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The sports babes; our virgin year

The tale of our first year, this years sex filled tale will follow

I know readers will be slightly surprised at our story, but they should not. Think back to those high school gym days, the locker rooms and the showers. When my broadcast partner and I team up for our television broadcasts, we just extend the locker room to the bedroom.

My name is Tanya, and I announce college womens volleyball on cable channels. I played volleyball in college, coached for awhile, then signed on as a college broadcaster. My husband is a successful businessman, so traveling occassionally is not a problem. Nearing thirty, I maintain a very fit body. Standing six foot one, my 34 c breasts look good on my frame. Shoulder length brown hair and green eyes helped me land my current gig. The ability to speak well, and my physical beauty, make me a perfect woman for my job.

I enjoy my job, but my enjoyment went up immensely when I was teamed with Misty. Misty is one of those sports babes. Standing 5 10, she has blonde hair, blue eyes, and perfectly white teeth. At twenty-four, Misty also has fantastic 34 c breasts. Everytime she smiles, her eyes sparkle.. One on- line viewer poll tabbed her as the sexiest sportscaster on cable. And I am fortunate enough to spend my days with Misty in various locker rooms, and our nights in hotel rooms across the midwest.

From the first meeting with Misty, I was smitten. Even though I am happily marreid, I found myself drawn to Misty. No wonder men across America all fantasized about her. My sex life with my husband is very good, but I was thinking about Misty way too much. It was like the high school locker room, where I would check out some of my sexy team mates when they were naked. I would look, but never touch. Sometimes, between boyfriends, I would find myself fingering while thinking of one of my naked team mates. Surprisingly, I would finger myself to a hot oragasm every time.

Of course, all the fingering and thinking of other women ended with my marriage. My husband has a nice long, thick cock, and we fuck quite often. I enjoy our time in bed. I enjoy sucking his wonderful cock, and love swallowing his cum. We fuck in every position, but doggie is my favorite. I can never tire of my husband slamming his cock into my tight pussy from behind. I am quite a moaner, and sometimes my husband can even get me to scream out in a multiple orgasm. When my husband blasts his cum deep into my pussy, I have to admit I feel like I am the luckiest woman in the world.

The one thing I won't let my husband do is fuck me in the ass. It is not that I find it disgusting, but my husbands cock is just too big for my butthole. It hurts every time he tries to ease it in. You would think being a taller woman, I could take his cock up my ass. Unfortunately, I just can't. I feel bad for my husband, because he really  desires anal sex. He tells me it drives him wild to see my sexy ass when fucking me doggie, and he knows he can't fuck it later. I usually make it up to him by giving him an extra special blowjob.

Which brings me back to Misty. The old feelings of the high school locker room were coming back. I found myself wondering what she looked like naked. I just knew her body was flawlwss, maybe the best I have ever seen. It got so bad, I would find myself fingering again while my husband was gone. I would always think of Misty, and would have a wet, juicy orgasm every time. I was hoping my husband wouldn't notice all the extra wet panties at home!

Our first few times Misty and I were paired, it was obvious we made a good announcing team. The network executives noticed, and let us know halfway through year one we would be partnered for the foreseeable future. Oddly, my heart sang! I was ecstatic! I was once again giddy as a school girl. I had to remind myself I am a happily married woman, not a school girl with a crush.

Everything changed on the last road trip of the year. Late fall's weather  in the midwest can turn nasty in a minute, and that is what we had to deal with. Like every other assignment, we both drove in the day before the match. After a production meeting, we would observe both teams at practice. Afterwards, we might wander into the locker rooms to chat up the players and coaches. You might discover a few nuggets you can use during the broadcast. Being women, it wasn't a problem to go into the locker rooms. After the gym had cleared, it was off to a late dinner, back to our rooms for the night, and the broadcast the next day after another short production meeting.

That is what happened except mother nature had other ideas. Perhaps mother nature just wanted to get two women together, who knows? Shortly before the match started, a big winter storm blew in. The crowd was sparse, they knew better than to get out in a big snow. Of course, it was a close and exciting match, a five setter. In the hours it took to play the match, the outside had turned into a winter wonderland. We could hear the winter warnings through our network, and were worried about our drives home. After the match was over,  we wrapped up, and  all peeked outside.

I give credit to our network, they quickly realized setting us on the road put us at serious risk. Calls were made, and we were safely placed in a nearby motel for the night. Rooms were scarce due to the storm, so space was limited. With an apology to Misty and myself, they said we had to share a room with a queen bed. Hey, I thought, no apologies needed here. My panties were already beginning to get moist.

Getting to the motel was an ordeal, and we were both happy to arrive safely. Nowhere to eat, but as luck had it, a liquor store was nearby. After our day, Misty and I figured some wine would hit the spot. A short walk, two nice bottles of wine, and we were happily shut in for the night.

With nothing to eat, it didn't take long for the effects of the wine to hit us. We both got quite tipsy, and Misty was getting sleepy. She told me she wanted to shower before bed. She also informed me she slept naked and hoped it wasn't a problem.  A problem?!! Heck, I was overcome with joy. Misty noticed a lack of towels, so I went to get more as she showered. Returning to the room, I was pleasantly surprised.

I entered the room to see Misty naked with a towel wrapped around her hair. Her body is indeed flawless!!  She was almost completely shaved, with just a hint of pussy fleece around her sexy pussy. I went over and offered to dry her off.  I did this as she removed her other towel to dry her hair. My goodness, she looked so sexy as she blowdried her hair. I decided to take a quick shower as she finished up. As I stepped back into the room, she was just finishing up. I could see why any man would want her. Her blonde hair was so shiny, her smile so breathtaking, and her body so yummy.

We were both standing there naked, and Mindy started to giggle. It was a tad awkward, we had never seen each other like this. I suggested we get into bed, and finish what little wine we had. Laying there, we began to talk about our sex lives. Mindy asked about my husband. I told her he was a wonderful lover, and how much I adore his cock. I also mentioned my inability to have anal sex, and my husbands frustration. Misty got a dreamy look and said she loves anal sex. Who knew? I asked her about her sex life and she said it was almost non existent. She had to be careful, she never knew if someone desired her for her budding fame, future earnings, or just wanted to fuck a sports babe and brag about it on the internet. Then she giggled again, and mentioned she brings her vibrator with her in case she gets horny. She also mentioned she got horny whenever she drank, so she was careful about when and with whom, she drank.

Our wine finished, we snuggled into the bed. My arms were around Misty, and we faced each other as we finished talking, My hands had been slowly running over her body with no resistance. Our mouths were inches from each other, and I just leaned in for a kiss. Misty offered me her mouth as I kissed her. Before long, we were both french kissing each other. Long, drawn out, tongue- wrestling french kisses. My hands continued to roam Misty's warm body as I kissed more urgently. Eventually one hand found its way to her pussy, and her legs parted. She was wet!! I had excited her!! Slipping in a finger, Misty began to softly moan.

Not ever having been with a woman, instinct took over. I lowered the covers, and started to kiss lower. I knew what I liked my husband to do, and used that knowledge. I continued to finger Misty as I kissed lower. I paid attention to her breasts, then kissed lower. Her flat tummy was heaving a bit, and I teased her belly button. Then my mouth went lower.

My mouth was now next to Misty's moist pussy. I blew hot breath on it, warming it further. She moaned, and her hips rose. Removing my fingers, I licked them. Mmmmm, her pussy did indeed taste yummy. Taking the tip of my tongue, I licked the area around her pussy lips. I was teasing her, and was a little unsure about what to do next. With a quick gulp, I moved my mouth over her opening pussy, and started to french kiss her lovely hole. I found the taste to be wonderful, and I began to kiss deeper. Misty's pussy juice began to cover my tongue as I wriggled it around inside her. Everytime my tongue circled her clitty, moans erupted, and her hips made a fucking motion. I could tell Misty was gonna cum soon, and I wanted it to happen.

Misty grabbed my head, pressed my mouth hard onto her pussy, and began to convulse. Shrieks filled air as I ate her through an orgasm. She must have been quite horny, because pussy juice coated the area around my mouth. I was still amazed how wonderful she tasted as I drank in the fresh pussy juice her orgasm produced. Her orgasm was long and drawn out, and I french kissed her sweet pussy through her entire cum. I wouldn't have been surprised if she had a multiple orgasm. As her breathing slowed, I removed my mouth. A nice puddle had formed in the bed, and my face was covered in juice. Misty looked so sexy right after her orgasm. I crawled up, and softly kissed her. She didn't seem to mind tasting her own orgasmic juices.

Misty hugged me as we went back into each others arms. She breathlessly told me how wonderful that was. I told her I had never done that before, and she said that was also a first with a woman. We kissed again, and then Misty broke it off. Tentatively, Misty eased a finger into my pussy, and discovered I was very wet. She quickly kissed me again, then stated she didnt know if she wanted to eat me. I kissed her, and said it was okay. Suddenly, she got up, went to her luggage, and got her vibrator. Getting back in bed, she turned it on, and slipped it inside my moist pussy.

Misty may not have wanted to taste my pussy, but she had no problem tasting her own juice as we french kissed and  she fucked me with her vibrator. The vibrator felt fantastic as Misty worked it in and out of my pussy. The sensation was indescribable as my pussy flexed against the vibrating toy. Misty's deep kisses, and our breasts rubbing together caused  my pussy to get as wet as ever. As I approached orgasm, my body began to tremble. Mindy shoved the vibrator in deep, moved on top, and french kissed me hard. The orgasm shot through my body with an electric current as my body  arched up. Thank goodness we were locked in a french kiss, as my screams most likely would have woke the dead. I know it was the most intense orgasm of my like. That orgasm washed over my body for an eternity!!! Misty knew how to push my button!!

As I calmed down, Misty's kisses became less intense. We held each other, our pussies satisfied. It seemed so natural to be naked next to each other. Our legs wrapped around each other, as the vibrator was turned off. We gently rubbed our pussies together and kissed each other tenderly. The wine, our orgasms, and fatigue was taking effect. We fell asleep in each others arms, naked, happy, aqnd content. I know the end of the first broadcast year with Misty could not have ended any better. Our virgin year was over, but we had this year to look forward to.

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