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The Sex Club Ch 3 finale

Jennifer dove into my pussy like a hungry kitten going after a bowl of milk.
The four of us arrived at the hotel, and hurried inside. Once inside the room, Jennifer went over to the refrigerator, and asked if anyone wanted something to drink. Adding she was having bottled water.

I kicked my shoes off and sat on the bed next to Roger. We both told her we’d like a beer.

Roger spoke up, “I’d like a beer too. After that, I want to watch Jennifer take a long tall drink of you, Amanda.”

All of a sudden, I got weak in the knees, and very nervous. I almost dropped my beer, and felt my clothes begin to stick to my sweaty skin. I licked my lips hungrily, and giggled, “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m hot.”

Jennifer sat her water down, stripped, and climbed onto the bed next to me. Roger sat in the chair near us. Bryan walked around to the other side, to get a better view, and he was definitely aroused.

Jennifer pulled me into her arms. “Now don’t be scared, if I do anything that makes you uncomfortable, tell me, I will stop. She kissed me deep, whispered, “I know why your hot baby, you have too many clothes on.”

Her voice reassured me, and I felt comfortable. I returned the kiss, and was amazed at how soft, and arousing, a kiss from another woman could be.

“Just a minute, let me remove my things.”

As I removed my clothing, I noticed Bryan was stripping. For the time being, Roger was still sitting in the chair watching intently.

I climbed back on the bed, snuggled up close to Jennifer, and kissed her. She purred with excitement, and with a sultry tone, suggested; “Now just lay back, and be still baby for now, I want to taste those nipples of yours. “Oh fuck, you look so delicious!”

As I lay there awaiting her next move, I noticed Roger was unzipping his pants. I gasped, when I saw his long thick hard dick. I glanced over at Bryan’s; it was shiny with pre-cum.

I licked my lips, and quivered. “Mmmm looks like the men like what they see, they’re both hard.”

Jennifer stopped for a moment, looked at them both, and giggled with excitement. “We must be doing something right honey. I have an idea, how’s about you and me, turning up their heat a notch or two?”

I trembled with anticipation of what she might do to me next. I looked into her eyes, kissed her lips, and cooed, “Oooh let’s do!”

Jennifer told me to move a bit, to make sure the men have a good view. She then changed position, to where she was sitting next to me. After that she began tracing circles around my swollen nipples with her fingers. Her soft feathery touch gave me goose bumps.

Jennifer asked, “Feels good, don’t it?”

I responded by pulling her face into my bosom, and talking loud enough to so the men could hear me. “Jennifer, I need to feel your hot tongue, and lips, tantalizing my nipples. Oh God, suck them hard!”

She couldn’t resist such a sweet temptation, and suckled in my right nipple like a baby. The next thing she did was grab it with her teeth, and bite it gently. When she did I arched my back, and purred like a kitten.

I then reached up, taking a hold of hers, rolling Jennifer’s nipples between my fingers, and thumbs. I found that playing with another woman’s breasts very arousing, and wondered what it would feel like, when I tasted her pussy.

Jennifer paused for a moment, and said, “I’m going to turn over; I want you get between my legs, and eat my pussy. Don’t worry; I’ll instruct you on what to do, you’ll love it.”

As I got between her legs, with my eyes were glued on her pussy, and laid down. I took my fingers, and spread her lips, then hesitated, not sure what to do next.

 Jennifer sensed my reaction, and with a calm loving voice suggested, “Honey, run your tongue gently from my clit to my hole, and taste me.”

I licked my lips, and inhaled her aroma, it was intoxicating. I flicked my tongue against the soft folds of her pussy from the clit to its pulsating hole. I was amazed on how wet she was, mmmm, she tasted like pure honey.

I paused for a moment, and confessed, "I have been fantasizing about this for a long time now.”

Jennifer just pulled me closer into her pussy, and purred, “Oh baby, stop talking, and continue to do what you were doing. That’s it! Now, flick my clit with your tongue. Aaarrrggghhh, yesssssss, keep it up! Oh gawd, Amanda, I need to cum so fucking bad.”

I then let go of all the passionate lust within me, and ate her eagerly. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the men with cocks in hand, ogling, and drooling from more than their mouths.

Jennifer closed her eyes, and trembled with excitement. Her breath came in gasps. She ran her fingers through my long auburn hair, with both hands.

“Let’s sixty-nine baby, that will turn up the guys heat another notch!”

We quickly changed positions, with me on the bottom, and her on top. Jennifer dove into my pussy like a hungry kitten going after a bowl of milk. When she slithered her tongue between the folds of my pussy, I ran my tongue up and down, mimicking her every move. When she encircled my clit, I arched my back, and began to shake uncontrollably.

By that time, I didn’t think either of us really cared what the men were doing, because we were lost in each others passion.

All the sensations of that wonderful moment overtook me, as I started quivering with an impending orgasm. Jennifer sucked my clit enthusiastically, bit it gently, and she finger-fucked me hard. I gasped for air, and climaxed so hard I nearly passed out.

After lapping up all my sweet nectar, I noticed Jennifer began to shake all over too. All of a sudden, she shrieked, “Oh gawd, bite my clit gently honey! Yes, that’s it, now continue doing that, as you finger-fuck me hard. I promise you’re not hurting me. Keep it up sweety, Aaarrrggghhh, harder, oh fuck, I am cumming!!!”

After that we sat up, and hugged each other close. I then looked up into her face, and brought my lips down upon hers. We kissed deeply, savoring the taste of our juices on each others lips.
I then broke the kiss, and whispered, "I will never forget this day, Sweety.”

It was then we saw the men standing next to the bed, with their cocks in hand. Roger was the first to speak, and said, “Is this a party for two or can we join in on the fun?”

Jennifer winked, looked right at my husband, and with a sultry tone replied, “I don’t know about Amanda Bryan, but I need a good hard fucking now.”

I looked over at Roger, and squealed, “Bring it on big boy!”

Bryan climbed on the other bed with Jennifer, and slid between her legs.

Roger climbed on the bed with me, kissing me softly, as he laid me on down on the bed. Next, he lowered his lips down to my right nipple.

I pulled his head into my breast, and shrieked, “Oh gawd, I love a titty man!”

I then glanced over at Jennifer and Bryan, all I could see was a blur of lips, fingers, and hips. In addition she was shouting, “Ram that baby home, oooooh fuck me harder!”

Their actions turned up my heat another two notches, and I turned my attention back to Roger. “Want me on the top of bottom baby?”

He gave me a devilish grin, and suggested, “Get on top doll, it time to ride daddy!”

We changed places, and Roger lay down. I slung my leg over him, placed my pussy over his throbbing member, grasped it, and guided it inside. He grabbed a hold of my hips, sliding me slowly down on his thick member, until all of me was impaled on it. I leaned forward, kissed him hard, and began riding him.

I love to be on top of a guy when we are making love; it gives me a sense of power over him. I looked into Roger’s eyes and squealed, “Baby, I love the way your cock feels inside of me. Fuck me honey, deep and hard!”

Roger grabbed me by the hips, pounded my pussy down hard onto his cock, and shouted, “Do you like it rough, sugar?”

I quivered in delight, and exclaimed, “Hell yes, oooooh baby, aaarrrggghhh, FUCK ME HARDER!”

I rode him hard and put him away wet, as I slammed my body down on his member.

He reached up, grabbed my tits, and pinched the nipples hard. I begin to shake uncontrollably, like a freight train out of control. My breathing came in gasps, and I couldn’t speak.

Roger looked up at me and shouted, “Cum for me baby, all over my hot, hard dick. Come on---I know you can do it!”

I grabbed a hold of his hands on my hips, closed my eyes, threw my head back, and bucked wildly. I made a loud high-pitched, piercing sound, loud enough to break the windows, as I covered his cock, balls, and the bed with my juices.

Roger held on for dear life, and followed suit, by filling me with his seed.

We collapsed in each others arms, reveling in the moment. He then took my chin in his hand, gazed into my eyes, and whispered, “God, woman, when you said you were hot, I never realized just how sizzling a newbie swinger could be. I’d fuck you again in a heartbeat.”

When I glanced over at the other bed, Bryan and Jennifer were snuggled in each others arms watching us. She gave us a seductive look, and purred, “How about a repeat performance, same time, same place, next month?”

My eyes lit up with more excitement than fireworks on the fourth of July.
“I don’t know about Bryan, but I’d like that.”

We all stayed in the same bed with the other’s spouse. We talked a bit, slept awhile, and then fucked again, until the morning sun broke through the window pane.

Roger yawned, stretched, and said, “Well guys we had a great time, but now we must go. After all, it will take us all day to recuperate, before we have to return to work.”

Roger and Jennifer got cleaned up and dressed. Bryan and I put on our robes, walked them to the door, and told them goodbye.

When Bryan closed the door, he took me into his arms, and kissed me hard. I could feel his love for me radiating through my whole body.

“Well honey, how did you like the sex club?”

I hugged him, kissed all over, and exclaimed, “Oh baby, I loved it! You know something, the next time I go, I want to try everything. When can we go back again?”
Bryan rolled his eyes, laughed out loud, and replied, “Oh-no, I think I’ve created a nymphomaniac!”
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