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The Road Trip Part 2

The Road Trip Part 2

An evening with Tomasz, Karina Malina expands Jamie's horizons
Night had followed from the long dusk and they had met only hours before. Malina’s countenance put Jamie immediately at ease; her face was comely and warm. Her body was tightly held by a cropped tight t-shirt and black leggings. It did nothing to hide her intoxicating curves; on the contrary, she enjoyed showing herself off. Her initial hug by means of a greeting was intimate; she pressed her body deliberately against his loins. Her minimal make-up was skilfully applied and the effect made her eyes and lips utterly alluring. Long veils of lustrous dark chestnut hair were set against her chiselled cheeks. A short bob revealed her face and accentuated her sculpted dark eyebrows. Jamie was wary when he looked her into her eyes; their aquamarine intensity only meant one thing.

Words were not needed to describe her intent; yet her English was good. She was from Lodz just like Karina and Tomasz. Her ex-boyfriend had neglected her, he was consigned to history and she was making up for lost time.

“He was, erm, how do you say?” Malina summarised. “A puritan?”

“Erm, I think you mean a prude?” asked Jamie.

“Yes, I am, erm, starved of sex.”

“You mean sex-starved?”

“That is what I mean. You can help, no?”

Jamie blew out his cheeks, “Blimey.”

There was no response from Malina only a knowing smile and she resumed her tactile caresses of Jamie’s bare forearm. Stunned into a watchful silence, the cumulative effect of her touch dissolved any remaining inhibitions.

The warm yellowy incandescent uplighters pitched long shadows over the tired décor. For their thirty Euros they had secured a large room with two double beds and an en-suite bathroom and it was theirs until mid-day tomorrow. The room was expansive and already in a dishevelled state. The two double beds were shorn of their eiderdowns and bath towels were strewn around the room.

Karina and Tomasz were engrossed in each other on one of the beds. As Jamie and Malina talked, they cast their eyes at the slow seduction they were witnessing. Soft kisses and flagrant caresses of each other’s bodies fed the sexual tension in the room. Malina would pause and openly watch Karina’s body being pawed by Tomasz’s roaming hands.

Combined with a hearty intake of vodka, Malina’s overtly flirtatiousness had Jamie eating from the palm of her hand. The juxtaposition of Karina’s and Tomasz’s physical display led to Malina taking the initiative. She was the first to cast their clothes to one side and pulled at Jamie’s clothing to reveal his naked body. Giggling as she paraded her nakedness to the bathroom, Jamie was like a moth to a flame. Needing no further encouragement, they unable to keep their hands off each other and Malina took what she needed. She wasted no time underneath the fat drops of water to get his burgeoning cock into her mouth. Jamie had stiffened quickly enough, it was easily the best blow-job he’d ever had.


The intent of the two girls was to revive Jamie and Tomasz from their previous exertions. Beyond the vodka inspired loosening of his inhibitions, it had worked magnificently. The vodka had left Jamie malleable, the blow job had made him pliant and aroused. Jamie eased out one soft gasp and then another at the sight of the undulating flesh before him. She pushed his naked body into the soft fabric of the chair. He looked into Malina’s eyes once more to see a friendly, warm determination in her eyes suffused with contented pleasure. Their union was a sublime sensation of her body on top of his coupled with the charged environment of being watched having sex. The velvet heat of her engulfing his fiercely hard cock made his eyes close momentarily. The prospect of being able to share all of them was an intense feeling that made him light-headed with lust.

Malina’s body was the perfect foil to Karina’s lithe frame, she was a little shorter but her body was fuller. Her body was taut with deeper defined curves, her breasts high on her body, cut with a large C-shaped overhang, and topped with a tight brown nipple. Her legs flared from her pinched waist, shapely with slight calves and tapered thighs to the defined gaps between them of her pubis.

She was flesh incarnate from the picture that Tomasz had shown him in the car. Jamie was utterly enchanted and consumed with lust for her. Fucking Karina earlier in the day had taken the edge of him and Malina’s mesmerising body was receiving the benefit.

Jamie was inside her sopping wet cunt and she leant back to firmly grip the edge of the heavy wooden coffee table. Locking her arms at the elbows behind her naked body, she slowly began to ride him. Malina basked in that gratifying fullness and bounced her hips against his groin. Her generous breasts, sheened with perspiration, were thrust up and outwards. Her taut thighs spread wide and open gave everyone the clearest view of his cock violating her. Jamie sat back in the chair and watched Malina’s body taking him to the hilt of his cock. Her eyes were cast firmly into his as she revelled in the flagrant display of their body coupled together. Karina and Tomasz watched attentively and she stroked his cock slowly whilst she attended to her own hot, febrile sex.

Jamie watched to see her pubic bone rise slightly from her body and a slight shimmer of wetness could be seen. Malina felt a throb from his cock inside her as her slow, deliberate fucking kept him poised perfectly on his sexual plateau. She knew she had him precisely where she wanted him. Jamie was a very willing foil in her brazen act of exhibitionism. She had always wanted to be watched as she fucked, she revelled in showing her naked body being intimately violated. The tawdry exhilaration was making her wetness froth into a creamy emulsion around Jamie’s cock.

As Jamie sat in the velour chair, his hair was still wet and spiky from the refreshing shower. The lewdness of the display of Malina’s body impaled on his meaty cock created a palpable erotic atmosphere between them all. Karina was attending to Tomasz’s cock with her mouth, tenderly sucking and stroking his stiffened cock. Her own fingers alternated between filling her own sex and pulling on her hardened nipples.

Malina’s bare labia and the pink wetness of her lips wrapped around his stout hardness was a pornographic visual she was happy to expose to them. The powerful heat around his cock was testimony to the state of her neglect and sexual need. Jamie gasped and groaned with each slight movement of Malina’s body and she basked in her power over his body.

Feeling a presence beside him, Jamie looked to his side to see Tomasz’s stiff cock jutting from him. Without a second thought, Jamie reached for it and grasped it in his hand. For a moment, Jamie appreciated its weight and purpose as Malina avidly watched him. Her eyes narrowed with lust as she watched Jamie stroking Tomasz’s hard cock. A low, airy gasp left her pouting mouth as she witnessed for the first time, a man take another man’s cock into his mouth. She gripped harder onto the table as butterflies churned inside her. Absorbing the visual of Jamie sucking on Tomasz’s cock, she increased her rhythm on his cock in encouragement.

“Suck him,” purred Malina, “Yes, good boy, suck him like that.”

Karina stood beside Malina to watch Jamie and Tomasz together. She pushed another finger into her wanton sex and writhed harder onto it. Like her friend, Karina never tired of seeing two men together. She kneaded on one of Malina’s breasts rolling her puckered nipple over her slight fingers. Feeding his cock slowly in and out of Jamie’s mouth with his hips, Tomasz’s cock swelled a harder still. The spectacle was forcing an intense need inside Karina’s body and it was beginning to overwhelm her. Her fingers plunged inside her with urgency; she wanted them all but she wanted to see Tomasz take his prize first.

Tomasz was fully hard; the heat of his cock in Jamie’s mouth was gratifying. With one hand, Jamie held it still for a moment to slide his mouth over it. He licked along the shaft and then followed up with a slow wanking of his cock. For Jamie, the sensation of his cock enveloped inside Malina’s snug caldron and then being speared again by Tomasz’ cock in his mouth was electrifying his senses. He felt unencumbered and carefree, tightly ensconced inside Malina, his cock throbbed.

Taking his head in his hands softly, Tomasz pushed with each languid thrust and Jamie’s mouth met the apex of it.

“Je tak dobrý!” purred Malina.

“Yes, yes, good, good.” returned Tomasz, “Suck it.”

Jamie looked to Malina to see her upper chest flushed in arousal. He could see Karina caressing Malina’s breast and his eyes tracked to see her fingers sliding in and out of her smooth sex. She dipped in to soulfully kiss Malina and found that she readily reciprocated. As the two girls muttered soft tones in Polish, Tomasz’s cock jerked in Jamie’s mouth.

“Ok,” muttered Malina ending her statement with a coy giggle.

Lifting herself off Jamie’s cock, its hardness slapped it back onto his abdomen; it caught the low light and shone with juices. Tomasz’s cock eased from his mouth, the two girls were on the bed, Malina was laid flat on the bed. Her sculpted legs were apart, held in the air hinged at her knees. Her puffy wet sex was gaped and sheened with her juices. Her fine labial lips were scarlet and aroused and Karina’s fingers slid into her wanton cunt. Softly kissing each other and pawing at each other’s breasts, Jamie felt his cock throb at the spectacle.

With an outstretched hand from Malina gestured to Jamie to come over.

“Fuck me,” she purred.

Jamie climbed over Malina; he gasped as Karina grabbed his hard cock. Their lips met for a fevered passionate kiss as Karina guided him into Malina’s sex once more. Single-mindedly, he pushed his whole length into her, her legs rose to accommodate his generous girth. With her calves gripping his hips, she demanded all of him inside her over and over again. Jamie was in no mood to assert himself and began to slowly piston his full length into her as she commanded.

“Yes, fuck me like that.”

Karina’s hands had not left Jamie’s body and she shoved him by his arse cheeks into mechanically fucking her with deliberate rhythm. Satisfied that Jamie had got the message, she prised them apart.

Staring into Jamie’s eyes, Malina watched as he squeezed them shut and his mouth opened part in surprise, part in delirious pleasure. Lapping at the tight entrance to his arse, Karina’s tongue bestowed a new experience upon him - it felt beyond incredible. Shards of electricity shot into his body, charging through his perineum and into his cock. Jamie didn’t think he could stiffen any more but his cock felt larger and heavier.

Rapt at his facial expression of wonderment, Malina felt the product between her thighs. She felt a deep seated heat radiate inside her and relished the prospect of that familiar tension rising inside her. Taking Tomasz’s cock into her mouth, Malina’s breathing was transformed from shallow panting into short wispy snorts. She felt her sense of control ebbing away yet her trembling legs maintained Jamie’s rhythm into her.

Opening her eyes, Jamie’s body was flushed and she peered down to see his fat rod sawing into her. She tracked his eyes to Tomasz’s cock and took it from her mouth. Holding it between them, Jamie instinctively shared it with her. Licking and sucking on his cock alternately, Jamie rose to lock his elbows in place and Tomasz took his opportunity.

Once speared by Karina’s tongue, her fingers probed Jamie’s tight arse. Tomasz’s thrust his cock in his mouth as Malina watched intently. Jamie’s response was to gather pace inside her and Malina was barely able to reassert herself. The delicious fat head of his cock was soon grazing that perfect place again inside her. The fatness of his cock collided with that sensitive spot; her body was stricken with a flood of delirium. Her head began to swim with an overwhelming pleasure she was helpless to hold back.

“You want to be fucked don’t you?” purred Karina.

Jamie could only moan in affirmation at their deviant carnality. Malina watched the engorged veins of Tomasz’s cock meandering down its length. As it slid in and out of view, the effect was intoxicating. Their attention on Jamie’s sinuous body had made his cock very hot and hard inside her cunt - it goaded her own body with each measured thrust.

“Fuck… fuck…” gasped Malina.

The display of Jamie sucking on Tomasz’s cock and his determination in fucking her swept her away. The orgasm was subtle in her vocal appreciation but real enough, her body trembled as her torso and abdomen shook. Jamie felt her cunt clasp him, her legs tightened their grip and yet he maintained his poise and control into her. Karina’s fingers lodged inside him made his cock flex hard as her cunt spasmed in climax, they controlled his own climax with ease.

As Malina’s trembling body regained its composure, her body rose and fell to meet his. Unafraid in his assertion of their tempo, she delegated it to him. Her unfamiliarity to his body had given over to acceptance of his masterful control. In those moments, she gave herself to him and basked in his attention to her body.

The spectacle of him sucking on Tomasz’s cock had lost none of its intensity. Instinctively, Malina reasserted herself and pulled on Jamie’s buttocks to feed him into her - he complied readily. She demanded that he pushed his entire length into her over and over again. The extra exertion made Jamie’s heart pound. Sucking on Tomasz’s cock and feeling Malina’s frictionless wetness on his own shaft was intoxicating. Interrupted by coolness around his arse, Karina’s fingers entered him soon enough but now they glided in and out of him with ease.

“Tomasz, pieprzyć go!” spat Karina.

Tomasz laughed and eased himself from Jamie’s mouth. His cock was viciously erect. Karina’s fingers were absent and Jamie felt empty once more. Malina saw the malice of Tomasz’s hard cock and looked at Jamie. With only a germ of an idea on what was going to happen next, Jamie returned an expression of mild trepidation. They stopped for a moment as Karina placed a cushion under the small of Malina’s back. It made Jamie adjust his position in driving his cock into her. Karina pushed down on the small of Jamie’s back and it lifted his bottom into the air

“I want to see your face.”

“Huh?” returned Jamie.

Malina laughed, Jamie could feel her muscles tighten around him.

He looked to Malina to see an excited smile and he returned a smile of his own. Placing his trust in her, recently only a stranger to him, he returned a quizzical look.

“He is going to fuck you now. I want to see your face.”

Jamie did not have enough time to reply as Tomasz’s hands held him by his hips. With his mind in spin, he turned to see where Tomasz and Karina were. Malina cupped Jamie’s face in her hands, at the moment of penetration, she got her wish.

“Oh fuck!” hissed Jamie breathlessly.

He had taken fingers and even a toy in his arse before but never an eager hard cock. He wanted it but the fear of the unknown was an unpleasant distraction. Feeling the heat of Tomasz’s cock violate his entrance, it pressed firmly into him. Malina’s hips teased his own cock embedded inside her and the effect salved the burning sensation he felt in his arse.

They stared into each other’s eyes; she felt a powerful heat develop from her cunt as she avidly watched Jamie’s rapture. His half-open mouth creased his face to portray the ecstatic sensation of being filled. Sliding easily into Malina, he felt her copious broiling wetness on his rigid cock. Tomasz pressed harder and his effort pushed Jamie’s cock deeply into Malina sex.

“Fuck you are wet,” groaned Jamie.

Tomasz’s cock felt larger now than in his mouth and he had to fight the urge not to bear down on it. As Tomasz pressed against him again, Jamie felt the heat of his loins against the cheeks of his arse. He was completely filled; it felt so glorious and hot inside him. As Tomasz found a natural rhythm, Jamie kept time with a shallow groan. Choosing instead to understand this new and immensely pleasant sensation; Jamie did not move.

Fixated on the expression on Jamie’s face, it was Tomasz that was now fucking them both. As Tomasz pushed himself back inside his arse, it pushed Jamie’s own cock into her. Her hands found Jamie’s nipples; she teased and gently pinched them. She beamed at the ecstatic look on his face as he groaned at the assault on his senses. His cock flexed a little and the tightness of his arse bore down on Tomasz buried in him.

“Yes, good,” hissed Tomasz.

Jamie’s head lowered a little and Malina rose to meet it, their lips pressed together as she showed her arousal by passionately kissing him. Reciprocating, he felt another push inside him and he also pushed down to fill her cunt. Together they all began to find their rhythm as their bodies slid against each other. Sandwiched between them, Jamie managed to push back onto Tomasz’s cock and push into Malina’s cunt with his own. The burning sensation had gone and displaced for a rich ache of sublime fullness. It was an addictive feeling and Jamie knew that the intensity of it was matched to the power of the thrusts into him. His initial trepidation had given over to a craving for a more energetic fucking of his arse.

Malina could see Karina was peering over Tomasz’s shoulder from behind him, one hand playing with his nipple, her other hand lower and out of sight.

“You like cock in your ass?” inquired Karina haughtily.

“Fuck yes!” returned Jamie in a faint whisper between snatched breaths. “Please fuck me harder.”

“He is tight,” stated Tomasz coolly driving his cock into Jamie again. “Take it all.”

Karina sensuously squeezed on Tomasz’s smooth balls as he drove into him again; a litany of soft kisses peppered his neck and shoulders.

With only the slightest of latitude for movement and Tomasz’s cock grazing his prostate, Jamie’s progress in fucking Malina was tempered and deliberate. The delectable feeling of being filled with cock stoked a building frustration inside her to be fucked harder. Malina’s own body compensated and her hips met his cock to increase its tempo. It was deliciously measured and Jamie’s cock taunted that spot inside her keeping her aflame on that luscious plateau. Her hands roamed over Jamie’s body, feeling it tremble with each thrust into him. Jamie’s reward was a carefully executed torture, his nipples, his lips and his cock were at her disposal and she exploited him to the full.

“You like being fucked?” asked Malina rhetorically.

Jamie could only manage another airy groan.

“You do?”

Jamie’s eyes were squeezed shut and he nodded.

Malina’s hips rewarded him by fucking his cock with a little more urgency.

“Am I a good fuck?” asked Jamie in a raspy whisper.

“A little too good,” returned Malina’s fast response between snatched breaths.

“He is a great fuck,” added Tomasz giving Jamie’s arse a harder series of thrusts.

His body shook with each shove into him and a louder grunt of pleasure followed. Malina and Karina were engrossed in the two men fucking. Their lean and sinuous bodies glowed and were mottled with their exertions. Malina’s hand absently slid down between her legs, her wetness was smeared all over her sex. Finding her clit she teased herself as Jamie’s unyielding cock grazed over that spongy spot again. Her clit was hard and swollen and yet she denied herself an easy orgasm.

She resolved that she would have Jamie again once Tomasz had fucked some of the strength out of him. She wanted him when his body’s need for release overwhelmed his rational mind; he would give her the fucking she hungered for. Jamie’s brow was soaked with perspiration and his arms were shaking a little with tiredness; Malina clasped them with her own.

“I think you need a change of position,” quipped Malina. “Lie down.”

Rolling Jamie onto his back, he considered what would happen. He would be fucked like this in an act of submission. He felt his stomach churn with excitement at the realisation he would see Tomasz giving it to him. He looked down and he saw his own cock hard and wet with Malina’s juices. Breathless and with his biceps stinging a little, he stole moments to recover a little. He did not fight it when Tomasz held his legs apart and Karina guided his cock back into his tight arse.

“Fuck him hard,” purred Malina as she watched Tomasz’s cock slide deep into his tight hole.

Karina eased herself onto the bed and sat alongside them. She took Jamie’s cock, slowly stroking it as she watched Tomasz fuck. Changing hands, she eased a wet finger into her mouth, Malina tasted good. Tomasz’s cock slid in and out with more vigour and that intensity returned to Jamie and its profound feeling made his body sing. It felt so dirty being watched like this and he basked in the debauchery of taking it in the arse. He’d sucked a few cocks and now he was being fucked by one - he wanted more.

“Yes, fuck him. Fuck him and cum,” demanded Karina.

Transfixed, Malina slowly rubbed on her clit and she felt empty without Jamie’s girth inside her. Positioned on all fours, Jamie admired her greasy puffy sex squeezed between her luscious arse cheeks. She straddled Jamie’s body in reverse and coupled herself once more to his burgeoned cock. Leaning back on locked arms, she took his hard cock in her slight hand and eased herself onto him. Her blatant full-frontal display to Tomasz and Karina needed no further words. Her mauled tits shook as she rode Jamie’s cock. Karina’s delicate fingers were attracted to her impaled smooth cunt and found her wet clit.

With Malina on top of him and pinned to the bed, Jamie subserviently took Tomasz’s cock. The sounds of her groans and gasps were now met with a more fevered rhythm on top of him. The heat and tightness of her sex provided a more welcoming friction. A hand cupped and squeezed on his balls and a groan slipped from Jamie’s mouth. Malina’s body was starting to contort and Jamie’s only recourse was to grasp her breasts and squeeze her erect nipples between his fingers.

Breathless and hot, Jamie’s mind slipped its bonds to reality. He could feel that hardness inside him, the sensation of it was a riot of tiny explosions inside him. Jamie knew he was going to cum hard and his body betrayed its intent. His cock was swollen to its zenith and Malina felt the tension against the walls of her cunt. As waves of tension began to escalate inside him, Tomasz felt his perineal muscles bite and grasp his cock with a rising intensity.

“I’m będzie cum!” spat Malina hurriedly.

Needing no translation, Jamie’s body lurched upward and caught her unawares. He felt her spasms trembling hard against his full length and let out his own repetitive groans of approval. The convulsing walls of her sex acted like a Jamiehammer on his cock - undulating against him with encouragement. His balls were hot and the delicate hand cupping and massaging them made their intent clear enough.

“Oh fuck!” shouted Jamie.

Easing down from her second climax, Malina’s body felt the reward of their congress. A deep seated heat radiated through her and spread outward from her cunt. Spasming inside her, Jamie announced each ejaculation with a deep staccato grunt. Malina muttered her approval as she felt his cock throb hard inside her. It had been a long time since a man had spilled his seed inside her so fully. She luxuriated in its carnality and squeezing her eyes closed; her heightened senses captured his panting gasps of delicious release.

More heat splashed against her smooth skin, Tomasz’s snorting grunts punctured the air. Their eyes met as Malina watched Karina’s hand skilfully milk his cock. Her vigorous stroking sent volleying spurts of cum over her smooth Mons and Jamie’s balls.

“Fuck.. fuck… fuck….”

Moments felt like hours as they sought respite through snatched shallow breaths of air. Only Karina’s body was being gnawed with a need for sexual gratification. She had witnessed one of her more intimate sexual fantasies unfold in front of her eyes. Fidgeting on top of Jamie’s body, he watched Malina’s post-coital body ease from his ebbing cock. His reward was to witness a bead of his cum leaking from her. It pooled on his body to mix with Tomasz’s.

Tomasz slumped into a chair and Malina rolled alongside Jamie to watch Karina suck and lick Jamie’s cock and balls. They shared the collection between them as Malina’s fingers found Karina’s cunt. Malina knew that Tomasz and Jamie would soon recover, she wanted them both and she knew Karina felt the same way. Fingering Karina’s wet sex, Malina pressed a finger into her tight arse. The idea of two hard cocks, each filling her pussy and arse only enflamed her resolve to get them erect for more.


Jamie released the clutch of his bike and tightened his grip on the throttle. As the sound from the engine built he steered the bike through the thinning traffic. The bike powered away from Warsaw and towards their next stop – Poznan. An overnight stay beckoned as the prelude to a long weekend in Berlin and its hedonistic delights. Money was waiting for Jamie in Warsaw from his concerned parents that would allow him to complete his road trip. In a short conversation to reassure them he was alright, his parents vouched for Helen’s safety. She had returned home somewhat crestfallen that she had acted rashly. His lack of peevishness surprised them but time would reveal his reasoning.

With a squeeze round his waist, his pillion held him tightly. The swarthy mechanic had done a great job on the bike. For some extra money, he’d obtained some pre-loved bike leathers and a crash helmet for his passenger. Jamie recalled the fire in her eyes when he enquired where she would be going. Slotting the bike around a slower moving car, he recollected the happy glimmer in her eyes when she said she was waiting for an invite.

That invite was readily forthcoming and Malina was now with him. Saying goodbye to Karina and Tomasz was difficult yet they had to continue their journey to Lodz. They exchanged phone numbers and it was a certainty they would meet again.

Spending the night in Warsaw, Malina and Jamie had talked into the small hours. Their sexual discoveries in Kovel occupied them and their conversation. It was no fluke of circumstance, being together felt natural and absent of any affectation. Understanding their experiences in Kovel led them to agree that it had unlocked a new dimension to their sexuality. There was happy contentment that they shared a preference for each other and yet wanted more encounters like those in Kovel.

After another energetic night of sex and exploration, they slept heavily in Warsaw. Shifting a little on the pillion seat, she could feel the sated heat of her sex as the engine throbbed underneath her. Malina was happy that she had met a man who could meet her needs. Jamie was happy to be with a woman that could demand so much and yet be so easy to get along with.

He was returning back to the UK to a new job with a new woman and a new found happiness. She had found her fresh start; London would be full of opportunities and with a new man to boot.

Karina told her that she would find her a man - she was good to her word.

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