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Those Uni Days

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Two Blonde girls, One Greek God...
Hey! New little story for you. I apologise if I offend anyone with my writing as I am not a guy, or a bisexual for that matter, so I have little experience, and I apologise if I come across as stereotypical. But apart from that, ENJOY!

I have long known that I am a bisexual. It doesn't bother me, and with my Dad being gay, he is completely for it, so I had nothing to worry about. The only thing is, starting a new university, especially half way through a semester, can be daunting enough for a straight guy, let alone myself. Everyone had already made their friends, and I knew that I was going to be pushed to the lowest of the social cycle if everyone found out my sexuality. Resenting the thoughts, I decided to go against outting myself. I've already done it once.

Signing into campus and recieving a lecture from the Head was a bit calmer than I had expected. She was soothing, and she willingly escorted me to my dorm room, which I will be sharing with one other male. I prayed he wasn't a messy person, as I didn't think I could handle that.
She left me as I knocked on the door. Overwhelmed with nervousness, I made my way in using my key, and was shocked.

He was a greek god. There was no way that I could live with him, wanting to jump his bones every second. His jaw line was just perfect! And he was TOPLESS!

Feeling a flush to my face, I smiled at my new roomie, "Hey, I'm Jake, your new dorm buddy." ) I did not just say 'Dorm Buddy.' How mortifying!)

Greek God gave me a lazy grin, which sped my heart up. "Hey, I'm Nate, good to meet ya. Fancy a game?"

I glanced at what he was playing, and my heart sank a little. It was a football game, something that I was NOT good at. "I'll pass for now, need to unpack," I bluffed, as I sidled over to a plain looking bed.

He paused his game and flopped down lazily onto his sheets, which were a dark blue.

"So, how come you transferred?"

I wasn't even listening. I was staring into those sea blue eyes. He had a chisled jaw, my favourite. And his body! He had a slim frame, but he wasn't particually tall, so he didn't come across as lanky. Lanky boys freak me out. His stomach! Oh, his six pack was defined alright! I didn't know if I could handle living with him, especially if he finds out I have a crush on him! But then I grin, he doesn't know I'm Bi. He probably just assumes I'm straight, because I haven't made a big thing out of it. HA! I could do a lot with this little information.

A few days later, everything was starting to settle down, except my heart rate whenever I caught Nate in his boxers, and, of course, my erection.That wasn't settling down at all.

It was excruciating, tearing my eyes away from him when he stripped down, but I knew I had to play it safe. I let him see me though, it seemed harmless like that. We soon became relatively close, as it isn't hard for guys to bond, and at the end of the week, he suggested we go out and pick up a few birds to celebrate my transfer. Obviously, I was completely there.

Now, I'm not Nate, but I'm not bad-looking as such. I have that 'bad boy' look that chicks dig. If I want to pull easy, I go for a girl, but if I want a challenge, I go for a guy. I like to think I'm good-looking, because if I set my mind to it, I end up bringing SOMEONE home. I dress into a casual polo top, and some jeans. Nate rolled his eyes as he saw me iron my jeans, but he let me iron his. And, anyway, this only meant that I got to see his bulge from that delicious body of his, through his boxers.

He was at least eight inches, I'm sure of it. I was seven and a half, on boner and I was proud. After pulling on his jeans- much to my dissapointment, he grabbed a cream shirt and sauntered out the door. I followed, in awe of this sex god.

The clubs had nice atmospheres. At the end of the night, we ended up in a club called Kiss, and were quite wasted. I decided it was time to pull. After grabbing the arm of a pretty little blonde, her and her other blonde friend were chatting quite animatedly to myself and Nate. Nate swayed into me, making my breath hitch and whispered, "I reckon we're going to fuck the living day lights out of these birds."

Is it strange how his vodka-flavoured breath against my neck turned me on. Grinning, he turned to the blondes, "Let's get out of here."

We each grabbed one of them, and pulled them up, downed our drinks and headed to the exit.

Once inside the dorm room, we fumbled for the light switch and pushed the beds together so we could all sit as a four. Nate landed on my bed, pulling Blonde Number One, who sat opposite. Blonde Number Two sat next to her, leaving me to sit next to Nate. Yes.

"We should play dares," One of the blondes says. We all giggled - obviously the effects of the alcohol - and agreed.

After about half an hour, I said, "You two have to kiss and feel eachother up for 30 seconds."

Nate grinned at me, in a 'well done, mate' sort of way. I grinned back, and watched. The girls shrugged and starting making out. It was hot. I looked at Nate, who seemed uncertain about something. He looked at me, and then down at my cock. It was hard, and I'm sure he thought was because of the girls, but really it was just because of him.

Reassured that I was turned on too, he said, "Should we take our jeans off? I'm slyly uncomfortable."

My heart skipped two beats. Nodding, I stripped off my jeans, and Nate soon followed. Then, after an afterthought, I took off my top too.

Nate rolled his eyes, and said, "You just want to show off your six pack."

I grinned, in what I hoped was a cheeky way. "Go on, I know you want to take it off too."

Mock sighing, he grinned at me, before dissapearing under his shirt, and chucking it on the floor. My cock started pulsing.

I looked back at the girls who were now 'rubbing' eachother. Mm, it was so hot. Blonde Number Two was gasping as Blonde Number One's finger was lost inside her knickers. Seems as if they got a bit carried away.

After her climax, Blonde Number Two sat flush-faced, facing me and Nate. "It's your turn now."

My stomach was on fire. What? "I dare Jake to give Nate head."

Blushing, I turned to look at Nate. He looked aprehensive. I said, "Are you sure?"

The alcohol was wearing off now, and I was pretty sure that if hadn't worn, he would have said yes in a heartbeat.

However, before he replied, Blonde Number One cut in, "You have to, we dared you."

With a shrug, Nate whipped off his boxers. The most beautiful cock in the world was waiting for me. I was right, it was at least eight inches, and a beautiful rosy pink head, that was glistening in precum.

I knelt on the floor, looking at the bed, and beckoned Nate to come and it infront of me. He did what I'd instructed, and soon I was between his legs. If I made him cum, then I knew we would do it again, someday.

So, starting off slowly, I licked the head. His breath hitched, and I looked up to see if it was in a bad way, but his eyes were shut, so I carried on licking. First, I licked all the salty-sweet precum off the head, then proceeded to lick the base of the shaft and all the way up, as it were merely a lollipop.

I continued to do this, teasing him, until he said, "Jake, I hate to tell you this, but you're doing my head in, suck it already."

With a grin, I carried on teasing him, until he pushed his cock into my mouth with his hips. Grinning, I nibbled the head, as he groaned. In the background, I heard squelching noises, and figured the girls had gotten back into their session. Easing his delicious cock into my throat, I gave a lick everytime I pulled out. Soon, Nate was groaning and groaning. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock, and soon, Nate was bucking his hips to assist me. I couldn't believe that I was getting face-fucked by the Greek god. Then, I felt Nate's hands weave their way through my hair, pushing his cock further into me.

Soon, he was moaning, "Oh, gosh. Oh yes. Oh, Jake. I think I'm going to cu..."

And, with that, I felt his balls tense and his cock splash the most tasty substance in my awaiting mouth. I tried to lap up every last drop but their was so much that it started to leak down my chin. A low grumble of laughter escaped from his lips, as he used his fingers to mop up the rest. As I sat back down, Nate said, "I don't think I have cum so much in my life."

"Yeah, well dare's are thrilling, eh?" I grinned, turning to the girls. I didn't want Nate to know how turned on I was by him, or he'll never speak to me.

I was wrong.

"Hey, I know it was only a dare, but do you need help with that?" He glanced down at my raging hard-on. I blushed, but shrugged. I tried to not seem eager, but I didn't care.

He grinned, almost relieved. My heart practically stopped. He slowly reached out his hand, and started rubbing the bulge of my boxers. I was in heaven. His touch was so right, he definitely knew how to wank, I'm sure, he's a guy, so he knew exactly what I wanted.

He swayed into me, "I know you're gay, by the way. I've seen the way you look at me, and I know sure as hell that a straight guy couldn't pull off a blow job the way you just did. I'm straight, I think. Well, I've never been with a guy anyway. But you made me cum harder than any girl has made me cum, so I'm going to repay the favour."

I stared at him, shocked. He's much smarter than I though he was. I grinned, "For the record, I'm bisexual. And, as long as you don't mind sharing a room with me, I'm fine with whatever."

He grinned back, his hand still rubbing my forever raging cock. "Well, then when we don't manage to pull, we might have to come up with some agreement."

My stomach felt like it was burning. I groaned, and said, "We'll sort that out later. Right now, I am in need."

Nodding, he slipped his hand under the waistband of my boxers, and grabbed hold of my cock. I was going to explode. Getting braver, he started to slowly rub the head. As he did that, I watched the two girls. Blonde Number One was screaming in escacy as Blonde Number Two was sucking and nibbling at her clit. I wanted to fuck one of them by the end of the night.

Nate took his hand out of my shorts, leaving me wimpering.

"Not chickening out, are you?" I swear if he did, I was going to cry.

He grinned, "Shut up mate, I'm not a chicken."

He sat down on the floor in the same position as I had done previously, and slowly guided my boxers down my legs. Oh My Gosh. He was going to blow me.

I waited, almost impatiently, for his wet mouth. I almost came as he licked my head. Oh my. My knees weakened.
He then proceeded to lick the length of my shaft. Then, holding my dick in his hand, he observed it, almost like he was judging it, before taking a deep breath and plunging it into his mouth. I was going to collapse. I had never wanted this more.

I could tell that it was his first blow job, but just looking at him sucking on my cock made everything balance out. He moaned, clearly surprised at the feelings that doing this was giving him. I groaned too, as the vibrations of his voice sent shivers through my cock.

"Mate, if you carry on sucking, I'm going to cum into your mouth," I said.

"I don't mind," He gurgled onto my cock, sending vibrations through it again.

I could feel my cum boiling in my balls. Soon after, my balls tightened, and I had to close my eyes, I was so overwhelmed with the feeling. As my shattering orgasm came to a close, I became aware that Nate was doing his best to swallow all my cum. Laughing at him, I wiped my finger across his mouth, cleaning off some of my spunk.
"Eat it." I demanded. I didnt even know where that voice came from.

He looked uncertainly at my finger, but then licked it clean. Suddenly becoming more daring, he swallowed my finger,sucking on it like it was a dick. I could feel myself hardening.

Laughing, he sat up and crashed onto my bed. "Well, that was weird."

I grinned, "That was amazing, you mean."

He shrugged, "Suppose, maybe you could have been better."

I bit back my retort as I caught his cock bouncing as he sat down. As I looked up to his face, his gaze travelled up from my cock, to my eyes.

"I think I need to fuck a girl to make sure I'm still straight."

Laughing, I grabbed one of the blonde girls and led her onto my bed. She didn't complain.

Getting up, I grabbed two condoms and handed one to Nate. He then handed it to his blonde and she tried to put it on with her tongue. Rolling my eyes, I rolled the condom onto my hard dick.

"Fast and hard please. I'm not in the mood for love making," my blonde said.

I raised my eyes at her, but did exactly as she said. To be honest, I just wanted to fuck her brains out before going to sleep.

I didn't wait to go slow. Plunging straight into her, I rammed my dick until I felt physically worn out. I kept going though. Looking next to us, Nate was ramming Blonde Number Two, matching my movements. Soon, we became in time with eachother, pulling and grinding at the same time. This turned me on incredibly.

Aftera few minutes of this, I couldn't hold back any longer. With a groan, I filled my condom with my seed, completely spent.

Once I had climbed off of Blonde Number Two, and handed her clothes back, Nate was already in bed.
Waving the two girls goodbye, and closing the door, I jumped on my bed. I noticed Nate hadn't pushed the two beds back to their normal spot, or put any clothes on for that matter.

I turned to face him, to find him with his eyes open, "You know, I'm quite surprised that you did give me head. I didn't think you were going to."

He grinned lazily and tiredly, "Well, you caught me in a moment. Just wait til morning, I know I'll regret it."
I nodded, "I'll just have to wait until you're horny again."

He laughed, though didn't object, "I can't wait. Now, I'm shattered, so shut up alright."

I turned my back on him and closed my eyes. About five minutes later, I felt a pair of hands pull me into his chest. I was shocked, but I didn't say anything. Instead, I just fell asleep with Nate's dick rubbing against my back. And loved it.

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