their first morning there to find a "Dear John" letter, she'd taken the holiday money and she hoped he would understand. The holiday was meant as a last hurrah, he was starting a graduate trainee position in London and she was off to university two hundred miles away. This was their sojourn to end a gap year for her, a year off for him – some sojourn.

To add insult to injury, his mobile phone had been nicked later that day in a spell of absent-mindedness. He needed money so he'd called the only number he knew off by heart, his parent's. Frustratingly, there was no reply so he left a message explaining what had happened and pleading for funds..

Staying in a town-centre YMCA, Jamie's plan was simple - collect his bike and go home. Maxing out his bank cards, funds were too limited for a train ticket and he had no joy at the coach station. He would have needed to travel on several coaches to get to Warsaw and it was almost as costly as the train.

With the exception of waiting for parental assistance, a note with all the other requests for transport on the hostel noticeboard seemed like a good idea at the time.

After a day trying to see at least some of the sights of Kiev, he trudged back to the hostel. His feeling of melancholy had ruined his day, he had no girlfriend, 211 Euros to his name and he was over a thousand miles from home.

"Any messages?" asked Jamie.

The weary looking man at the desk looked up and handed him a scrap of paper.

Hi, I go to Lodz and I take you. Stop in Kovel today, Warsaw tomorrow. Back at 4. Tomasz.

Jamie was surprised that this shot in the dark had worked, Warsaw would be on the way but the stop in Kovel bothered him. Jamie thought he might be a van driver or something. It was three-thirty, he figured that if he had a quick beer next door he would see Tomasz arrive.

Just after four, a lanky looking guy with an equally tall girl hovered around reception. Jamie approached them; they were the quintessential young, healthy looking Eastern Europeans that he had seen plenty of so far..

"Tomasz?" asked Jamie.

"Jamie Talbot?" replied Tomasz with a warm, if thick, Polish accent. "I am Tomasz, This is Karina."


Karina smiled and she was certainly attractive, they both were. They looked about his age too, it was a good start. Fresh faced, lean and ridiculously laid-back, they struck Jamie as his kind of people.

"Jamie, my English is no good for writing. I hope you, erm, understand?"

Jamie smiled, "Well my Polish is terrible."

They laughed warmly, with the ice broken, it had started well.

"We are going home to Lodz so I take you to Warsaw no problem. We must stop at Kovel to bring Karina's friend with us."


Karina looked at Jamie, "Her boyfriend is no good."

"Oh." added Jamie diplomatically.

He wondered if her friend was as good looking as Karina, perhaps things were looking up after all.

"Is ok?" asked Tomasz.

"Yes that's ok, No problem."

"Is good," replied Tomasz with smile, "we go soon now and stay in Kovel, then go to Warsaw, erm, tomorrow? Is long way."

Jamie hadn't figured on the distance, even by train it had taken eight hours to get to Kiev from Warsaw. In a car, it would take longer and it would be unfair to expect anyone to drive that far without a stop. It all seemed completely reasonable enough; they were just going home and picking up one of Karina's friends on the way.

"Yes, of course, it is good." confirmed Jamie.

Tomasz and Karina smiled warmly again. Karina seemed to smile a lot at him and she was certainly dressed for the hot weather. Wearing only a thin t-shirt and a short denim shirt, her bare legs seemed to go on for miles. Jamie tried to snap out of it, it was improper to ogle his girlfriend. He quickly looked at Tomasz, he was none the wiser.

"I can pay for petrol, yes?" offered Jamie.

Tomasz and Karina looked offended.

"Please, it is a long way," offered Jamie.

"I drive to go home anyway, is ok. Pay for room in Kovel ok?"

"Of course."

"Is cheap in Kovel, is no problem."

Karina and Tomasz smiled again, Jamie reciprocated and at this rate, his cheeks were going to ache by the time they got to Kovel.


Tomasz's car was a reasonable, if slightly tired Opel people-carrier. It was comfortable enough and in the oppressive heat of a Ukrainian summer, the air-conditioning was very welcome. Karina had opted to recline in the back and used the length of the rear seats to stretch out her long slim legs.

They explained together they had visited Kiev to see some friends and were picking up Karina's friend, Malina. Her boyfriend was 'no good' was as far as they went but with the glimmer of a smile between Tomasz and Karina, Jamie figured it was some kind of private joke. Jamie had explained what had happened to him and they were genuinely sympathetic, it bestowed a sense of camaraderie between them and it cheered him up no end. Whilst conversation was limited due to a slight language barrier, it was friendly and light-hearted and they seemed to like Jamie's sense of humour.

As the low summer sun glared into Jamie's face, he used the sun-visor. It hadn't taken him long to work out that from his position in the front passenger seat, he could use the vanity mirror to seek a peek at Karina.

Jamie took another look at her, she was very attractive now and definitely growing on him. Her short tousled brown hair suited her elfin face; she was pretty and her smile was welcoming. The chill of the air conditioning had made her nipples harden and they poked against her t-shirt. Each time Jamie took a look, he chided himself for his lack of manners.

"You like?" laughed Tomasz.

Jamie was mortified and looking in the rear view mirror, Karina was smiling at his reflection.

"Oh god, I am so sorry, your girlfriend is very pretty."

Jamie blushed furiously and Tomasz laughed heartily.

"She is not my girlfriend, just friend."


Karina smiled as Jack looked into the vanity mirror again.

"He is special friend," laughed Karina.


Still crimson, Tomasz laughed some more at Jamie's predicament.

"She likes you too," added Tomasz


"I like you too, you are a sexy man," replied Karina.


They laughed now.

"Problem?" asked Tomasz

"Erm, I don't know."

Jamie could hear the sounds of movement in the back seat. He looked to see Karina had lifted up her short denim shirt and reassumed her reclined position. Her legs were slightly parted revealing her hairless vulva and long bare legs.

"Holy fuck!" exclaimed Jamie as Karina giggled coyly.

Jamie was caught completely off-guard, he never envisaged that she would expose herself like that. Jamie felt a twinge in his shorts, the thought of fucking her was a dangerous but delicious thought.

Tomasz looked in his rear-view mirror and laughed too, "You like girls?"

"Yes." replied Jamie absently.

Jamie was embarrassed all over again but also the frisson of this encounter and their directness was irresistible. He hadn't been laid in almost a week and the idea of something different from Helen's idea of fun was very appealing.

"And boys too?"

Jamie paused; he'd fooled around with a guy at University, nothing major. He'd experimented in a drunken hook-up with another couple which resulted in them sucking each other's cocks. He didn't regret it – quite the opposite. Faced with that question now and considering how good looking Tomasz was, it was not as difficult a question to answer as he expected.

There was little room for ambiguity here, or subtly either. Communication was already hard but actions were certainly making all the running compared to the limited lexicon of their vocabulary.

"Yes. I like boys too."

It was Karina's fist pump that surprised him; she was still there displaying her naked bottom half.

Tomasz beamed again, "Good, you are handsome English guy, you like us too?"

"Yes, you are handsome too."

"You like to fuck?" giggled Karina, "And suck cock?"

"Fuck? Fuck! Erm, erm…"

They both laughed riotously at his helplessness. Jamie's heart was pounding, the embarrassment was one thing, the frank and direct admission that they were up for this was exhilarating as much nerve-wracking. A devil-may-care attitude kicked in, he was single, Helen was a crap girlfriend and he was on his way home. He probably wasn't going to see this couple ever again once they got to Warsaw. With Karina's friend in tow, he might not get this chance again once they got to Kovel anyway.

"Yes, I fuck and suck," stated Jamie with more than a hint of bravado.

Tomasz smiled and looked in the rear-view mirror and raised his eyebrows at Karina.

"I like to fuck now," stated Karina audaciously.

"What now? As in now, now?" asked Jamie.

The language barrier was threatening to make its presence felt, Jamie looked at the dashboard clock.

"Now, 6.23 now," asked Jamie pointing to the clock.

"Yes, we fuck now," added Tomasz.

Jamie looked at her with an expression of utter incredulity; she was rubbing her pussy with her middle two fingers. Unable to help himself, Jamie watched her brazen display and felt his cock harden. Tomasz smiled as well and Jamie looked to his crotch to see the outline of his hard cock in his shorts. It looked like it was a good size too and Jamie felt the churning in his stomach of sexual excitement, his own cock was now fully hard.

The car turned off the main carriageway onto a side road. The car slowed as it bobbled and rocked over the dirt track. Jamie heart began to beat harder with excitement and trepidation as they approached a small copse. The sound of giggling came from the back seats and Jamie turned round in his seat to see Karina completely naked. Her biscuit brown skin was flawless over her whole body; her perky breasts with stubby brown nipples were in proportion to her slight collarbone and shoulders. She was lean, the sinewy muscles of her body held her taut girly frame together. Leaning forward, with one peck of a kiss, then something altogether more passionate, their lips pressed together. The hint of her tongue against his own enflamed his cock further.

The sound of the handbrake ratchet broke them apart. Karina giggled as she shimmied to the door and made her way out of the car. Jamie looked to Tomasz; he smiled and unbuckled his seatbelt. Once out of the car, Karina was standing there, an expression of sexual coyness written over her face. Tomasz and Jamie stood facing her in admiration of her naked body.

Tomasz pulled off his t-shirt and Jamie followed suit, the late summer sun cast cosseting warmth over their skin. The sexual frisson of being outdoors in the middle of nowhere and about to embark on an impromptu threesome excited Jamie. Any remaining nerves simply dissipated at the sight of Karina cavorting naked in front of him.

She approached and squatted down in front of them, she pulled first at Tomasz's shorts and his hard cock sprang free. To Jamie's surprise he was absent of any underwear and he watched Karina holding it. Showing it to Jamie, he responded with a welcoming smile, it was certainly a handsome cock with only a downy thatch of trimmed hair around it. It was a purposeful size and certainly above average but it was not a monster. It curved nicely and Karina looked at Tomasz wickedly as she slowly stroked it for a while. Jamie watched them both as his cock throbbed nicely in his shorts. She turned her attention to Jamie, she looked up and smiled as she hooked her fingers under his shorts and underwear and pulled down.

Karina surveyed Jamie's cock, he matched Tomasz in terms of size and it excited her as he was already rock hard. She took pleasure that Jamie, like many young men, look care of his body. His cock was shorn of excess body hair and it made his cock look big and fiercely hard. Long veins traced down its length and his foreskin was full stretched back. With a cock in each hand, she slowly stroked each one slowly feeling the strength and heat of them. Looking up again, she leant over and placed Tomasz's cock into her mouth.

"Yes," gasped Tomasz.

Unable to help himself, Jamie had to touch Tomasz's body, he softly caressed his hairless chest and let each of her fingers run over his nipples. Letting out a small gasp of approval, Karina could feel the effect it was having on Tomasz as his cock flexed in her mouth. Jamie looked down to see Karina skewering her sex with her fingers pushing them in and out with intent.

They both watched as her mouth enveloped his cock, Jamie held his own cock and slowly stroked at as he watched. Karina took it from his grasp and her attention switched to his cock now, with a whispered groan, Jamie squeezed his eyes closed as she worked on his now aching shaft. Impaling his cock deep into her mouth, it involuntarily throbbed to her attention.

Opening his eyes, he saw that Tomasz had also squatted down alongside her and Jamie's heart beat a little faster. In excitement, he wanted to feel Tomasz's mouth around his cock and Karina felt his cock jerk harder. Unwilling to taunt him, she took his cock from her mouth and held it for Tomasz to take. Watching her lover take the fat erect cock into his mouth made her gasp with approval and she pressed her fingers inside her once more. Looking down, Jamie groaned louder as felt Tomasz skilfully suck on his cock as Karina's hand caressed his smooth balls.

"Mmm, suck him hard," purred Karina.

Karina stood and kissed Jamie softly, she pulled on his erect nipples to spur Jamie into groaning heavily. Tomasz re-doubled his efforts and Jamie felt that delicious heat radiate from his perineum into his balls.

"Fuck, that's so good." gasped Jamie airily.

Enjoying the sensation of a good looking man sucking his throbbing cock, he failed to notice Karina had left them to it. So absorbed was he in getting his cock sucked, it was the sound of the gas struts opening the tailgate that distracted them both.

Tomasz rose and held Jamie's cock slowly stroking it, "You have a great cock."

Jamie smiled, "Thank you."

"Your turn." added Tomasz.

Tomasz led Jamie by his cock to see Karina stood by the open car boot; Tomasz perched on the end as Karina knelt beside him. She reached out to Jamie's hand and pulled him onto his knees to face Tomasz's cock too. Tomasz's hardness soon returned with Karina's attention and as she slowly stroked him, she offered his cock to Jamie.

"Suck him."

He didn't need to be asked twice; Jamie took his firm cock and eased it into his mouth. Lowering his head to push more of his shaft into his mouth, he bobbed up and down on his shaft to suck him firmly.

"Zjedz moj chuj!" moaned Tomasz.

"Suck his cock," purred Karina helpfully, "he likes it."

Jamie was very happy to oblige, his cock felt so hard and warm in his mouth. It felt so right and it was making Jamie feel incredibly horny. He took his lead from Karina and cupped Tomasz's tight balls in the palm of his hand. Karina watched avidly and in encouragement had taken to wanking Jamie's cock firmly. Jamie's own moaning onto Tomasz's cock made him reciprocate with a groan of his own. Bobbing his head up and down with more vigour, Jamie felt his hardness rub over his tongue. Karina pushed his head onto Tomasz's shaft and Jamie took as much of it as he could. Feeling his gag reflex begin to bite, Jamie's muffled yelps eased the pressure from the back of his head. Easing his cock from his mouth, Tomasz groaned heavily as Karina pushed Jamie's head again deep onto his cock.

"Yes, do it," she commanded.

Several times he was made to deep throat his cock and Karina enjoyed the spectacle of seeing Tomasz's cock disappear into his mouth. With her sex hot to the touch, she felt the tingling warmth of her arousal. She teased her pussy walls with her fingers and her pussy was sensitive to her touch. She knew she was ready for them and with two hard cocks to play with, they would find out soon enough how tight she was.

It was becoming too much for Jamie and he had to break from sucking his cock, his eyes were streaming and he retched a little.

"Fuck, you are good!" added Tomasz.

Opting to stroke Tomasz's cock instead, Karina sensed that they were both ready for something else. She tugged at Jamie to get him onto his feet and perch on the lip of the boot. Pushing him to lie down, she straddled him in reverse to lower her glossy sheened pussy to his face. Without encouragement, Jamie looped his arms over her thighs and pulled her down. As his tongue slid into the folds of her sex, her juices flowed to taste her. Licking and sucking on her fine labial lips, Karina let out a litany of airy gasps as they shared Jamie's hard shaft.

Grinding her cunt onto him, Jamie found the nub of her hard clit with the tip of his tongue. Pushing with its pointed end, he pressed it under her clitoral hood and grazed her clit. With a deeper moan, Jamie felt her body tense and then undulate rhythmically. He listened to her stuttered breathing as his cock was enveloped time and time again by Tomasz's mouth. As Karina watched him sucking on their new friend's cock, the sensation of his tongue on her clit consumed her and she let out a yelp. With the gentle shudder, her trembling body edged out a gratifying orgasm. Lifting her sensitive clit from Jamie's reach, she manoeuvred herself off his body.

She looked at Jamie's hard cock; it had been sucked and teased to its full hardness. She pushed at Tomasz and as Jamie heard an uttering of something in Polish, he was accompanied in the boot of the car by him.

Straddling Jamie again his time to face him, she held his cock from behind her own body. Aiming his hard prick at her juiced slit, Jamie needed no encouragement to drive it into her.

"Fuck! You are tight!" exclaimed Jamie.

Karina smiled as she pushed her hips down and took his length. Looking to his side, Tomasz's cock was almost in reach. Shifting slightly towards Jamie, Tomasz held it to his mouth. Watching as Jamie started sucking on his cock again; Karina drove her sex onto his hard shaft.

"Yes, yes, suck it."

Rocking his hips to feeding his cock into Jamie's mouth, he sucked it again readily. The enveloping tight sensation of Karina's pussy walls massaging his cock was all the encouragement he needed. Watching him sucking cock exhilarated her and Jamie could feel her copious wetness coating his cock.

Leaning forward, she opened her mouth to receive Tomasz's cock leaving Jamie on concentrate on bucking his hips to fuck her. He leant up, pulled on Karina's body to take one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked on it eagerly. Flicking it with his tongue, she panted her moans of approval at their attentions on her horny body. Feeling two cocks inside her made Karina grind her clit against the hilt of Jamie's cock fervently and that delectable tingling sensation built inside her again. Watching Jamie's hand rubbing against Tomasz's balls, she found herself grinding her cunt on Jamie's cock with more vigour. The dirtiness of fucking like this so urgently consumed her body; she had to cum again as soon as possible.

The heady sensation of her bare cunt impaled on him and the view of seeing Tomasz's magnificent hard cock in Karina's mouth spurred Jamie on. Jamie's balls felt hot and tight and his shaft sliding against the tight walls of her cunt created a gratifying friction that would inevitably make him cum. The spontaneousness with the bonus of reacquainting himself with enjoying a man's cock was charging his body with adrenaline. With his fingers, Jamie rubbed against Tomasz'z firm perineum and his teasing of it made him groan heavily. Jamie watched as Karina lowering her mouth up and down Tomasz's shaft. Sliding his fingers up and down the smooth skin between the root of Tomasz's balls and his arse, Jamie edged them closer to his inevitable climax.

Karina watched to see Jamie's fingers teasing him and moaned on Tomasz's cock at the sensation of Jamie fucking her with more passion. As Jamie reached the puckered tight hole of his arse, Tomasz's shaft swelled hard in her mouth. Teasing it with his finger, Tomasz's breathing became more ragged and his groans deeper and more pronounced.

"Jasna cholera!" gasped Tomasz.

Jamie looked confused as Karina eased Tomasz cock from her mouth.

"He likes it Jamie," purred Karina breathlessly, "you are a naughty boy."

Redoubling her efforts on Jamie's cock, the prospect of what these two hard bodies could do to her and each other made her pussy tighten. Jamie took his cock again in his wanton mouth and Tomasz's body responded to his attention. The delicious deviance of Jamie's finger flicked over his sensitive knot of muscle and kept his cock hard and swollen in his mouth.

Her body began to tremble again and the grasp of her cunt around Jamie's cock added his moans to their own. The grazing of his cock against her insides made her bite her lower lip. Jamie's hand was kneading her tits and the sensation of her nipples being touched was electrifying her body. Her need for release was building and as he stabbed his cock into her and her body bucked against him. Tomasz fed his cock back into her mouth as she trembled with more pronounced spasms. The pleasure of two cocks inside her tipped her over the edge and her body shook. Jamie looked up to watch her cum with Tomasz's cock stuffed in her mouth. Jamie felt her tight muscles massage his hard meat and gasped as she squeezed him tightly.

"Holy fuck that feels good," groaned Jamie.

Enjoying her post orgasmic glow, she eased their cocks from her. They could see that she was flushed; her body was mottled with candy pink blotches. They watched as she eased herself out of the boot of the car and happily revealed her naked freshly fucked body to them. Enjoying their attention, Karina smiled widely at the sight of their tight slim bodies and hard cocks jutting out from them.

Beckoning to Tomasz, he left the boot and Karina instructed Jamie to stay there.

It was Jamie's turn in her mouth and Tomasz slid his cock into her from behind. Jamie propped himself up with his arms and with her arms locked against the boot-floor, her arse was pushed up to meet Tomasz's hard cock. Without finesse, Tomasz's fucked her hard, his aching balls needed to be relieved. Fucking her with more force, he was pushing her mouth onto Jamie's cock. Jamie watched as Karina sucked firmly on him and pulling it from her mouth, she started wanking him hard.

"Cum w moim cunt!" spat Karina.

"Brudna dziwko!" hissed Tomasz as he smacked her arse cheek hard.


Pounding her tight hole with all his might, her body began to buckle again as another orgasm began to swell inside her. It built and built and the two men were not going to stop with their attention on her. She knew they were now looking to obtain their release and she wanted to feel their youthful hard orgasms. Tomasz was groaning now and she felt his swollen cock rubbing against her soaked insides. The zenith of his girth was the tell-tale sign that she needed and she stuffed Jamie's cock back into her mouth. She backed herself onto Tomasz cock as he pushed him deep into her with a heavy groan. Feeling that cloying sticky warmth, his cock spasmed hard and spat his seed deep into her.

Karina took his cum without histrionics and continued sucking on Jamie's cock. He could tell that Tomasz had shot his load into her as her moans buzzed onto his cock. He bucked once, twice, three times, pushing her mouth onto Jamie's cock and then eased out a spent sigh as he stopped thrusting. The idea that Tomasz's cum was now painted all inside her tight cunt made Jamie's own cock flex. He could feel his own release rising from his balls and the taut muscles of his groin.

Easing his cock from Karina's filled sex, Tomasz watched as the pearly white liquid eased from her slit and dripped onto the muddy track. Karina rose from her bent posture and held her hand to her leaking pussy. She looked at Jamie impishly and he looked incredulously at her she straddled him again. Feeling her cum filled pussy around his cock, Jamie groaned heavily as she began to ride his cock assertively. The look of intent on her face was simple enough to understand, his cum was going inside her too.

As Tomasz watched her labial lips wrapped around his girthy shaft, it drew a white cream from his lover's cunt. He wanted to help him cum inside her and Jamie soon felt Tomasz's tongue licking at his aching balls. His cock swelled and Karina knew it would not be long. Adding to their attention on his body, Jamie felt Karina's fingers rub over his hard nipples and his body coursed with an overload of sensory pleasure. His balls felt hot and he needed to cum badly, their conspiracy to arouse him and fuck him now reached its final conclusion.

"Cum, cum in me," commanded Karina.

"Shit!" exclaimed Jamie.

Tomasz was returning the favour and he teased Jamie's tight hole with his finger. Looking to see Jamie's face wracked with pleasure, Karina wanted to him to yield.

"Mmm, in Kovel, you two fuck," purred Karina.

The idea of feeling his arse filled with Tomasz's delicious cock and Karina spurring him on was the final straw. Her delighted squeals signalled to Tomasz that Jamie was cumming inside her. His body tensed and shook; Karina could feel the heat of his seed flooding inside her as his cock throbbed hard inside her greasy cunt. She enjoyed the spectacle of his body's tight stretched muscles giving up his load as she ground her cunt onto him assertively to drain him. The throbbing of his spent cock inside her made her smile with satisfaction that he had cum hard for her.

Karina smiled sweetly at him and enjoyed the feeling of being filled with their sticky load. Lifting herself from his body; she looked between her legs as more cum leaked from her crimson pussy. Tomasz was still semi-hard and sitting him next to Jamie, Karina sucked and cleaned up their cocks.

"Fuck, you two are very sexy," gasped Jamie.

They smiled at each other.

"You are a good fuck too," added Tomasz, "you like cock very much."

Jamie smiled and nodded, "You have a beautiful cock."

It was turning dusky and the sky was painted with streaks of cinnabar and orange. They retrieved their clothes and Karina softly kissed each of them purring with her own approval.

"She will be good now, for a few hours." chimed Tomasz.

Jamie nodded and smiled. Karina was parading herself naked in the low sun casting an evocative silhouette against the horizon.

"Then she will want more sex."

"Oh ok, well, I'm sure we can help." added Jamie with a wicked glimmer in his eyes.

"Yes, but I will need cock too and who is going to help you?" laughed Tomasz.

Jamie reciprocated, laughing at the prospect.

"And Malina?" asked Jamie. "She will not mind?"

Tomasz laughed again, "My friend, she is a whore too!"

Karina pulled her t-shirt over her body and Jamie couldn't help but look at her cum slicked cunt as she bent over to put on her denim skirt. She turned as she wrestled with the button of the skirt.

"Ona jest brudna kurwa!" laughed Karina.

Tomasz nodded his head and smiled, it certainly took one to know one. Jamie looked puzzled.

"She is a dirty whore," replied Tomasz.

"Nice," replied Jamie surprised somewhat.

"She has big tits, beautiful. Tight pussy too," added Karina holding her outstretched hands to her chest to show their size.

"Oh," smiled Jamie.

"Come, now we get to Kovel," added Tomasz.

Piling into the car, Tomasz found a clearing to turn the car around and gingerly he navigated it down the dirt track and onto the road.

"We will be there in one hour maybe."

The road was empty and Tomasz floored the accelerator, the diesel engine complained and rocketted the car to speed. Jamie had no reason to doubt him, Kovel promised much and his cock stirred at the idea of Tomasz fucking him as Karina and Malina watched.

Karina was toying with her mobile phone, she had secretly taken a picture at the moment they were naked sat on the edge of the car boot. Malina's reply made her smile; she had booked only one hotel room and was on her way to wait for them.

"That is Malina," offered Karina as Jamie took her phone.

There was a picture, a selfie, and she was completely naked. Her pretty face combined with the flare of her tits from her body and the slight curve of her belly to her naked sex was deeply erotic. She was certainly a very attractive woman, and a kurwa to boot.

"Holy fuck!" exclaimed Jamie.

Tomasz leaned to look over to see and they all boomed with laughter.

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