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The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 6

Sarah finds her inner voyeur.
After the young ladies had all washed up and gathered in the main hall Miss Noefun began to lecture the students and the two teachers involved. The Long Stockings Private School for Gifted Girls and Young Ladies, had never before seen such free spirited and childish behavior from it’s pupils, nor it’s teaching staff. The mud fight at Lake Blue water had been a black mark on the reputation of the school.

Miss Noefun was not impressed. She had always striven for excellence in her teachers. This in turn had always meant the students received better grades than the other schools in the district. The Long Stockings Private School for Gifted Girls and Young Ladies usually had universities lining up to take their students.

Miss Noefun let the young ladies and especially Miss Shapely know that she was not happy. This behavior was never to be repeated. There would also be serious repercussions for the students and the members of faculty involved.

Miss Noefun dismissed the students, but not her two teachers. They were going to be reprimanded. Miss Noefun began to reprimand the pair.

“Miss Shapely, Mr. Black. What in God’s name were you thinking? You will both receive…” 

But before she could finish, Miss Shapely interrupted her.

“Miss Noefun, Mr. Black should not be reprimanded. He had nothing to do with the mess. The young ladies were all in my care. I was the one who let the situation get out of hand. I take responsibility and I accept whatever penalties you find appropriate for me.”

Mr. Black looked at Miss Shapely and said.

“You are not responsible for the whole thing. I am the more experienced teacher. I should have been the one on shore. I should have sent you out on the water.”

Miss Noefun looked at the pair and told them that she would decide their fate and let them know the next day. She then dismissed the two teachers, sending them off to the final class of the day.

After class Miss Shapely went to the dorm to be alone. Sarah had followed her from a distance. When Sarah got to the dorm, Miss Shapely was on her bed and crying. Sarah sat down beside her. Trying to comfort her, Sarah asked.

“What is wrong? What did Miss Noefun do to you and Mr. Black? I hope we did not get you fired.”

Miss Shapely told Sarah the news.

“Miss Noefun might fire me, she has not told us what she will do. I am worried she will fire me. I love teaching and if I get fired. I might not get my teaching license.”

Sarah tried to comfort her teacher. But there was not much she could do or say to help the situation.

That night after dinner, Sarah wondered around the grounds of the camp. Deep in thought, trying to figure out a way to help her teacher. Then she found the solution. She heard voices coming from an office. It was Miss Noefun and Mr. Michaels, the camp supervisor. They were discussing the activities for the next day. Devising a plan to make sure the anarchy of the days mud wrestling did not repeat itself.

“There is no way the same events will happen tomorrow. There will be more staff members with the students tomorrow. They are also more experienced teachers,” Miss Noefun said.

Mr. Michaels was satisfied with her answer to his questioning. They then started to organize a harder course for the orienteering. There would be more hilly country to navigate. They would be worn out physically as a reminder to behave in a prim and proper fashion. Not descend into anarchy as they had today.

But it was their actions that Sarah was interested in. Mr. Michaels had brushed Miss Noefun on her arm, and her thigh. On more than one occasion too. Miss Noefun then placed her hand on his thigh as they finished their plans. Miss Noefun moved her hand closer to his groin. Mr. Michaels did not stop here. They finished up their plans and then Miss Noefun noticed Mr. Michaels looking down her top.

“Do you like what you see?” She asked.

Then Sarah got a huge shock. Miss Noefun slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Mr. Michaels watched on. Sarah could see a bulge growing in his jeans. Miss Noefun removed her blouse completely. She was a slim figured and larger busted lady. Miss Noefun was in her 50’s. Sarah thought she was a sexy lady. It was just that she was so strict that Sarah never thought of her in a sexual way. Besides this, Miss Noefun was the headmistress at her school.

Miss Noefun then removed her bra. Her large breasts swung free. They did not droop as Sarah thought they might. Sarah was feeling a familiar moistness growing. But Miss Noefun did not stop there. She sat on Mr. Michaels’ lap and put her hand behind his head to pull him into her full bust. Mr. Michaels put his hands up and massaged her breasts as he sucked her nipples. Sarah watched on, her inner voyeur took over.

“Is it true what they say?” Miss Noefun asked.

“What do you mean?” Mr. Michaels asked.

“You know… They say all black men are hung. Is it true? Do you have a big cock for me to suck on?” Miss Noefun replied sheepishly.

Sarah’s mouth dropped. She never thought Miss Noefun would have ever come out with such a statement. She was now curious to see for herself just what Miss Noefun would do next. Mr. Michaels chuckled.

“Well I can’t speak for all black men. But… Yes, I am fairly well hung. Do you like big black cocks Miss Noefun? Would you like to see mine?” He said.

Miss Noefun nodded and stood up to let Mr. Michaels stand and remove his jeans. Sarah gasped as she saw him drop his jeans. He was right. He was well hung. Sarah had never seen anything this big. She was glad her little pink pussy was not going to be stretched over it.

“Wow. That is big. How big is it? Can I suck it for you?”

Miss Noefun was acting like a child seeing an ice cream. Wanting to suck it right now. Miss Noefun knelt down and rubbed it between her breasts. Sarah’s eyes were transfixed on her headmistress.

“Like I said, I am fairly well hung. It is ten and a half inches long, and just a bit over two inches thick. Do you think you can take it all inside your mouth, or your pussy?” Mr. Michaels replied.

Miss Noefun began to lick and stroke Mr. Michaels’ large cock.

“There is no way it will all fit in my mouth. But I would love to see if you could fit it all into my pussy. I want to feel my pussy stretching to the limit on this. But first I am going to enjoy sucking it for a while. Do you mind?” She cooed.

Sarah did not know what to do. Should she watch? Should she leave them alone? It was strangely alluring to Sarah. Peering through a window, watching someone having sex. Especially without them knowing. Sarah surveyed her surroundings. Sarah didn’t want to be seen by the two people she was watching. Sarah especially did not want to be interrupted by others as she rubbed her wet teen pussy. How would she explain that? Sarah was now too horny not to masturbate as she watched.

It was dark outside, and as Sarah was standing between a shrub and the office building. Sarah knew there was no chance of being caught.

When she looked back, they had both completely disrobed and Miss Noefun had Mr. Michaels’ cock in her mouth. She was stroking the rest of his cock, and massaging his shaven balls.

“Miss Noefun hop up and sit on a chair so I can eat your pussy. You sucked my cock very nicely. Now I want to repay the favor.” Mr. Michaels said.

Miss Noefun sat on the edge of the chair, giving her lover greater access to her wetness. Sarah was surprised to see that Miss Noefun had her pubic hair nicely shaved into a near v shape. Her hair was also trimmed short. She was glad to be side on to the action. Sarah had a good view of everything Mr. Michaels was doing to her headmistress.

Mr. Michaels was eating her pussy like a pro. As he alternated between deep licks and sucking her outer labia in his mouth. Mr. Michaels would suck her outer lips into his mouth to savor her sweet taste. He would keep a light suction on them. Then pull his head back and let them slip form his lips. Then he would push his head and tongue deep into her pussy, or suck on her erect love button. As she watched, Sarah was rubbing her pussy. Massaging her wet swollen lips and sliding a finger inside, wishing it were her pussy he was eating.

In no time, Miss Noefun started to tremble as she climaxed. Pulling his head deep into her pussy as she did. Sarah was surprised at how quiet Miss Noefun was when she orgasmed. Sally and especially Kelly were much louder when they orgasmed.

Mr. Michaels said nothing as he got up from the floor. Sarah could see Miss Noefun’s juices dripping from his chin. He slid his cock into Miss Noefun’s mouth and after a few strokes in and out to wet his cock. Mr. Michaels was about to slowly slide his huge cock it into her pussy.

But just as the head of his glistening cock entered her hungry wet pussy, they were interrupted. Mr. Black walked in and caught them just as Mr. Michaels had put the head of his cock into Miss Noefun’s tight pink pussy.

“Miss Noefun. What is going on here? Are you fucking a married man? Mr. Michaels, does your wife know you are fucking our school headmistress? I think we might need to find a way to keep me from telling the whole school. We might need to find a way to keep me from telling Miss Shapely, and the rest of the faculty. Would you like me to tell the young ladies who are worried just what might happen to them after their mud-wrestling episode? What about the parents of our students? Or the whole town?” Mr. Black was threatening to expose everything.

“What do you want Steven? I promise I will not take any action against Jane Shapely or yourself. Please don’t tell anyone about this. I have never done anything like it before. I will do anything to keep you quiet.” Miss Noefun pleaded with Mr. Black not to tell anyone. Sarah was surprised that Miss Noefun made no effort to cover herself up.

“Please don’t tell my wife, Steve. She would divorce me. I would lose the camp. I will do whatever you want.” Mr. Michaels was also pleading for his silence.

“Anything, you both say? You will do anything to ensure my silence on this very scandalous matter… Miss Noefun, you think I am gay don’t you? Well, you are not quite right about me. I actually love women. I just happen to also like men. Mr. Michaels, I have never sucked a big black cock before. Tonight, you will help me change that. Miss Noefun, I am going to fuck you before he does. I have always been screwed over by the headmaster or headmistress at schools where I have taught. Now it will be literally me screwing the headmistress,” Mr. Black chuckled.

“I am not gay. I am not even bi. I am straight. I don’t think I can do this. There must be something else I can do to keep you quiet.” Mr. Michaels protested.

Mr. Black just smiled, “I am not going to fuck you. I am going to suck your big cock though. What about you Miss Noefun? Do you object to my solution?”

Miss Noefun’s face lost all expression. She knew she was over a barrel here.

“OK Steven, call me Tina. I will let you fuck me. But when we walk out of this room, there will never be another word spoken of the events of this evening. Ever.” She was resigned to her fate.

Mr. Black agreed as he disrobed and slid his cock into Miss Noefun’s mouth. She sucked his cock lovingly. Putting aside the nature of how it came to be that she was sucking his cock. She actually started to enjoy it. Miss Noefun massaged Steve’s balls with one hand, while she caressed his ass with her other hand while she sucked his cock. Steve was stroking Mr. Michaels’ cock and massaging his balls too.

Then Steve removed his cock from Miss Noefuns’ mouth. It glistened in the light of the room. He sucked on her pussy for a moment, before sliding his cock into his boss.

“Oh that feels good. You are one sexy lady Miss Noefun. Your pussy feels so nice and wet too. Mr. Michaels here must have been eating you before I came in huh? Come over here Mr. Michaels. Let us both suck your big hard cock,” Steven was enjoying his position of power over the two of them.

Mr. Michaels was enjoying having two eager mouths servicing his cock. He also enjoyed seeing Steve’s cock sliding in and out of Tina’s sweet wet pussy. Steve’s cock was so hard. The veins of his cock were sticking out. Sarah could see them from the window were she was looking through. Steve began to fuck Tina faster and faster. Sarah fingered herself faster and faster too.

“Oh fuck Tina I am going to cum. I am going to cum in your hot wet pussy,” Steve said as he filled the headmistress’ pussy full of his hot seed.

He then put his cock in front of Tina’s mouth, telling her to suck it clean while Mr. Michaels fucked her. Sarah could see a little cum dribble from Tina as Mr. Michaels positioned himself in front of her.

“Tell me if it hurts. I don’t want to hurt you. I want you to enjoy my big cock, as I enjoy your tight wet pussy. And you can call me John, ” he said.

Inch by inch, John slid into her pussy. He was only about four inches into Tina. Then he slid out a little. Just until his knob was about to slip out, then he slid back in. Inch by sweet inch. Tina moaned in pleasure as he entered her. This time he stopped about three quarters of the way into her pussy. Steve was now nibbling on Tina’s gorgeous nipples.

Steve, Sarah and Tina were watching John’s glistening cock slide in and out of Tina’s tight pussy. With John going slowly in and out, deeper and deeper each time. Until finally he was completely inside Tina’s tight wet pussy.

“Tina you have a nice tight pussy my dear. I hope you are enjoying this just as much as I am. Are you ready for me to go faster, with full depth strokes? Or would you like to take things slowly for a while yet?” His tone of voice was gentle and caring.

“My pussy feels absolutely fantastic honey. I am glad you aren’t much bigger. You are stretching my pussy nicely John. You can fuck me however you like. Fuck my tight pussy. Fuck me nice and deep honey. Stretch my pussy with your big black cock. Ooh ugh and Steve put your cock back into my mouth too.” Tina cooed.

“Tina. I am going to give you the best fuck of your life,” John was sincere as he started to pick up his pace.

Sarah watched in awe as John sucked on Tina’s breasts as he fucked Tina, while Tina sucked on Steve’s hard cock. Tina would take Steve all the way into her mouth until his balls rested on her chin. Then just before the head of his cock popped out of her mouth, Tina would slowly suck it all back in.

Tina pushed Steve back and told John to stop; it was time to change positions.

“Steve I want you to sit in the chair. I am going to suck your cock while John takes me from behind.” Tina was in a state of bliss as she ordered her lovers into position.

“No, Tina. Not quite like that. I am going to suck our juices from John’s hot cock first. I want to suck his big dick. Then I will sit while you expertly suck my cock again.” Steve said.

As he did, he knelt in front of John. Before taking his cum covered cock into his mouth. Steve sucked John’s cock clean. He also sucked on John’s balls. Sarah’s eyes almost popped out of her head as she watched on. Sarah could not believe what she was seeing; Steve was working John’s cock and balls like a porn star. John was moaning, he was clearly enjoying the way Steve sucked his cock. Sarah found it hard to believe Steve could suck a cock like this. Especially when she had seen the video of him and Kelly screwing in the showers earlier that day.

Not another word was spoken; Steve got up and sat in the chair in front of Tina. Tina knelt and took Steve’s cock into her mouth and John slid into Tina from behind. It was not long before muffled moans were coming from Tina. Steve and John were also moaning, ohs and ahs as they all enjoyed great sex together. Sarah was sucking her thumb trying to keep quiet too as her own orgasm built.

The moans got progressively louder in the room, until Tina shook and shuddered as she cum. Moments later John came deep inside Tina, as Steve cum in her mouth at the same time. Sarah also climaxed. Sarah could not keep it hidden though; as she screamed in ecstasy, the trio inside heard her cum.

“What the hell. Someone is out there. Who is outside?”

Steve scrambled to the open window where Sarah had been watching. Sarah crouched down in the darkness. Frightened at being caught. She knew she would be in big trouble if they saw her. You can’t expect to watch people have sex through an open window without them knowing, and have them happily let you go…

“Who is out there Steve? Can you see anyone?” Tina was worried just who had seen them. Not just what they had seen.

“I can’t see anything, it is too dark. I think we should get dressed and all go a different way back to our own sleeping quarters. If someone was out there, they are long gone now. We just have to hope no one says anything,” Steve said as he dressed.

The trio left and hoped no one had actually seen anything of what had gone on. All three still had weak knees as they did.

What would Sarah do now? Who could she tell anyway? Who would believe what she had just witnessed?

Sarah slowly crept into the dorm, slipped off her clothes and lay on her bed. The memory of the hot bi three-way she had seen was still very clear in her mind. Then she felt someone climb into bed beside her. They slowly caressed her body before kissing her cheek.

“Where have you been baby? Have I missed out on my goodnight kiss tonight?”

Sarah knew exactly who the female in her bed was. It was Jane Shapely, her schoolteacher and now slightly older lover.

“You are not going to be fired honey. Steve has seen to that for you. If Miss Noefun does try to fire you, Let me know and I will make sure she remembers her deal. I cannot tell you the details though. Just know that I love you, and I will never let anything happen to you.” Sarah whispered lovingly to her teacher.

They kissed their goodnight kisses, a few times. Before Jane went back to her own bed. Jane was curious to know what Steve had managed to work out with Miss Noefun. But the main thing that puzzled Jane was; how did Sarah know about it? And why was it a secret?’

Jane decided to trust her young lover. Jane soon drifted off to the land of nod…

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