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The Roommate

Sometimes what we want most is right in front of us.
Winter time in the Midwest could be a real drag. The weather was cold, often, accompanied by an certain dampness that scored right down to your very bones. Finding ways to entertain yourself could be just as difficult and vexing. My roommate and I sat silently in our living room of our simple apartment. Mina sat at the end of the couch staring out the window, her chin resting upon her palm. We had been discussing ideas of what to do this evening for entertainment. By the look of the roads we weren't leaving the apartment. The plow trucks hadn't even passed yet. Simultaneously we both let out exasperated sighs. What to do?
Mina gave me a brief glance accompanied by her warm smile. I returned the expression in full. My thoughts briefly returning back to how we became roomies. It was earlier this previous autumn. We had met when she had started working at the same diner as a waitress. Once we started talking we came to find out that we also attended the same community college together.

Mina and I hit it off immediately. Her interests mirrored my own with the exception of a few, slight, differences. Mina had an incredible personality, not unlike my own. She had this small town "girl next door" way about her. Her hair is blond and long, reaching to her mid back. Her eyes were an alluring green with just an tad bit of brown. She also was the kind of girl that looked incredible in an assortment of colors when it came to clothing. Mina was to put it bluntly, an girly girl. She was good at hairstyles and applying make up. I, on the other hand, wasn't quite as comparable in that way. I was more stockier that she was. I was slightly taller and had a more endowed chest. Though she had an appealing rack, size C.

I am the yin to her yang, so to speak. Where she is light and colorful, I preferred dark shades, especially black. My hair is dark brown, often dyed black with streaks of bold colors like blue, pink, etc. My eyes are hazel with one eye actually lighter than the other. Don't misunderstand me, my personality is exactly like hers. I just prefer an darker lifestyle. It suites me, quite well may I add. Both of us had grown up in small rural towns, being humble was part of the package deal.

I observed the way Mina sat across from me, the slight rise and fall of her chest the only sign that she wasn't an figment of my imagination. Secretly, I'd always admired Mina. Over time that admiration had developed into a full out crush. Often I fantasized about what it would be like to hold her. To run my hands up and down her supple, soft, skin. How it would be to kiss those small, pouty, lips. Unfortunately, I never could sum up the nerve to bring my feelings to her attention. I was seriously losing out, I knew. I just didn't want to ruin what we already had, which was a incredible friendship.

Mina had an array of admirers. She was always going on dates with different guys. Yet, she never went on more than two dates with any one given man. I guess she was particular, but I never put much thought into it. Mina was her own woman and I wasn't going to nag her about what she chose to do. I would be lying though if I said I didn't find a bit of solace every time she let down an date. Not that I didn't want her happy. It was more out of the thought that each time they failed it was one more chance for me. Since I never came forward, I knew sooner or later my chances were going to run out. I had to surface, and soon, or I might not ever reveal how I really feel about her. I had been so lost in thought that I was stunned with embarrassed surprise when I looked up to see Mina staring at me.

I attempted to look away, nonchalantly, but felt my cheeks flush. When I dared to look back at her she was also looking away. A shy smile on her lips and her cheeks also flushed pink. I was surprised when Mina rose up off the couch and said she had an idea. I watched, curiously, as she walked away into the kitchen. After a few minutes of the sound of clinking glass and liquid being poured, Mina reappears. In each hand she is holding one of our preferred cocktails. Handing me my, designated, glass she holds hers up in a solute. Bottoms up! Our first drinks go down slow, as we acclimate to the taste. The following glasses, however, become easier and easier. Soon we are both flushed and buzzed. The carefree feeling from the alcohol is welcoming to us both.

We attempted to watch our favorite sitcoms, but became caught up in conversation instead. We began to connect in even more ways, something I wasn't aware that two people who'd been living together could. Somehow we did it. It was quarter to midnight and our glasses were due for a refill. I took it upon myself to retrieve this round. Mina was all for it. She tilted her head back swallowing the last of her drink. Her next action caught completely of guard. Mina, fumbling slightly, removed her tshirt revealing her perky natural tits. I only gave her an approving nod, understanding that alcohol mixed with the already hot temperature of the apartment would make anyone hot. Not wanting to be caught gawking I took her glass and headed into the kitchen.

I took my time in the kitchen. I didn't want to show Mina, how seeing her breasts had affected me. I paced for a few moments trying to regain my composure. But the lovely sight of her beautiful chest was etched into my mind. Since Mina was buzzed I wasn't worried about her entering the kitchen to retrieve me. Taking the opportunity I imagined her tits clearly in my mind. Slowly my hands trailed over my body, lowering to the hem of my panties. I circled my fingers over my sensitive bud, holding in my moans of pleasure. I was going to get off on my roommate's breasts, I thought to my self. I had been so busy playing with myself that I hadn't heard Mina stumble into the kitchen, until it was too late.

I could only stand there in utter shock as Mina's pretty green eyes moved from my face to my hand under my panties. I was slowly trying to remove my hand when she shook her head. Whether it was from shock or fear of what she would say I did as she said. Mina walked up to me, stopping only inches away. Then slowly she lowered herself down and grabbed my panties. "Allow me."she said as she slid the thin cotton barrier down my legs. When I felt her hot breath on my swollen sex, and how an slim finger slid through my wet folds, I shuddered. I leaned back against the counter to support myself as my legs became like jelly. She nudged at my clit with the tip of her finger. When Mina's hot, wet, mouth closed over my sex and her tongue explored me intimately I moaned. The feeling was undescribable. 

Mina began to ascend up my body, trailing her hands up my sides. Her hands came to rest upon my shoulders as her lips found mine. Our tongues met and I was enthralled in how exotic it was. Her mouth on mine, our tongues wrestling as I tasted my own arousal on her lips. But I wanted to taste her too. In an, surprisingly, cordinated move I turned her back toward the counter. Then gained a hold just under her ass and lifted her onto the empty counter top. I removed my shirt followed by the removal of her panties. I trailed kissed down her body, stopping to suck each taught nipple. Lower I traveled down her body until I reached the target of my attentions. Prying her legs apart, gently, I licked between her wet folds. Two fingers entered her body as my tongue assaulted her swollen bud. Mina moaned and squirmed, locking an hand in my hair. Faster, but no less affectionately, I pleasured her soaked pussy.

Mina stopped me to suggest going to her room. We did. She walked over to her bedside table and opened the single drawer. A large double headed dildo layed invitingly in her hand. Not needing any further explaination, we crawled onto the bed facing one another. Slowly we slid each head into our soaked, swollen, pussies. We embraced one another rythmycally rocking our hips. Every time one of us ascended the other lowered. It was the perfect display of similtaneous fucking I could ever recall. Best of all I was part of it, not to mention with the girl I'd been longing for. As we kissed, sucked, and licked each other's breasts and mouths our pace sped up. We both tilted back moaning out loud as pleasure consumed us both.

Mina and I collapsed on the bed after reaching our climaxes. For quite some time we just layed there in each others arms. Once we were stable enough to move, once again, we decided to shower. The hot water was welcoming as it cleansed our bodies. Taking turns we washed eachother until we had had enough. Once we were dry and redressed I invited her to stay the night in my bed. I thrummed with pleasure when she agreed. It was an wonderful finish to our, already, amazing night. We fell asleep in an tight, affectionate, embrace. Our faces portraying expressions of satisfaction and love. A special kind of love only a roommate could give.

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